My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 140

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EP23 – Sing A Star (30)

“Hi, sister.”

“Okay, hi.”

Fortunately, Suyeon and Goyo did not fight or show overt expressions of dislike as soon as they met.

Has he grown more mature these days, or has their relationship improved? No matter how much I think about it, I think it’s the former, but how can you pretend to be friendly even in front of the camera?

With that in mind, I look around the accommodation I will be staying in for two days.

The accommodation itself is not very fancy, but it is decorated to have a lovely feel and is large.

Is it because there are four women? Well, I’m not the type of person to pay much attention to things like this, so it’s okay.

After looking at the cameras installed everywhere, I went into the room I would be staying in.

“I knew it.”

There is a camera installed in the room too. Still, the camera blind spots, that is, places to change clothes and places for privacy, were marked.

It’s unfortunate, but it can’t be helped.

Because it’s a broadcast.

Change into comfortable clothes in a place out of reach of the camera. Anyway, the busiest day of the 3-day, 2-night schedule is the second day. The first day is a plan to rest comfortably at the pension without going anywhere.

“The sea is right in front, so you can go for a walk or just do it comfortably. VJs follow you around, but you don’t have to pay much attention to them. Just relax today. Tomorrow, we will go out and do group activities. As far as group activities go, all I do is film people chatting and eating various things at a cafe or something like that.”

“Uh, what about the broadcast length?”

“There is no need to worry. Originally, on the broadcast, both teams totaled 20 minutes? That’s what we plan to export. “The rest will be revealed in the special broadcast I mentioned last time after the broadcast is over, so don’t worry too much.”

“Ah yes.”

I nod my head at the explanation of PD Jin Il-man, who followed us.

So, this trip is more about providing mental care for the cast rather than broadcasting.

“Instead, for PPL, you must only drink the designated beverages and coffee. Oh, and snacks, too.”

“There is no chocolate milk.”

Han Go-yo looks at the refrigerator filled with drinks for PPL and says with regret.

Is chocolate milk that good?

After thinking for a moment, I take out a cup of coffee and drink it. After thinking about what to do, he looks at Suyeon and Goyo and asks.

“So what do you want to do?”

“Should we just talk for the first time in a while?”

“That’s okay.”

Perhaps because of the large age difference, mentors Jeong Yoon and Jin Se Hee went up to the second floor, saying they would talk separately.

After watching that, we went to the table on the first floor and sat down.

“It’s been a while since I spent time like this.”

As soon as I sat down at the table, Goyo spoke.

I nodded at those words.

“Well, it’s been a really long time.”

“In the past, we always went together after class.”

“Taeyoung, me, you, and Sohyang. Sometimes Kang Seong-hoon. Plus, senior Chae-rim was there.”

Obviously, it hasn’t been that long, but somehow it feels like such a long time ago.

I guess that’s how intense Sing A Star was.

“The school must be busy preparing for the Winter Festival right now.”


“Uh, but is it true that we have to go to school during vacation?”

I nod my head at Suyeon’s sudden intervention. Because of that, I already contacted my homeroom teacher and teacher Ha Hyo-ju separately.

“Yes, all students who advanced to the final stage were told to come to school during vacation. “I have to take a major exam for the final exam.”

“Oh, I don’t like it. I couldn’t study for the test at all. “My grades on the midterm exam are close. Doesn’t that mean I can’t get a scholarship if I keep doing this?”

“… … “Then it would be difficult.”

Goyo also frowns at Suyeon’s words.

Now that I think about it, the two people in front of me are receiving academic excellence scholarships.

The Academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded to the two students with the best written and practical grades in each grade.

Soo-yeon, a first-year valedictorian, or Goyo, a second-year valedictorian, must receive good grades not only on the major exam but also on the midterm and final exams in order to receive the low-grade scholarship.

But I am different.

He opens the bag of snacks he received through PPL, takes one out, eats it, and says it with a smile.

“So I shouldn’t have studied in advance.”

“No, other people may not know, but I don’t want to hear that from you.”

“Didn’t you get an average score of 50 on the last midterm exam?”

“50 points, that’s 57 points!”

“… … “Oppa, please don’t say things like that out loud, because it’s embarrassing.”

The scholarship I receive is the Success Student Scholarship. This is a scholarship you can receive if you receive the Excellent Student Scholarship more than twice. You can receive this scholarship as long as you have a good practical score, regardless of the written test.

So I don’t have any problems.

“Well, I think it’s good. “You will have to give up your scholarship from the next year anyway, so you can just think of it as giving up in advance.”

“huh? why?”

“To receive a scholarship at our school, you must meet an attendance rate of 60% or higher.”

This is the same for academic excellence scholarships and successful student scholarships. If your attendance rate does not exceed 60%, you are automatically excluded from scholarship eligibility.

“Well, wouldn’t it be possible if I work hard at school next year?”

“Well, the Sing A Star stuff will be over in the new semester, but that’s okay. “I don’t think our company will leave us alone.”

To be more precise, it is senior Chae Rim.

Anyway, Sooyeon and Goyo got good grades and are the most popular performers on Sing A Star, the hottest program right now.

There is no way Chae-rim or the company can leave two like that alone. They will probably prepare for their debut by releasing an album right away.

Before the excitement of Sing A Star subsides.


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If that happens, I’ll probably be the busiest one.

Oh, did I go too far with my promise to work on this?

Suyeon, Goyo, and even Taeyoung.

My head is pounding.

In addition, there is a quiet and bittersweet feeling.

A bet that if Goyo wins, Goyo will sing the title song of my album.

If I even think about releasing my album, I probably won’t be free even after Sing A Star is finished.

“No matter how much I think about it, I have to create a division too.”

“division? What division?”

“Are you going to create an agency too? “Then you have to take me with you?”

“What are you talking about? The division I’m talking about is the production team.”

In the first place, producing is not something you do alone. Just looking at Jun, the producer who appears on Sing A Star, there are several composers, lyricists, and engineers under him.

Although I do both composition and producing, I can’t continue doing this together. And my main field is producing rather than composing.

In order to save this, it would be good to have a division, but Blue Aka is helping with instrument recording and engineering, but what should we do about everything else?

The only composers I have a relationship with and would be good to form a division with would be CM and Kang Seong-hoon.

I don’t know why Kang Seong-hoon is aware of me and cares about me, so if I ask him to work with me, he will do it.

CM, what about Teacher Ha Hyo-joo?

Actually, it would be really great if teacher Ha Hyo-joo worked with me. I can get help with areas I am still lacking, and I heard that Teacher Ha Hyo-joo’s connections are amazing.

Senior Chae-rim said he was bringing a teacher. How could it not work out? How nice it would be if I could bring you.

While thinking about that, I continue to drink coffee.

Now I have to prepare for my future as a true professional. Because once you become a full-fledged professional producer, you won’t be able to do everything on your own.

After that, we talked about many things. And most of them were stories about school life.

Although we are competing in audition programs and receiving good reviews, in the end, the three of us are still high school students.

After talking for a while, it was dinner time and we ate.

Dinner was barbecue.

Well, barbecue is the rule in places like this.

I ate meat cooked by the person who manages this pension and talked with the mentors.

And at that time, Jeongyoon said to me.

“By any chance, Hajun.”


“I have to do a special performance at the final stage. Can I sing ‘one day, last kiss’ there?”

I frown at Jeongyoon’s somewhat unexpected words.

‘One day, last kiss’ is originally Jeongyoon’s song.

But why are you calling for it with permission? Are you really trying to ask me to direct the stage or something like that?

Jeongyoon added that he thought that his explanation was insufficient.

“Oh, so I’m talking about ‘one day, last kiss’ that you arranged, not the original song.”

Oh, so you want to sing my arranged version of ‘One Day, Last Kiss’ instead of the original song?

Think about it for a moment.

I think I know the reason without even asking. Because even in her previous life, Jeongyoon coveted my work ‘One Day, Last Kiss’.


It wasn’t given to me in my previous life, but this time it’s different.

Jeongyoon smiles at my permission.

“thank you.”

And I’m curious too. How about my ‘one day, last kiss’ sung by Jeongyoon?

Jeongyoon is the most emotional singer in Korea.

That tone makes people emotional just by hearing it.

After finishing the story, I settle down.

It was already past 11 o’clock.

It’s time to sleep now, but I can’t sleep. You have to sleep at this time on a regular basis to fall asleep. If I had known this would happen, I would have brought my laptop.

On this trip, I didn’t bring my laptop because Suyeon told me to get some rest, so it was very leisurely.

While talking to Sohyang or Taeyoung on the phone, I get up.

I feel strangely frustrated.


“I just wanted to go for a walk. why? shall we go together?”

“Ugh, it’s cold!”

Suyeon curls up on the sofa and answers my words with a charming voice.

I chuckle at that and go to my room to put on some outerwear.

“Then I’ll come back.”

“Yes, come back.”

After saying goodbye to Suyeon, I leave the pension.

How long has it been since I last had this much leisure? There isn’t much left until the contest, but I’m feeling anxious and wondering if I can do this.

As I left the pension and walked towards the beach that was directly visible, I heard someone following me from behind.

Oh, is the VJ following you?

With that thought in mind, I looked back and saw Han Goyo coming towards me.

Goyo Han, wearing long padding sponsored by the brand that sponsors Sing A Star, speaks to me.

“If you’re going for a walk, is it okay if I join you?”

“Are you fine.”

I nod my head at Goyo’s words.

I didn’t really feel like taking a walk alone, so I wandered around the beach in the silence.

“The air is cold.”


I look at the profile of Goyo who says that.

Compared to when I first saw him, Goyo’s expression looks much better. So, should I say it has gotten a little brighter?

When I first saw it, it had a dangerous atmosphere, as if it would break if I even spoke to it. Her eyes saw nothing and her mouth did not smile.

But now, he often smiles and sometimes has a warm expression.

I don’t think he was like that in his previous life, but did he change after becoming involved with me?

If so, I think it’s a good thing. After graduating with this, there will be no disappearance of silence. … … There won’t be any, right?

I feel uneasy about something.

I heard the story about Goyo’s family. But he only listened. Nothing has been resolved yet. And above all, I don’t know why the silence disappeared.

“Whats up?”


“No, it’s just that you look better than before.”

Silence stops at my words.

And he looks at me intently.

Big eyes that try to see something, rather than empty eyes that don’t see anything and are anxious as if they are about to break like before. He speaks with me in his eyes.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Like what?”

“There’s a song Suyeon sang in the 5th final.”



“What were your thoughts on that song?”

I blink at the somewhat unexpected words of silence.

What were your thoughts when creating that song?

“It’s just a song I made for Suyeon to make some fans and to break away from the image she’s had so far. why?”

“Not like that.”

Goyo shakes his head at my answer.

I frown at that sight.

“Most of the songs you made in the past had some kind of dark emotion underlying them. The same goes for the ‘blame’ I sang. Of course, I made songs in various other genres, but there was no song like ‘Drama’.”

I felt like I knew what Goyo was asking.

He thinks for a moment and strokes his chin.

Well, ‘Drama’ is the most unique song I’ve ever made.

Of course, the song I worked with Kim Han-ol is also a different song, but it is a song that expresses the scene while watching the video.

But ‘Drama’ is not that style of song. ‘Drama’ was created in the style I usually make songs, based on my emotions.

I thought for a moment about what I should say in response, then started to walk.

The Wind Blows. The cold winter sea breeze, full of the salty scent of the sea.

“In the past, I wouldn’t have been able to make a song like ‘Drama.’”


“When I first met you.”

When I first returned, all the songs I made were dark. Although it was highly rated, most of the atmosphere was similar.

Depression, sadness, and a little bit of hope.

However, as time passed, the mood of the songs changed. That’s because I, who creates songs, have seen, learned, and changed many things.

And the same goes for ‘Drama’.

“In the past, I thought no one would like and love me, but now I know that there are such people. Mom, Suyeon, teacher Hyoju, or Sohyang. I feel bad mentioning something, but Taeyoung and Seonghoon too. and… … .”

I turn around and look at Han Goyo.

Goyo Han’s eyes widen.

“you also. In the past, I thought there was nothing more precious than songs, but now there are other precious things as well. “This is a song I wrote while thinking about the feelings I learned along the way.”

‘Drama’ is a song that expresses the emotions expressed to me by the people around me. A slightly embarrassing but very honest love song.

At my words, Goyo looked at me intently.

As if I was trying to contain my everything.

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