My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 13

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EP4 – Hangoyo (1)


Ha Hyo-joo was a very good teacher.

As expected, should I say that he is a teacher at Seolwon Arts High School?

He understands my explanation amazingly.

He also told me to keep in mind that what I said was never the right answer, and he gave me feedback, which I really liked.

“Then you want to become teacher Ha Hyo-joo?”


“What about other teachers’ classes?”

“After listening to the story, I realized there was no need to listen to it.”

By listening to other students’ stories, you can get a general idea of ​​how classes are taught. Rather than wasting four weeks experiencing it yourself, it is better to decide on a person in charge now.

“Still, I’m jealous. You found a teacher you like right from the start.”

“You don’t like it?”

“It’s absolutely not good. From the first class, they told me not to look down on the song.”

Taeyoung Kim said that and shook her head as if she was disgusted. After hearing that story, I think I know whose class Taeyoung Kim took.

“It’s Jin Man-soo’s class, right?”

“How did you know?”

“He’s famous.”

I am also someone who took the class in a past life.

His skills are clear, but his mouth is rough and his personality is strict.

So the likes and dislikes are very different.

“But she sings really well. If the other teachers’ classes aren’t good, I’ll just take that teacher’s class. There’s no time until the event, so I need to choose a teacher quickly.”


At Taeyoung Kim’s words, I suddenly made a dumb sound without realizing it. Come to think of it, there was an event. No, why did I forget that?


It was a festival held twice a year at Silumgwa. But it’s not a festival. Although outsiders can attend the festival, only students in the Department of Philosophy and Music can attend events, except for third-year events.

To put it simply, it is a kind of stage experience.

And the first event for first graders is in June.

“What are you going to do?”

What Taeyoung Kim is asking now is how she will stand on stage. Vocal majors are all about singing at events, but composition majors are largely divided into two categories.

The first is to play a song you composed on the piano.

And the second is to recruit vocalists and have them perform on stage.

At this time, all stage direction, starting with the stage movement, must be done by the composer.

“I need to improve my vocals, okay?”

It’s still going well. When it comes to stage directing, experience is important. You can’t miss out on that little experience.

“Why don’t you call me directly?”


I gave up singing, but I don’t want to go on stage and give up stage experience. Hmm, if the event is in June, I will start practicing for the performance soon.

“So have you decided on the vocals?”

“That’s the problem.”

Part of me wants to just put Soo-yeon on the stand, but outside vocals are prohibited. Even if that were possible, it would be impossible because Suyeon also has her own class.

“What about me?”

Taeyoung Kim said, subtly pointing to herself. It’s Taeyoung Kim. It’s okay. Right now he is just a talkative guy, but in the future he will become a world-class singer.

However, it is difficult to hire Kim Tae-young as a vocalist. All the songs I made are for female vocals. It was made with Suyeon in mind, so it’s natural.

Of course, there’s nothing you can’t do when it comes to arranging. The problem is that right after the event is over, there is a midterm exam. I’m busy preparing it, but I don’t even have the energy to rearrange the female version into the male version.

However, I don’t want to perform old songs on stage that only happens twice a year.

“Thank you, but I think it will be difficult because the male voice doesn’t suit me.”


Taeyoung Kim frowns as if she feels regretful.

Then he spoke carefully.

“Then, can you help me with my stage arrangements?”

“Well, I can do that when I have time.”

When I nod, Taeyoung Kim’s expression brightens. It’s not a very difficult task, and if you make a debt to Taeyoung Kim, it will come in handy someday.

“You can’t give that away.”

“Okay, dude.”

Taeyoung Kim sat down in her seat only after receiving the confirmation. Hmm, but I’m really worried. Who should I use as vocalist? I look at the girls in my class who are majoring in vocals.

There are no kids who come with something definite in mind. Of course, I don’t know all of their singing skills, but I can get a general feeling when I see that there are no kids who become famous in the future.

I think Jin So-hyang is a good current idol. The problem is that Jin So-hyang rarely goes to school because she is busy working as an idol.

You can’t go to an event with a kid like that. Wait, if you think about it, there’s no need to insist on even-numbered classes. For stage practice and events, students stand together regardless of whether they are in odd-numbered classes or even-numbered classes.

Of course, it is also possible to hire an odd number of people as vocalists. Then the range of choices becomes a bit wider. There are quite a few kids in odd-numbered classes who have excellent singing skills.

And the one that stands out among them is, of course, Hangoyo. It’s a joke. I think it would be good to stand together with Goyo Han. I still remember Han Goyo singing at the event.

I was thrilled to hear someone else’s song for the first time. But will it be possible to recruit Han Go-yo? Goyo Han is not friendly with anyone. Let alone festivals, he does not participate in ensembles.

“I’m feeling dizzy.”

My head is complicated.

§ § §

Who do you stand with at the event? I finish Runaway with that in mind. Just as I was talking with Ha Hyo-joo, I added the sound of a pencil scribbling in the beginning and it became quite believable.

“how is it?”

And Won Seong-min, who heard the song, was embarrassed.


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“It’s really good. Especially in the beginning, the sound of this pencil is like a godsend. Should I say that the sound of the pencil makes all my nerves focus on my ears?”

“thank god.”

“······And your younger brother sings really well.”

“Really? I told you, you sing really well.”

Su-yeon’s praise makes me smile proudly. Now, shall we upload this to the cloud? After registering as a member, I worry for a moment before uploading.

What should my nickname be?

If you do something strange for no reason, you will regret it later. This had already happened once in her previous life. I asked Suyeon if she had a stage name or something like that in mind.

[I like everything!]

The answer came back. Unbelievable. The hardest answer in the world, anything, comes back. After thinking about it for a while, I write down a nice nickname.

[Drop pop]

This is the name of the ice cream Suyeon is missing these days. Vocalist: Suyeon Yoon. Composed by Hajun Yoon. Write your name like that and upload Runaway.

As for the name, if Suyeon says she doesn’t like it, she can change it. After uploading it like that, I look forward to the response. However, the number of views does not increase as time passes.

Well, it’s a bit unfair to just upload one song and expect the number of views to increase explosively. Plus, it’s a song written in Korean from beginning to end.

It is inevitable that it will perform poorly in the cloud used by people around the world.

“I’ll be full after the first drink.”

I mumbled and closed my laptop.

§ § §

After the actual class started, I was half out of my mind. That means you are very busy. I have to work on a second song with Suyeon, and I also have to make a song to submit for the midterm exam.

On Saturdays, I take piano and guitar lessons from Won Seong-min, and on Sundays, I take lessons from Su-yeon. And on Mondays, I have to take major lessons.

It doesn’t end there; you also have to prepare for performance practice and events.

I’m really going crazy.

There is no way I can properly take regular classes in this situation. That’s why I boldly gave up general classes.

So, what I’m saying is that instead of going to class, I just slept. It’s painful to give up on the written test score, but there’s nothing you can do.

If you try to catch this, you may miss out on other things as well. Basically, people have to live within their means. I masturbate myself and yawn loudly.

“Why do you always hit me?”

“Is there so much to do?”

I roughly answer what Taeyoung Kim said. I’m obviously eating, but I don’t know if it’s going into my nose or my mouth.

“Why are our school lunches named like this?”

“You know what? It’s still delicious.”

“Well, it tastes good.”

Taeyoung Kim answers while muttering. The meals at Seolwon Arts High School are delicious. The operation is specially outsourced, and it tastes better than most restaurants. Plus, the menu is very good.

However, the names are a bit strange.

“The rebellion of a bird in fire, the egg of a swamp ruler, a rose stained with blood…”

“I guess the nutritionist has a middle ear disease.”

For reference, the rebellion of a bird in fire is cheese fire chicken, and the swamp ruler’s egg is chocolate cake. The blood-stained rose is strawberry ade.

After finishing the meal, I get up. Now that I’ve made up for the sleep I lost during class, it’s time to work in the practice room.

So, I head to the practice room with Taeyoung.

He bumped into someone in front of him.


An indifferent voice.

And the eyes are as indifferent as the voice.

It was none other than Han Goyo.

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