My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 141

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EP23 – Sing A Star (31)

For a moment, it seemed like time had stopped.

Hajun Yoon’s stuffy hair is blowing in the wind blowing from the sea. Even though it is a dark night, somehow the image can be seen clearly.

And what he said cannot be erased.

‘And you too.’

It’s like watching a scene from an unforgettable movie that doesn’t go away.

Han Goyo’s lips trembled.

Han Goyo knew well that he had changed a lot.

And the fact that it’s not just him who has changed.

But I never thought he would say it so bluntly.

At that time, Han Go-yo heard ‘Drama’ and felt similar to when she first heard ‘Blam’.

A feeling that makes you cry with your own emotions.

So I didn’t understand. ‘Drama’ is a lovely song.

A song that expresses all the feelings you love without deceiving them.

However, there is no way for him to have such feelings or affection.

That’s why Han Go-yo continued to be confused.

I was neglected by my parents when I was born. She was given the name Goyo because she was told to be quiet and not cry loudly.

There was a time when I received affection from my aunt, just for a short while, but that affection soon turned into love and hate.

That’s why Han Goyo rejected affection.

Because I knew that sweetness, and because I knew the bitter taste that followed from that sweetness, I refused to receive or give affection.

However, the affection that he thought he had distanced from and rejected had seeped into him at some point.

Realizing this, Han Go-yo tried hard to think of that affection as a song.

It’s about loving the song that person made, not the person who made that song. I tried to fool myself into thinking that way.

However, there were times when affection came out without me even realizing it.

For example, the other day, when Sooyeon Yoon said that Hajun Yoon was only thinking about himself all day.

At that time, I knew the truth.

The fact that he is not thinking about her because he has special feelings for her, but because he wants to win Sing A Star.

But without realizing it, I started thinking about something else.

Because I wanted to believe that.

Because there is no way he has the same feelings for her. Because as a composer, he just needs a singer to sing his songs.

She desperately tried to suppress her feelings because she thought that receiving affection from someone who was stupid, dirty, and had nothing like her would only make her feel unpleasant.

But he is speaking now.

He said he changed because of your affection.

And he said he also has that affection.

Of course, the affection he has for you will be a little different from the affection you have for him.

But it was still okay.

Just the fact that he has affection for me, and the fact that he accepts my affection without being offended, makes my heart feel like it’s going to burst.

Is it really okay for this to happen?

Is it okay for me to be this happy?

Goyo Han raised his hand and grabbed the area where his heart was. He can feel how fast his heart is beating right now through his skin.



Hangoyo sings Hajun Yoon. Hajun Yoon looks at Goyo Han. Their eyes meet.

The eyes, which usually had a languid expression and didn’t care about other people, now clearly contained someone else.

‘Ah, I see.’

Looking into those eyes, Goyo Han realized what he wanted.

The eyes that used to look at people indifferently, as if they were not interested in anything, are colored with kindness.

“If I make it to the finals.”


“Will you listen to my story?”

Yoon Ha-jun looked puzzled at Han Go-yo’s somewhat unexpected words, but eventually nodded. Because listening to the story itself is not that difficult.

“thank you.”

In response, Han Go-yo said that and looked at the sea.

Clearly, it is the same sea as usual. A sea immersed in darkness and swaying.

But for some reason, the sea looked like a universe filled with twinkling stars.

The next stage is the semifinals, and if you pass that, you can advance to the championship stage.

And there, Goyo Han planned to tell Hajun Yoon his whole story.

* * *

The day after my night walk.

We had to busily wander around Gangneung. Well, just because I was busy walking around didn’t mean I could experience various things. I had to go to a cafe and drink something or eat various foods.

“What if I keep gaining weight like this?”

Su-yeon mutters while eating cake and ice cream made from tofu. But his face was colored with happiness.

Suyeon is not the only one. Goyo is also smiling happily while drinking chocolate soy milk.

Hmm, somehow Goyo’s expression seems brighter than yesterday.

“What else do you eat after this?”

“Just eat dinner and that’s it.”

“Ugh, I can’t believe I have to eat here until dinner. “If I continue like this, I will definitely gain weight.”

“Then it’s okay if I don’t eat it?”


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“This is work too. “They said they were asked to promote it in this village.”

I snort as I see Soo-yeon talking like that as if she were a professional broadcaster.

A lie that is so obvious.

Just be honest and say you want to eat.

After eating all of the dessert, we leave the cafe to go to the restaurant we had reserved.

At that moment, students wearing school uniforms looked at us, muttered, and then screamed.

“It’s Yoon Su-yeon!!”

“Sister, you’re cute!!”

“Go on, unnie, you’re so pretty, really!!”

Seeing the high school girls squealing and calling out to her, Suyeon waved her hand with a happy face. She is probably glad that she is recognized.

On the other hand, Goyo was quieter than Suyeon, but she was still waving with a smile.

I didn’t know he would do fan service like this.

As I was yawning slightly while looking at that, Jeongyoon, who was next to me, said to me.

“I envy you?”


“I think I’m jealous of my younger brother or friend who is popular among high school girls.”

“Oh, specifically? “Not really.”

It’s good that there are many people who like my songs, but that doesn’t mean I have such a severe inferiority complex that I feel envious of my younger brother’s friends and fans.

Sooyeon and Goyo have a lot more female fans than that. Every time I encountered students, it was the female students who cheered.

It’s a sight that would make Taeyoung cry out of envy.

After a brief fan service, we move to a restaurant.

If we just eat dinner here, today’s schedule is over.

We moved to the restaurant and began to taste the food that was filled with food that welcomed us.

Well, tofu is delicious, after all.

While I was eating tofu, Sooyeon suddenly looked at me and said.



“Now, shall we get my hair cut again?”

“Oh, really?”

As he answers, he pulls his bangs with his hand and looks at him.

My hair has definitely grown a lot. It seems like something has become frustrating.

Hmm, should I try to change my image by cutting my hair this time? I’m not particularly interested in making up my appearance, but I’m still appearing on TV.

You do have to pay some attention.

“What are you guys going to do after Sing A Star?”

As we were thinking about how to change our image, Jin Se-hee looked at us and asked.

Suyeon was the first to answer that question.

“Wouldn’t we do a concert, film, and prepare an album right away?”


“Yes, with my brother! And I have to go back to school. “Anyway, I’m still a student.”

“Then what about silence?”

“I think it’s similar for me too. “Wouldn’t we prepare our debut album right away?”

As I say that, silence looks at me. Are you going to produce it? With a face that seemed to ask that question, I cleared my throat.

Since I promised, I have to do it.

“And what about Hajun?”



“I don’t know. It doesn’t really look like I’ll be filming. “I just have to direct the stage during concerts, so wouldn’t I just enjoy my vacation?”

“Uh, oppa, you don’t want to appear on TV?”

Su-yeon is surprised by my words and asks.

The broadcast appearance referred to here refers to a program that is decided to appear as soon as Sing A Star ends.

Programs that feature not individuals, but all contestants who advanced to the Sing A Star semifinals.

As far as I know, it’s about four or five years old.

I nod my head and answer those words.

“Well, I’m not a performer.”

“Hmm, that’s a shame.”

“I love it. “Appearing on TV was harder than I thought.”

“So how are you going to enjoy your vacation?”

“I’m thinking about going on a trip.”


“Yes, backpacking. “Not long, maybe a week?”

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Because I realized how important it is to have various experiences while working this time.

You can create songs using the experiences you gain while traveling as a motif, and if you do well, you can get inspired.

Well, I’m not even looking for inspiration.

“I’m jealous of the trip. “I want to go on a trip too.”

“Go during summer vacation.”


“On a family trip with my mom.”

Sooyeon nods her head as if she is satisfied with my answer.

And Goyo was looking at Suyeon as if she were envious.

* * *

The last late night of a 3-day, 2-night trip.

Today too, Hajun Yoon went for a walk alone, and the two mentors were talking about various things on the second floor. And the VJs left the pension with only the cameras installed.

So, I’m with Suyeon Yoon on the first floor of the pension.

The only thing left is the two of them.

Of course, there are cameras installed here and there, but Yoon Soo-yeon and Han Go-yo do not pay much attention to them and do their own thing.


At that time, Han Goyo called Yun Su-yeon’s name.

Yoon Soo-yeon looks at Han Go-yo in surprise when she hears Han Go-yo’s voice calling her name.

“Did you just call me?”


“Wow, I got goosebumps for a moment.”

Suyeon Yoon scratched her arm while saying that.

Who would have thought that Han Go-yo would call her by her first name without even adding her last name. Until now, when Hangoyo called Yun Soo-yeon, she always called her by her last name.

Well, the two didn’t talk that much before that.

“So what did you call me for?”

“Can we talk for a moment?”

“I don’t think this is a story to be told here.”

Yoon Soo-yeon, who is quick to notice Han Go-yo’s words, stands up and says that.

It seems that Han Goyo wants to share honest stories in a place where there are no cameras.

“There are no cameras right outside. Shall we go there?”


So the two got up and moved outside.

The wind is chilly because it is by the sea. In response to the chill, Sooyeon Yoon said, warming her hands with the warm coffee she had brought with her.

“Ugh, it’s cold. So what are you trying to say? “Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything special to talk about between you and me.”

Suyeon Yoon said with a rare look of caution.

To Yoon Soo-yeon, Han Go-yo was someone she really didn’t like.

He knew that Han Goyo secretly didn’t like him, and more than anything, he didn’t like her singing skills at all.

So it’s called jealousy.

“It’s not a big deal, just about Hajun.”

“Brother? why?”

When Yoon Ha-jun’s name comes up, Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression becomes slightly sharp.

‘What does this sister have to say about her brother? No way, she wouldn’t have the audacity to ask me to borrow her brother for the finals, right?

If that’s the case, Yun Su-yeon plans to reject Han Go-yo with all her might.

I wouldn’t be opposed to my brother helping Han Go-yo’s album, but I absolutely cannot allow him to take care of Han Go-yo first, leaving himself behind.

As I was thinking about that, Han Goyo said:

“Originally, I was going to ask Hajun first, but I was nervous. So, I’m going to do it to you first.”

“yes? “What?”

‘I was going to do it to my brother first, but you said you’re going to do it to me first?’

What on earth?

The wariness on Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression becomes more severe. I feel something ominous. I hate it. In my heart, I want to keep that mouth shut so that it doesn’t open.

However, regardless of Yun Su-yeon’s feelings, Han Go-yo’s mouth opens.

“At this final stage, I plan to tell Hajun my whole story.”


And the words that came out of Han Go-yo’s mouth were very embarrassing from Yoon Soo-yeon’s perspective.

‘Are you planning on telling me the whole story?’

“… … “Can’t we just do it?”

‘Isn’t that just a matter of doing it? Why are you telling that to your younger brother first? ‘She’s the sister I don’t understand at all.’

As Yun Su-yeon was thinking that, Han Go-yo continued speaking as if muttering while listening to the sound of the sea coming from afar.

“That’s right, you can do it. so… … .”

Goyo Han looks at Suyeon Yoon. Suyeon Yoon also looks at Goyo Han.

And Sooyeon Yoon realized something. Goyo Han’s expression is different from usual.

“I’m going to tell you honestly that I like Hajun.”

Suyeon Yoon blinks at the next words.

‘huh? what?’

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