My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 119

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EP23 – Sing A Star (9)


The second round of Sing A Star went as expected.

So, the winning team wins, the losing team also gets promoted, and the evaluation hasn’t changed much from the first round.

The only person whose evaluation changed significantly is Im Ha-in. Even that is because Lee Myung-soo arranged clothes that fit Im Ha-in, that is, the song, thereby satisfying the conditions for Im Ha-in to run wild.

Hajun Yoon, who was watching, crossed his arms and tapped his forearm. The results themselves are not very surprising since the people who were supposed to pass anyway did so.

Well, maybe Imhain will run out? Although I thought about it. As expected, that didn’t happen. But it’s okay because Sooyeon passed.

On stage, mentors praise the team that Suyeon Yoon belongs to. However, the song that received the most praise was not Yoon Soo-yeon or any other team member, but Yoon Ha-jun’s song.

“I really liked the song. “I just think it’s okay for this team to release music right away.”

“I thought it was sung by some group.”

“The song brings out the charm of the team members, and the team members bring out the charm of the song. “That’s great.”

“I want to praise Sooyeon. This song really expresses the emotions of this song. “At the beginning, I sang the song sacredly as if I was praying to God, and in the highlight part, I expressed the sad lyrics really well compared to the bright melody.”

“That’s right, it felt like I was watching some kind of musical.”

Still, Yoon Soo-yeon received the most praise after Yoon Ha-jun’s song. At that compliment, Sooyeon Yoon laughed and Hajun Yoon made a subtle expression.

‘Here, Sooyeon should be praised more than the song.’

Shouldn’t Sooyeon get a fair evaluation? Even though I think about that, I shake my head. No, no. Considering the third final, it may be better to receive an ambiguous evaluation like now.

If I were to describe the third round in one word, it would be a 1:1 match.

It may be a bit difficult to express, but there is no word that describes the third round of the finals better than that. It’s really a 1:1 match, so the person who wins goes up and the person who loses goes down.

In the second round, each team will have 12 people, for a total of 60 people. And in the third round, the number of participants is immediately reduced to 30. However, this does not mean that there are only 6 people left per team.

If you do well, all 12 people may survive, but if you do poorly, all 12 people may be eliminated. Of course, no team was actually eliminated.


After all the performances are over, the host comes up on stage. And it tells about the third final round. If I were to summarize the content of the 3rd final, it would be like this.

First, divide into the upper group that received 4-5 passes and the lower group that received 1-3 passes. And those who win in the second round are given a choice.

Those who are given a choice can choose the opponent they would like to compete against in the third round. So, an opponent that you are confident of beating.

It doesn’t matter whether the opponent is from the same mentor’s team, or from a different mentor’s team. However, the upper group is joined by the upper group, and the lower group is joined by the lower group.

Of course, since the upper and lower groups are not exactly even numbers, those who are not selected until the end will naturally be matched.

‘Roughly, it was as expected.’

The 3rd final is the last time the teams are divided into upper and lower groups. And at the same time, this third round is the most dangerous. Whether you are in a higher or lower group, you have to survive by fighting with people of the same level.

That’s why Ha-jun Yoon told Su-yeon that she could give her all from the finals. To avoid losing in the first or second finals.

If Yoon Soo-yeon loses even though she gave her best, she would not be selected until the end and would be stuck with someone who was not selected in the upper bracket.

And that person will be one of the strong candidates to win.

Being the last person left means that you are the most difficult opponent to deal with and the person you have the lowest chance of winning.

Of course, I don’t think Sooyeon will lose, but you never know. It is best to reduce the possibility of anything as much as possible.

As soon as the host finished speaking, the participants looked confused. Then, the people who were selected in the lower group were told to go up on stage, and they went up one by one.

Indeed, what will happen?

Hajun Yoon looks at the scene intently. Not everyone is curious. The only people Ha-jun Yoon is curious about are Go-yo Han, Tae-young Kim, Ha-in Lim, Su-jeong Oh, and finally, Su-yeon Yoon.

Because the lower-ranking group makes the choice first, among those five people, Soo-yeon Yoon was the first to choose. Yun Soo-yeon, who is alone on stage, thinks about her for a while.

What are you worried about? Do you find this system inconvenient? Well, from the perspective of good-natured Soo-yeon, this situation of having to personally choose and defeat the opponent may feel uncomfortable.

Hajun Yoon makes a sad expression. If you’re worried about that, I understand. But that shouldn’t be the case.

Sing A Star is both an audition program and a competition program. There is only one winner. Trampling on others to win…

“I will choose Kim Mi-yeon.”

While Ha-jun Yoon was thinking about this, Soo-yeon Yoon spoke loudly as if she had finished worrying. And Hajun Yoon blinked at that sound.

Miyeon Kim? Miyeon Kim is a participant who received two passes. However, his skills are definitely the lowest among those remaining.

What’s worse, did he continue to receive harsh criticism in the first and second finals? It’s not 100%, but it means that Sooyeon is an opponent who can win with a probability of over 99%.

Sooyeon Yoon smiles on stage. Then she looked at Hajun Yoon and smiled bitterly. Yoon Soo-yeon is not the kind younger sister that Yoon Ha-jun thinks.

He is very jealous and possessive. There are people I don’t like, and I’m stubborn about being the best. There are times when we use the fact that we are still young as a shield to act selfishly.

And above all, they are greedy. Even as she thought about whether her brother would be disappointed, Yoon Soo-yeon shook her head.

There is no way my brother can criticize me for choosing the person with the highest chance of winning. Sooyeon Yoon looks at Hajun Yoon. Indeed, Hajun Yoon was smiling as if he had done well.

Soon, Sooyeon Yoon goes down the stage. Then, Goyo Han, who was among the people in the upper group waiting under the stage, spoke to Suyeon Yoon.

“That’s unexpected.”


“I thought you would choose someone who sings better.”

Yoon Su-yeon stops walking at Han Go-yo’s words. Certainly, as Han Go-yo said, if I were my old self, I would have chosen the person who sings the best among me.

But Suyeon Yoon didn’t do that. But that doesn’t mean she’s lost herself. She still has her own. He is confident that he can win not only with the lower group but also with anyone in the upper group.


“I want to reduce the possibility that something might happen.”

“Choose the safe path?”

“Yeah, whatever. “My brother’s efforts are also included here.”

Yoon Soo-yeon said that and looked at Han Go-yo. I don’t know who among these participants is putting in the most effort and suffering the most.

Yun Soo-yeon doesn’t even know how much effort and hardship that person puts in. But he knows one thing. Whoever that person is, the fact that Ha-Jun Yoon is putting in much more effort and suffering than that person.

My brother’s room where the light turns on every morning. I’m always muttering about what I’m doing and I can’t sleep well, so my dark circles remain.

Obviously, it is difficult to see each other even though we live in the same house. How dare her mother ask her every day if she is eating properly?

Sooyeon Yoon saw her brother in the audience. She used to have a slim face, but her face has become thinner. She lost more weight because of how much she suffered.

My brother is doing his best to help me win. He’s giving it his all to the point where I’m worried he’ll collapse.

So, to that extent, he has to win somehow. If you want to criticize me for choosing the easy path, feel free to criticize me.

For Yoon Soo-yeon, repaying her brother is more important than other people’s opinions.

“If you want to laugh, laugh as much as you want.”

Suyeon Yoon looks at Goyo Han. Yoon Su-yeon’s eyes are cold. This is true. She’d known for a long time that he didn’t like her, but she’d never been this blatant.


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Sooyeon Yoon speaks in that state.

“Because I will win.”

After saying that, Sooyeon Yoon returns to her seat. Han Goyo watches the scene. However, there was no response from Goyo Han.

I just stand still and look at Yoon Soo-yeon and then look at Yoon Ha-jun.

‘It seems like he’s sincere.’

Soo-yeon Yoon and Ha-jun Yoon are really trying to win at any cost. But the same goes for yourself.

Before we knew it, the selection of the lower-ranking teams was over and Han Go-yo went up to the stage. And Han Goyo’s choice was the first.

Let Hangoyo come to the front of the stage. People look at Han Goyo. If one were to choose the strongest candidate for the championship among the 60 surviving contestants, people would pick Han Go-yo without hesitation.

That’s why the performances given by Hangoyo so far have been overwhelming. But people don’t know. Han Goyo hasn’t done his best yet.

The only people who know that are Taeyoung Kim, Suyeon Yoon, and Hajun Yoon. Goyo Han, who was thinking about who to choose, carefully closed her eyes.

What Suyeon Yoon said is not wrong. It is natural for her to choose the safest path to win.


“I will choose Jin Hye-jin.”

Goyo Han had no intention of choosing such a safe path. Everyone looks surprised when Goyo Han says that he will choose Jin Hye-jin.

Jin Hye-jin is the highest-rated contestant among the top-tier contestants who do not have a choice. She is a contestant who received an all-pass and is also a contestant who belongs to Jin Se-hee’s team like Han Go-yo.

If there is a strong candidate on the way to win, just beat that person. There is no reason to avoid it. Even if it’s the same team, it can’t block your path.

“Jin Hye-jin is a participant on the same Jin Se-hee team as Han Go-yo. Do you really want to choose Jin Hye-jin?”

Goyo Han nods her head at the host’s words.

Then he looks at Jin Se-hee and says.

“I think Jin Hye-jin is the strongest candidate to win in the upper bracket of losers. So, to win, I’ll drop it first.”

Even though they are on the same mentor team, it is an individual competition from the 3rd final round anyway. As such, there is no reason to regard them as the same team.

Jin Hye-jin looks surprised at Han Go-yo’s words and then nods. Then the host handed Jin Hye-jin her microphone.

It means that if you have something to say, say it.

“Thank you for giving me such a high evaluation. But I don’t plan on losing.”


Han Go-yo and Jin Hye-jin look at each other and fight. The remaining participants looked surprised at the sight of the two, and Taeyoung Kim smiled.

‘I heard it’s really fun.’

Other participants continued to choose the safe path. Only those you can beat. Even Yun Ha-jun’s younger sister, Yun Soo-yeon, made that choice.

That choice is really boring for Taeyoung Kim. Of course, winning is important, but shouldn’t people still have fun?

In that respect, Han Goyo made a really interesting choice. I never thought I would choose the strongest person among the remaining people, or even someone from the same team.

Soon it was Taeyoung Kim’s turn, and she looked around. And he made a regretful expression. I would like to choose Im Ha-in for my own reasons.

However, Im Ha-in is a winning group with options. That fact is truly regrettable. I think I could put on a really good performance if I competed against that person.

“I will choose Kang Junsu.”

I can’t help it. Then, of all the people you can choose from, just choose the most interesting person. Like Taeyoung Kim, Junsu Kang is also a participant who received an all pass.

Im Ha-in also looks amused at the sight of Han Go-yo and Kim Tae-young choosing strong enemies one after another. And Im Ha-in also chose the person who sang the best among the remaining people.

Hajun Yoon sighed at the sight.

‘What is everyone thinking?’

Hajun Yoon did not understand. Why choose the difficult path when there is a safe path? That’s stupid. We need to conserve some of our strength now.

Yoon Ha-jun, who was thinking such things, looks at Yoon Soo-yeon. Her Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression was distorted. It’s as if she’s unhappy with her choices.

Ha-Jun Yoon, who was looking at the scene blankly, chewed his lower lip.

‘Could it be that Sooyeon wanted to do that too?’

But isn’t it because of you that you made that choice? That’s what I think. If so. Yoon Ha-jun, who was thinking such things, lowered his head.

If only 30 people remain in the 4th final, the number will be reduced to 18 in the 5th final. And in the 6th final, it is reduced to the top 10, and in the 7th final, it is reduced to the top 5.

And then the remaining 5 people will play in the semifinals.

Only two people remain.



After finishing his thoughts, Hajun Yoon looked up and sighed. From the point where there are 30 people left, it’s like everyone else is gone.

The real start starts from then.

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