My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 124

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EP23 – Sing A Star (14)

‘one day, last kiss’.

It is one of Jeong Yoon’s hit songs and is a song that is deeply imbued with Jeong Yoon’s unique sensitivity.

It features a witty and cheerful melody and lyrics about longing for love, and the humming inserted in between adds to the sadness.

When I first heard this song, what I liked the most were the lyrics.

The lyrics seem to be reminiscent of a lost lover and also seem to be about a farewell journey.

The biggest reason why I remade this song is because of the lyrics.

And when it came time to remake it, I heard about the lyrics from Jeong Yoon. Contrary to my expectations, the lyrics of ‘one day, last kiss’ are about a lover who is about to die, thinking about his lover who will be left alone, and hoping that he will remember her. It was.

Although the content was darker than expected, I really liked the lyrics, so I changed the mood of the song to match the content of the lyrics.

In a way that kills the lightness as much as possible and preserves the nostalgia. And the song that was completed in that way received very good reviews from Jeongyoon.

No, it wasn’t just good reviews. Jeongyoon really wanted my remake version of ‘One Day, Last Kiss’.

Give it to yourself.

Please let me sing this song.

But I refused Jeongyoon’s request. Because I wanted to sing.

But the problem was that the remade song was too difficult for me to sing.

So in the end, I had to re-arrange the song so that I could sing it, and Ha-Jun Youn’s version of ‘One Day, Last Kiss’ was completely ruined.

When I think about that time, a bitter expression naturally forms on my face.

At that time, if I had given that song to Jeongyoon without being greedy. So, if the song received good reviews and, as Jeongyoon said, she gave up her career as a singer and chose to become a composer.

Was there another way for me?

Giving Su-yeon a chance to not die from overwork, earn money through singing, and achieve the dream that Su-yeon couldn’t talk about. Was there such a way?

While thinking about that, I shake my head.

These are all just meaningless assumptions. My past life is already over. There is nothing left to regret that time and torment yourself.

And I have already been given a new opportunity. This opportunity cannot be missed.

With that in mind, I continue revising ‘one day, last kiss’.

“not there yet?”

How long had it been like that? As I was putting the finishing touches on the work, Sooyeon, who was rolling around on the sofa, asked me while eating Pepero.

In response to that question, he lightly clears his throat and says.

“It’s done.”


Suyeon’s eyes sparkle at my answer. She then adjusted her posture to sit down, causing the top she was wearing to roll up and expose her stomach.

Looking at that, I click my tongue and say, “Tsk, tsk.” I’m a high school student now, so why do I get so dressed up like this?

Reach out and take down your clothes. After covering Suyeon’s stomach, she said to Suyeon.

“And then I get an upset stomach.”

“Do you know what kind of kid I am?”

After saying that, Suyeon poured all of the remaining Pepero into her mouth. Then Pepero crumbs fell on the sofa.

“… … “I think I got hit by a kid.”

“People can make mistakes. So what about the song?”

“for a moment.”

After cleaning up the crumbs that had fallen on the sofa, I played the edited song ‘One Day, Last Kiss’. Soon, a song flows from the laptop’s speakers.

Compared to the original song, the melody is much more depressing and sad. Instead, the key of the humming inserted in the middle is raised and the melody is changed to become brighter.

So, the style of the song is completely reversed.

The melody that was witty and cheerful in the original song became gloomy and sad, and the melody that was gloomy and sad in the original song became cheerful.

“how is it?”

Soon the song finished playing and I asked Suyeon what she felt.

Suyeon looks at me at my question. And she looked worried for a moment before answering.

“Is this the ‘one day, last kiss’ you were thinking of?”

“Well, that’s right. ‘If I were to sing it, wouldn’t I sing it in this style?’ “And that’s what I made.”

“Hmm, that’s right.”

Suyeon nodded as if she was satisfied with what I said. I guess I was still paying attention to what I said last time.

“I absolutely love it. “Especially because it’s not a song for me, but a song for my brother.”

“So can I sing it?”

It’s a little hard to say this after I made it, but the version I arranged for ‘One Day, Last Kiss’ is very difficult to sing.

To begin with, the original song of ‘one day, last kiss’ itself is not an easy song to sing.

It’s not because of the vocal range. Rather, the sound range itself does not change significantly and is not very high, so there is no problem.

The problem is the beat and rhythm.

What should I say about the beat and rhythm of ‘one day, last kiss’?

It’s very arbitrary. Should I say it is very changeable or freewheeling?

Because of that, it’s really hard to sing live.

What’s worse, did the original author, Jeongyoon, give up on calling it something he couldn’t digest properly after he got older?

I was very disappointed about that fact.

Well, ‘one day, last kiss’ is a song that Jeongyoon cherishes very much.

That’s why I coveted the remake version of ‘One Day, Last Kiss’.

Anyway, no matter how talented Sooyeon is, it won’t be easy to sing this song.

Suyeon looks worried for a moment at my words and then says.

“Of course it’s difficult alone.”

“As expected, right?”

“Of course it’s difficult alone.”

“Yes, but I think it’s possible if you help me.”


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As she said that, Sooyeon looked at me.

There was a faint smile on his face.

* * *

“how is it?”

Su-yeon Yoon asks while looking at Jeong-yoon with a smiling expression.

And in response to that question, Jeongyoon spoke with a sincere expression of admiration.

“Sooyeon’s brother arranged this?”


“No matter what, there’s no way I could make an arrangement like this in one day… … .”

“Ah, there just happened to be a version that was worked on as a moisturizer.”

‘It’s a version I worked on as a habit… … . So you’re saying that you arranged it to this quality through study?’

Jeongyoon made a shocked expression.

Jeong Yoon is now well aware of the fact that the talent of Yoon Soo-yeon in front of him is not much inferior to that of other candidates for the championship.

Considering that he is only 17 years old and that it has only been a year since he started singing in earnest, his talent is truly unbelievable.

In fact, when Jeong-yoon heard from Soo-yeon Yoon that it had only been a year since she started singing in earnest, she felt defeated.

However, I feel that Yoon Soo-yeon’s older brother, who arranged this song, is more amazing than Yoon Soo-yeon. And at the same time, I crave it.

That’s how much Jung Yoon liked ‘One Day, Last Kiss’, arranged by Ha-Jun Yoon.

In my heart, I want to sing it myself instead of Yoon Soo-yeon.



“Don’t forget what I said last time. “If you pass the 4th round and advance to the 5th round, I will ask you to meet Soo-yeon’s older brother.”

“Sure. “But my brother also said he had something to say to his mentor.”

“That’s good.”

Jeongyoon nods.

Just like that, preparations for ‘One Day, Last Kiss’, sung by Sooyeon Yoon, were completed.

Now all that’s left is to practice singing this song more perfectly until the 4th final filming day.

And when Soo-yeon Yoon started practicing, Jeong-yoon was once again surprised.

“… … “The interpretation of the song is very good.”

“My brother told me.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“This song is sung by a person who is about to leave, thinking about the person who will be left alone.”

Jeongyoon looked shocked at Yoon Soo-yeon’s words.

‘You noticed that in those lyrics? ‘That which no one, including critics, noticed?’

Jeongyoon clenched his fists.

No matter what happens, I have to meet Yoon Soo-yeon’s older brother. And she wants to share her story with him.

When Jeongyoon thought that, he looked at Suyeon Yoon, who was practicing singing.

While Soo-yeon Yoon was practicing with Jeong-yoon, Im Ha-in was going through something very difficult.

As Kim Tae-young and Yoon Ha-jun expected, Lim Ha-in ended up singing a girl group song. Of course, the composer under Lee Myung-soo did his best to arrange it.

However, it was impossible to kill all the feeling of the original song.

As a result, I put a lot of effort into matching the mood of the song.


Im Ha-in sighed after finishing practice. Then he thinks of his opponent, Kim Tae-young.

Can you really beat Kim Tae-young with this song?

In Im Ha-in’s opinion, Kim Tae-young has a similar style to himself. Stage optimization. A style that is stronger in practice than in practice. And the more excited she gets, the more awesome she shows.

Same style. Additionally, there isn’t that much of a difference in skill level.

However, there is a big difference in the song.

The song that Im Ha-in will sing is a song that brags about himself. A song about how amazing I am.

No matter how exciting the melody is arranged, there is no way the lyrics will be exciting.

On the other hand, the mentor of Taeyoung Kim’s team is Hojun Lim. One of Korea’s best composers. And he is a composer famous for playing a wide variety of genres.

Of course, among the songs composed by Lim Ho-jun, there are dance songs and band songs that are so exciting that your body starts shaking just by listening to them.

Can you really win against Kim Tae-young, who sings like that?

Im Ha-in bit his lip.

I don’t want to lose. He does not want to betray Lee Myung-soo, who trusted him even though he showed a disappointing side, again. I want to live up to the expectations he has.

And more than anything, I never want to feel that feeling again.

Soon after, Im Ha-in started practicing again.

Thinking that I don’t want to lose no matter what happens.

I continued practicing.

* * *

The 4th final has finally begun.

If you win this 4th final, you can finally advance to the 5th final. And advancing to the 5th final means receiving the opportunity to release music.

That’s not all. From the 5th final round, you will be singing on stage in front of an audience.

No participant wants to miss that opportunity.

“Whoa, I’m nervous.”

“I know.”

Participants who have become friends talk to each other.

There was heavy tension among the participants.

Well, if it’s natural, it’s natural.

If I win this time, I will have the opportunity to release the music and perform in front of an audience. No one would be let loose in front of such a stage.

“Do well on stage today.”

“Oh, of course.”

“I don’t plan on losing, but shouldn’t I still have fun on stage?”


no. There are two people.

The participants looked at the two people, Kim Tae-young and Im Ha-in, who were laughing and talking with tired expressions.

I have to go on stage soon, so why am I smiling like that? Even those two are competitors. Only one of the two will advance to the next round.

But how can he smile like that?

The participants looked at the two curiously.

But they didn’t know.

The fact that Kim Tae-young and Lim Ha-in are smiling on the outside, but on the inside, they are evaluating each other more calmly than anyone else.

Soon after, preparations for filming were completed and the actual stage began.

The beginning of the first stage was none other than Han Goyo.

The song chosen by Hangoyo was ‘Paradise’, a representative song by Jin Se-hee, who is called the Empress Vocalist of Korea.

Participants are mesmerized by the sight of Han Goyo singing on stage.

Han Goyo’s song was beautiful. And at the same time, it was extremely sad.

-In this place called paradise.

I don’t have you.


It wasn’t just the participants who were mesmerized. The mentors also looked shocked.

Goyo Han is the strongest candidate to win. So I already knew that he had great skills.

But even though I know this, Han Goyo’s performances are always shocking. And at the same time, it is destructive.

It was such an overwhelming stage and song.

Soon the song of Hangoyo ends.

Then the mentors started praising Han Go-yo without anyone else.

As if there was a compliment battle going on.

But not a single person questioned that appearance. That’s why Hangoyo’s stage was so amazing.

What’s more, I wonder if Lim Ho-jun, who is known for his arrogance, said that he wanted to give a song just for Han Go-yo.

Han Goyo, who received such evaluation, comes down to the stage. And of course, the victory was Han Go-yo’s. That was an overwhelming win of 5:0.

However, that does not mean that Han Go-yo’s opponent is less skilled. I didn’t get an all pass, but I got 4 passes, and I got compliments on all the performances I’ve done so far.

If the opponent wasn’t Goyo Han, he wouldn’t have received such an overwhelming evaluation.

But I had bad luck. His opponent was Han Goyo, and her singing was perfect.

The man moved to the place prepared for the eliminated candidates with a dejected expression.

Han Go-yo looked at him with indifferent eyes, then turned her head and looked at Kim Tae-young nearby.

Taeyoung Kim must have noticed her gaze and gets up from her seat and approaches Goyo Han.

“It’s your turn soon, right?”

“that’s right.”

“You’re not planning on falling from here, are you?”

Kim Tae-young laughs at Han Go-yo’s question.

As if it was absurd.

“What kind of nonsense are you saying?”

“I’m glad.”

“What, are you worried about me?”

Goyo Han frowned at the sight of Taeyoung Kim giggling. As if she heard a terrible sound.

Then he turned his head and looked at Hajun Yoon in the audience and said.

“Because it has to be me, not anyone else, to beat you.”

Taeyoung Kim looked surprised at the unexpected words.

‘I never thought such words would come out of Han Goyo’s mouth.’

“I didn’t know you had a rivalry with me.”

“It’s not just you.”


Goyo Han was still looking at Hajun Yoon.

Taeyoung Kim frowns at that sight.

“You and Yoon Su-yeon, I will win.”

Goyo Han takes his gaze off Hajun Yoon. And then I look at Taeyoung Kim.

Han Goyo’s eyes are becoming more lively than usual.

“So everyone will recognize that I am the one who can sing Hajun’s song best.”

After saying that, Goyo Han passed by Taeyoung Kim. As if she had nothing more to say.

Kim Tae-young turned and spoke to Han Go-yo’s back.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t compromise on that.”

“Who asked you to give up?”

Goyo Han responded to Taeyoung Kim’s words without even looking back.

Kim Taeyoung scratched the back of his head at that sight.

‘shit. ‘Well, there are so many rivals.’

Han Go-yo, Yun Soo-yeon, and even Jin So-hyang.

‘Now that I think about it, they’re all women except me? Oh, this shouldn’t be done like this.’

If one person tries to monopolize Yoon Ha-jun’s song. Then will other women be able to forgive him?

If you do it wrong, there could be a fight between the women.

‘I can’t help it.’

To prevent something like that from happening, I have no choice but to take Yoon Ha-jun’s song for myself.

And to do that, we need to win against Im Ha-in right now.

Taeyoung Kim heads to the stage.

Now it’s your turn.

In order to win against Im Ha-in, and then to proceed to the stage, Kim Tae-young climbed the stairs leading to the stage.

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