My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 131

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EP23 – Sing A Star (21)

Kyunghwan Kim.

He was a surprisingly boring person, even when he thought about it himself. He is not particularly good at anything, and there is nothing he likes very much.

A truly ordinary person who graduated from elementary school, middle school, and high school, entered a decent university, recently discharged from the military, and is about to return to school.

I’ve never liked something so much that it made my heart race just thinking about it, and I couldn’t understand people who liked something that much.

When I was in the military, I did see a few idol performances, but that was all. He quickly lost interest and watched other videos.

The reason Kim Kyung-hwan came to see Sing A Star was all because of his younger brother.

Unlike Kim Kyung-hwan, Kim Kyung-hwan’s younger brother was the type of person who loved something with a passion when he was into something.

The problem is that I gave up on my school studies because it was a bit too much.

Anyway, this younger brother bowed his head to Kim Kyung-hwan and asked for a favor.

The content of the request was that the singer he liked was appearing on an audition program and that he wanted to go with him to get a feel for the program.

Because of that request, Kim Kyung-hwan had to sign a confidentiality agreement for the first time in his life, stating that he would not spoil anything on the Internet, and that he would pay a fine if he did so.


Is there any reason to come to a place like this and do something like that?

At least in the case of the first stage, I could vaguely understand the reason, but from the second stage onwards, I was greatly disappointed.

And by the fifth stage, I no longer knew the reason, which I thought I vaguely understood.

‘Why did it take me two hours to come here and write about something like this just to see something like this?’

I didn’t like it.

Kim Kyung-hwan’s expression becomes increasingly distorted. In my heart, I want to get out of here. However, it seems like his younger brother hasn’t performed on stage with his favorite singer yet.


Kyung-hwan Kim took a deep breath to relax.

‘Let’s stay calm. All you have to do is take about two hours.’

When I thought about it like that, I started to feel like a waste of time. On a typical day, I spend up to 10 hours lying in bed looking at my phone.

But now it was unbearably boring.

At that time, a woman came up on stage. She is a woman with an overall cute image, but she is also very tall.

“How is he?”

Kim Kyung-hwan asked a question while looking at the woman who came up on stage. The question is none other than a ‘dangerous person’ checklist created by his younger brother.

What did they say? Did I say it was a list of only people who pose a threat to the singer I support?

Actually, I’m not that curious, but I asked because I thought I’d fall asleep if I continued like this.

“Him? Umm, I don’t know.”


Considering that I don’t even know his face, let alone his check, I don’t think he’s much of a threat. So far, my younger brother’s checklist has boasted an incredibly accurate success rate.

It was said that the first contestant who came up and performed on stage that Kim Kyung-hwan was interested in was a very, very dangerous person, but the second to fifth contestants who came up after that were said to not be very dangerous.

And they really showed those kinds of performances.

‘Then that woman will also put on an unremarkable performance. ‘I want to go home.’

Thinking of that, Kim Gyeong-hwan let out a yawn. And Kim Kyung-hwan’s thoughts changed in exactly 30 seconds.

-Looking forward to meeting you

Create drama in your head.

A woman on stage sings sweetly in a whisper with a mysterious voice. Her expression is filled with loveliness, her body is plump, and she smiles.

It’s a very common and uninteresting metaphor, but Kim Kyung-hwan felt that the stage, which had been monotone until now, was becoming colored with bright pastel tones.


A sound came out of Kim Kyung-hwan’s mouth without realizing it. His face is colored with such loveliness that it takes on an unsightly expression.

Meanwhile, my heart is pounding and beating fast.

The woman’s voice filled the studio, and the sound of her own heart could be heard through the voices of people cheering loudly around her.

To the point where I was worried that it might explode.


– Imagine something you can’t tell others.

Vampire, prince, hero, soldier, hitman.

You, who can do anything, always come to see me.

On stage, the woman’s expression keeps changing. Playfully, then kindly, then lovingly, and finally slightly mischievously.

As if acting out facial expressions.

But naturally.

The expression changes according to the lyrics of the song.

Kim Kyung-hwan’s eyes move busily and he reads all the changes in the woman’s expression.

For some reason, this is the first time something like this has happened so far.

Even when I saw the first stage, it wasn’t like this.

Kim Kyung-hwan, not knowing why he was doing this, continued to stare intently at the woman on stage.

-I’ll contact you again.

I’m coming to you now.

And the stage ended. After finishing her entire song, the woman looks at the camera in front of her and extends her right hand, spreading only her index finger and thumb and folding all of her other fingers.

The woman who made the shape of what is commonly referred to as a finger gun flicked her hand upward as if to fire a gun, then winked.

And that was the final blow.

Kyung-hwan Kim felt like he was being penetrated by something.


A deafening cheer is heard. My heart is pounding. My heart is beating so fast that I can no longer handle it.

The pastel colors that colored the stage seep in. And Kyung-hwan Kim knew that was the moment he was onto something.

“Yoon Soo-yeon.”

The name of the woman on stage is heard from those around her.


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Kim Kyung-hwan repeated that.

* * *

Sooyeon Yoon’s performance was outstanding. Although her song wasn’t suitable for her competition stage, she nevertheless put on a truly outstanding performance.

And the stage evoked the mood of the audience. The faces of the audience, who had previously looked disappointed and bored, regained vitality.

However, like Hangoyo’s stage, there was no pressure on other participants’ performances or anything like that.

To put it bluntly, it was closer to helping other participants.

“What do you think?”

“… … .”

Kim Tae-young, who inspected the entire stage, asks Han Go-yo.

But there was no answer from Han Go-yo. Goyo Han was just staring blankly at his stage.

Kim Tae-young blinks at that sight and looks at Han Go-yo.

‘Why is he like this? Were you shocked? I don’t think it’s that level of stage.’

Of course, Sooyeon Yoon’s stage had different characteristics from the performances of the participants so far, but it was not a shockingly good stage.

‘Then is it because it’s so bad? No, that’s not it.’

Anyone who sings, and anyone who has ever performed on stage, will not be able to say that Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance is not that good.

The stage direction, the use of the screen, and the props spread around. They all helped maximize the charm of the song, and even the clothes they were wearing blended well with the mood of the song.

Taeyoung Kim’s thoughts were correct to some extent. The reason Han Go-yo was shocked wasn’t because of Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance.

Currently, Han Go-yo is shocked by Yoon Soo-yeon’s song, that is, the song written by Yoon Ha-jun.

Of course, I have known for a long time that Ha-Jun Youn can create songs of various genres. Even the song ‘Main’ was a mixture of various genres.

However, I thought that the genre of songs that strongly conveyed Ha-jun Yoon’s strengths, that is, that shook people’s hearts, had a certain genre.

‘But what is this song now?’

Goyo Han raised his hand and grabbed his chest.

My heart is pounding. It’s been a very long time since something like this happened.

The shock and excitement I felt when I first heard ‘blame’. That’s what I’m feeling now. And in a completely different genre.


Goyo Han exhaled and collected his emotions.

Feeling this way about this genre means that you too can sing this genre.

But not yet, not yet. Normally, I would have welcomed this change, but in an audition program like this, such challenges are toxic.

While Hangoyo was gathering her emotions, the other participants’ performances continued.

Perhaps thanks to Yoon Soo-yeon brightening up the stage, the audience’s reaction was not as cold as before.

‘I failed.’

In the end, Han Goyo’s operation ended in failure.

Goyo Han felt a little sad at that fact, but then smiled.

‘Yes, it should come out like this. The outcome of the bet shouldn’t be so trivial.’

Meanwhile, the stage progressed steadily.

Oh Soo-jeong’s stage, who sang in the tenth turn, drew a fairly good response, and Lim Ha-in, who was in the fourteenth turn, exploded with energy by showing the stage he wanted to show in his turn.

And in the 18th and final round, Kim Tae-young successfully completed the 5th final by presenting an exciting stage that left people exhausted.

The expressions of the production crew brightened when they confirmed it.

Really, I’m glad. At first, I thought something would happen, but the atmosphere got better after Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance.

If it weren’t for Yoon Soo-yeon, the audience’s cold reaction would have continued until Im Ha-in’s stage.

Producer Jin Il-man speaks to Producer Im Hoon as if he is proud.

“I told you, Yoon Soo-yeon’s stage is fine.”

“I know. Ah, thank you so much, Suyeon Yoon.”


Producer Jin Il-man smiles at Producer Lim Hoon-i’s words.

But not yet. Hajun Yoon’s strengths have not yet been revealed.

And when those advantages start to come out, people will be very upset.

Thinking of that time, PD Jin Il-man consistently asked the VJ to capture Ha-jun Yoon on camera.

Meanwhile, the audience voting ended.

From the 5th final round, the results are not determined by the mentors’ evaluations. Starting from the 5th final round, mentors will now stand in a position of receiving evaluation rather than evaluating them.

Everything is voted on by the audience.

Soon, the audience leaves the audience. Although the rankings are determined by audience evaluation, the results are not shown to the audience.

This is because there is a risk of spoilers.

In audition programs like this, spoilers are a fatal threat. It’s not for nothing that you write a memorandum and get it signed.

This is because it is not the first time that people lose interest because of spoilers.

And the results are announced.

The number of participants who can advance from the 5th final to the 6th final is only ten.

Soon the ranking appeared on the screen.

As Ha-Jun Yoon expected, the top ten were Ha-In Lim, Su-Jeong Oh, Tae-Young Kim, Su-Yeon Yoon, and Go-Yo Han.

Among them, the one that took first place was Hangoyo.

Ha-Jun Yoon could only nod his head at the result, which was as expected.

‘I knew it would be like this.’

No matter how much Yoon Soo-yeon’s stage aroused the audience’s mood, Hangoyo is several times higher when it comes to the impact of the stage.

Rather, it is surprising that Sooyeon Yoon took third place. I never thought I would receive such a high ranking. She roughly expected 5th place.

For reference, 2nd place is Im Ha-in. And in 4th place is Kim Tae-young.

Lastly, Oh Soo-jeong is in 8th place. Ranking lower than expected.

Oh Soo-jeong grits her teeth at that ranking.

After checking them, Hajun Yoon immediately stood up.

The top 10 has been decided. And now there are only three steps left to win.

There is so much to prepare for.

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