My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 130

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EP23 – Sing A Star (20)

At Hangoyo’s stage, the audience looks beyond admiration and into astonishment.

I never thought I would see such an overwhelming stage from the first time!

Soon after, Hangoyo’s performance ended, and the audience rewarded the great performance with loud applause.

Han Go-yo, who finished singing to the sound of countless applause pouring toward her, smiles softly.

The stage is a success. He led the stage as he thought.

While maintaining that smile, Goyo Han looked towards where Hajun Yoon was.

But for some reason, Hajun Yoon’s expression is strange. He had a shocked expression at the beginning of the song, but now he is smiling as if he had expected it.


I feel something uneasy about that smile.

Was there something wrong with your performance? No, that won’t be it. If he had made a mistake, he would have felt it himself before anyone else.

So why?

Could it be that you like your performance?

Are you smiling as a compliment?

At first glance, you might think it’s nonsense, but if you think about Ha-Jun Yoon’s personality, it’s not nonsense at all.

If Ha-jun Yoon has a good song, he compliments it and likes it even if he is not a close friend. Also, he is a kind person who supports you even if the song is not good.

If so, that laugh is understandable.

Although it is not easy to understand, Han Go-yo comes down from the stage, trying hard to understand. And the audience waited for the next stage with expressions of anticipation.

It was at that level from the first stage. So what about the second stage? I want to see the stage soon.

Thinking like that, the audience becomes impatient.

But the audience’s expectations did not last long. To be precise, the audience’s expectations turned into disappointment from the second stage.

However, that does not mean that the level of the singer who appeared on stage for the second time is lower. These are the remaining participants until the 5th final. There is no lack of skill.

However, Han Goyo’s skills are so outstanding that he is relatively buried.

So, the filming site is returning to Han Goyo’s plan.

They performed flawlessly from the very first stage, making other people’s performances fade.

The mentors who realized this fact looked at Han Goyo.

Han Go-yo, who moved from the stage to the participant’s seat, sat with an indifferent expression as usual. Seeing this, the mentors felt something uncomfortable and muttered.

“Somehow, I feel like a villain.”

“He’s a villain. “You just performed your own performance?”

“That expression and flow are like that, doesn’t it feel a bit like that?”

Jeongyoon nods his head at Jun’s words.

‘Is it because you heard that story?’

There is something like that.

Meanwhile, the audience’s mood continues to subside. There are no overwhelming cheers or reactions like there was during Han Goyo.

In response, the participants who sang the song made sullen expressions. There is nothing you can do about it because you can see the difference in reaction right away.

And the audience’s reaction became colder as time went by.

Expectations lead to disappointment, then to boredom. A brief sigh broke out among the production crew at the change in the audience’s expressions.

“What should I do with this atmosphere?”

“What should I do? I have to wait until Kim Tae-young and Im Ha-in’s turn!”

PD Lim Hoon-i sighed and responded to the main writer’s words.

Yes, Han Goyo is great, but that doesn’t mean she’s out of this world.

Kim Tae-young and Im Ha-in are not much lacking compared to Han Go-yo’s skills.

In addition, Taeyoung Kim and Hain Lim’s stage is very exciting, so the audience will be satisfied.

However, if it is a problem.

“Im Ha-in’s performance is the 14th and Kim Tae-young’s performance is the last?”


The stage for both of them is very behind. Can the audience hold out until then? It’s only the fifth stage?

“it’s okay.”

At that time, PD Jin Il-man answered with a confident voice. Then Lim Hoon quietly held up the appearance ticket and spoke to the PD.

“Because the sixth person in line is Sooyeon Yoon.”

“Oh, yes, I did!”

Producer Lim Hoon-i snapped his fingers and answered, followed by ‘Uhm.’ He let out a moan.

“But will it be okay as Yoon Soo-yeon?”

“You saw that stage.”

“I had to see it.”

Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance, which I saw in rehearsal, was definitely outstanding. She was also a good singer.

However, the song was not suitable for the performance.

There are other songs that go well with a performance like this.

So, Sooyeon Yoon’s song was more suitable for a music stage program than an audition program.

“It would have been nice if we went out with such an impressive code like we did in the 4th final.”

“Wouldn’t that make you sick of it?”

“Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no possibility. But I think it’s possible with Yoon Su-yeon’s skills.”

“That’s true, but.”

Inspiring songs are one of the most effective methods in audition programs. Because it is easy to convey emotions and receive positive feedback.

In addition, Sooyeon Yoon has an outstanding talent for bringing such touching songs to life.

But for some reason, Sooyeon Yoon did not choose a touching song, but a song of a completely different genre.

‘No, it’s not Yoon Soo-yeon, it’s Yoon Ha-jun?’

Because Yoon Ha-jun is the one who creates Yoon Soo-yeon’s songs.


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‘What on earth are you thinking? Are you still young and don’t know what’s advantageous in audition programs? Well, considering my age, that might be the case.’

While Producer Lim Hoon-i was thinking that, the fifth stage came to an end. The audience’s reaction was still cold.

And now the sixth stage.

It was Yoon Su-yeon’s turn.

The stage is emptied and new stage props are filled on the stage.

The props that filled the stage were lovely items in pink or light blue.


“Isn’t that similar to the stage Suyeon Yoon performed at the festival before?”


Kim Tae-young answers Han Go-yo’s voice, which she muttered after seeing the stage. Han Goyo’s expression distorts at that answer.

At that time, I was too young.

Although it only happened about a year ago, I was very young at the time. He thought singing was everything and he felt it was taken away from him.

So, I cursed at Yoon Soo-yeon in front of Yoon Ha-jun. When I think about it now, it was truly embarrassing and shameful. That shouldn’t have happened.

Although I still don’t like Yoon Soo-yeon very much.

Still, I shouldn’t have expressed it that way.

“But would it be okay for a stage like that?”


While Han Go-yo was thinking, Kim Tae-young muttered.

Hearing that muttering, Han Go-yo looks at Kim Tae-young.

‘What are you saying, boy? ‘Are you saying you don’t trust Hajun now?’

“No, why is the performance of such a song lacking in an audition program like this? Of course, Suyeon Yoon’s song was remembered the longest at the last festival, but considering only the single performance on stage, it fell a bit short.”

“That’s it… … .”

Goyo Han, who was about to refute, closed his mouth.

That is an undeniable fact. And at the same time, I felt a sense of wonder. There is no way that Yoon Ha-jun wouldn’t know that.

‘But why did you choose that stage?’

Meanwhile, preparations for the stage were completed.

Sooyeon Yoon comes up on stage. Yoon Soo-yeon’s appearance was not much different from usual.

Short hair flowing over her shoulders, a face more fox-like than a cat, slightly raised eye corners, and unlike Han Go-yo, who wore heavy makeup, she wore only light makeup.

Additionally, the clothes she was wearing were large, cropped, short-length yellow long sleeves. A lovely and cute outfit.

Underneath, he wore blue shorts that reached just above his knees, and the shorts had big and small scratches.

The shoes I am wearing are sneakers with a slight heel.

Should we say that it is an outfit that pursues naturalness rather than decoration?

Still, the main board itself is very cute, and because it is elongated overall, it matches very well.

Soo-yeon Yoon, who came on stage in that state, held the microphone and lifted and lowered her heels lightly, repeatedly.

With that, white and blue lights illuminated the stage, and the song began to play.

No, that’s not a song. Rather than singing, it sounds closer to the sound of hitting something dull.

At that sound, the audience, participants, and mentors frown.

What is this sound? Something feels familiar. Where did you hear this?

Those who were concerned soon realized what this meant.

“This is it. “The sound of pressing a cell phone key.”

Someone is muttering among the participants.

Everyone let out a short exclamation of ‘Ah’ at that sound.

Although it varies depending on the model of the cell phone, it is a unique sound made when pressing the keyboard on the two most commonly used cell phone models in Korea.

In other words, keyboard sounds, as if two cell phones are communicating with each other, fill the studio irregularly.

Eventually, the sounds become regular. And it mutated like a melody. A nasal voice is added to it. It was none other than Yoon Soo-yeon’s nasal voice.

Soon, a melody flows out.

The melody that flowed was very bright. So, just by hearing it, you can feel a lot of loveliness in the melody.

People’s expressions change when they hear that song.

What is this melody? It’s a melody that seems to comfort a disappointed and bored heart.

A melody full of loveliness that makes your heart flutter just by listening to it.

And a video appears on the large screen behind Sooyeon Yoon.

The video was filled with various photos, unlike the screens of the performers who had been on stage so far.

To be more precise, photos of couples.

Of course, these are not photos of people Hajun Yoon knows, but rather concept photos purchased with money on the Internet, but they were still enough to add to Melody’s unique loveliness.

-What are you doing today

Send you a message to start the morning.

Yoon Soo-yeon’s mysterious voice is filled with loveliness and is placed on top of the melody. As she sang that song, Sooyeon Yoon smiled at her eyes.

-Looking forward to meeting you

Create drama in your head.

Sooyeon Yoon steps forward. Forward, forward. She stays like that and slowly moves to the side. She stretches out her hands as if she were dancing.

To a space where there is no one.

But there is a sense of hesitation and anticipation in that hand gesture. As if he had the courage to reach out to his loved one.

As she continued to sing, she hugged the large pink doll installed on stage.

The doll was so big that it took a long time for Yoon Su-yeon to hold it.

-Please don’t take everything I say literally.

Because the truth is hidden there.

After the first verse, it is the hook’s turn, and Yoon Soo-yeon, who has escaped from the bear she was hugging, stretches her arms and feet forward and sings the hook while dancing cheerfully.

– Imagine something you can’t tell others.

Vampire, prince, hero, soldier, hitman.

You, who can do anything, always come to see me.

Lyrics that may be a bit childish. However, these are very lovely lyrics that represent the feelings of a 17-year-old girl who is falling in love for the first time.

Those lyrics bring a happy smile to people’s faces. The audience, who looked disappointed and bored, became absorbed in the stage.

A similarly happy smile appeared on Yoon Ha-jun’s lips as he saw this.

Of course, should I say Suyeon? She had felt this for a long time, but Yoon Su-yeon was really shameless.

I don’t mean to swear in a bad way. Now Ha-Jun Yoon is praising Su-Yeon Yoon.

For a singer, being shameless is a good thing.

People may not know this, but singers also act on stage. You act according to the song being sung.

The facial expressions, the gestures, the emotions that make you sing. You have to act them all out and set the stage.

And Yoon Soo-yeon does a really great job of acting. She doesn’t even feel pressured to act in front of so many people.

-Our ending is always a happy ending.

So hurry up and tell me your true feelings.

The second verse begins after finishing the hook.

Sooyeon Yoon, with her arms crossed, looks at the camera and nods her head. She then extends her hand and snaps her fingers sideways, keeping only her long index finger outstretched.

Seeing that sight, Taeyoung Kim exhaled and said, ‘Whoa.’

I guess my thoughts were wrong. Sooyeon Yoon’s stage now is different from the stage she sang at the festival.

To put it bluntly, this stage was similar to that of an idol.

A song that makes people fall in love with Sooyeon Yoon. So, it is a song that is commonly said to ‘fall in love’ with people.

In fact, the audience is now completely immersed in Yoon Soo-yeon’s stage.

The audience is intoxicated by the loveliness shown by Sooyeon Yoon and the sweetness of the song.

‘There is no need to come in first place here.’

Hajun Yoon took a sip of water.

This is not an arrogant expression such as abandoning the 5th final round.

Goyo Han chose to overwhelm everyone by showing an overwhelming performance on the first stage of the 5th final.

On the other hand, the method chosen by Hajun Yoon is different from Goyo Han.

Rather than aiming for first place, she turns people into fans by showing Yoon Soo-yeon’s charm.

And by solidifying that fan base, we advanced to the 6th final and semifinals. Finally, everything explodes on the final stage.

That was Hajun Yoon’s strategy.

Certainly, touching songs are like cheats in audition programs like this. Because it can captivate people’s hearts and make them cry.

But that only gets a good response from that episode.

The most important thing in an audition program is the presence or absence of fans. In the end, it is the fans who participate in the voting that determines victory or defeat.

“Let’s look at it broadly, broadly.”

Yoon Ha-jun, who emptied the entire water bottle in an instant, said that and looked at Yoon Su-yeon.

At that time, he discovered a camera filming himself.

Hajun Yoon thought about the camera for a moment and then lightly stretched out two fingers.

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