My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 125

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EP23 – Sing A Star (15)

Taeyoung Kim comes up on stage.

As usual, wearing the school uniform of Seolwon Arts High School and smiling. And Lim Ha-in was looking at Kim Tae-young with more concentration than ever.

Taeyoung Kim must have felt those gazes as she looked at the participants.

Then he smiled leisurely.

As if telling you to watch yourself.

Im Ha-in swallows his saliva at the relaxed look. Indeed, what kind of stage did Taeyoung Kim prepare?

Im Ha-in is not the only one looking forward to Kim Tae-young’s performance. Oh Soo-jeong, who is considered a strong candidate for the title like Im Ha-in, and even Han Go-yo, who finished the performance, are looking forward to Kim Tae-young’s performance.

The smile on Taeyoung Kim’s face becomes brighter when she sees those people’s gaze.

‘Of course, attention is good.’

I thought about it from the first competition I participated in, but it seems like I am a type of person that people often talk about.

It can’t be that good if you get attention. The more audiences there are, the higher the tension.

In that respect, this stage is not a very satisfactory stage for Kim Tae-young.

‘There is no audience.’

There are no people who will cheer after seeing your performance. I really don’t like that.

However, starting from the 5th final, you can perform in front of an audience.

So you can’t lose in a place like this.

If you lose, it must be in front of a large audience.

A song begins to flow from the speakers installed in the studio.

And Im Ha-in’s expression turns dark after hearing that song.

‘Awesome night.’

Although it is not a song that represents Lim Ho-jun, it is still a very popular song, and at the same time, it is a song that suits Kim Tae-young extremely well.

It’s a tropical house song that’s fun from start to finish, and it’s one of the songs that come to mind when I think of summer.

Additionally, a rock-style arrangement was added to an already exciting song, making it a truly mind-blowing song.

Taeyoung Kim nods as if she likes the melody. She then turns her body lightly. As if she were declaring that she would run happily from now on.


Seeing Kim Tae-young like that, Yoon Ha-jun, who was watching from the audience, shook his head as if he had lost.

He hasn’t even started singing yet, but he’s already got people’s attention focused on him.

After all, you’re a world star? He knows how to dominate the stage. And when the song started in earnest, Taeyoung Kim started running wild on stage.

So, I’m literally going crazy.

Running around on stage and singing. The others expressed their admiration at the sight, and Goyo Han made an astounded expression.

‘There is no such thing as a maniac.’

But it cannot be looked upon lightly. Taeyoung Kim’s stage shakes people’s emotions in a different way than Hangoyo.

In fact, the other participants who are watching Kim Tae-young’s performance are shaking their bodies without even realizing it.

No, not just the contestants. Mentors are just holding back for reasons of respect. It’s the same for them to just go with the rhythm lightly.

As expected, Kim Tae-young is not someone you can look down on.

Of course, if we only think about singing ability, Yoon Soo-yeon and Han Go-yo are better.

However, Kim Tae-young is better on stage.

Because Han Go-yo and Yoon Soo-yeon cannot perform on a stage like that.

Han Go-yo, who imagined herself running around on stage like Kim Tae-young, quickly shook her head.

‘No, no matter what, that’s not true. Let’s not just copy others and put on a performance that only we can do.’

While Han Go-yo was thinking that, Kim Tae-young’s stage rushed to the end.

Even though she has been on stage for over two minutes already, Taeyoung Kim shows no sign of fatigue. He runs around the stage like he just got on stage.

-Because tonight is an amazing night!

Awesome night!

Participants sing along to the exciting and addictive chorus sung by Taeyoung Kim. And Kim Tae-young’s tension rises after hearing that sound.

Seeing that, Im Ha-in made a perplexed expression.

As expected, Taeyoung Kim’s style is similar to her own. Additionally, she has excellent stage manners.

I’m only 18 years old.

‘Should I consider myself lucky that we met now?’

Im Ha-in sighed, “Whew.”

It is true that Taeyoung Kim performs exceptionally well for her age, but that does not mean she is perfect.

If you think about that, you too have a chance of winning.

-Throw away your worries and have fun!

Let’s enjoy tonight!

Soon after, Taeyoung Kim’s performance ended. At the same time, the participants and mentors applauded lightly.

At that sound, Taeyoung Kim smiled with satisfaction.

Although the audience is small.

Still, the audience is the audience.

“It was truly amazing. I thought I was at some kind of concert. “It was the most exciting performance of the contestants I’ve ever seen.”

“you’re right. She’s only 18 years old and she looks amazing. “I’m afraid of the future.”

“What is there to be afraid of? We just have to enjoy it. If you have a concert in the future, please be sure to invite me. “It’s nice to have fun after a long time.”

The mentors spoke kindly and praised Kim Tae-young’s performance. At that sound, Kim Tae-young turned her head and looked at her Im Ha-in.

Im Ha-in was still looking at Kim Tae-young.

Soon their eyes met, and the two laughed happily.

“Hyung, I’m looking forward to the performance.”

After saying that, Taeyoung Kim came off the stage.

Then he took a deep breath.


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I was very satisfied with my performance just now.

‘I think I’m a little excited, but I guess that’s okay. The response from the mentors and participants was also very good.’

Now it’s time to see Im Ha-in’s performance. Indeed, what kind of stage has Im Ha-in prepared?

Taeyoung Kim looks at the stage with an excited expression.

Soon after, Im Ha-in came up on stage.

Im Ha-in didn’t say anything. He just holds the microphone on stage.

“Shall we start the performance right away?”


Im Ha-in nodded at the words of his mentor, Lee Myung-soo.

There is even a solemn look on that face.

‘Not yet, not yet.’

I still can’t leave this place.

Be it for the sake of his family, who had put him through a hard time until now, or for his mother, who had given everything to his immature self. She says she has to win.

While Im Ha-in was composing himself, the song started.

Taeyoung Kim smiled bitterly at that song.

The song Lim Ha-in chose was titled ‘what?’, and as Kim Tae-young expected, it was a song sung by a girl group.

A song about showing off to your ex-boyfriend by telling him that you were a fool for abandoning me and that you will regret it.

Of course, it is much more exciting compared to the original song because it was arranged.

But that’s only in comparison to the original song.

If you think about it without considering the original song, it is not that exciting of a song.

In addition, Kim Tae-young’s stage just before was so exciting that it felt relatively more boring.

And people looked at Im Ha-in with sad expressions even though the song had not even started. The results are already out.

Same style. However, one side sings a song that shows off all of their strengths, and the other sings a song that kills their strengths.

It is not difficult to predict the results.

Even Im Ha-in’s mentor, Lee Myung-soo, looked somewhat determined.

No one at the filming site is thinking about Lim Ha-in’s victory.

Only one person.

Except for Im Ha-in himself.

‘are you okay.’

If you sing your way, you have a chance of winning. There is no need to feel intimidated by the thought of defeat.

With that in mind, Im Ha-in began the performance.

And Im Ha-in’s performance that started like that broke people’s minds.

Clearly, the song Im Ha-in is singing now, ‘what?’, is not a song that suits Im Ha-in.

But why do they fit together so well?

-Because I’m handsome!

So much so that you regret dumping me.

Because I’m going to do well!

Im Ha-in sings while kicking loudly on stage. The mentors smile at that sight.

Originally, ‘what?’ is a very charismatic song.

A song about making you regret abandoning me.

But now, Im Ha-in’s ‘what?’ song seemed to be saying, ‘It’s a breakup, and I’ll forget you and live well.’

Kim Tae-young, who was watching Lim Ha-in’s performance, gulps and swallows.

Until just a moment ago, Taeyoung Kim expected her victory like everyone else. But now that he sees Lim Ha-in’s performance, he realizes how arrogant that was.

Im Ha-in’s stage was very great. She perfectly sings a song that doesn’t suit her and elicits a positive response from everyone watching the performance so that they can enjoy it together.

Kim Tae-young’s spine shivered.

If your situation had changed with Im Ha-in, would you have been able to perform like Im Ha-in?

Kim Tae-young, who was thinking about that, immediately shook his head.

No, I couldn’t have done it like that.

Of course, he would have somehow managed to put on a pretty good stage, but he wouldn’t have been able to make it his own so perfectly.

While Kim Tae-young was thinking that, Im Ha-in’s performance came to an end.

Im Ha-in, who finished the performance, looks at the mentors with a happy expression.

Now it’s time to be evaluated.

“It was a good stage.”

The first mentor to speak up was Jin Se-hee.

Jin Se-hee said, looking at Im Ha-in with a happy smile, as if she was in a good mood.

“I think it’s a stage that everyone can enjoy. Should I say that just looking at it makes people feel better? Taeyoung, Hain, and everyone else were of excellent quality, so I enjoyed listening to it.”

“that’s right. “At first, I was worried about whether Mr. Hain could sing this song well, but it turned out to be a useless thought.”

“It was definitely an arrangement, but somehow it felt like a completely different song. And if it’s a happy farewell like this, I think it’ll be okay.”

The mentors’ evaluations were concluded with the evaluation of Jeongyoon, who recently divorced.

After confirming that, Taeyoung Kim went back on stage.

Now is the time to decide who will be eliminated.

Seeing Kim Tae-young and Im Ha-in on stage, the mentors sighed and started talking.

“Now we have to decide who will be eliminated.”

“Do we really need to drop one of those two?”

“I’m so sorry. “Compared to them, contestants who are much weaker still advance to the next round.”

There was deep regret on the faces of the mentors. If I have to eliminate one of those two, I want to make them both winners and advance to the next round.

But that can’t be possible.

There is only one winner.

The mentors began a meeting to decide who would be eliminated. And that meeting was the longest meeting so far.

How much time has passed?

The mentors’ meeting came to an end when Taeyoung Kim’s legs began to hurt as she stood on stage.

“It was the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make. “I never imagined that deciding who would be eliminated would be this difficult.”

The mentor who announced the results was Lim Ha-in’s mentor, Lee Myeong-soo.

“I would like to let both of you advance to the next round, but rules are rules. Then we will announce the eliminated candidates. Whoever is eliminated!”

Lee Myung-soo, who had said that far, kept his mouth shut for a moment. Then he looked at Im Ha-in with a bitter expression for a moment, and then spoke the name of the person who was eliminated.

“This is Im Ha-in. Taeyoung Kim advanced to the 5th final. congratulations.”

As soon as Lee Myung-soo finished speaking, Im Ha-in let out a deep sigh. And Kim Tae-young made a bitter expression like the one Lee Myung-soo had just made.

I’m not feeling good. He clearly won, advancing to the 5th final where he could release music and perform in front of an audience as he wanted.

I’m not happy at all.

“I really felt sorry for Mr. Hein.”

“that’s right. “It was unfortunate that we lost 3:2.”

“I was unlucky. “If Mr. Hain had sung a different song instead of ‘what?’, I wouldn’t have known.”

Kim Tae-young bowed his head as he heard the mentors comforting Im Ha-in.

Even though I clearly won, I feel a strong sense of defeat.

No, I didn’t just feel defeated. She actually lost to Im Ha-in as a singer. This fact can be seen just by listening to what the mentors are saying now.

Everything he won was thanks to the song.

Because he sang a song that suited him better, he only won because it was evaluated as a better stage.

If he had changed the song, or even if he had sung the same song, he would have lost.


Im Ha-in extended his hand towards Kim Tae-young with a smiling face.

Kim Tae-young thought for a moment when he saw that, then grabbed Lim Ha-in’s hand.

“… … thank you.”

“If this happens, you must win.”

Im Ha-in, who said that with a kind smile until the end, got off the stage and headed to the place where the defeated people gathered.

Kim Tae-young, who was looking at that, clenched his fists.

I felt very dirty.

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