My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 138

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EP23 – Sing A Star (28)

As Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance ends, the audience starts whispering. They were talking about the video they had just seen of Yoon Soo-yeon and the video that was on her screen as she was getting ready for her performance.

“In the end, Yoon Soo-yeon and Yoon Ha-jun were right for ‘Drop Pop’.”

“I know.”

“It’s amazing, really.”

“My uncle is an industry insider, and some people knew that Yoon Soo-yeon was a ‘Drop pop.’ “They said that Soo-yeon Yoon sang the song ‘Drop Pop’ at the Seolwon Arts High School festival.”

In a pre-interview, Soo-yeon Yoon and Ha-jun Yoon admitted that they are ‘Drop pop’.

What followed was a performance that warmed the heart and clearly showed Yoon Soo-yeon’s loveliness.

Of course, a lot of words are bound to come out.

But soon, the voices of people talking about Yun Su-yeon decreased. This is because the 6th final round of Sing A Star has not yet ended.

No, in some ways, now is the true beginning.

Ha-in Lim and Tae-young Kim.

The two met again.

Last time, Taeyoung Kim won, but there were a lot of awkward moments. But there is no such thing this time.

The movie genre they chose was action, and rock, which they are most confident in.

It’s literally a head-to-head competition.

There is a strange excitement between the participants and mentors.

Han Go-yo, Yoon Su-yeon, and Oh Su-jung presented excellent performances, but it is this stage that I am most looking forward to.

It was Im Ha-in who came on stage first.

Im Ha-in, who usually sticks to modest clothes, wore colorful leather pants and a jacket on this stage.

In addition, I went over my head and came up with an overall tight concept.

And as expected, the song that Im Ha-in prepared was a song that ran from beginning to end.

The audience cheers at the sight of Im Ha-in running while screaming high notes from the start, as if he doesn’t need any warm-up.

Seeing this, Hajun Yoon mutters after taking a sip of water.

“There is no separate concert hall.”

Jeongyoon nods his head at Hajun Yoon’s words.

This is truly an appropriate analogy. Im Ha-in’s stage now is closer to Im Ha-in’s personal concert rather than the stage of a competition program.

People are enthusiastic and cheer.

I’m going crazy and jumping around in my seat.

Put your hands on your head, show your palms to Im Ha-in, and shout out Im Ha-in’s name. The atmosphere in the studio is heating up.

“It’s hot.”

“I know.”

Hajun Yoon says it as if it’s no big deal. But his gaze is sharp.

As expected, Imhain is dangerous. A singer optimized for performances and competitions.

Every time I see Im Ha-in’s stage, I realize why he was able to win in his past life.

‘That’s why people get upset.’

The stage ended soon after. Im Ha-in’s face was covered in sweat from how hard he ran.

Even in the midst of all this, he doesn’t show any signs of hardship and is smiling brightly, making people who see him feel good because it seems like he’s really enjoying the stage.

What follows is Taeyoung Kim’s stage.

Seeing Taeyoung Kim coming up on stage, Hajun Yoon adjusted his posture and recalled the practice Taeyoung Kim showed him last time.

Im Ha-in’s performance just now was great. It was so exciting that it drove people crazy, and that excitement still remains in the studio.

However, if Taeyoung Kim performs like she showed in that practice, there is no way to know whether she will win or lose.

Hajun Yoon smiled without realizing it.

‘That’s interesting.’

Of course, matchups like this are fun. A matchup of rivals with clear skills and similar styles.

Should I say that there is something that excites people?

Kim Tae-young’s outfit was completely different from Im Ha-in’s outfit. An overfit style outfit with the top and bottom being oversized.

So, I am wearing a style that is commonly referred to as grunge look.

And the beginning of the song is also very different from Im Ha-in’s.

If Im Ha-in had the style of running with a high note from the start, Taeyoung Kim had a style of starting low and going with a low note.

Women cheer at the sight of Taeyoung Kim singing in a whisper, in a lower voice than usual.

But that bass doesn’t last long.

At some point, the low notes that were being uttered along with the gently flowing melody cut off. The melody stops. Even the lights turn off.


I am myself!

In that state, Taeyoung Kim screams.

With all your might, burst your neck.

It was closer to a roar than a sound.

Then the melody is heard again. However, that melody was completely different from the melody I had heard before.

Loud drum sounds, flashy guitar sounds. From the bass that keeps you centered to the sound of the keyboard played at high speed. These are truly great instrumental performances.

Hajun Yoon frowned at the performance. Because it was a performance he was very familiar with.

It is none other than Blue Aka’s performance. I never would have thought that I would have asked Blue Aka to record here.

Kim Tae-young’s song that followed was truly a Kim Tae-young-like performance. It’s different from Im Hain’s, but it’s a similarly exciting stage.

The only difference is that while Im Ha-in simply runs wild on stage, Kim Tae-young performs a variety of acts.

In accordance with the lyrics of the song, sometimes he pretends to be fatal or winks. Just like Goyo Han or Suyeon Yoon.

Seeing that, Hajun Yoon opened his eyes in surprise.

I knew that Taeyoung Kim was changing, but I had no idea that she would use it now on this important stage.

And every time Taeyoung Kim does that, screaming cheers erupt from the audience.


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Taeyoung Kim is one of the most popular contestants still remaining.

A handsome, talented high school student who was a promising pianist but suddenly started singing.

Just looking at the keywords, you can’t help but be attracted to aggro.

Plus, the stage is exciting and they have a lot of talent, so it’s natural that they’re popular.

Taeyoung Kim smiles brightly as she hears the voices of her sisters cheering for her.

As expected, should I say that it is an innate passion?

Soon, Taeyoung Kim’s stage came to an end.

Ha-Jun Yoon let out a shallow groan as he saw Kim Tae-Young smiling brightly on stage, just like Im Ha-In, who had just finished performing.

If you just look at the stage, Im Ha-in honestly did a little better.

But the difference is not that big. So, just a little, very little.

At that level, it can be passed off as a difference in taste.

Moreover, Kim Taeyoung has more fans.

It is the audience, not the mentors or production crew, that determines the winner or loser of this stage.

If there are more fans of Kim Tae-young among the audience, Kim Tae-young will win this stage.

When all the performances are over, the audience stands up from their seats with disappointed faces.

This is all the audience can see. I watched the stage and voted, but I couldn’t actually see the results. These are all methods chosen to prevent spoilers.

‘Is it the semi-finals next time?’

Jin So-hyang left the studio among the audience and looked at the schedule while making a snoring noise.

Only five people, half of the ten, can survive in the 6th final.

And those five survivors advance to the semifinals, where only three survive. In other words, there are only three people who can stand on the championship stage.

The next semifinal filming will be held in three weeks, and the championship stage will be held on December 24th, Christmas Eve.

Jin So-hyang came out, where it had already become chilly, and blew out a sigh.

It’s already November.

There isn’t much left yet this year.

“Do you think we can be together for Christmas?”

‘It’s probably going to be difficult because we’re filming the championship stage on the 24th, right?’

When I think about it, it is truly regrettable. But after the championship stage, it’s vacation right away.

Maybe we can go play together during vacation.

Because that person also asked me to go on a trip with him next time.

Thinking about what was to come, Jin So-hyang called a taxi on her cell phone. And she smiled, thinking of the ‘Drop pop’ performance she saw today, or rather, the performance of Yoon Soo-yeon.

* * *

The studio where all the audience came out.

The place where only the bare minimum of staff, participants, and mentors remain is filled with tension.

Now, the five people who will advance to the semifinal stage have finally been announced.

The presentation went really quickly.

It was Oh Soo-jeong who won the first stage.

And the winner of the second stage was a male contestant named Joo Tae-ho, the winner of the third stage was Han Go-yo, and the fourth stage winner was Yoon Soo-yeon.

Up to this point, it was as expected. I feel sorry for the other contestants on the same stage, but the difference in level between them and the other contestants was clear.

And now the final stage.

The results of the fifth stage are announced.

Taeyoung Kim and Hain Lim looked at the screen with stern expressions. In an interview, you said that you have no time to spare as long as you enjoy the stage, but there’s really no way you can’t have that.

Now there are at most two more wins left.

If you do well on just two stages, you can win.

Soon after, the audience voting scores began to be revealed on the screen.

The first number that was revealed first is the same. Even the second number released is the same.

And even the third number was the same. The participants and mentors looked surprised at that number.

On-site audience voting cannot be done by just one person.

If you like both stages, you can vote for both. So, theoretically, there could be a rematch if both receive 1,500 votes.

But no way, even the third number here is the same.

“By any chance, it won’t be a rematch, right?”

“Oh, no way.”

“But what if the number of votes is the same?”

“Then both of them will go up?”

Mentors talk while looking at numbers.

Announcer Jinsu, who was in charge of MC, must have heard that sound and spoke to the mentors.

“Do not worry. A winner has emerged. Ha-in Lim and Tae-young Kim, Tae-young Kim and Ha-in Lim. “The two contestants who faced each other twice had a vote margin of only five!”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at Jinsu’s words. If you did a performance like that and the results didn’t come out, that would be a problem in its own way.

But the difference is only five votes.

“Then I’ll reveal the final number!”

As soon as Jinsu finished speaking, the numbers hidden on the screen were revealed.

Everyone’s eyes turn to the screen.

And at the revealed numbers, a short sigh came out from somewhere.

[Im Ha-in VS Kim Tae-young


Both received votes from more than 1,000 out of 1,500 people. That alone shows how exciting and good their performance was.

The difference between the two is at most five votes. With a difference of five votes, Im Ha-in was able to advance to the semifinals, and Kim Tae-young’s challenge ended here.

The two who checked the results had expressions that were completely contradictory to the results.

Im Ha-in had his head down and had an apologetic expression on his face, while Kim Tae-young was smiling as if he was so happy while holding his head up straight.

“Participant Taeyoung Kim’s challenge stops here. At most, there is a difference of five votes. It must be such a pity. “Is there anything you would like to say?”

Kim Tae-young receives the microphone after Jin-su’s words. And while she was thinking about what to say, she answered in a lively voice, with her usual smiling expression.

“I think I’m having a really good time. “It’s a shame I can’t play more, but I still have no regrets.”

And as if she had finished speaking, Taeyoung Kim put down the microphone.

The participants and mentors applaud the sight.

Next, Kim Tae-young approached Im Ha-in and held out his hand.

“Congratulations, brother. And if you win, laugh a little. “What’s wrong with me if I’m so upset?”

“Oh, yes. okay.”

Im Ha-in smiled at Kim Tae-young’s congratulations. Taeyoung Kim also smiles at that sight.

But Ha-jun Yoon saw it.

Taeyoung Kim’s other hand, which is not shaking hands, is shaking.

Then the losers began to leave the stage. Filming hasn’t finished yet, but only the winners can hear the next story.

Seeing Taeyoung Kim coming down from the stage, Hajun Yoon thought for a moment and then stood up. And after he told Soo-yeon Yoon to listen carefully, he went down the stage and turned to Tae-young Kim.

Kim Tae-young, who had already finished preparing, packed up all her belongings and left the studio.

Seeing Kim Tae-young carrying a large bag, Ha-jun Yoon thought for a moment and then called him.


Taeyoung Kim looks back at the voice and looks surprised.

“What, why are you here?”

“I’m in a helper position anyway, so there’s no need to be there. “Mentor Jeongyoon or Suyeon will listen and provide information about the semifinal stage.”

“What is the assistant position?”

At Hajun Yoon’s words, Taeyoung Kim snorted as if it was absurd.

Seeing this, Hajun Yoon nods his head towards a deserted place and says.

“Shall we talk for a moment?”

“Okay, let’s do it.”

Ha-jun Yoon and Tae-young Kim moved to the deserted stairs. And the two didn’t talk for a long time.

“… … Are you okay?”

The first to break the silence was Hajun Yoon.

Taeyoung Kim nodded at Hajun Yoon’s words.

“Well, I did my best and the result is understandable.”


“How did you think my performance was?”

Kim Tae-young asks Yoon Ha-jun, who asks the question repeatedly.

Ha-jun Yoon thought about that question for a moment and then gave a truly honest evaluation of Tae-young Kim’s performance.

“It was good, I was excited. Plus, the facial expressions were good too. “Of course, I never expected you to make that kind of facial expression.”

“I did some research after watching Yoon Soo-yeon and Han Goyo’s performances. Well, what I wanted was for the two to convey their emotions, but it didn’t work out that way. “At most, I only improved my facial expressions and gestures.”

“You also do research or something.”

“of course. It’s not as good as you, but I try my best! Well, it still didn’t work out as well as I thought. It’s so amazing. When I play the piano, I convey my emotions so well, but when I sing, it doesn’t work that way. “Up until now, I think ‘Da Capo’ was the only song where I poured out all my emotions while singing and connected with the audience.”

After saying that, Taeyoung Kim let out a low sigh.

“So I wanted to go higher. You, your younger brother, Hangoyo, and me, the last one. “I thought about how great it would be to perform in the finals with the three of us like this.”

“Were you thinking like that?”

“It shows that Seolwon Arts High School’s golden standard is no longer just a high school student, but also works in the music industry. Mulberry is nice and cold, right? And that’s how I went in and just wanted to sing ‘Da Capo.’”

“‘Da Capo’?”

“huh. Of course, Lim Ho-jun had to say something, but I still tried to call it anyway.”

Taeyoung Kim’s voice gets lower and lower.

My voice is shaking. I can’t control my emotions. Taeyoung Kim lowered her head as she felt that the smile she had been forcing up until now was no longer there.

“So, well, I’m the best. You, who made my song, are also the best. Hangoyo, who sang it with me, and your younger brother are also great. I tried to win by showing those things, but… … .”

Taeyoung Kim paused, as if she didn’t know what to say. And he bit his lower lip as hard as he could.

I clenched my fist because of the vivid pain I felt.

I feel something hot in my chest. My nose feels sore as if it smells of winter. The front becomes blurry.

Now I know what this phenomenon is. Taeyoung Kim tried desperately to suppress it. But he could not be suppressed.

“I lost. “You and Hangoyo are waiting, but I ended up losing alone.”

Sing A Star is not Taeyoung Kim’s last chance. Because he is still young.

Additionally, he has already signed a contract with the company and is preparing for his debut.

They gained a lot of fans and recognition through Sing A Star, so it’s only a matter of time before they debut.

But even though I know that, I feel resentful.

“… … “Fuck.”

In the end, Taeyoung Kim ended up vomiting out the hot feeling in her heart. She sheds tears as she spits out her profanity, which is rare for him.

He experienced a serious accident, worked hard to become mentally mature, and endured it by taking medication for depression, but in the end, he was still only 18 years old, a second year high school student.

Ha-jun Yoon looked at Tae-young Kim, who was shedding hot tears without saying a word. She has no idea what to do to comfort her.

Are you okay?

You’ll become more famous in the future?

No, even saying that would probably be of no use.

That’s why Hajun Yoon just waited. I just waited nearby without saying anything until Taeyoung Kim stopped crying.

How much did Taeyoung Kim cry like that?

When Taeyoung Kim’s eyes became red and the corners of her eyes were swollen, Kim Taeyoung could barely stop crying. Her voice cracks from how much she has cried.

In that situation, Kim Tae-young spoke to Yoon Ha-jun.

“You win.”


Ha-jun Yoon asked back with an expression of bewilderment at Tae-young Kim’s somewhat unexpected words. Did I cry so much that there was a momentary misunderstanding in my memory?

“I am only a helper. “The singer is Suyeon Yoon and the mentor is Jeongyoon.”

“Don’t be damned. What kind of helper are you! You do everything from your brother’s singing to recording and directing. So, beat all the other mentors and win as a mentor.”

Although it was a very childish and nonsensical thing to say, Taeyoung Kim looked extremely serious when she said it.

Hajun Yoon thought about it for a moment and then nodded.


Then he raised his head.

The day is dark.

The air is dry and cold.

Winter is approaching again.

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