My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 14

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EP4 – Hangoyo (2)


For a moment, let’s talk about a person named Goyo Han.


Majoring in sound and vocals.

Even at Seolwon Arts High School, where only students with outstanding talent attend, he is a genius among geniuses with overwhelming talent. He is even as good at studying as he is at singing.

Until you graduated, you never missed a perfect score on either the written or practical exams, I guess? That is, a combination of civil affairs and military affairs. In addition, she has a pretty appearance, so it is natural that her numerous entertainment agencies are greedy for her.

In fact, she has been consistently receiving love calls from entertainment agencies since her admission. Naturally, people had no doubt that Han Goyo would become an outstanding singer.

It was the same for me too.

But she doesn’t become a singer.

After graduating from Seolwon Arts High School, Goyo Han suddenly disappears. They don’t go to art school, music school, or anywhere, and they don’t even debut. It just literally disappears.

Everyone was sad.

At the same time, I was curious.

Why didn’t I become a singer?

Why did it disappear?

What do you do for a living?

But Han Goyo, who would have given that answer, had already disappeared. That kind of silence is in front of me right now. It’s only natural since I returned to high school.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

As I was staring blankly at Han Goyo, Han Goyo asked me. As expected, it was an indifferent voice. Should I say that there is basically no pitch of voice?

I feel no interest or interest in people at all.

“Oh sorry.”

“If you don’t have anything to say, can you please step aside?”


He nods and moves to the side. Then Han Goyo passes me and leaves the practice room. As Han Go-yo walked away, Kim Tae-young muttered quietly.

“Isn’t it creepy?”


“Isn’t there something creepy about him? Should I say he looks like a doll rather than a person? He seems to lack basic emotions.”

I know what you mean. It definitely feels like that. The sound of light footsteps gets farther and farther away. She turns around when she hears the sound. It would be nice to work with Han Goyo, but that is impossible.

Han Goyo is indifferent to people. Let alone playing ensemble, they don’t even greet people very well. And this person will disappear after graduation.

That’s why I stopped paying attention to Han Goyo.

To me, the little lunch break that is left is more important than an unidentified genius.

§ § §

“So this is the song you made?”


Taeyoung Kim asked in awe after hearing Runaway.

I nod my head at those words.

“Are you okay?”

“Is this a good level?”

Kim Tae-young, who spoke in astonishment, played Runaway again. As she had already heard it a few times. I seem to like it quite a bit.

“The vocalist is the younger brother I mentioned last time?”

“Uh. Can you sing well?”

“I think I know why you hit the vocalist.”

Taeyoung Kim said as if she understood. He smiles wryly at those words. That’s not why I quit vocals. Still, I understand what it means.

Overwhelming talent is sometimes violent. For people walking the same path, it is like some kind of natural disaster. It wouldn’t be strange to say that Soo-yeon’s talent discourages him.

That’s because Suyeon’s talent is incredible.

“But this song, did you make it for your younger brother?”


“So, you made it with the assumption that your younger brother would sing it?”

“that’s right.”


Taeyoung Kim looks like she is at a loss for words. And then he looks at me with a very regretful gaze. Why are you opening your eyes like that? I feel like I’m going to throw up because of the stares.

“Are you really not planning on using me for the event?”

“I’ll write it when I become a castrato.”


I laugh at Taeyoung Kim’s words. Even though she got criticized, she doesn’t feel bad. That means Kim Taeyoung covets my song. Later on, she couldn’t feel bad about being recognized by someone who became a world-famous singer.

“Then is there anyone else in mind?”

“Uh, I don’t know. I’m thinking about it right now, but is there anyone you can recommend? There’s an ensemble in your major class.”

“Hmm… She’s a girl worth recommending. Everyone’s above average, right? But the problem is that you have a dedicated singer, and that singer’s skills are crazy. And your song was made for that singer. ”


If you use someone with poor skills, they won’t be able to digest it properly.

“I think the 7th class kids would be okay. But will the 7th class kids really do it?”

“That’s a problem too.”

Odd and even classes. Excellent class and inferior class. Of course, there is bound to be a strange war of nerves. The odd-numbered class ignores the even-numbered class, and the even-numbered class curses the odd-numbered class, calling them nerds.

And if you look at it, I also cursed at odd-numbered classes. Now that I think about it, it was a childish war of nerves caused by a sense of inferiority.

“There’s still time left, so think about it. If you practice performing, it’s a joint class.”

“That’s right.”

“Aren’t there any other songs than that?”

After saying that, Taeyoung Kim whetted his appetite. It is truly an unpleasant sight to see. I didn’t know it before, but this guy is incredibly greedy.


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“I do have a few other songs in the works.”

“Tell me.”

“Did you leave the song to me?”

“Hey, what does it mean to like friends?”

Isn’t this guy going to be like this and then ask for a guarantee later? He mumbles and plays a few songs. These are all songs that we have finished arranging and are preparing to work with Suyeon.

Then, by mistake, a song that had not yet been arranged was played. Ah, the files got mixed up. I was about to stop singing and move on to the next song when Taeyoung Kim said to me with a very serious expression.

“Is that your brother’s song too?”

“Yes, but it hasn’t been arranged yet.”

“From what I hear, it looks like it’s for male vocalists.”

“Because that’s what I originally meant to sing.”

To be exact, it’s a song I sang in a past life.

Yes, it is an unreleased song.

“Are you going to arrange that and give it to your sister?”

“Why do you like it?”

“Oh, so much.”

This is surprising again. This song is unreleased. At the same time, it is an unfinished song. But you like this? I see Taeyoung Kim. Her expression is full of greed.

“It’s okay to give it to you for free.”

“Of course. I’m not so conscienceless as to ask for a song for free.”

“Can you ask me to accompany you on stage later?”

With just one unfinished song, you can have Taeyoung Kim perform the accompaniment shuttle. That’s a decent amount of business. However, Taeyoung Kim’s expression is strange.

He is frowning as if he is in trouble.

“Does it really have to be that? Can’t it be anything else? Well, it’s okay to ask for money or anything else.”

Is the request I made really that difficult? Or is it a pianist’s pride issue? To that end, Kim Tae-young’s expression is closer to perplexity rather than displeasure.

“I think it’s a profitable business to do one song at a time.”

“That’s true, but…”

Taeyoung Kim trails off.

Then he sighed and said:

“It won’t work.”

The tone of voice is dripping with regret. Something seems suspicious. Well, did you decide not to play the piano when you entered the music department?

To say that, I played it last time.

…Or is there a reason why you can’t play? If you think about it, it’s strange. A piano genius who had won awards at international competitions since he was young suddenly entered the music department?

A guy who can go to a prestigious arts and music school if he wants to? At first, I thought he was just an arrogant brat, but after hanging out with Kim Tae-young for the past few days, I could see that wasn’t the case.

Taeyoung Kim is far from arrogant. He acknowledges his shortcomings and works hard to make up for them. Among the first year students in the Sileum department, Taeyoung Kim and I are the only ones who practice during lunch and recess.

“Oh, the bell rang.”

At that time, the preliminary bell rang, signaling the end of lunch time. I stand up at the sound. Although she is curious as to why Taeyoung Kim cannot play the piano, she has no intention of asking.

If he thought of you as a friend, he would tell you first. As I packed my bags and left the practice room, I ran into another collision. No, why are there so many bumps into each other today?

“Oh, sorry…”

While apologizing, you look at the person you bumped into and close your mouth. The person I bumped into was none other than Han Goyo. She was still looking at me with an indifferent expression.

However, the location of Hangoyo is strange. Goyo Han stood quietly in front of the practice room where Taeyoung and I were. Is he waiting for anyone?

“I left something behind. Can I come in?”

Nod your head. It seems that Han Goyo also used this practice room. When Taeyoung Kim and I left the practice room, I went into Han High School’s yoga practice room, took one of her notebooks, and came out.

Then he looked at me and said.



“Class 8?”

“that’s right.”

Nod your head. You can tell what grade they are in by the color of their name tag, and I think they are asking because it is a face they don’t see in their class.

“Major in composition?”

He nods, slightly surprised by Han Go-yo’s repeated questions.

Did he talk this much?

I’ve never had a private conversation in my past life.

“······See you later.”

After saying that, Goyo Han left the practice room.

“Can’t he see me?”

Taeyoung Kim muttered.

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