My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 146

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EP23 – Sing A Star (36)

Group practice is good, but since it’s not long until the finals of Sing A Star, we can’t just do that all day.

So Soo-yeon Yoon and Ha-jun Yoon decided to practice as a group during the day and individually at night.

And the first day of private practice.

Soo-yeon Yoon, sitting on a chair in mm Entertainment’s practice room, looked at Ha-jun Yoon, who was operating the computer with an expectant expression.

Indeed, what song did her brother prepare for the final stage?

I think back to the songs my brother has made so far.

‘They were really attractive songs. If I were to express it in color, it would be pastel-toned colors. It’s not a flashy song, but it’s elegant and has a charm that somehow warms your heart.’

The song my brother wants to make. The emotions my brother has felt and accumulated are buried in the song.

So, those songs were very easy for Yoon Soo-yeon to sing.

But that’s it.

It’s true that those songs are easy to sing and I like them, but that’s it. Just like when I first heard the song my brother made, no shocking song has yet come out.

And Su-yeon Yoon knows very well what the song is about.

Ever since Sooyeon Yoon started singing, she has always been closest to Hajun Yoon.

That’s why only Suyeon Yoon knows.

The fact that my brother, who always has a listless expression, sometimes frowns and makes a sad expression as if he is in pain when he looks at me or my mother.

What’s so sad?

What is so painful?

What am I so sorry about?

I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t. Because those feelings are purely your brother’s. Even if you listen, you won’t know.

And the songs that impressed and shocked Yoon Soo-yeon were songs imbued with that gentle suffering.

Well, even without that, I can’t help but like the songs my brother made.

However, it is also true that I like songs that convey that gentle pain a little more than other songs.

In fact, the song my brother writes best also contains those emotions.

But why hasn’t my brother made a song like that since Sing A Star started?

Sooyeon Yoon learned the reason while hosting Sing A Star.

Hajun Yoon was saving those feelings until the finals.

Therefore, Sooyeon Yoon has higher expectations than ever before. If I were to use an analogy, I would say it is the feeling of a treasure hunter who has finally found the treasure he has been looking for for a very long time.

My heart is beating so fast as if it will explode with anticipation.

I’m sure it will contain as much gentle pain as I’ve saved so far.

Ah, I can’t wait to hear it.

“Then it turns on.”


At Yoon Ha-jun’s words, Yoon Soo-yeon nodded with her head broken.

Hajun Yoon smiled for a moment at that sight and then used the mouse to play the song.

Soon, sound started flowing from the speaker.

The first sound you hear is the sound of something being passed.

Is this a note? paper?

No, no.

This is not that kind.

A slightly thicker texture and coated with something.

Soon, Sooyeon Yoon realized the identity of what she was passing over.


Not photos taken with a cell phone or machine, but memorable photos contained in an album. It’s the sound of turning them over.

Very affectionately, as if handling a very precious object, and slowly, as if trying to take in all of them.

I’m just listening to the sound, but I picture the image in my head.

Then the song began in earnest, and Yoon Soo-yeon, who heard the first melody, opened her eyes wide in surprise and looked at Yoon Ha-jun.


Hajun Yoon was smiling.

A distorted smile that is kind to the end, but somehow looks painful.

* * *

“Yoon Soo-yeon.”

“… … “Uh, yes?”

Suyeon Yoon, who was thinking about something when she heard the voice calling her, raised her head and looked blankly at the person who called her.

Han Go-yo frowns at the sight of Yoon Soo-yeon looking more dazed than usual.

“It’s your turn.”

“Oh yeah?”

Before I knew it, it seemed like it was my turn.

Sooyeon Yoon nods and sings.

As usual.

As usual.

However, as soon as practice was over, Yun Su-yeon was making a blank expression again.

Seeing that he seemed to be preoccupied with something else, Han Goyo let out a ‘hmm’ sound.

‘Is it because of the song?’

It’s probably not the song I’m practicing right now. This song is an event after all, so as Yoon Ha-jun said, let’s enjoy it, it’s an easy and enjoyable song to sing.


‘It must be a song for the final stage.’

There is no way that Yoon Ha-jun would sing an ordinary song in the finals. You probably prepared with all your might.


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And it won’t be easy to sing Ha-Jun Yoon’s song like that.

So, right now, Sooyeon Yoon is thinking about how she can sing that song.

Clench your fists weakly.

The heart begins to beat rapidly due to excitement.

Indeed, what kind of song did Hajun Yoon prepare? They are clearly enemies on stage, but for some reason, I feel like I am going crazy with anticipation.

What feelings will he let you know this time? What song will he make that will blow your mind?

Han Go-yo, who was thinking about that, sighed, ‘Whew.’

‘No, no, no.’

It’s not right to expect something like this from someone you’re going to have to fight with on stage soon.

But it can’t be helped. Because I have been a fan of his songs for a very long time.

Well, thanks to that, I can sing that song in the finals.

“Mr. Calm.”

At that time, Jin So-hyang sang Han Go-yo.

Han Go-yo looks at Jin So-hyang when she hears a voice calling her. Then she said with a smiling face.

“Do you have some time after practice today?”

“About an hour.”

“Then, can we talk for a moment?”

Han Go-yo nodded at Jin So-hyang’s story.

That’s a good thing. I already thought I should talk to Jin So-hyang.

And at 5pm, practice ended. Goyo Han came out after changing her clothes and approached Jin Sohyang, who was waiting below her.

“Where are you going to talk?”

“I think a place without cameras would be better.”

Han Go-yo nods at Jin So-hyang’s words.

Sometimes I forget because I practice with friends, but this practice is also for filming Sing A Star.

Of course, there are cameras installed in the practice room, and sometimes staff members come by.

I don’t want to be interrupted like that when the two of us are talking.

“Then shall we go to a nearby cafe?”

“Well, I guess that will be difficult. “Because there are people around you.”


‘Yeah, I forgot.’

Nowadays, Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang are huge celebrities. No matter where you go, there are people who recognize you. That’s why you can’t just go to any cafe.

“There’s a nice restaurant around here, how about we talk over dinner? “There, you don’t have to worry about what other people think.”


In response, Jin So-hyang took out a hat and sunglasses and put them on. I think he’s trying to disguise himself because someone might recognize him.

Seeing that sight, Hangoyo lets out a moan, ‘Uhmmm’.

‘Should I wear a disguise too?’

While I was thinking that, Jin So-hyang pulled out a set identical to the one she was wearing.

“When you become famous, something like this is a must. Well, I don’t wear a mask because it’s uncomfortable.”

“Can I take it?”

“Yes, it’s not that expensive, but I’ll give it to you as a gift.”

‘lie. ‘It’s not expensive.’

Even Han Go-yo, who is not particularly interested in sunglasses, hats, or clothes, has heard the name of this brand at least once.

‘Is that really a tier 1 idol?’

Goyo Han also started making money by appearing on Sing A Star. As it is an audition program, there is no separate appearance fee, but each time a sound source is released, a separate payment is made as a singing fee.

It’s not that much, but it’s enough for a high school student. In addition, music fees are settled separately every quarter.

Since the two songs released under Hangoyo’s name took first place, the settlement amount will definitely not be small.

But Jin So-hyang must have made several times more money than that.

Goyo Han looked at Jin Sohyang, who was leading the way in front.

Although he was wearing sweatpants in the practice room, the civilian clothes he is wearing now are very stylish.

An outfit that knows how to look good from head to toe. The accessories she is wearing also match very well.

It’s compared to myself, who doesn’t even have a ring, let alone a piercing.

And she wears her makeup stylishly. It’s soft but not lacking.

At best, I only apply BB cream.


I let out a small sigh so as not to be noticed by Jin So-hyang.

These were things I wasn’t interested in before, but after becoming aware of my feelings for Ha-jun Yoon, I started to care about such extroverted things.

‘Should I also develop that sense by looking at beauty iTube and lookbooks? Even if other people don’t know, I want to look pretty to the person I like.’

As I think about that, I think about why Jin So-hyang called me.

Perhaps Jin So-hyang asked to talk to express her feelings.

Because Jin So-hyang also seems to like him.

If so, what should you do? Should I just be hooked by what I see, or should I trick it?

I like Hajun Yoon. And she also likes Jin Sohyang. At first she didn’t like her very much, but now she has managed to build a relationship that she can call a friend.

One of Goyo Han’s few friends. He likes someone like that friend.

I don’t want to lose and I don’t plan on losing, but wouldn’t it be okay to talk around it at least until I confess to him on stage?

‘Okay, let’s do that.’

“Mr. Goyo likes Mr. Hajun, right?”

‘… … ‘I thought so, but was it really direct from the beginning?’

As soon as they arrived at the restaurant, Han Go-yo made a rare expression of embarrassment at the first words Jin So-hyang spoke.

‘No, this wasn’t what I expected at all.’

And Jin So-hyang smiled lightly at the sight of Han Go-yo struggling.

“are you okay. Because you already know. “I just wanted to hear it directly from Mr. Goyo.”

“… … how did you know?”

Han Go-yo struggled to regain her composure and asked Jin So-hyang back.

Jin So-hyang laughs at that question. However, although the mouth is smiling, the eyes are not smiling.

“That’s because I’m only looking at Ha-jun throughout practice, so I can’t help but notice.”


“Probably everyone else besides me noticed. Well, viewers won’t notice because they aren’t directly watching the scene.”

“Yeah, really?”

“What you probably didn’t notice is… … .”

Jin So-hyang, who was about to say that it was only Ha Jun, keeps her mouth shut.

Could it be that Ha-Jun Yoon didn’t notice Go-Yo Han’s gaze?

No, probably not that. Because that person is strangely sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Even when I was scared and broke down from Goyo Han, he was the one who noticed in an instant and comforted me.

There is no way that such a person would not notice those gazes and those emotions.

And perhaps Han Go-yo is not the only one who has been caught.

She must have already discovered all the feelings she has for Ha-jun Yoon.

‘Well, if you said something like that, there’s no way you wouldn’t notice.’

Hajun Yoon is just pretending not to know.

And Jin So-hyang was truly grateful for that. Because Jin So-hyang can’t date, at least until the contract ends or a new contract is written.

“Maybe Mr. Hajun.”

But I have no intention of telling Han Goyo that fact.

Of course, I like Han Goyo. Although she has an inferiority complex, she still considers him a friend.

However, Jin So-hyang is not nice enough to give up the person she likes to her friend. She says that Ha-Jun Yoon is pretending not to know, and if he doesn’t know yoga, she can just leave him without knowing.

At least until his contract ends.

At least until we stand at the same starting point.

“Because he’s insensitive.”

Jin So-hyang smiled while saying that.

Natural laughter. Laughter when you lie. As your feelings for him grow, you become more adept at lying.

It’s okay to call her a bad bitch. But I don’t want to lose him without being able to do anything.

“… … “You like Hajun too, right?”

Han Goyo asks Jin Sohyang.

Instead of the indifferent eyes I saw when I first saw them, my eyes were filled with kindness and kindness.

Jin So-hyang nodded as her eyes showed signs that she would not have made in the past.


This doesn’t lie. Because it seems like I’ve already been caught. And if everyone is lying, it’s easy to get caught.

Lies should always be mixed with truth.

And I understand why Goyo Han fell in love with him. If he made a change like that, I couldn’t help but like it.


He’s a mean person.

“Well, I don’t plan on confessing or doing anything right now. Anyway, since I’m an idol, dating is prohibited right now. If you get caught, you’ll be in a lot of trouble. So, I think the next two years are too much.”

“Oh yeah?”

“And that’s the same for Goyo, right?”


“It is true that it is difficult, at least until graduation.”

“That too.”

Goyo Han nods his head.

Although he said he would confess his feelings on the final stage, I don’t think they will become lovers right away.

There is too much for both to do. Above all, she doesn’t think he will accept her right away.

“The only reason I asked to talk today was because I wanted to confirm.”

“Just simply confirming?”

“Okay, just checking. “Isn’t it strange to ask something like what you are going to do?”

At that time, the food we ordered started to come out.

Jin So-hyang picks up her chopsticks as she looks at the gorgeously prepared food on the table.

“I don’t plan on losing.”

So that’s it for now.

Jin So-hyang picked up the food with chopsticks and put it in her mouth. Seeing that, Hango raised his chopsticks and ate the food, nodding her head.

And the two talked about various things about Ha-jun Yoon. While talking about this, Jin So-hyang drank a drink.

The remaining contract period for Jin So-hyang is one year and two months.

Right after the graduation ceremony.

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