My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 128

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EP23 – Sing A Star (18)

* * *

“You mean the overall production, not just the song?”

“Yes, compared to other mentors, our manpower is a bit lacking, right? So, I was thinking of outsourcing it, but then I heard that Suyeon’s older brother was the producer. “Then, rather than outsourcing it to someone I don’t know, I think it would be better to entrust it to Suyeon’s older brother.”

“That’s right.”

At Jeongyoon’s words, Manager Lim Hooni let out a low hum. Clearly, among the mentors, Jeongyoon’s team has the fewest number of producers or composers.

And there is no rule that says you can’t outsource producing or songwriters. In fact, there are some mentors who are outsourcing their work.

Well, banning outsourcing is too cruel to mentors. Songs must be provided to participants every two to four weeks, but if outsourcing is prohibited, the quality of the stage may deteriorate.

Considering that, there is no particular reason to refuse.

However, it is a bit excessive for the older brother to take full charge of the younger brother’s performance, making songs, producing them, and even directing the stage.

At that level, he is almost like a mentor.

‘How do I do this?’

Saying no is not that difficult. All you have to do is make excuses.

What is important is the picture of the broadcast. Which picture is prettier: rejection or acceptance?

“Is it okay if we have a brief meeting?”


Lim Hoon, who asked for Jeong Yoon’s understanding, stood up.

He is Yoon Soo-yeon’s older brother. Now that I think about it, I remember PD Jin Il-man talking about it after the filming of the 4th final round was over.

Lim Hoon left the conference room and headed to the editing room directly below. He then went to visit producer Jin Il-man, who was editing the film almost half-heartedly.

“Hajun Yoon is in full charge of Suyeon Yoon?”

“It’s not confirmed yet. I’m asking if that’s okay. “Because I make the decision.”

Producer Jin Il-man, who heard the story from Producer Lim Hoon-i, smiled.

‘As expected, there’s no way that Yoon Ha-jun is just watching.’

“So what do you think? “Is it prettier for a painting to refuse or to ask it to do something?”

“You have to do it no matter what.”

“The reason is?”

“A brother and sister who are current high school students with tremendous talent. Isn’t the picture pretty just by looking at the explanation? Plus, it’s Hajun Yoon. “He will never put on a boring performance.”

“I don’t know who this is, Hajun Yoon. “Then do you think Yoon Ha-jun should also appear in Yoon Soo-yeon’s episode?”

“Sure. And if that’s the case, I think it would be okay to come out from the beginning. Hajun was always in the audience anyway. “If possible, I will conduct a separate interview.”

“For that to happen, we’ll have to start with 4 pots worth of modifications, right?”

Producer Jin Il-man spoke as if it was okay with Producer Lim Hoon-i’s words.

“I will do that. Hajun also has some filming to do.”

“Hmm, that’s right.”

Seeing as PD Jin Il-man say something like that, it seems like he really likes Ha-jun Yoon.

Soon after finishing his worries, Lim Hoon got up from his seat.

Then he headed to the conference room to tell Jeongyoon the results.

* * *

“Ah, yes, thank you.”

After finishing the call, put down the cell phone.

Then Sooyeon looked at me with an expectant expression. I chuckle at that gaze.

“why? what? “Are you okay?”

“Uh, from now on I will be in charge of you.”

“Oh yea!”

As soon as I finished speaking, Sooyeon clenched her fists and cheered.

I can’t believe you like it that much. I’m also kind of proud.

“So you’re going to start practicing right away?”

“That’s right.”

“Are you practicing at Jeongyoon’s studio?”

“It’s too small there, and there are a lot of people. So, to use our company’s practice room.”

“MM Entertainment?”

Nod your head.

I got all permission.

“Okay, then let’s go quickly.”

“for a moment. “Please contact the author.”


“I need to film us practicing.”

“Then won’t your brother appear on the broadcast too? “Is it still okay?”

I send a text message to the writer’s contact information I received from Jeongyoon. Then, after checking her face in the mirror, she nodded.

“doesn’t care.”

I was determined to appear on Sing A Star from the moment people and cameras looked at me in the 4th final.

And if Soo-yeon’s reaction improves when I appear, I plan to appear a hundred or a thousand times.

After answering that question, I headed to MM Entertainment with Suyeon.

As I entered the practice room that Sooyeon usually uses (I basically don’t use a practice room, but a studio), I saw a different view of the practice room than usual.

There are cameras installed everywhere, plus writers and VJs stationed near the practice room. In addition, there is PD Jin Il-man, a producer I am very familiar with.

“This is how we get to film together again.”

Producer Jin Il-man spotted my face and approached me with a smile. Then he holds out his hand to me. Hold that hand and smile lightly.

I don’t know why, but PD Jin Il-man really likes me. And PD Jin Il-man is Sing A Star’s sub-producer, in fact, he is the same as an assistant producer.

There is no need to give that person a bad impression.


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“Iknow, right. “How did it end up like this?”

“Hehe, are you going to start practicing right away?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“You can practice as usual. However, I think we will have to have a separate interview after practice, is that okay?”


I nodded.

After finishing the story, get ready for practice.

Transfer the song you brought to the connected computer.

And after having Suyeon come to the center of the stage, he leaves from the front so that he can see Suyeon.

The practice we are doing now is not stage practice, but singing practice.

Of course, I plan to do all the stage directing as well, but that is only possible after the Repechage Tournament is over.

And in the case of choreography, I couldn’t do it myself, so I asked a choreographer belonging to the company to do it separately.

Since Soo-yeon is not that good at dancing, I did not forget to ask her to make the choreography as easy as possible, that is, dance-like choreography.


Exhale to release tension.

Finally, Sooyeon and I are appearing on Sing A Star together. And all preparations for the first stage have been completed.

I look at Suyeon, who is looking at me from the center of the stage.

Then he asks Suyeon.

“Are you ready?”

“We have been preparing for a long time.”

I played the song with a satisfied expression on Suyeon’s bold answer. And Suyeon started singing to the melody that filled the practice room.

* * *

Ha-jun Yoon and Su-yeon Yoon continued to practice singing. And that practice was very different from the practice I had been doing recently.

So, just like when he first recorded, Ha-Jun Yoon told Su-Yeon Yoon specifically what he wanted.

What were you thinking when you wrote this song, and what emotions should you sing it with during this part?


And Yoon Soo-yeon did an excellent job of carrying out Yoon Ha-jun’s orders.

Jeongyoon, who came to watch the practice, looked surprised at the sight of the two.

The atmosphere in the practice room is different.

Of course, until now, Sooyeon Yoon has always faithfully participated in practice. She said she practiced longer than the other contestants.

But it wasn’t such a friendly atmosphere back then. The atmosphere is so good that at first glance, it looks like the two are just having fun.

However, the song sung by Soo-yeon Yoon was never at a playful level, and likewise, Ha-jun Yoon’s spell was definitely not at a playful level.

“With a little more excitement about that part.”


“Hmm, imagine that there is strawberry cake you like when you get home. Then, you will continue to look forward to it and want to go home quickly, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Think of it as that feeling.”

Ha-jun Yoon explained his feelings as easily as possible for Soo-yeon Yoon.

It may seem childish to others, but the method was very effective.

After hearing Ha-jun Yoon’s detailed explanation, Soo-yeon Yoon sings the song with that emotion. That alone makes the song much better.

Every time that happens, Jeongyoon is startled. And it was the same for Hajun Yoon.

‘When on earth did Sooyeon become so skilled?’

In the past, he had to explain and practice several times, but now Ha-jun Yoon is able to perfectly express the emotions he wants after just explaining it once.

On the other hand, Soo-yeon Yoon was smiling throughout practice because she was so happy.

My brother probably doesn’t know how much I looked forward to this practice.

Since the freshman concert, Ha-Jun Yoon has not said anything to Su-Yeon Yoon.

Therefore, Sooyeon Yoon had to think alone about what emotions Hajun Yoon had in creating this song.

And the work was closer to solving a test given by Ha-jun Yoon rather than working together.

I really didn’t like it because it seemed like it was telling me that you weren’t ready to work with me yet.

But now Hajun Yoon is telling us everything he wants. Now it seemed like his skills were being recognized.

I feel like I’m working with my brother, not just getting help, but just following along with my brother’s songs.

That fact filled Suyeon Yoon’s heart.

How much I had hoped for this.

“So how about this time?”

Yoon Soo-yeon, who sang the song again after modifying the emotional processing of the part that was just pointed out, asks Ha-jun Yoon.

Jeongyoon almost intervened in that question without even realizing it.

‘How do you feel? Don’t you know how good the song you’re singing is? Of course, all the songs Sooyeon Yoon has sung so far have been great, but something, something is different this time.’

Is it because you worked on the song with Hajun Yoon? I can’t express it well in words, but I definitely felt better than before.

While Jeongyoon was thinking that, Hajun Yoon shook his head and said.

“The last part is so sad. There is no sad emotion in this song. At the end, um, yes, anticipation turns into happiness, like the moment when you are about to eat that long-awaited cake. “It’s not the end, it’s like it’s just the beginning.”

And Jeong-yoon was surprised again by Ha-jun Yoon’s next words.

‘You’re not satisfied with that song right now?’

However, Yoon Soo-yeon did not refute Yoon Ha-jun’s words and just nodded.

“The moment when you want to have your cake and eat it too.”


“Okay, I thought that was what it felt like.”

“Then let’s sing the last one again.”

Yoon Soo-yeon nods at Ha-jun Yoon’s words and sings the last part again in time with the song.

And Jeongyoon, who heard the song, nodded without realizing it.

I thought the song I just heard was extremely good, but after hearing Soo-yeon Yoon sing it again, I felt like I knew what Ha-jun Yoon wanted.

The last song that Sooyeon Yoon sang just now had the feeling of ‘it’s over.’ For example, the feeling at the end of the fairy tale, where the princess and the prince meet and say, ‘They all lived happily ever after.’

But now it feels like an interlude where we confirm each other’s feelings. Should I say that it leaves a lingering feeling of tickling in my heart?

“That’s amazing.”

Hajun Yoon and Suyeon Yoon are really great. And it was really good to entrust Yoon Soo-yeon to Yoon Ha-jun.

With that in mind, Jeongyoon continued to watch the two practice.

So the two’s practice continued.

Even on the days when Jeongyoon came to see them and on the days when he didn’t, the two of them almost always lived in the practice room where cameras were installed.

At least Soo-yeon Yoon had time to rest in between, but Ha-jun Yoon didn’t have that kind of time.

When Suyeon Yoon took a break from practice, she drew pictures in her notebook and looked up various stages on iTube to prepare the stage.

‘I want to check the stage quickly.’

The stage for the 5th final can only be confirmed after the repechage match is over. So, until then, we cannot prepare specific stage directions.

Meanwhile, the stage choreography was finally completed.

The completed choreography was very easy, just as Ha-Jun Yoon requested. It’s a choreography that anyone can pull off, as long as it’s not very stiff.

Additionally, it suited the atmosphere of the stage very well.

From then on, choreography was added to practice.

And finally, the day of the reprisal match came.

* * *


Of course, Ha-Jun Yoon also participated in the filming of Resurrection Battle.

You still have to be in the audience, but you can only be here for so long. From the 5th final round, Ha-jun Yoon will be next to Jeong Yoon, not in the audience.

Ha-jun Yoon nodded at the sight of Ha-in Lim singing on stage. Im Ha-in’s stage was amazing, just as Ha-jun Yoon expected.

And of course, Lim Ha-in recovered from the repechage match and advanced to the 5th final.

Next, the announcement of the remaining two people who will join the 5th final round comes to an end.

Now, all 18 people who will advance to the 5th final round have been decided.

Among those 18, only 10 can advance to the 6th final.

“Then, we will now reveal the stage where the 5th final round will be held.”

Hajun Yoon’s expression changes as he hears the words of the announcer in charge of hosting Sing A Star.

‘What kind of stage is it? What about the attached screen? What are the props and various items that can be used?’

“And for that, we will move as a group.”

However, it looks like they will be filming in a different location starting from the 5th final round.

At the announcer’s words, everyone who participated in the filming gets up from the studio and travels on a prepared bus.

The place we moved to was a large studio.

If you see Sing A Star written all over it, it looks like it was a stage prepared separately for Sing A Star.

‘I definitely spent some money.’

Looking at the equipment used on stage and the investments made so far, it seems like this broadcasting station is betting its life on Sing A Star.

Well, I guess it will air in prime time on Sundays.

“The stage is right here!”

As soon as the MC finishes speaking, the closed door to the studio opens. And the participants who saw the inside let out a short exclamation.


It was the same for Hajun Yoon.

Inside the studio there was a very large stage. Plus, there are a ton of audience seats.

Even if it’s not that big, a few thousand people will be able to come in.

“1,500 spectators will come to see the finals. And 3,000 people will come to the semifinals, and as many as 15,000 people will come to the finals.”

The number of audiences is no joke.

Hajun Yoon smiles at the announcer’s words.

‘If there’s an audience like that, it must be rich.’

Hajun Yoon is not the only one smiling. Kim Tae-young and Im Ha-in are smiling as if they are satisfied. Of course, Yoon Ha-jun’s younger brother, Yoon Soo-yeon.

“Filming for the 5th final is in two weeks. “Mentors, please prepare the best stage possible.”

The announcer said that and stepped back.

I think we can take a look at the stage now.

The first to come on stage were the mentors.

And the stage directors brought separately by the mentors followed the mentors onto the stage. Hajun Yoon, wearing a school uniform, was also there.

People looked at Hajun Yoon. He stands out the most, perhaps because he is wearing a school uniform.

But people see Ha-jun Yoon not only because he is wearing a school uniform.

They are now keeping Yoon Ha-jun in check. Hajun Yoon, who created the song that received the best evaluation in the 4th final.

Either way, Hajun Yoon examined the stage carefully. And Ha-Jun Yoon, who inspected his entire stage, nodded his head once and then turned to Producer Il-Man Jin.

This is to ask about props that can be used on stage.

In response to Ha-jun Yoon’s question, Il-man Jin told him which props could be used and which props could not be used, and Ha-jun Yoon nodded with a satisfied expression in response.

There are more props that can be used than you might think. At this level, you can create the stage you want.

Finally, Hajun Yoon gathered his thoughts and came down from the stage.

Finally, everything is ready.

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