My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 122

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EP23 – Sing A Star (12)

The third final round has begun.

From the 3rd round of the finals, it is one-on-one competition and each team is reduced to 12 people, so mentors begin to provide mentoring in earnest.

However, since it is not possible to mentor everyone equally, there are separate participants who pay attention.

And the participants who pay attention are usually those with relatively low skills.

In the case of participants with certain skills, rather than mentoring them, we proceed by making them sing and listening to them.

The most important thing in the 3rd final is to save as many team members as possible more than anything else.

In that respect, Suyeon Yoon has hardly ever received mentoring until now.

All of the songs were written by Ha-Jun Yoon, and Su-Yeon Yoon thought and practiced alone on how to bring the songs to life.

However, this does not mean that Jeong-yoon has given up on Su-yeon Yoon.

Rather, I believe that Yoon Soo-yeon’s victory in the third final is certain, so I leave it to her.

And Sooyeon Yoon definitely repaid that trust.

Sooyeon Yoon sings on stage. Mentors, officials, and participants were amazed at the sight.

That’s because Yoon Soo-yeon has never really shown her true colors during the finals so far.

Su-yeon Yoon’s new strengths that she has developed since her freshman concert.

Emotion and immersion.

Yoon Soo-yeon’s parts in the first and second finals were too short to show that. Nevertheless, although she received rave reviews, it was because of Yoon Soo-yeon’s outstanding qualities.

In order to fully feel the emotions that Sooyeon Yoon has, you need to listen for as long as possible. Because emotions don’t accumulate in a short period of time.

It is necessary to immerse yourself in the emotions while listening to the song from the beginning, feel the emotions that change as the song develops, and eventually become immersed and express your emotions in the highlights.

In that respect, the solo parts of the first and second finals, which last only about 30 seconds at most, are too short to fully enjoy Yoon Soo-yeon’s strengths.

-Waiting for the separation that will happen someday.

Sooyeon Yoon sings.

My expression becomes distorted and tears form.

I’ve felt it since I was practicing, but my heart aches every time I sing this song.

A breakup that will come someday. Time is not infinite.

finite time. A separation that will come someday. To prepare for separation, we love harder and pour our all into it. At the same time, I prepare for the separation that will come someday.

The song I’m singing right now contains all of those emotions.

Sooyeon Yoon thinks of home while singing.

My brother reclining on the living room sofa and making a song, and myself lying on the sofa. And even his mother who watches the drama next to him and talks to him.

A place that warms your heart just thinking about it.

But I feel sad when I think about one day being alone in that place.

And Sooyeon Yoon put all of those emotions into the song.

The lovely melody expresses all the sorrowful feelings of preparing for the separation that will come someday.


Han Goyo, who was listening to the song, let out a brief exclamation.

As I felt at the freshman concert last time, there is something about Suyeon Yoon’s song that I don’t have.

Should I call it ‘loveliness’?

Should I say ‘bright’?

That is definitely something Han Goyo does not have.

Soon, Suyeon Yoon’s song ended. And the subsequent evaluation was close to rave reviews.


“I think the emotional line is very good. Bright but sad. “It’s never easy to express that, but Suyeon expressed it really well.”

“I think the expression of emotion was really good.”

“There is warmth in Suyeon’s songs. Should I say that I comfort people?”

As much as Soo-yeon Yoon received rave reviews, Soo-yeon Yoon’s opponent, Mi-yeon Kim, was intimidated. She is an opponent with a huge skill gap, and on top of that, she is intimidated, so there is no way she will be able to perform properly on stage.

Of course, the result was a landslide victory for Yoon Soo-yeon.

Sooyeon Yoon advanced to the fourth round very smoothly.

Yoon Ha-jun looks at Yoon Soo-yeon, who passed the exam. Hajun Yoon said nothing.

Seeing that, Suyeon Yoon licked her lips with her tongue.

What did my brother think when he saw his performance? Was he satisfied? When he wrote a song, did he express everything he was thinking?

I want to ask. And I want to hear my brother’s sincerity.

I don’t just want to hear praise for doing well, I sincerely want to hear my brother’s sincerity.

And I want to sing a song that my brother made because he wanted to make it, not a song that was out of consideration for me.

I want to let them know that I am not just a younger brother who only receives consideration and help from my older brother.

I want to walk proudly as a singer next to my brother, who is a composer.

While Sooyeon Yoon was thinking those thoughts, the stage progressed steadily. And soon it was Kim Tae-young’s turn.

Kim Tae-young’s opponent, Kang Jun-su’s stage was really great.

From the song to the stage.

There are almost no flaws.

And against that opponent, Kim Tae-young won a landslide victory.

Suyeon Yoon looks surprised.

Taeyoung Kim. I heard that he was my brother’s friend, but was he really that great of a person?

Of course, I received an all-pass and showed good performance in the first and second finals, but I had no idea that I could sing that well.

‘Are you sure you’re the one who goes around with your brother? Well, there are no ordinary people among those people. One is the best idol and the other is a singer with the best skills.’

And it means that he has skills that no one else can ignore.

“How was it, little brother?”

After finishing the stage, Kim Tae-young approaches Yoon Soo-yeon and asks.

Sooyeon Yoon thought for a moment about what to answer to that question, and then spoke honestly.


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“I’m your brother’s younger brother.”

“Hajun and I are soulmates, so you are like my younger brother.”

Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression distorts at Kim Tae-young’s words.

‘I’m a friend who shares my soul with my brother, so he’s like my younger brother? Something feels really bad.’

Kim Tae-young clicks his tongue at the sight of Yoon Soo-yeon, who blatantly dislikes her.

“Isn’t it too obvious that you hate it?”


“… … “You don’t necessarily deny it?”


Ugh, Taeyoung Kim sighs.

‘How did I get treated like this? I could never have imagined being treated like this when I played the piano. This is all because of Yoon Ha-jun. ‘Just because he ignores me doesn’t mean his brother ignores me too.

Hmm, that’s not to say that Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang also treat themselves in a somewhat subtle manner.

“Well, since it’s Goyo’s turn soon, let’s just look at Goyo’s stage.”


Su-yeon Yoon nods at Tae-young Kim’s words.

Yes, it’s soon Han Goyo’s stage. The strongest candidate for the championship in name and reality. And a person with such overwhelming skills.

Hangoyo comes up on stage.

Goyo Han, wearing the school uniform of Seolwon Arts High School and wearing a calm expression, was indifferent as usual.

Should I say I’m not nervous? That kind of mentality is definitely strong. And upon seeing Han Go-yo’s appearance, Jin Se-hee, Han Go-yo’s mentor, looked confident.

Soo-yeon Yoon, Tae-young Kim, and Soo-jeong Oh. In addition, many other participants showed excellent performances. But not as quiet as silence.

I’m not just saying this because it’s his team, Goyo Han is truly a great guy.

The song starts soon after.

A song composed by Jin Se-hee herself.

A melody full of sadness just by listening to it.

And Han Goyo’s expression changes to that melody.

In that state, I think about the song by Yoon Su-yeon that I just heard.

Suyeon Yoon’s skills are definitely amazing. Moreover, next to Yoon Soo-yeon is Yoon Ha-jun.

Suyeon Yoon’s songs have strengths that Goyo Han doesn’t have.

But that doesn’t mean I think I’ll lose.

-Preparing for separation.

The song prepared by Han Goyo is similar to Yoon Soo-yeon. A song about preparing for a breakup.

But the sensibility is different.

While the song prepared by Soo-yeon Yoon contained the sadness of preparing for parting while being filled with love, the song prepared by Goyo Han contained the sadness of preparing for parting from the beginning.

And when the Hangoyo song started, the mentors and participants all looked shocked.

Han Go-yo’s strengths are similar to those of Yoon Soo-yeon.

Emotion and immersion.

However, the level of immersion is higher in Hangoyo than in Suyeon Yoon.

Of course, Han Go-yo cannot sing about love like Yoon Su-yeon.

However, when it comes to expressing sadness, Yoon Soo-yeon can never beat Han Go-yo.


Hajun Yoon looked at it and sighed.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but there will be very few people who can beat Han Go-yo when it comes to mournful ballads.

However, this does not mean that Hangoyo cannot sing other genres.

That means he sings ballads well.

Additionally, that ballad is a genre that has tremendous strength in audition programs like this.

Because sorrowful emotions and high notes are the best way to elicit a dramatic reaction.

Jin Hye-jin, Han Go-yo’s partner, sighs in response to Han Go-yo’s overwhelming song.

Jin Hye-jin was very proud of her skills.

I thought that I was a very good singer, and in reality, I was like that.

In fact, I received an all-pass and always received good reviews.

However, Jin Hye-jin’s pride in her own skills was broken at this moment.

That’s how overwhelming Han Goyo’s skills are.

After the two-minute performance, they received rave reviews.

And of course the winner was Han Goyo.

Jin Hye-jin, who was evaluated as one of the candidates for the championship and had high expectations, was defeated by Han Go-yo in vain.

“I can’t help it.”

And Jin Hye-jin coolly accepted the result.

The difference in skill is too obvious to feel resentful or regretful. If you fight ten times, you will lose all ten times.

Since the skill level is so overwhelmingly different, it is simply ‘encountered with a natural disaster.’ I decided to move on.

“Are you going to win?”

Below the stage, Jin Hye-jin asks Han Go-yo.

Goyo Han nodded at those words.


“Then make sure you win.”

“I think so.”

Yes, I plan to win no matter what.

More than anything else, to run by his side.

* * *

After the 3rd final, it is now time for the 4th final. And the participants looked somewhat embarrassed after hearing the explanation of the song they would sing in the fourth round.

That’s because the song that will be sung in the 4th final is the mentor’s song.

He arranges the songs of his mentors and sings them in his own style.

That is the rule for the 4th final.

“I’m glad.”

This is truly fortunate for Yoon Soo-yeon. Jeongyoon is an emotional singer, and her songs suit Sooyeon Yoon well.

And the same goes for Han Goyo.

Jin Se-hee, the best vocalist, sings very well with Han Go-yo.

Kim Tae-young also did not react badly.

In the first place, I came to Lim Ho-jun while enduring his cheesy personality because I wanted his songs.

But there is one person who has a really bad expression.

This is Im Ha-in.

Im Ha-in’s mentor, Lee Myung-soo, is an entertainment representative. And the entertainment company Lee Myung-soo runs is a company specializing in girl groups.

Of course, there are men’s groups, but the evaluation of the men’s groups that come out of the company Myungsoo Lee runs is all subtle.

Actually, the song is ambiguous.

Besides that, the opponent is not good either.

Like the 3rd final, the 4th final will be held one-on-one, but this time, instead of someone choosing an opponent, it will be a random draw.

And Im Ha-in’s opponent was none other than Kim Tae-young.

Im Ha-in looks at Kim Tae-young.

Kim Tae-young’s performance in the third final was very excellent.

‘Can I win by singing a girl group song against someone like that?’

On the other hand, unlike Im Ha-in, Kim Tae-young was smiling brightly.

I was nervous because Im Ha-in, one of the strongest candidates for the championship, was my opponent, but I never expected that Im Ha-in would be singing a girl group song.

‘That’s a good thing.’

Yes, it is very good for you. Well, it’s a bit disappointing that I can’t stick with full power, but it’s still better to stick than to fall.

Taeyoung Kim’s goal, like the other participants, is to win.

Winning is more important than falling.

However, that did not make Taeyoung Kim relax. Although he sings girl group songs, that doesn’t mean Lim Ha-in’s skills are any less good.

Although Lim Ha-in received the worst evaluation in the first round, he received good reviews in the second round and received rave reviews in the third round.

And Im Ha-in’s stage style is similar to his own. He is the type of person who goes wild on stage and saves the mood.

Taeyoung Kim sighs, “Whew.”

After the third final round, the number of participants decreased from 60 to 30. And only 15 people remain in the 4th final, and only 10 remain in the 5th final.

And if you make it to the top 10, you get closer to winning.

‘You can’t lose.’

Taeyoung Kim clenched her fists.

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