My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 136

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EP23 – Sing A Star (26)

All rehearsals for the 6th final have ended.

Now all that’s left is the main stage.

The participants sitting in the participants’ seats on the stage have tense expressions.

This is my second time, and I can’t seem to get used to this tension.

Lots of cameras looking at you. And the audience sitting in the audience.

“They said all 1,500 seats were filled this time.”

“of course. “I heard that about 70,000 people applied this time.”

“70,000 people?!”

Screams come from among the participants.

The sound was so loud that even Yoon Ha-jun, who was sitting behind Jeong-yoon, could hear it.

‘Is this a ‘Drop pop’ effect?’

Of course, there is no way that all 70,000 people came because of ‘Drop pop’. However, it cannot be said that there is no influence of ‘Drop pop’.

If you look at the fact that after the ‘Drop pop’ controversy, the viewership rating for the first episode aired in the 6th week increased by 4% to 14.7%.

“Is that right, Hajun?”

“Ah yes?”

“So are you really ‘Drop pop’?”

At that time, Jeongyoon secretly looks at Hajun Yoon and asks.

There is deep curiosity on that face. She seemed to be quite curious.

And at that question, the other mentors also secretly looked at Ha-jun Yoon.

They’re pretending not to care, but that’s just a pretender and they can’t help but care.

It became a hot topic, and more than anything, the quality of the songs composed or arranged by ‘Drop pop’ was excellent.

In particular, in the case of Lim Ho-jun and Jun, they were openly glancing at Yoon Ha-jun.

Hajun Yoon scratches his head at that gaze.

Well, it’s scheduled to be announced soon anyway.

‘Is it okay if I tell you now?’

“To be exact, Suyeon and I are ‘Drop Pop’ together.”

“So it’s real?”

“yes that’s right.”

“Now, wait a minute. So, most of those songs were sung by Suyeon when she was in middle school?”

“Yes? “Because I was a freshman in high school.”

Jeongyoon opens his mouth at Hajun Yoon’s next words.

‘Those songs were written by first-year high school students and sung by third-year middle school students? Does this make sense?’

The other mentors also looked quite shocked, although not as shocked as Jeongyoon.

Hajun Yoon smiled awkwardly at that sight.

‘This feels somewhat burdensome.’

At a time when I was wondering how to change this burdensome atmosphere, announcer Jinsu, who was in charge of hosting Sing A Star, announced the start of the 6th final.

At the same time, the mentors’ gaze turns to the stage.

Hajun Yoon sighed in relief and looked at the stage like his mentors.

The first stage is a group song. And as soon as the group song ends, the individual stages begin, and Lim Ha-in and Kim Tae-young’s stages were prepared last.

I think I probably felt a lot from the 5th final round.

For reference, the first is a romantic comedy with Oh Soo-jung, the second is a non-fiction film, the third is a romance with Han Go-yo, and the fourth is a sport with Yoon Soo-yeon.

The participants sitting in the participants’ seats stand up and go up to the stage.

Preparations for a group song had already been completed on stage.

The mentors smile happily as they watch the participants prepare a group song on stage.

This group song is a song created by the combined efforts of both mentors and participants.

Therefore, they planned to watch the group song comfortably. While supporting their juniors or mentees.

And seeing them like that, Hajun Yoon briefly cleared his throat as if his conscience was being pricked.

I feel truly sorry for the mentors who worked hard for that stage, but that group song will not be a stage for everyone.

It will be a stage for Yoon Soo-yeon to shine.

Soon, preparations are complete and all the lights that illuminate the audience turn off. And then the lights come on on the stage.

Oh Soo-jeong is the first to announce the beginning of the song.

A bass sound with a unique charm flows out. The audience begins to focus on the beginning, which seems to have something going on.

And then other participants sing.

Because it is a group song sung by as many as ten people, the parts each participant sings are determined. And the part that Sooyeon Yoon and Goyo Han belong to is the third part.

The highlight, that is, the part right before the hook, has a higher pitch than the other parts and boasts the most difficulty because the hook has to be sung one after another.

However, that is no problem for Yoon Soo-yeon and Han Go-yo.

After the first part of the three characters, including Oh Soo-jeong, ends, the second part begins.

Kim Tae-young belonged to the second part. Taeyoung Kim elicits a positive response from the audience with her unique stage manners, bringing out the mood of the song.

And now the third part.

Han Goyo is the one who sings first.

-To give love and receive love.

Standing here.

Hangoyo’s unique voice spreads throughout the studio. Lightly, very lightly. Like fog.

However, the density of the fog is by no means light.

The audience felt as if they were being embraced by Han Goyo’s song.

Han Goyo’s song was that great, and the emotions contained in the song seeped into people.

-There are countless connections, and meet those connections.


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We have it.

Han Go-yo’s turn ends. Han Goyo’s voice decreases.

People feel sad. I hope it never ends. I want to hear this voice a little more, a little more.

When people thought like that… … .

Sooyeon Yoon’s song began.

-A lot of love I have received so far.

To give back.

And the wind blew.

Of course, the wind did not actually blow. Because this place is closed. But the audience clearly felt that way. It felt like a huge wind had blown away the thick fog.

People who were captivated by Han Go-yo’s song look blankly at Yun Su-yeon.

The mentors look embarrassed. Even the silence of the world is in turmoil.

However, only one person, Hajun Yoon, was smiling as if he knew that would happen.

-Because I learned from you that I cannot live alone.

Me too, like you.

What makes Sooyeon Yoon better than Goyo Han? timbre? Of course, it is true that Sooyeon Yoon’s voice is excellent, but Goyo Han’s voice is also not that great.

In the first place, it’s a matter of taste.

So what about conveying emotions? Immerse yourself?

That is Han Goyo’s specialty.

Or is it the basics? breathing?

No, not everything.

In all of them, Hangoyo has the upper hand, even if only slightly.

Yoon Soo-yeon is clearly superior to Han Go-yo. That’s just temperament.

Yoon Soo-yeon’s vocal power is no joke. Han Go-yo’s vocal volume is enough to fill a small performance hall, but Yun Su-yeon’s vocal volume exceeds that.

To go a little overboard, Sooyeon Yoon could fill the small concert hall at Seolwon Arts High School with her voice without a microphone.

That’s how outstanding Yoon Soo-yeon’s voice is.

After Yoon Soo-yeon’s turn, it’s now Highlight’s turn. All participants sing.

However, the voices of other participants cannot be heard properly.

All of the participants’ voices are drowned out by Soo-yeon Yoon’s voice. As if the microphone volume was adjusted incorrectly. As if the sound was different due to poor mixing.

The difference between Sooyeon Yoon’s voice and that of the other participants is clear. At the sound of Soo-yeon Yoon’s voice filling the audience, drowning out the voices of her other contestants, Ha-jun Yoon nodded as if she was doing well.

Soo-yeon Yoon was always considerate of others in these group songs. If her own voice is too loud, other people’s voices will be drowned out.

Not only that, Sooyeon Yoon set the volume of her microphone to low in the first and second finals. These are all actions done out of consideration for others.

However, this program is both an audition program and a contest program.

There is only one who survives. You can’t just be considerate of others in a place like that.

-Like you here—!

Sooyeon Yoon explodes with singing. She endlessly raises her high notes and engulfs the stage with her huge vocal volume.

Meanwhile, Sooyeon Yoon was feeling relieved.

Until now, I’ve always been considerate of others, so I haven’t been able to sing properly. She couldn’t make up her voice.

But now he didn’t care about that and let out all his voice.

And one of the audience members in the audience looked moved by Yoon Soo-yeon’s song.

A woman wearing a mask, sunglasses, and a hat indoors.

It was none other than Jin So-hyang.

Jin So-hyang came to this audience to confirm whether Yoon Soo-yeon and Yoon Ha-jun were really ‘Drop pop’.

Although it pricked her conscience to use her personal connections to get votes, it was a very important issue for Jin So-hyang.

And now, after hearing Yoon Su-yeon’s song, Jin So-hyang no longer had any doubts.

Sooyeon Yoon is ‘Drop pop’. There is no way you can hear that unique tone wrong.

However, even after knowing this, Jin So-hyang did not feel ashamed. No, to be more precise, I couldn’t. She can’t think about the embarrassing comments she made.

I am just overwhelmed and moved by the song that Sooyeon Yoon sings.

Soon after, the group song ended and Jin So-hyang sang Yoon Su-yeon’s name at the top of her voice.

At this moment, the person in the audience is not Jin So-hyang, the youngest member of Hwayangyeonhwa. This is Sssssssm, the first fan of ‘Drop pop’.

With that thought in mind, Jin So-hyang screamed loudly.


And Hajun Yoon, who was smiling happily at the voice he heard from the audience, looked at the audience.

‘Hmm, somehow I heard a very familiar voice. Did I hear it wrong?’

Or maybe it’s just a similar voice.

Thinking like that, Hajun Yoon turns his head and looks at the stage.

Suyeon Yoon was looking at Goyo Han with a confident expression.

As if asking how it is.

Seeing that, Han Go-yo bit her lip slightly and sighed.

I don’t like it, but I have to admit what I have to admit.

He was completely defeated on this stage. His own singing voice was drowned out by Yun Su-yeon’s singing voice.

After taking a sip of the prepared water, Han Go-yo looked at Yun Soo-yeon and said.

“I lost this time. “There’s nothing I can do because my voice is buried.”

“What about this time?”

“Yes, this time.”

Goyo Han nodded.

And then I let go of my bitten lip… … .

“There’s no way my voice would be drowned out on a private stage.”

That’s what I said.

Suyeon Yoon pouted her lips at that confident answer. I thought I was a bit discouraged by this, but I guess I was wrong.

Goyo Han was more confident in his abilities than he thought.

“Besides that, let’s go down first, right? “Now we have to do the first stage.”

“Ah yes. Well, of course.”

Soo-yeon Yoon nodded with her lips pursed and headed to the participant’s seat with Han Go-yo. She then went and sat down in her seat and looked at her stage.

‘Was the first one Oh Su-jeong?’

Sujeong Oh. A person who cares and says that her brother is the favorite to win.

However, Yoon Soo-yeon couldn’t understand why Yoon Ha-jun cared about Oh Soo-jeong.

Of course, it is true that Oh Soo-jeong received an all-pass and survived until now, but none of the performances she has performed so far have been that impactful.

To be honest, Oh Soo-jeong’s performances so far were not at the level of someone who received an all-pass. It would have been understandable in about 3 to 4 passes.

But that’s what her brother said. Surely there must be something.

For Yoon Soo-yeon, her older brother, Yoon Ha-jun, is someone who knows nothing about music.

Perhaps Oh Soo-jeong has a different charm that she is not aware of.

So what is its charm?

I thought about it for a while, but I couldn’t remember its charm.

‘Do you have something invisible? Well, you’ll know when you see it.’

Coincidentally, the first person in line was Oh Soo-jeong.

Oh Soo-jeong comes up on stage. She wore a yellow dress and had a lively face, as if she were the heroine of a romantic comedy.

Then, he lightly taps the stage with the white shoes he is wearing. At the same time, the sound of clicking shoes could be heard from speakers installed here and there on the stage and in the audience.


It’s a pretty good production.

‘Is this a good start?’

And the melody continues.

A bright, bouncy sound. It looks like it’s a piano performance, but is it possible to make this sound with just the sound of the piano?

-I’m walking alone again today.

It’s different from dramas or movies.

The sound of the melody gets louder. And it gets faster and faster. Oh Soo-jeong’s feet lightly tapping the stage become faster and faster.

It’s like finding a rhythm.

-You suddenly appeared in front of me.

Like the main character in a movie, falling in love.

Oh Soo-jeong’s stage felt like a musical. It’s not just because of Oh Soo-jeong’s facial expressions. Her song itself has a strong musical feel.

‘Is that the charm that only Oh Soo-jeong has? But it’s still too ordinary to say that.’

At the time when Soo-yeon Yoon was thinking that, the melody of the song started to pop.

At the same time, the mood of the song changes.

-I’m sending you away again.

meeting you again

Pain, love, separation, meeting again.

From a bouncing bright melody to a sad melody. Sad and vague. Like reminiscing about happy times.

-I pretended to be okay and said so.

Actually, I was in a lot of pain.

There are multiple scenes in one song.

Hajun Yoon exclaims in admiration while listening to the song.

I knew that Oh Soo-jeong would stand out from the 6th final, but hearing it in person had a different impact.

Oh Soo-jeong’s greatest strength.

That’s acting.

To be honest, Oh Soo-jeong is closer to a musical singer than a typical singer. However, my singing style and vocal quality were much lacking compared to musical singers, so I couldn’t do musicals.

Anyway, Oh Soo-jeong combines acting and singing very well.

Rather than immersing people with your explosive emotions like Han Go-yo or Yoon Soo-yeon, should we say that you immerse people through acting?

That’s definitely a different charm.

Oh Soo-jeong is also Oh Soo-jeong, but I thought that Jun, who produced this song, was also amazing.

‘As expected, is he the best producer in Korea?’

Hajun Yoon has also made a similar song. However, when comparing the completeness of the songs, the completeness of the song that Soo-jeong Oh is currently singing is superior.

What should I say?

Should I say that the flow is natural?

-Now I’m going to leave you.

Keeping the memories of the time I loved you.

At that time, the mood of the song changes again.

This time, it feels calm and lovely at the same time.

I’m not trying to force myself to act calm.

Truly changing memories into memories and throwing away lingering regrets. As if I were leaving with only the memories I had with him. So Soo-jeong Oh was singing her song.

“I feel like I’ve seen a movie or something.”

And after seeing the performance, Hajun Yoon gave a short review.

Of course, this is meant as a positive review.

My younger brother was a genius

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