My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 129

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EP23 – Sing A Star (19)

As it was decided to participate in filming starting from the 5th final, I was finally able to continue skipping school.

Well, I didn’t want it that badly, but it was a good thing that I was able to practice for that amount of time.

The problem is that there is no time to rest.

Yes, absolutely.

I don’t know how much practice the other contestants have, but I can assure you that I do.

Of all the Sing A Star staff, I am the busiest.

It’s not a bluff. In the morning, we prepare props for the stage production and talk with the concert directors. And in the afternoon, I watch Suyeon practice.

Lastly, in the early morning, we prepare the images to be used on the screen.

Of course, I don’t have the time or the skills to make the video myself, so I either buy a pattern or make a request from the production team.

As a result, I sleep less than 5 hours a day.

Still, I was able to avoid collapsing thanks to doping with caffeine, garlic sap, and various other nutritional supplements.

I’m also 18 years old.

Before my previous life, I was so tired that I couldn’t push myself this far. This is why youth is good.

I drink coffee while thinking such useless thoughts.

In the past, I thought it was just water made with coffee, but as I drink it every day, I feel like I am slowly learning the true taste of Americano.

-Then, can I prepare it using the pattern you sent?

“Yes, please.”

-All right. See you later then.

After saying that to the director in charge of the video at the concert, I hang up the phone.

Okay, now the video to be displayed on the screen is ready.

However, preparations for the concert are not yet complete. The lighting still needs to be adjusted, and the sound also needs to be adjusted.

In addition, the props needed for stage production were not prepared.

“You must be returning.”

I didn’t know that having one body would be so frustrating.

I feel like I want to borrow a hand from a cat.

“Are you very busy?”

“huh? Well, that’s right.”

Suyeon asks with a worried expression whether she heard me talking to myself. She answers honestly. She wants to pretend everything is okay, but she doesn’t have the strength to do so.

That doesn’t mean I want to quit.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I just need you to do well at rehearsals this week.”



Yes, Suyeon just needs to sing.

All preparation is my responsibility.

“I can do some preparation, but it’s up to you to stand on stage. So, you have to tell me everything about the sound, lighting, whether there is anything that bothers you on stage, whether the movement path is strange, etc.”




“Is there anything strange in the song? “That’s the most important thing.”

Suyeon nodded at my words.

Then, before I knew it, it was the first rehearsal day.

The first rehearsal is a secret rehearsal and is held on a different day for each mentor.

Additionally, you cannot see the rehearsal performances of participants under the same mentor. Only a mentor can see it all.

Well, the 5th final is a strictly individual competition.

It’s not that I don’t understand.

I wait with Suyeon in the waiting room until it is her turn. And all of that is being captured on camera.

Wow, cameras follow me wherever I go.

“Props can’t be used in the first rehearsal, right?”

“Yes, but props can be used for dress rehearsals the day before, camera rehearsals on the day, and run-through rehearsals.”

“Hmm, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“So, there are three rehearsals in two days, and props can be used in those rehearsals. Of course, you can try on the makeup and costumes you would wear on stage.”

“Oh, I was thinking about costumes. Do I have to wear a school uniform in the 5th final?”

All Seolwon Arts High School students participating in Singer Star must wear school uniform on stage. Because they are giving preferential treatment under those conditions.

“No, you can wear stage costumes from the 5th final round onwards.”

However, that condition will be lifted starting from the 5th final.

Well, it is too cruel to require students to wear school uniforms even in the 5th final round.

How important are stage costumes?

“I wonder what other people’s stages are like.”

“Don’t worry about that.”

“Is that okay?”

“of course. All you have to worry about is your performance. “No matter what stage other people perform, you can win as long as you perform well.”

After saying that, I look at Suyeon.


“that’s right.”

Suyeon nodded.

At that time, a staff member’s voice is heard from outside the waiting room. Now it’s our turn, so we stand up when the voice tells us to come up on stage.


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“Then let’s go.”


I left the waiting room with Suyeon.

* * *

“Hehe, this is true. “It’s fun, it’s fun.”

“That’s right. “The level of participants is truly outstanding.”

“I can’t believe we’ve already had this kind of reaction since season 1.”

Producer Lim Hoon-i, who checked the rehearsal stage of all the participants, laughed so hard that the corners of his mouth were torn.

Since it was season 1, I thought there would be some shortcomings, but I never expected the quality to be this great.

“Episode 2’s viewer rating was a whopping 4.2%.”

“It’s still not enough.”

“Still, compared to the first episode’s viewership rating, it went up by a whopping 1.3%. Plus, the response has been incredibly good, right? “Already, a separate community has been created and a fandom has emerged.”

“I confirmed everything.”

Producer Lim Hoon-i, who said that, let out a laugh without realizing it. I shouldn’t be like this, but laughter keeps coming out.

That’s because it already looks like it will set a record high in viewership ratings for the broadcasting station.

Only episode 2 has been aired, but the viewership rating is already 4.2.

Additionally, the response has been very positive.

But it hasn’t even started yet. Until episode 3, only the preliminaries appear. The real finals begin from episode 4.

And that is the starting point.

Producer Jin Il-man’s newly edited scenes featuring Yoon Ha-jun and Yoon Soo-yeon, stages that will leave everyone amazed.

After watching it, viewers will fall in love with Singer Star even more than they do now.

“What is iTube’s reaction?”

“Each clip is different, but some clips have surpassed 3 million views. In particular, the four clips of Han Go-yo, Im Ha-in, Kim Tae-young, and Oh Su-jeong received over a million views.”

“What about Yoon Soo-yeon?”

“Yoon Soo-yeon is a bit underperforming. “One is about 230,000 and the other is about 310,000.”

“Hmm, well, wasn’t Yoon Soo-yeon a bit bored in the preliminaries?”

“That’s right.”

Producer Jin Il-man nodded honestly.

I don’t know if she was in poor condition, but Sooyeon Yoon’s performance in the preliminaries wasn’t that good.


“Once the finals begin, the number of views on those videos will increase significantly.”

“That’s right. By the way, PD, I guess you liked Sooyeon? “Didn’t you say not long ago that you would feature Im Ha-in as the main character?”

“The idea is the same. But looking at this rehearsal performance, Yoon Soo-yeon wasn’t bad. “Even if he’s not the main character, he’s the main character’s rival?”

As he said that, Producer Lim Hoon-i recalled Soo-yeon Yoon’s rehearsal stage that he had seen not long ago.

Although the stages prepared by other mentors were excellent, the stage prepared by Sooyeon Yoon was truly excellent.

Even the person who directed that stage was Hajun Yoon.

You’re only a high school student, but you know how to direct something like that. He is a tremendous talent whose future is expected, or rather what he will do in the future.

‘As expected, it was a good thing we had Hajun Yoon join us.’

Well, the reason he joined was all because of PD Jin Il-man’s strong insistence, but he was the one who accepted it. If you think about that, your choice is a godsend.

“I want to see the actual performance quickly.”

“That’s right.”

Producer Jin Il-man smiled and nodded at Producer Lim Hoon-i’s words.

While the main PD and sub-PD were drawing a rosy future, Ha-Jun Yoon was preparing to put the finishing touches on that future.

“What about the costume?”

“I’m ready.”

“What about hair and makeup?”

“The company said it was given separately.”


Dress rehearsals, camera rehearsals, and even run-through rehearsals are all held in secret.

So, participants cannot see other participants’ performances until the main stage.

However, mentors who are not participants can check other participants’ rehearsal performances from the run-through rehearsal. And the same goes for Hajun Yoon.

Ha-jun Yoon, who was sitting there next to mentor Jeong-yoon, watched the other participants’ rehearsal performances with more concentration than anyone else.

Although every participant’s performance is important, there is one participant who is most important.

The strongest candidate to win. Four people except Soo-yeon Yoon.

Hain Lim, Goyo Han, and Taeyoung Kim.

And even Oh Soo-jeong.

But Hajun Yoon is the only one who thinks like that. Except for Ha-jun Yoon, other mentors and participants think of Lim Ha-in, Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, and Yoon Su-yeon as the four strong candidates for the championship.

Oh Soo-jeong doesn’t think anyone is a candidate for the championship.

In fact, Oh Soo-jeong did not show an outstanding performance like the other four candidates for the championship.

Although she received an all-pass, the general opinion is that Oh Soo-jeong falls short compared to the other four candidates for the championship.

But Hajun Yoon, who saw the future, knows. 6th final round, top 10. Oh Soo-jeong’s true value comes from there.

It’s not for nothing that Oh Soo-jeong took second place.

Of course, the difference in votes between Im Ha-in and Lim Ha-in in the finals was overwhelming, but Oh Soo-jeong’s performance was still great.

‘I don’t know who I’ll end up with.’

If I’m not one of those four contenders for the championship, I’m confident that I can beat Sooyeon by an overwhelming margin no matter who I’m up against.

On the other hand, if you fight against those four people, it won’t be easy to win.

Therefore, you need to do as much analysis as possible.

If Kim Tae-young is the opponent, to create a stage suitable for Kim Tae-young, and if Han Go-yo is the opponent, to create a stage suitable for Han Go-yo.

Hajun Yoon looked at the stage with more concentration than ever.

* * *

Finally, two weeks after the repechage match, the 5th final round began.

Meanwhile, the third episode of Sing A Star was broadcast, and the viewership rating exceeded 6%.

So many people applied to see the final stage, and of course, all 1,500 audience seats were filled.

“and! “This is my first time performing in front of this many people!”

Su-yeon Yoon shouts excitedly as she looks at the audience filling the audience seats.

Hajun Yoon looked at that and smiled.

This is because I understood Sooyeon Yoon’s feelings.

If you’re a singer, the more audiences there are, the more excited you will be.

“Do you like it that much?”

“of course! “It doesn’t mean that all those people listen to my songs.”


Hajun Yoon, who answered that way, nodded.

Yes, this is the start.

However, it is not Suyeon Yoon’s turn yet. Yoon Soo-yeon’s turn was sixth, and she was sixth out of 18 performers, so it was a fairly early turn.

“Then I’ll see you on stage later.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look below the stage.”

After saying that, Ha-jun Yoon smiled and went to where Jeong-yoon was and sat behind him. Until Yoon Soo-yeon’s stage, Yoon Ha-jun’s seat is here.

And Sooyeon Yoon went to the seats reserved for participants and sat down.

Participants will wait in a separate participant seat near the stage until their stage.

The participants gathered at the participant’s table looked at each other carefully.

The participants’ faces were tense. Except for a few participants.

However, in the meantime, there is one participant who cannot be seen. And it was not difficult for Yoon Su-yeon to find out who the participant was.

That’s because the participant’s presence was really strong.

“What about Goyo unnie?”

“It’s her first performance.”

“Ah, I did.”

In response to Kim Tae-young’s answer, Yoon Soo-yeon nods as if she had finally remembered it.

In the case of the order of the 5th final, the surviving participants decided.

So, the contestants who won in the fourth round decided the order first, and those who lost decided the order after that. And the people who came out of the repechage match were the last to decide the order.

Naturally, the backstage positions of the first or strong contenders for the championship had to go to those who came up in the repechage round or those who lost in the fourth round.

But for some reason, Goyo Han stuck to the first stage.

Even thinking about it again, I don’t understand it at all. Why on earth?

While Sooyeon Yoon is thinking that, Goyo Han comes up on stage. The overall outfit he was wearing was light, but unlike usual, he wore heavy makeup.

“You look somewhat mature.”

“I know.”

Yoon Soo-yeon looks surprised to see Han Go-yo like that.

Maybe it’s because he’s wearing makeup or because he’s dressed like that, but the atmosphere is very different from usual.

Should I say something adult-like?

As Han Go-yo appears, the announcer hosting Sing A Star introduces Han Go-yo.

The audience cheers loudly at the introduction.

Hearing that sound, Goyo Han closed his eyes. And then she slowly opens her eyes again.

5th final. If I were to be specific, it’s about halfway through Sing A Star. We have come this far.

I can see the scenery. The audience looking at themselves.

Goyo Han looks away. There were mentors there. He ignores the mentors’ gazes on him and looks at Ha-jun Yoon, who is behind Jeong-yoon.

I remember the bet I made with him.

Winning that bet is just around the corner.


Before starting to sing, Goyo Han let out a breath. And straightened my back.

After that, he took his eyes off Ha-jun Yoon, looked at Su-yeon Yoon, and then looked at the audience in front.

‘I’ll show. As of now, my skills.’

A song plays. A melody full of sorrowful emotions.

This song was prepared to be sung by Jin Se-hee, Han Go-yo’s mentor.

However, he handed it over to Han Goyo.

Since this is the song that Jin Se-hee, who is said to be the best vocalist, tried to sing, the level of perfection of the song is of course incredible.

And it’s not just about high perfection. The level of difficulty is also very high. First of all, aside from everything else, the pitch is extremely high.

Most people won’t even be able to start singing this song. But for Han Goyo, it’s not that difficult.

Hangoyo, who has gathered her emotions, begins to sing.

-There is something I wanted to tell you.

And people’s faces are filled with astonishment at the song of silence.

At best, it’s just the first word. However, the tone of Han Goyo singing those first words was enough to captivate people.

‘Are you really crazy?’

Hajun Yoon is equally astonished. I had expected that Hangoyo hadn’t done his best so far, but I never thought it would have increased to that extent.

‘What is it, am I using a cheat key by myself?’

Show me the talent?

While Ha-jun Yoon was listening to Han Go-yo’s song in astonishment, Su-yeon Yoon was nodding. This is because I realized why Han Goyo chose his first stage.

Hangoyo wants to end with the first stage. The first thing to do is to stand on stage and try to dominate the other contestants.

Realizing that fact, Suyeon Yoon licked her lower lip.

‘Do you think that will happen?’

Of course, if we compare now, Hangoyo’s level is superior.

However, he has Hajun Yoon. This is Yoon Ha-jun’s song that Han Go-yo doesn’t have.

If you can’t win alone, you can win with your brother.

With that thought in mind, Suyeon Yoon looked at Goyo Han singing a song.

This is Han Go-yo, who overwhelms people by showing overwhelming skills.

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