My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 144

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EP23 – Sing A Star (34)

Goyo Han, Suyeon Yoon, and Hain Lim.

I frown as I look at the screen with the names of the three people who will be on the final stage of Sing A Star.

After all, Oh Soo-jeong fell here.

This isn’t very good.

For me, this is the worst outcome. Chew your lips carefully.

Actually, I wanted Oh Soo-jeong to join. If they end up with Im Ha-in, it won’t be good for either Yoon Su-yeon or Han Go-yo.

First of all, it is a problem that it is a completely different style of stage, and voting is also a problem.

Yoon Soo-yeon and Han Go-yo mainly get votes from men. Both are quite popular among women, but men still have more votes.

On the other hand, most of Im Ha-in’s votes are women.

He has a handsome face and is exciting on stage, so it is natural that he has many female fans.

So Soo-yeon Yoon and Go-yo Han have to share the male vote, but Im Ha-in says she has no such worries.

Ah, I expected it, but I never thought Im Ha-in would really go up.

No, isn’t it enough for Oh Soo-jeong to go up? Of course, it is true that Oh Soo-jeong did not show any outstanding performance until the 5th final.

Still, in the 6th final stage, they showed a performance of a level that could be called a candidate for the championship. And this stage was also really great.

If Yoon Su-yeon or Han Go-yo, or even one of them, had not participated, Oh Soo-jeong would have made it to the finals.

scratch your head She feels sad about that.

But for some reason, Oh Soo-jeong showed no such sign. She clearly didn’t seem to feel any regrets, even though she fell right before the finals.

Just smiling.


“Ha, hahaha, that’s a shame. I thought maybe I could perform on stage one more time. Still, it was fun. Also, my younger siblings are so great that I’m not upset about them.”

He said that with a smiling face.

But there’s really no way I wouldn’t feel resentful.

I can see it in my eyes. In contrast to her smiling face, her tightly clenched fists.

Oh Soo-jeong’s performance was truly amazing.

The facial expressions, movement, high notes, pronunciation, everything was perfect.

I’m sure you put in an effort every day.

I would have done my best and practiced and practiced until I collapsed.

However, in the end, he was not rewarded for his efforts and failed.

There’s no way I wouldn’t be upset about that.

I’m just desperately holding on. Because it’s in front of the camera, because it’s in front of people. Do your best to pretend everything is okay.

And he will reveal all his emotions in a place away from cameras and people, like Kim Tae-young.

When I think about that time, I feel down.

Oh Soo-jeong is not the only one. Taeho Joo and all the people who were eliminated before him would have been like that.

Although they didn’t appear on TV and their names weren’t known, they definitely sang.

You must have made an effort to sing that song.

Just like I did in my past life.

“It’s heavy.”

It’s surprising, but this place feels very heavy.

I am not a contestant on Sing A Star. He is here simply because he is Yoon Soo-yeon’s older brother.

Thinking about that, I sighed.

* * *

“In the end, you and I are left.”

“There is one more person.”

Yun Su-yeon sighed and said at Han Go-yo’s words.

Ever since I heard that story from Goyo Han that day, something has felt strange.

Should I say that I cannot properly look at Han Goyo?

Just looking at Han Goyo keeps giving me strange thoughts. To be more specific, it looks like Goyo Han and her older brother are flirting with each other.

“I have no intention of losing.”

“That goes for me too.”

‘Let’s see who will lose.’

In particular, I don’t want to lose to that person, even if other people don’t know. It’s not just that Goyo Han likes her brother.

From that day, when she first heard the song sung by Han Go-yo on Yoon Ha-jun’s laptop, Han Go-yo became a goal for Yoon Su-yeon.

I want to be that kind of person and sing like that.

With that in mind, I worked hard and hoped that one day I would be able to sing like that.

And finally, we reached next to Han Goyo.

“It’s better than that, Sister.”


“Are you really going to confess right after the performance?”


Goyo Han shakes her head in response to Suyeon Yoon’s question.

Suyeon Yoon blinks at that sight.

‘What is it, have you changed your mind? So you’re not confessing? Well, I might change my mind because I’m embarrassed to think about it again.’

Thinking like that makes me feel at ease.

As Yoon Soo-yeon thinks so, Han Go-yo says.

“I plan to confess on stage.”

“… … yes?”

Yun Su-yeon blinked at Han Go-yo’s answer.


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‘What did this sister say just now? Are my ears weird? Did she sing so much that her ears finally broke?

“I’m thinking of confessing on stage.”

But Han Go-yo said it again. Very kindly. As if to let Yoon Soo-yeon know that she didn’t hear wrong.



‘Are you sane?’

Yoon Soo-yeon looks at Han Go-yo as if she is crazy.

Are you thinking of confessing on stage? No, the broadcasting station might like it.

Still, isn’t that a bit true?

It cannot be dismissed as a simple broadcasting accident. Editing is also impossible. The final stages are all broadcast live.

“Do you know that it’s a nuisance to you?”

“It’s okay, I won’t cause trouble to Hajun.”

“The nuisance is not determined by the person causing it, but by the person receiving it.”

Suyeon Yoon mutters.

Could it be that Han Go-yo thinks that what he is confessing is not a nuisance? If that’s the case, then it’s definitely a huge confidence boost.

But Han Go-yo is not that ignorant of a person.

So, are you trying to confess in a different way?

Yun Soo-yeon, who was thinking about that, soon realized something and her eyes widened.

“No way, sister… … .”

“You’re probably right.”

Yun Su-yeon sighed in response to Han Go-yo’s answer.

Indeed, if what she thinks is true, Han Go-yo’s confession will not cause any inconvenience to Yoon Ha-jun.

Because only a few people know that it is a confession.

“It’s shameful.”

“Because I like it that much.”

‘Really, this girl doesn’t know any shame? ‘How can she say that she likes her so confidently, in front of her family?

It’s new to me, but I think his courage is amazing.

At that time, Suyeon Yoon’s cell phone rang. At that sound, Sooyeon Yoon lowered her head and looked at her cell phone.

And around the same time, Han Goyo’s cell phone rang. This time, Goyo Han lowers his head and looks at his phone.

After operating the cell phone and seeing the message that had arrived, they raised their heads and looked at each other.

And the two blinked.

* * *

“long time no see.”

“Sure, hey. Congratulations on reaching the finals.”

“thank you.”

“It’s been a while, brother.”

“Oh, I heard you also advanced to the finals? Congratulations. There’s an uproar at school because of that. “The teachers of the Department of Physical Education are so excited that the first and second graders are left until the finals, and they go around bragging, and the principal and vice principal talk about it whenever they get the chance.”

“Isn’t that a spoiler?”

“The fact that you skip school is itself a spoiler.”

“is it?”

Kim Tae-young smiled and nodded at Yoon Soo-yeon’s words. She then looked around.

I never thought those two would advance to the finals.

Additionally, the one remaining is Im Ha-in.

When I think about it, my heart feels somewhat bitter. If he had defeated Im Ha-in back then, a spot in the finals would have been his.

Goyo Han, Taeyoung Kim, and Suyeon Yoon.

All students at Seolwon Arts High School will advance to the finals.

How good would it have been then?

Kim Tae-young, who was thinking about that, shook his head.

Even if you regret and regret it, it is already useless.

Because time has passed.

Still, I got the chance to stand on that stage once again, so let’s be satisfied with that.

Taeyoung Kim, sitting on the floor of the practice room, stretched out loud and said.

“But are you all?”

“Is there anyone else coming?”

“I heard from Hajun that there will be four people on the special stage.”

‘Four people?’

Han Go-yo and Yoon Soo-yeon look at each other at Kim Tae-young’s answer.

It was during a short break after the results were announced that the two heard about the special performance.

I wasn’t told who would be on stage.

At that time, Suyeon Yoon, who was thinking about something, immediately raised the corners of her eyes.

Taeyoung Kim, Goyo Han, and Suyeon Yoon. What do the people my brother gathered for a special stage have in common?

The point is that he is a student at Seolwon Arts High School.

And among the students at Seolwon Arts High School, there are those who did not appear on Sing A Star but are active singers… … ?

“long time no see.”

As soon as Sooyeon Yoon’s thoughts were over, the door to the practice room opened and the last singer to perform on the special stage appeared.

At that appearance, Sooyeon Yoon said, ‘As expected.’ There was a reaction, and Han Go-yo and Kim Tae-young also showed expressions of ‘Indeed.’

“You were the last one.”

“Yes, I guess so.”

The last singer to stand on stage was Jin So-hyang.

Well, Jin So-hyang is enough to stand on the stage of this event. In terms of popularity and recognition, he is higher than all the people here combined, and he is also close with Ha-jun Yoon.

“Hajun’s son, are you planning to have a reunion on stage?”

“It’s not a reunion because we haven’t graduated.”

“That’s what they say.”

“But I never thought we would be on stage as a group of four like this.”

“Iknow, right.”

Yoon Soo-yeon nods and answers Jin So-hyang’s words.

At that sight, the corners of Jin So-hyang’s eyes fluttered and trembled.

Suyeon Yoon is in front of you.

Is this how a fan feels after meeting his or her favorite singer? I think it was the opposite in the old days.

Jin So-hyang, who was thinking about that, carefully stretched out her hand and held it out to Yun Su-yeon.

“Well, it’s been a while. “I can see the stage well.”

“Ah yes. Thank you! By the way, when will Hwayangyeonhwa resume its activities? “I’m just waiting for that.”

“We’re coming back this winter. “We all couldn’t rest because we were busy with personal activities, so we decided to take a little vacation.”


Saying that, Yoon Soo-yeon held Jin So-hyang’s hand.

Warm and soft. Jin So-hyang smiled at that touch.

If you think about it, the fact that ‘Drop pop’ is Yoon Soo-yeon and Yoon Ha-jun is not necessarily a bad thing. Because they don’t know that they are a bastard.

So, this is how you can satisfy your fans.

“But what about Hajun?”

“I heard that Hajun is currently having a meeting with his team members due to a disagreement.”

“A team member? “Are there any other team members besides us?”

“He said he was thinking of recruiting a composer for his division.”

Saying that, Taeyoung Kim looked around.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but there is a strangely high proportion of women around Ha-jun.

Even so, since Yoon Soo-yeon is her younger sister, Han Go-yo, Jin So-hyang, and Seo Chae-rim. Besides that, Ha Hyo-joo and others who teach Ha-jun.

The ratio of women is overwhelmingly greater than that of men.

‘Well, it’s true that that damn song is better sung by women than by men, but isn’t this ratio a bit much?’

In addition, most of the women he works with have a crush on Hajun. Ha-Jun himself doesn’t know this, but Kim Tae-Young, who he goes with, sees it.

Well, the treatment is different from the beginning, but it’s stupid to not notice it.

‘And Yoon Ha-jun is a half-headed person.’

If he isn’t a head-turned person, he’s a scary guy.

Once again, Taeyoung Kim drinks water. At that time, the door to the practice room opened and Hajun Yoon came into the practice room.

“Everyone is gathered.”

With the appearance of Ha-jun Yoon, the two people whose eyes changed came into Kim Tae-young’s field of vision. To put it bluntly, Han Goyo and Jin Sohyang’s eyes changed.


But those eyes are unusual. In the past, it was just a crush, but now it’s something beyond that crush.

And Kim Taeyoung wasn’t the only one who noticed it. Su-yeon Yoon also noticed that.

Yoon Soo-yeon looked at Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo with a confused expression.

I know very well that Goyo Han likes her brother. Because Han Go-yo’s face and words and actions at that time showed that.

But for some reason, I can see a sense of sorrow in Jin So-hyang’s eyes as she looks at her brother. So, should I say it is sweet and affectionate?

‘no way? Oh, I guess not. This isn’t some weekend drama. Would a love triangle arise between a few friends?’

“Well, it’s been a while, Mr. Hajun.”

“Well, it’s been a while. how have you been doing?”

“Sure. Hajun, how are you? “It’s not unreasonable or anything, right?”

“I’m not really overdoing it.”

“thank god. And thank you for calling me like this.”

“Thank you. “I am truly grateful.”

Jin So-hyang laughs at Yoon Ha-jun’s words. Glancing at her, her face blushed. Seeing that, Sooyeon Yoon pulled out her hair.

‘No way, no. Anyone can see that she has a crush on my brother!’

“But aren’t you busy with various things because it’s the end of the year?”

“It’s okay because we’re not doing a special performance.”

‘Look at that. You talk to Taeyoung oppa in a formal, formal way! To be honest, only my brother gets special treatment! oh my god. She is Goyo Unni. They had been interacting with each other since before her debut (even though she hasn’t made her debut even now). Even so, when her Sohyang unni got to know her brother, she was already known as an idol. It was after her debut.

But a current idol likes your older brother?

Moreover, it seems like her older brother doesn’t know about Jin So-hyang’s liking.

Or are you just not paying attention?

Anyway, this is something unusual. Now we have to perform on stage together, but two of them are liking the same person.

Plus, it seems like those two people realized that they liked the same person.

Well, when we both see that person, honey drips from our eyes, and even if we try not to notice, we can’t not notice it.

Because those two are the ones watching Hajun Yoon the most right now.

‘No way, something is happening here, right?’

Even so, all practice scenes are filmed with a camera. But you two won’t fight in front of him or anything, right?

A cat fight between a current idol and a super rookie over his older brother in front of the camera.

This is a sentence that makes me dizzy just by looking at it.

“Then, now that we are all here, I will introduce a composer who will be working with me in the future. “You already know.”

Whether he knew it or not, Ha-jun Yoon called out to Seong-hun Kang, who was still behind the door. Then he looked at everyone with a smiling face and said.

“Our stage is an event stage after all, so let’s not worry and have fun.”

For some reason, Suyeon Yoon felt her stomach throbbing.

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