My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 142

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EP23 – Sing A Star (32)

“what’s the matter?”

The day after the trip ended and I returned home.

Ha-jun Yoon asked while looking at Soo-yeon Yoon, who was thinking about something with a serious expression.

And instead of answering Yoon Ha-jun’s question, Yoon Soo-yeon stared at her brother.

-I’m going to tell you honestly that I like Hajun.

When I look at my brother’s face, Han Goyo’s expression comes to mind.

Eyes colored with kindness unlike usual. The subject was blushing as if he was embarrassed, but his face was smiling lovingly.

It was a face that anyone could see and say, ‘Ah, this person is in love.’

It’s my first time seeing a face like that.

But, after all, the person he loves is his brother.

No, it’s not that I don’t understand. I’m not saying this because he’s her older brother, but Yoon Ha-jun is a pretty decent person.

Although he looks drowsy, his face is not bad, his abilities are outstanding, and his eyes that change when he focuses on work are sharp.

There are even people who say that look is sexy. Sooyeon Yoon: I don’t know to that extent from her perspective.

Plus, it’s the hottest thing right now and its popularity is increasing, so it’s not surprising that there are at least one or two women who like it.

Yes, that is true.

‘No way, I didn’t know Goyo would like you.’

I never thought that Goyo would like you.

‘No, if you like it, you like it. Why did you tell me that? Are you trying to get permission from your younger brother?’

It’s not like I’m getting married.

They are both 18 years old at most.

And there is no guarantee that my brother will accept my confession. It is nothing more than a simple excitement of silence.

But what if my brother accepts that confession?

‘Oh, no way.’

It’s not anyone else, it’s her older brother. Let alone a woman, she is so busy working that she doesn’t even hear from her family.

There is no way a person like that would date someone else.

‘But something makes me uneasy.’

Come to think of it, Yoon Soo-yeon has never had a conversation with Yoon Ha-jun in that regard.

Yoon Soo-yeon, who was thinking about something for a moment, calls Yoon Ha-jun.



“Have you ever had a lover?”

Yoon Ha-jun blinks at Yoon Soo-yeon’s somewhat unexpected words.

‘A lover. Why are you suddenly asking such a question? By any chance, has there been someone you like? Hmm, isn’t it still too fast for Suyeon?’

It would be nice to have various experiences as a singer.

Ha-jun Yoon looked at Su-yeon Yoon with complicated feelings.

As an older brother or as a composer?

‘But I still think it’s too fast.’

“Why is that happening all of a sudden? “Have you found someone you like?”

“huh? I? “Oh, no way.”

In response to Yoon Ha-jun’s cautious question, Yoon Soo-yeon waves her hand in denial. Then she persistently continued asking questions again.

“So, do you have an older brother or not?”

“We’ve dated before.”


“Yeah, well. “We broke up quickly because we didn’t communicate properly.”

“Oh yeah?”

I really think it’s a relationship worthy of an older brother.

‘Is this why my brother can get married?’

As I think about that, Han Goyo’s face comes to mind once again.

‘No, really, why are you confusing me by telling me that? Wow, this could be Han Goyo’s plan to confuse me and prevent me from concentrating on the stage… … .’

“… … “Probably not.”

Although Yoon Soo-yeon did not learn acting, she is sensitive to emotions. So, by looking at her facial expressions, you can tell whether she is acting or whether it is from her sincerity.

“Ahhhh, really!!!”

In the end, Sooyeon Yoon screamed, tearing her head out.

Ha-jun Yoon makes an absurd expression when he sees Soo-yeon Yoon suddenly muttering to herself and then screaming.

“What is it, him?”

Is something broken somewhere?

* * *

After the short trip, Yoon Ha-jun and Yoon Soo-yeon began preparing for the semifinal stage in earnest.

Although Su-yeon Yoon experienced confusion for a moment because of Han Goyo, Su-yeon Yoon is not a half-pun who is so distracted by it that she can’t even practice properly.

While the semifinalists were practicing, Sing A Star continued to air.

Afterword from the 4th final. And preparations for the 5th final.

Two weeks have passed since this, and the 5th final stage will be aired next week.

And the next day, the semifinal stage will be held, and from then on, all 6th main stage and semifinal stages will be aired, up to the final stage.

The entire semifinal stage will be aired until December 17th, the week before December 24th, when the championship stage will be held.

Meanwhile, the songs from the 4th round of finals that were released as audio sources settled at the top of the music charts.

“4th place?”

The music ranking of ‘One Day, Last Kiss’ sung by Yoon Soo-yeon is 4th.


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Considering that 1st place is Hangoyo, 2nd place is another idol group, and 3rd place is a drama OST, it is like second place in Sing A Star.

“Is the song I sang ranked 4th?”


“Oooh, it’s so amazing!”

Sooyeon Yoon smiles brightly after checking the music chart.

She has been filming Sing A Star for quite some time, and is now accustomed to seeing her face circulated as a GIF on iTunes and communities, but this is also the first time for Yoon Soo-yeon to be registered on a music chart.

“No. 1 is Goyo, right?”

“huh. I never thought the song sung by Goyo would win first place. “Sing A Star is really not a popularity joke.”

It’s not that easy to get first place on the music charts. In addition, the sound source that is currently in second place is a song by a male idol group with the most fans in Korea, and the sound source that is in third place is the OST of a drama that currently has a viewership rating of 20%.

However, Han Goyo beat those two and took first place.

Of course, Hangoyo sang well, but it is impossible to get first place simply because of that.

That means the popularity of Sing A Star is no joke.

‘As expected, is this a program that is close to reaching 20% ​​viewership?’

Well, there is a lot of talk about Sing A Star right now because of its popularity.

The trend of audition programs has already passed once. Even five years ago, no matter what channel you turned on, there was at least one audition program going on.

However, due to the indiscriminate broadcasting of audition programs and various manipulation controversies, the audition program’s lifespan eventually came to an end.

Yeah, I thought so.

However, Sing A Star has now surpassed the mid-10% viewership rating and is on the verge of hitting the 20% mark. It is no exaggeration to say that this is truly a spectacular revival of the audition program.

“Are audition programs mushrooming again?”

“I guess so.”

Yoon Ha-jun nods his head at Yoon Soo-yeon’s muttering.

Although I said, ‘I guess so,’ it is certain that they will spring up one after another.

However, it does not become a craze.

Of all the audition programs that have sprung up, Sing A Star is the only one that survives until the end.

In fact, this level of success for Sing A Star was not even expected by Ha-jun Yoon.

Of course, even in a previous life, Sing A Star was a fairly successful program. However, even then, the highest viewership rating was only in the low to mid 10% range.

Even that viewership rating came thanks to Im Ha-in’s hard carry in the finals.

But who would have thought that the viewership rating would surpass 18% now that the 5th week finals have not even aired.

‘Is it because of silence and ‘Drop pop’?’

If I had to pick the most popular performer on Sing A Star right now, it would be Han Go-yo or Yoon Soo-yeon.

It is said that Yoon Soo-yeon has significantly raised her awareness thanks to ‘Drop pop’ and is gaining popularity by showing a stage at a completely different level from the preliminaries, but Han Go-yo is not like that.

He gained popularity from the first preliminary round purely through his singing skills.

When I think about that, I can’t help but think that he is a really great guy.

And he and Soo-yeon Yoon have to win against such a great guy.

Whoa, Ha-jun Yoon sighed and looked at Soo-yeon Yoon, who was practicing the song she would sing on the semifinal stage.

Sooyeon Yoon’s unique voice fills the practice room.

Ha-Jun Yoon left the entire semi-final performance to Soo-Yeon Yoon. So, Soo-yeon Yoon must overcome the semifinal stage with her own strength.

‘Can I do it?’

It was Yoon Ha-jun who was anxious and anxious. Suyeon Yoon has no doubts that she will advance to the championship stage.

Hajun Yoon smiled bitterly at that sight.

My younger brother is doing that and I wonder what I should do if my older brother is so anxious.

“Because it’s important to believe.”

Trust me and leave it to me.

If you decide that way, you just have to believe it.

In the first place, there is nothing more you can do. We gave them the song and provided them with everything they needed for stage direction.

The choreography teacher will do the stage practice for him, so all Hajun Yoon can do before the rehearsal is recording.

That’s why Ha-Jun Youn started making songs before recording.

I’m not making songs for the final stage.

That song was already completed before I appeared on Sing A Star. Although some modifications were needed, they were completed quickly.

So, the song Hajun Youn is making now is an event song.

An event song sung by Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, and Yoon Soo-yeon on the final stage.

And the entire concept of the event song was decided.

At first, I had a lot of worries about what kind of song I should make, but that was the only concept that the three of us could do to fit together on stage.

However, once I decided on the concept, I started to feel disappointed with the cast.

This isn’t to say that the quality of the cast is disappointing. In addition to Han Goyo, Kim Tae-young, and Yoon Su-yeon.

Considering his skills, Ha-jun Yoon is a cast member with a lot to offer.

However, I thought that I needed one more person for that concept.

That’s why Ha-Jun Yoon sent a message to PD Il-Man Jin. And PD Jin Il-man, who received the call, didn’t even think about it and accepted Ha-jun Yoon’s offer.

[it’s possible. Should we contact you for recruiting?]

When contacted by producer Jin Il-man, Ha-jun Yoon responded quickly without even thinking about it.

If this is the case, the recruitment of actors who will appear on stage is now complete.

However, the recruitment is not all over.

Although the casting of the cast has been completed, there is still time to recruit the staff who will help you.

Hajun Yoon took out his cell phone and started looking for the name of the person he needed in his contacts.

A person who I don’t contact very often, but for some reason I feel self-conscious. And Hajun Yoon, who found the name of the person who had influenced him so much, immediately contacted him asking if he could help.

[When are you going to start?]

The response was quick. Ha-Jun Yoon smiled at the answer of “OK” without even thinking about it.

With this, all preparations are complete.

“Then let’s get started.”

He did everything he could to win Sing A Star.

Now all that’s left is the event song. Therefore, Hajun Yoon plans to enjoy making this event song.

While Sooyeon Yoon was practicing singing and Hajun Yoon was composing a song, Goyo Han was singing in the practice room.

Jin Se-hee, Hangoyo’s mentor and the best vocalist in Korea, looked surprised at that appearance.

Jin Se-hee has been watching Han Go-yo ever since Han Go-yo joined her team, or rather, from the beginning of Sing A Star.

A voice that is differentiated from others, not as strong as Soo-yeon Yoon’s, but an enormous amount of voice, and an emotional delivery that seems to shake a person’s brain. And many more.

Clearly, Goyo Han’s talent is overwhelming. That’s why Jin Se-hee brought Han Go-yo under her wing.

However, the sight of Han Go-yo singing now surprised Jin Se-hee again.

‘Something has changed.’

I don’t know what that something was, but Jin Se-hee knew. Han Go-yo experienced something change.

Last time, that is, until the 6th final round, just listening to Hangoyo’s song gave off such a sad feeling that it shook my brain and turned my emotions upside down.

A song full of solitude, loneliness, silence, and other negative emotions.

But now, in Hangoyo’s song, I feel something other than those negative emotions.

There is still a thick layer of sadness, but there are other bright emotions mixed in as well. Should I say that it feels like something is tickling my heart?

‘One, it’s not perfect yet.’

However, the processing of those emotions is not perfect. immature

So are you testing? why?

In Jin Se-hee’s opinion, there is no need for Han Go-yo to take such a test.

It’s as if you’ve won the championship just by conveying your sadness properly in the chess you’re good at. And you probably know that fact well.

But why is Hangoyo seeking change?


At that time, Han Go-yo called Jin Se-hee.

Jin Se-hee looks at Han Go-yo at the sound of that voice.

I meet Han Goyo’s eyes.

Indifferent eyes that don’t see anything as usual. However, there is something warm inside.

“If I make it to the finals, will I be able to sing the song I want to sing?”

And Han Goyo said so.

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