My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 143

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EP23 – Sing A Star (33)

Finally, the 5th final stage of Sing A Star was aired.

Because this was the first time the audience had attended the stage and the audience had shared spoilers in the community, people’s expectations were at their peak.

Perhaps because of that, as soon as the broadcast started, the viewer rating was a whopping 17%. The viewership rating was close to 18%, the highest ever.

And the viewership ratings rose little by little, and when Hangoyo’s stage began, it finally hit 20%.

20%. This is an extremely rare viewership rating among audition programs.

That’s how great Hangoyo’s performance was.

He unleashes his unique voice to the fullest with his overwhelming singing ability. The voice fills not only the studio but also the viewers watching on TV or PC.

Naturally, as soon as Han Goyo’s performance ended, the Sing A Star community went crazy with Han Goyo’s story.

Han Go-yo’s name even appeared in real-time popular searches on portal sites other than Sing A Star-related communities.

And it was a stage that could have caused such a ripple effect.

The problem is that it ended there.

After Hangoyo, the performers’ performances were not at that level. Additionally, because the stage was so overwhelming from the beginning, the next stage felt relatively boring.

Viewers are also feeling the same boredom that the audience who watched the 5th final round of Sing A Star felt.

Of course, as the show went on, the viewership ratings dropped.

The viewership rating, which started at 17% and reached 20% during the Hangoyo stage, gradually dropped to the mid-16% range.

This is not a good story from the production team’s perspective. However, the faces of the production team as they watched the viewership ratings were not dark.

That’s because there will soon be a chance for a rebound in viewership ratings. When that time comes, the dropped viewership ratings will immediately recover.

And the production crew’s prediction was accurate.

Sooyeon Yoon. As soon as a video briefly introducing her came out before her performance began, her viewership ratings began to rebound.

It wasn’t just viewership ratings, but posts started coming up quickly again in the community.

And the moment Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance began in earnest, the viewership rating, which had dropped to 16%, rose again to 18%.

Soo-yeon Yoon’s stage was not as overwhelming as Han Go-yo’s stage, but her unique loveliness was enough to make people fall in love with her.

Of course, the article was posted quickly on the community as well.

[Yoon Soo-yeon Isn’t this just an idol stage? lol]

-It doesn’t look like a contest stage.


└Isn’t it still really lovely?

└ㄹㅇ Dog cuteness

[When Sooyeon looks like that, she really is an idol]

-That’s also a center-level visual


└Even with light makeup, what would it really be like if you did it that way?

└He’s tall, has a pretty face, and sings well~ He’s a fraud.

[What on earth is Ha-Jun Yoon doing, who gave such a song on a program like this?]


└Okay, thank you.

The community was full of praise for the song created by Sooyeon Yoon and Hajun Yoon.

In the first place, the song that Ha-Jun Yoon gave to Su-Yeon Yoon in the 5th final was not a song to win first place in the contest.

‘Drama’, the song that Ha-Jun Yoon performed in the 5th final, was prepared to make the audience and viewers into Soo-Yeon Yoon’s fans.

And the ‘Drama’ stage was enough to turn the audience and viewers who saw it into fans of Yoon Soo-yeon.

People who simply liked Sing A Star are now starting to take interest in Sooyeon Yoon.

“Really, there’s nothing Suyeon can’t do.”

Jin So-hyang, the self-proclaimed No. 1 ‘Drop pop’ fan who first recognized the charm of ‘Drop pop’ and became a fan, smiles as she looks at Soo-yeon Yoon’s stage.

Who would have thought that Sooyeon Yoon could even sing a song of that genre.

Should I say Yoon Soo-yeon or Yoon Ha-jun? Or the Yun siblings?

Jin So-hyang, thinking about what kind of expression would be good, logged onto iTube after Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance ended.

Then I check the Sing A Star official channel.

Sing A Star uses iTube very cleverly. So, after the performance is over, the performance video is quickly uploaded.

Not only that, an uncensored version of the stage is also uploaded, with the mentors and participants’ reactions inserted in between, and videos that were not shown on the broadcast are also uploaded separately.

However, Sooyeon Yoon has not yet appeared on stage. Jin So-hyang feels regretful about that fact and looks at other videos posted on the channel.

The number of views for the just uploaded videos is around 10,000 to 20,000. However, there was only one video that exceeded 100,000 views, and that was Hangoyo’s stage video.

Han Goyo’s stage video, which was uploaded about 30 minutes ago, has already surpassed 100,000 views.

“Goyo is really popular.”

Jin So-hyang mutters as she looks at it.

‘Well, if it’s Goyo, it deserves to be that popular.’

She has a pretty face and sings well. And although she is upset, she has a better body than he does. To be honest, it’s surprising that she didn’t debut sooner.

I’m a little jealous, but I’m jealous.

Of course, Jin So-hyang is more popular right now, but Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo’s talents as singers are on a different level. I will never lose when it comes to dancing.

“… … hate.”

It’s not that I don’t like Goyo becoming popular. That’s something to celebrate. Because I have become quite close with Goyo.

I just hate myself for feeling jealous of Goyo.

Jin So-hyang, who was worried for a moment, went to Han Go-yo’s video and clicked ‘Like’. She then went on to look at other videos she had liked.

First of all, the most popular ones are videos of Yoon Soo-yeon and Yoon Ha-jun.

After watching all the videos featuring Soo-yeon Yoon and Ha-jun Yoon, I clicked ‘Like’.

And next is the video of Goyo and Taeyoung Kim.

I feel more attached to them than the other kids because I met them in the same class and through Hajun Yoon.

For Jin So-hyang, friends are rare beings.


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Among the idols, there are several kids the same age as him, but they are not as close as the friends he made at Seolwon Arts High School.

Jin So-hyang’s best friend is Ha-jun Yoon.

Of course, it’s a bit ambiguous to call them ‘friends’ anymore.

“Ah, it came up.”

While I was thinking about that, Sooyeon Yoon’s video was uploaded to the official channel.

Jin So-hyang, who confirmed it, immediately clicked on the video and clicked ‘Like’.

Then, as I was about to watch the stage again, a notification rang that my KakaoTalk message had arrived. Jin So-hyang frowns at that notification.

There are only a few people who have Jin So-hyang’s KakaoTalk notifications turned on. A few friends who I consider close, then sisters who are members of the same group, and finally, the manager and the president?

Soon, Jin So-hyang’s face brightened as she checked KakaoTalk. She quickly texted back and then she called someone.

“Yes, boss!”

* * *

The day after Sing A Star’s 5th final aired. The music charts once again experienced a cataclysm with the release of Sing A Star.

First place was still Han Go-yo’s song, but that song was replaced with the song sung in the 5th round instead of the song sung in the 4th round.

The song Hangoyo sang in the 4th final went down to 8th place on the charts, and the 2nd place spot was taken by Kim Tae-young.

And in 3rd place is a song by an idol group, and in 4th place is ‘One Day, Last Kiss’ sung by Yoon Soo-yeon.

The drama OST, which was previously ranked 3rd, went down to 6th place, and the 5th place was taken by ‘Drama’, sung by Yoon Soo-yeon this time.

So, the 4th and 5th places on the music charts are all occupied by Yoon Soo-yeon’s songs.

‘Drama’, the song that Soo-yeon Yoon sang in the 5th final, was originally a song that was better enjoyed as a sound source than on stage, so it was a natural result.

But Yoon Soo-yeon and Yoon Ha-jun did not have time to talk about it.

Today is the day we have to perform in the 7th finals, that is, the semi-finals.

“Three out of five.”

At most three people can advance to the final stage.

When I say it this way, it may seem like a very small number, but there are five people who make it to the semifinal stage, so only two are eliminated.

‘Really, who will fall?’

Ha-jun Yoon, who was sitting behind Jeong-yoon, frowned and sighed.

The five people who survived to the semifinals were Lim Ha-in, Han Go-yo, Yoon Soo-yeon, Oh Su-jeong, and Joo Tae-ho.

Taeho Joo is the one most likely to fail here. The reason Joo Tae-ho was able to survive this far in the first place was because Dae Jin-woon was amazingly good.

If he and Kim Tae-young had switched teams, it would have been Kim Tae-young who survived, not Joo Tae-ho.

But that Daejinun is also one of the important things in the contest.

And there is only so much you can climb through luck. Reaching the final stage is not just about luck. So, one of the people who falls here will be Joo Tae-ho.

So who is the other one?

Imhain? Oh Soo-jeong? Did you do it? Sooyeon Yoon?

They are such outstanding contestants that it would not be surprising who wins. Well, in the case of Oh Soo-jeong, she ended up finishing in second place.

‘Now that I think about it, who was in third place in my past life?’

I don’t remember very well.

‘I feel a little sorry. As usual, the person who would have taken third place has already been eliminated, and Oh Soo-jeong, who will take second place, is on the verge of elimination.’

But I can’t help it. Because the future has already changed. A lot of that too.

Taeyoung Kim, Goyo Han, and Suyeon Yoon, who originally would not have participated in Sing A Star, now participated.

Aside from that, many things have changed since Yoon Ha-jun returned. And that future will continue to change in the future.

If things were to go as planned, Han Go-yo and Yoon Soo-yeon, who would not have been active as singers, would make their debut.

Indeed, how will the music industry change if those two debut?

You might think that at most two singers debuting would make a big difference, but geniuses are the ones who can bring about such changes.

Because it will have such a huge impact.

While Hajun Yoon was thinking those thoughts, the stage started.

Joo Tae-ho was the first to go on stage with the audience cheering.

To be honest, Joo Tae-ho’s performance was a little disappointing. It is not for nothing that Ha-jun Yoon mentioned Tae-ho Joo as the strongest candidate for elimination.

The second stage that followed was Oh Soo-jeong.

And Oh Soo-jeong’s stage was of a different level from Joo Tae-ho’s stage. Jun, Oh Soo-jeong’s mentor, recognized Oh Soo-jeong’s strengths through the previous performance, and prepared a stage that would maximize those strengths.

Ha-jun Yoon let out a deep sigh as he watched Oh Soo-jeong singing on stage, showing off her various charms.

‘I didn’t take second place for nothing.’

And on the third stage, Im Ha-in came up on stage.

Im Ha-in’s stage was very predictable, unlike Oh Soo-jeong’s colorful stage.

Yes, this is the exciting stage that Im Ha-in is most confident about. From beginning to end, Lim Ha-in stuck to his own style. And that was enough for him.

It’s definitely an exciting and predictable stage, but the energy drives people crazy. People cheer and call Im Ha-in’s name.

Hajun Yoon smiled bitterly at that sight.

Should I call him the winner? It is optimized for competitions and performances. I heard that Im Ha-in’s concert was so exciting, and I thought I knew why.

After Im Ha-in’s stage ended, Yoon Soo-yeon’s stage continued.

Suyeon Yoon’s stage was somehow different from before.

So far, Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance felt like something was staged. So, should we say that there is something in her stage direction that saves Yoon Soo-yeon?

But there was nothing like that on Yoon Soo-yeon’s stage this time.

The directing is very plain and there are no particularly great images on the screen.

At best, there is only a black and white screen full of emotion.

“Sooyeon Yoon competes based on her own skills, is that right?”

Producer Jun mutters after seeing the performance.

Hajun Yoon heard the murmur and nodded his head cautiously.

This time, it was a stage where Yoon Soo-yeon competed with her own skills.

Su-yeon Yoon spread her unique voice throughout the studio with a tremendous vocal volume that overwhelmed even the silence.

And the song helps Yun Soo-yeon achieve her vocal tone.

The genre of song that Hajun Yoon prepared for the semifinal stage was city pop. This is a genre that can bring out Sooyeon Yoon’s voice to the fullest.

People are immersed in the feeling of a wet morning with rain falling. As if I had never been so excited, I enjoyed Yoon Soo-yeon’s stage, soaked in moist emotions.

Hajun Yoon smiled at that sight.

‘As expected, it’s Suyeon.’

Now, Su-yeon’s singing skills have reached a level where everyone recognizes her even without Yoon Ha-jun’s help.

And Hajun Yoon wanted to show that to people.

‘Yoon Soo-yeon does not receive good reviews thanks to the song written by Yoon Ha-jun. Sooyeon Yoon’s own skills are also very good.’

Soon after, Soo-yeon Yoon’s stage ended, and Soo-yeon Yoon came off the stage receiving a lot of cheers.

Now it was the turn of the last Hangoyo.

And the song sung by Han Goyo on stage overwhelmed the people.

Those who were excited because of Im Ha-in and those who were emotional thanks to Yoon Soo-yeon all escape from that and are swallowed up by the song of Han Goyo.

Hajun Yoon sighed at that sight.


This guy is ridiculous. That guy has grown again.

I didn’t know much about other people, but I knew Ha-Jun Yoon well.

With Yoon Soo-yeon’s skills, she can’t beat Han Go-yo like that.

It’s not that Yoon Soo-yeon lacks talent. It’s just that Goyo Han’s skills are overwhelming.

So, in order for Yoon Soo-yeon to defeat Han Go-yo, she needs the help of Yoon Ha-jun.

For that purpose, Ha-Jun Yoon prepared for the final stage before appearing on Sing A Star, and saved the song with the ‘inspirational’ code until the final stage.


While Hajun Yoon sighed, Hangoyo’s stage ended. This is the end of all stages.

The audience came out of the audience and the results were announced.

“Three people will advance to the final stage of Sing A Star! “I’m revealing those three now!”

As soon as the MC finished speaking, the names were revealed on the screen. And when Hajun Yoon saw those names, his eyes opened wide.

‘No way, that person fell?’

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