My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 134

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EP23 – Sing A Star (24)

Sing A Star.

The hottest program in Korea right now. As of episode 5, the viewership rating exceeded 10%. Among the uploaded iTube videos, the highest number of views was Hangoyo’s preliminary stage with a whopping 8 million.

As soon as it airs, the names of the cast members appear in popular search terms in real time, and its impact is no longer a joke.

The four people who are the most popular as of the 5th episode that was actually aired – Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, Im Ha-in, and Yoon Su-yeon – have not only created related communities, but also opened personal fan cafes.

And among the cast of Sing A Star, the hottest one right now is definitely Yoon Soo-yeon.

Originally, Sooyeon Yoon was not a very popular cast member until episode 4.

Although she stood out for her cute appearance, her singing skills were not that great.

However, that evaluation completely changed when episode 5 aired this time.

Because Yoon Soo-yeon’s stage, which was revealed in episode 5, was that outstanding.

And the appearance of Yoon Ha-jun, who created Yoon Soo-yeon’s song, also played a role in turning around Yoon Soo-yeon’s evaluation.

Hajun Yoon. A high school producer who made a name for himself by appearing on Star Kingdom, a program that received a decent response, although not as good as Sing A Star.

The production is so skilled and sensuous that you wouldn’t think he was a high school student. He even directs the stage himself, so anyone who is interested in music calls him a crazy high school student or a genius high school student.

The younger brother who sang the song written by his genius producer older brother with outstanding singing ability.

Of course, it is bound to become a hot topic.

Meanwhile, there was one issue that could turn the community upside down: it was related to Ha-jun Yoon and Su-yeon Yoon.

What started the issue was a post posted on Sooyeon Yoon’s exclusive community.

[Isn’t Sooyeon Yoon Drop Pop?]

-If you listen to his voice, it sounds like shit.

└What is Drop Pop, you idiot.

└Drop pop Not sure? He was a famous singer in Cloud.

└Ah, I know. Isn’t that the guy who became famous by singing that catch, I AM BAD?

└ㅇㅇ. I slowly gained some recognition through my cover of Hwayangyeonhwa, but I am BAD ruined my reputation. That must have gotten several million views. That number of views didn’t show up even on the cloud, so it became a hot topic.

└So Sooyeon Yoon is Drop Pop?

└If you listen to his voice, it seems clear. I’ll give you a link, so take a listen. However, it doesn’t seem like Yoon Soo-yeon is alone, and if you listen to her self-composed songs or arrangements, it seems like she worked together with Yoon Ha-jun.

‘Drop pop’.

A singer who appeared on Cloud, one of the world’s largest music communities, about two years ago.

Due to the nature of the place where numerous singers appear and disappear every day, the appearance of ‘Drop pop’ itself was not that special.

However, she gradually gained recognition through her consistent activities and high-quality songs, and when she covered Hwayangyeonhwa’s song, she received respect from Jin So-hyang and recorded a whopping 200,000 views.

Since then, he has become the most popular person on the cloud, recording tens of thousands of views for each song he uploads.

However, the ‘Drop pop’ activity did not last long.

About a month later, ‘Drop pop’ uploaded two songs to the cloud and completely took over the cloud activity.

One of those songs was ‘Living’, a completely original song, and the other song was ‘I AM BAD’, which made ‘Drop pop’ a legend.

An arrangement with a unique charm that is different from the original song, a unique tone, and even a comment filled with respect from the original author, Catch.

With all of them added up, the number of views for ‘I AM BAD’ exceeded several million, making it one of the most viewed songs on the cloud.

So, people who said they had listened to Cloud and some songs went crazy.

This is because the Korean singer received respect from the genius singer Catch, who topped the Billboard chart, and even had a unique charm.

Naturally, those involved in the dating agency were eagerly looking for ‘Drop pop’. However, at that time, ‘Drop pop’ had already stopped all cloud activities.

After that, various rumors circulated. ‘Drop pop’ made his debut. He stopped his activities because he was satisfied. In fact, he was the secondary character of a top singer and he got caught for it, so he stopped his activities.

Those kind of rumors.

However, there was no clear news, and ‘Drop pop’ remained as one of the cloud legends.

But Sooyeon Yoon, who is appearing on Sing A Star, is that ‘Drop pop’?

It’s still not certain and there are only suspicions, but since ‘Drop pop’ is so famous, the suspicions naturally had a huge impact.

In addition, Sooyeon Yoon’s tone and that of ‘Drop pop’ were surprisingly similar. A tone that feels mysterious, like a rainy dawn, that other people cannot feel.

As a result, people actually began to assume that Soo-yeon Yoon was ‘Drop pop’, and as a result, the names of Soo-yeon Yoon and ‘Drop pop’ were mentioned all day long in music-related communities and large portal sites.

“That much?”

And Ha-jun Yoon, who heard all the news, looked at Tae-young Kim, who told the story, with a surprised expression.

I never would have thought that ‘Drop pop’ had that much of an impact.

‘Isn’t this guy cheating?’

I can’t believe ‘I AM BAD’ recorded millions of views.

They say they haven’t even looked at it since uploading the last song to the cloud, but honestly, I don’t really believe it.

I thought it would be a few hundred thousand views at most.

“You made it yourself and you don’t even care?”

“Because I was busy.”

“Check it out. “It won’t be a fuss.”

Hajun Yoon nodded at Taeyoung Kim’s words.

Well, checking itself is not that difficult. Access the cloud app through your cell phone and log in… … .

“What is this?”

A huge number of notifications greeted Hajun Yoon. There are so many alarms that they are not displayed after 999+.

Hajun Yoon checked the alarms with a bored expression on his face.

They were all comments, starting from messages.

There were comments directly mentioning Yoon Soo-yeon’s name, as if they had heard this rumor, and there were also a lot of comments written in foreign languages.

There are so many comments and messages that it is impossible to check them all, but it seems that what Taeyoung Kim said is not a lie.

After checking them, Hajun Yoon raises his eyebrows.

I had no idea that ‘Drop pop’, which I had forgotten about, would become such a hit, but it was a good thing. Because you can use this.

Moreover, it is very good that netizens found out on their own without having to reveal it out loud.

Unless Su-yeon or himself answers those suspicions, the controversy will continue to spread.

“How dare you even get an article about it?”


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Hajun Yoon, who was looking for related information, muttered with a surprised expression.

This is not an article written by a site that deals with simple Internet gossip, but by a place that is quite famous for music.

“And you’re in trouble because of that.”

“me? Why me?”

“Looking at the level of self-composition and arrangement, there was a lot of talk about whether you and Yoon Su-yeon were ‘Drop pop’.”

“Anyone with a keen eye can see that right away. Is there anything to make a fuss about?”


Kim Tae-young sighed at the sight of Ha-jun Yoon speaking calmly, as if he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time, but it seems like my friend isn’t really interested in anything other than making songs. Well, I guess I’ll just sleep during class.

“So, is this why you came?”

And there is a sharp edge to that topic.

Kim Tae-young honestly shook her head at the words of Yoon Ha-jun, who seemed to have seen her true intentions.

“No way. I just do it as a side dish. The reason I came here… … .”

“Is it because of Imhain?”

“… … that’s right.”

As expected, I had expected it all. Well, it’s strange that you don’t know since there was such a fuss the last time we were together.

“I have a song I prepared this time, and I want you to listen to it and make your own judgment.”

“If it’s the song you prepared, isn’t it a song composed by Lim Ho-jun?”

“That’s right, it’s an honorably song that Lim Ho-jun composed himself.”

“Then do you really need me to look at it? “His personality may be dirty, but his skills are certain.”

“I want to get confirmation from you.”

Kim Tae-young speaks sternly, hearing Ha-jun Yoon’s words boiling over.

Hajun Yoon thought about it for a moment and then nodded.

‘If you say it that way, well.’

It’s not that difficult to watch.

I’m also curious. The Kim Tae-young that Ha-jun Yoon knows is not someone who breaks down after experiencing frustration. He is a person who becomes stronger based on that frustration.

That’s why I’m curious. What a great stage Kim Tae-young, who won the match but lost psychologically, must have prepared.

Additionally, Lim Ho-jun is the kind of person who can’t live with losing.

In fact, when I was the first to be eliminated in my previous life, people said that Sing A Star was a trash program.

His skills are clear, but his personality has many problems. There is no way such a person could have prepared such a trivial stage.

Kim Tae-young and Yoon Ha-jun moved to a nearby practice room.

“First of all, I will tell you just in case. What I saw today must never be mentioned anywhere. As you know, there are a lot of problems with his personality. “If they found out that I showed it to them, they would do all kinds of damn things.”

“of course.”

Kim Tae-young nodded once in response to Yoon Ha-jun’s answer, then connected the USB he had brought with him to the machine and played the song. Then she immediately showed me the stage she was currently practicing on.

Hajun Yoon concentrated on watching the stage unfolding in front of him.

And Hajun Yoon’s expression gradually began to change.

From interest to admiration, and from admiration to astonishment.

Soon after finishing practice, Kim Tae-young took a deep breath and asked Ha-jun Yoon.

“So what? “Do you think there’s a chance of winning?”

‘Does it look like there’s a chance of winning?’

Hajun Yoon, who had been thinking about something for a moment about that question, opens his mouth.

“If you sing this song 100%.”

“Don’t worry about that. Who am I, man? Just wait and see, he’ll have a really good time on stage. “I’m the one having the most fun on stage.”

Taeyoung Kim smiled while saying that.

But Hajun Yoon couldn’t smile.

* * *

“So, if they ask me in an interview that I’m a ‘Drop pop’ person, I have to admit it?”

“Yes, there is no reason to hide it.”

“Well, if that’s the case with my brother, then it must be something like that.”

Suyeon nods her head.

But Soo-yeon’s face isn’t very nice. You look very tired. You’re not practicing with me right now, so why are you so tired?

“Is it difficult to practice group singing?”

“huh? Ah, yes. It wasn’t easy. “I have to get along with other people and have many mentors, so should I say I feel psychologically exhausted?”

“You have to guess? Do you need to match it? “Has anyone ever asked for it?”

I was surprised by Suyeon’s words and asked, but Suyeon shook her head.

Yeah, that can’t be possible. Although it is a group song, Sing A Star is basically a survival program.

This means that all participants are enemies.

Of course, there is no need to cater to them one by one. Well, since it is a group song, it is true that there needs to be some level of coordination.

That’s probably not what Sooyeon is talking about.

“There’s no need to be considerate of everything.”


“There is no need to be considerate. “No one else will be considerate, so why are you the only one being considerate?”

“But then everyone will be buried?”

Soo-yeon answers with a serious, professional expression and no jokes.

Should I say Suyeon? You know exactly what your strengths are.

“That’s what I was hoping for.”


“Bury everyone else. “You become the main character of the group song.”

Soo-yeon asked, ‘Is this really okay?’ Make an expression like this

He nods his head as if he is okay with that.

Why did I ask Suyeon to sing after silence?

Because I have to show it to people soon.

Soo-yeon is not a supporting character or anything. Su-yeon is a child with the talent to become the main character.

And the first step is the group song mission.

In fact, I wanted to show it from the 6th final stage, but that was ignored due to the rematch between Kim Tae-young and Lim Ha-in.

It’s really unfortunate.

But instead, we will take the lead role in the group song.

“Better than that, brother.”


“Are you doing well with your song for the 6th round?”

Su-yeon strokes her chin in response to her question.

I haven’t shaved once since my regression, and it’s smooth. On the other hand, my hair grows so fast that it is already shaggy.


I was thinking about something else for a moment, then looked up when I heard Suyeon’s voice calling me.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to sleep well these days, but my thoughts quickly wander to other places.

“How is that going well?”

“thank god. “I almost regretted it, wondering if I had chosen the wrong genre.”

Su-yeon breathes a sigh of relief.

I frown while looking at that.

It’s a useless genre. That’s not true. I think it’s a genre that makes things complicated.

However, it’s not because of the genre, but because of my past.

“More than that, why do you keep frowning? Do you have any concerns? “Then wrinkles will form.”

“No, it’s nothing in particular, but I feel like my eyesight has gotten a little worse these days.”

“That’s because I’m always on the computer at night and just looking at the screen in a dark place.”


I close my mouth at those words.

I think this is especially true because I work at night.

After Sing A Star, I definitely have to get my lifestyle back. Also, I need to get a pair of glasses to go along with it.

“Ah, it’s time for practice. “Then I’ll come back.”

“Okay, don’t forget what I said.”

“You mean not to be considerate?”


Suyeon smiles and nods at my words.

“okay. I think it turned out well. “Actually, she was a little frustrated because she couldn’t sing to her heart’s content.”

Saying that, Yoon Soo-yeon leaves the house.

Left alone again, I turned to my laptop.

It’s just the two of us again.

With such emotional thoughts in mind, I sit in front of my laptop and continue working.

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