My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 145

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EP23 – Sing A Star (35)

We started practicing for the event stage in earnest.

I knew it. I also felt this during ‘Main’ last time, that the two of us are a better match than I thought.

Should I say that they show each other what the other lacks and show different charms?

“Sohyang’s bass voice is better than I thought.”

“Because you have a good voice.”

That’s how I reply to Kang Seong-Hoon’s muttering.

As a singer, Jin So-hyang has many shortcomings. Her basic skills are okay, but she can’t raise her high notes very well.

He lacks vocal power and his throat is weak.

If you only listen to the song, it’s barely above the average of Seolwon Arts High School.

However, Jin So-hyang is a member of an idol group.

He doesn’t sing an entire song by himself, and although this is the case on all stages, there are very few people who only listen to singing on idol stages.

All performances, including choreography, are a type of stage.

And in that respect, Jin So-hyang has outstanding talent.

A cute face that stands out and outstanding dancing skills compared to other idols.

In addition, her acting skills are comparable to those of Yoon Soo-yeon and Han Go-yo, as well as her eyes that eat up the camera.

You can tell by looking at Jin So-hyang beyond the camera. There’s something about this guy that makes you focus your attention.

In that respect, Jin So-hyang is an outstanding idol.

Moreover, Jin So-hyang’s voice shines even more when she sings with others.

Attractive bass. Although it is not as distinctive as senior Seo Chae-rim, it has an attractive low voice that draws people’s attention.

It may feel bad to say this, but Jin So-hyang has a very good voice as a ‘narrator’ or ‘feature’.

“I’m thinking about acting… … .”

I was about to mutter, ‘Is there anything?’, but stopped as I remembered something that happened in my past life.

Now that I think about it, Jin So-hyang attempted to become an actress, but was just buried.

Well, singers and actors are completely different.

“But doesn’t it look like they’re fighting about something?”


At Kang Seong-hoon’s somewhat unexpected words, I look at Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo, who are sitting after finishing practice.

It looks like the two are fighting? They’re both talking with smiles on their faces?

“It doesn’t look like that.”

“Well, not if it’s not you. Do you really need my help more than that?”

I sigh when Kang Seong-hoon asks again.

That day, Kang Seong-hoon, who received a call from me saying he needed help, asked me several times if it was true.

He then asked for a meeting, saying he really needed it, and asked me again with a disbelieving look on his face.

No, you don’t believe I asked for help like that?

“Why would I call you if you didn’t need help in the first place?”

“No, there’s something like that. To show that I’m this great?”

“Do I seem to have such a dirty personality?”

This is a bit shocking. It means I looked like the kind of person who would say something like that.

Did I seem like such a bad person?

“Well, your personality itself is good, but you also have a strange competitive spirit or something like that.”

“is it? Well, I didn’t really plan on doing that. Anyway, it’s true that I need your help. “Not just now, but always in the future.”

“Will it continue in the future?”

“of course. I’m a producer, not a composer. Of course, I occasionally compose and direct the stage, but as a producer, I can’t just work with the songs I composed. So we need composers to work with us.”

We need more people than just composers, lyricists, engineers, and more.

Producers don’t move alone.

Of course, there are times when I outsource production and just produce, but the producer I’m aiming for is not that type.

I want to become a producer who designs everything myself and oversees everything from start to finish.

For that to happen, having the same team, or division, is essential.

“So, I am the composer you will continue to work with in the future?”

“yes. “Because we are the same age and have enough talent.”

In the past, that is, in my past life, I wouldn’t have been greedy for Kang Seong-hoon. Because in his previous life, Kang Sung-hoon only made ‘female idol’ songs.

That’s not the style I pursue.

However, the current case of Kang Seong-hoon is a different story.

Nowadays, Kang Sung-hoon creates not only songs for female idols, but also songs of various styles.

I guess it’s because of my influence, but for me it’s a good thing. Considering Kang Sung-hoon’s talent, it would be a waste to only make songs for female idols.

Additionally, Kang Seong-hoon is also good at arranging.

Composition and arrangement are completely different styles. If composing is creating a framework, then arranging is the task of adding flesh to that framework.

Of course, there are separate experts. But Kang Seong-hoon is good at both.

Considering that, Kang Seong-hoon is a talent that should be taken first now.

There are many other people I have in mind, but I plan to recruit them after the filming of Sing A Star is finished.

“So, are you planning to create a division in earnest now?”

“It’s not enough to be called a division, but whatever. “I don’t know how long it will take.”

“So I’m the first?”


I nod my head and look at Kang Seong-Hoon.

First of all, the love call has been sent, but what kind of response will Kang Sung-hoon give?

Kang Seong-hoon looks like he is thinking about something and asks me.


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“I need it?”

“Yes, I need it.”

“… … Instead, there are conditions.”

“What conditions?”

“The settlement must be done accurately. And I won’t just work for you. So, not as an affiliation, but as an outsourcing concept. Of course, working with you is good for me, but I can’t just work under you forever. As a composer, I also want to compose with many people.”

I nod my head at those words.

I would like to ask him to work only with me, but Kang Seong-hoon must also have greed as a composer.

It’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing we can do. And I had to sign that contract anyway.

The company I am in now is not the company I created.

So I can’t have employees working under me.

“Don’t worry, the contract will be written through the company.”

“Then I will help you.”


With this, I have gained a reliable composer colleague.

The next composer I’m targeting is CM and my teacher, Ha Hyo-joo. Indeed, will Teacher Ha Hyo-joo finish her teaching job and sign a love contract with our club next year?

This is all up to Seo Chae-rim.

If Ha Hyo-joo signs a contract with MM, things will become easier.

As I was thinking about ways to survive in the entertainment industry as a producer, not just for Sing A Star but beyond, I felt something watching me.

Raise your head and look where you feel gaze.

There were four other people singing there: Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, and Su-yeon.

I blink at the four people who are staring at me and Kang Seong-hoon without saying a word. Then he carefully asks Kang Seong-Hoon.

“Why are they like that?”

“I don’t know, but am I kind of scared?”

So do you?

Me too.

* * *

“It’s better than I thought.”


“The atmosphere in the practice room. “I thought it would be a little colder like this.”

Saying that, Yoon Soo-yeon looked at Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo who were practicing.

Still, perhaps because they were in front of the camera, the two didn’t fight openly or anything like that.

In particular, Jin So-hyang treats Han Go-yo with a bright smile.

‘So you’re a professional idol after all?’

Just looking at you right now, you’re practicing with a smile on your face.

It’s really amazing. Surely, they must have realized that they both like the same person.

“More than that, Hajun is also creating a division.”

However, Jin So-hyang’s smiling face was erased by Kim Tae-young’s mumbling.

And it’s not just Jin So-hyang. Han Go-yo and Yun Su-yeon, who were looking at it, sighed, ‘Whew.’

Division Hajun Yoon.

It may sound grandiose to say this, but in the end, it refers to people who will continue to work together as a team.

And that’s what the four people here were aiming for the whole time.

It is not that uncommon for producers to create their own divisions. Rather, it is a very common thing.

Right now, Jun, who is said to be the best producer in Korea, is working with more than ten people.

And usually such a team has a set number of singers they work with. Just as a film director has an actor as his persona, a producer also has one.

“Well, I don’t have that big of a problem.”

Suyeon Yoon is the first to speak as if nothing has happened.

Actually, I’m a little anxious, but I try to smile as if I’m okay.

“First of all, I’m your brother’s younger brother, right?”

And there is some basis for it.

He is Yoon Ha-jun’s younger brother. And Ha-jun Yoon cares dearly for his younger brother. It was even Yoon Ha-jun who made Yoon Soo-yeon into a singer.

There is no way that an older brother with a strong sense of responsibility would not take responsibility for his younger brother, whom he made into a singer.

Thinking about that, I will continue to work with you in the future.

‘Well, yes, I guess so.’

To get rid of her anxiety, Suyeon Yoon told herself, And the other three people nod their heads at those words.

“There’s no way that stupid little brother would leave you alone.”

“… … “I think we will work together often, although not as much as Suyeon.”

What he said next was Han Goyo.

Yun Su-yeon trembles at the sound of her name coming out of Han Go-yo’s mouth.

‘I felt it last time too, but when she drops her last name and just calls my name, I get goosebumps.’

“Because we are the same company and we made a promise.”

“Ah, I’m jealous, really. Damn, if I had known this would happen, I would have waited a little longer and signed with mm.”

When you think about that, the person at the most disadvantage is Kim Tae-young.

Because each company is different, each company has its own professional producers and composers.

Plus, the genders are different.

Well, I don’t think Hajun discriminates against me because he’s a man, but it’s true that it’s difficult to work with him.

‘Oh, now that I think about it, there’s another person like that.’

“Isn’t Sohyang similar to you?”

“I’m OK.”

“huh? really? “I thought you wanted to work with Ha-jun.”

“What are you talking about? “It’s okay because we’re going to work together.”


Han Go-yo and Yoon Su-yeon slightly frown at Jin So-hyang’s words.

‘What did Jin So-hyang say just now? You two are going to work together?’

“Hajun decided to produce my next solo album. Well, the boss will write the song, but Ha Jun will do the producing.”

“When did you say this?”

“Before we started filming Sing A Star. When there was a Hamu concert. Well, it’s a verbal promise, but Mr. Hajun doesn’t break such promises, right?”

While saying that, Jin So-hyang snorts and says, ‘Hmm.’ Then straightens her back and shrugs her shoulders.

Perhaps because he is the shortest person here, he is wearing high-heeled shoes and is standing on tiptoe.

Goyo Han frowns at the very proud appearance. I really don’t like that facial expression, as if it’s saying ‘I’m one step ahead.’

In the end, Han Go-yo opened her mouth without realizing it.

“I’m fine too. “When Hajun released his album, I decided to sing the title song.”

“yes? “When did you promise that?”

Yoon Soo-yeon asked, as if protesting against Han Go-yo’s words.

‘When your brother released an album, Hangoyo decided to sing the title song? ‘I didn’t hear that story?’

“It’s not a promise, it’s a bet. “I promised to do it if I won Sing A Star.”


‘Your brother was making such a bet with Han Goyo.’

Yun Su-yeon frowned slightly and looked at Han Go-yo.

‘If Han Goyo wins, she will sing the title song of her brother’s album.’

“So, if I win, it’s definitely a draw, right?”

“Wouldn’t that happen?”

Goyo Han speaks as if he were asserting.

Yoon Soo-yeon raises the corner of her mouth at those words.

Their eyes met and they smiled at each other.

“Wow, be scared.”

Seeing that, Kim Taeyoung shook his head and said.

Although you can’t see it, it feels like lightning is striking between the two.

Then, while thinking about something, he quietly blurted it out.

“What if neither of us wins?”

They seem to have forgotten about it now, but there is one more person who will make it to the finals. A person named Lim Ha-in, who beat him and advanced to the final stage.

Honestly, from Kim Tae-young’s perspective, it seems like Lim Ha-in has a higher chance of winning than those two.

‘Oh, wait. If Im Ha-in wins, won’t Yoon Ha-jun work with Im Ha-in?’

He is confident and has a similar style, and his skills are even better than mine. Plus, the winner of Sing A Star?

‘If I work with him, will I no longer be needed?’

“you guys! It doesn’t matter which of the two wins, so don’t let Im Ha-in win!”

Taeyoung Kim, who was so crazy thinking about it, shouted loudly.

At first, I thought that Lim Ha-in, who beat me, had to win so that I, who lost, could shine, but now that I think about it, if I did that, it would actually be a big problem.

Jin So-hyang let out a low sigh as they looked at each other and Tae-young Kim saying strange things to herself.

Those are the people who made it to the finals of Sing A Star, a competition program that has the highest viewership ratings and is loved by many.

“Do you think this can be broadcast?”

And I guess they forgot that the whole thing was being filmed on camera.

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