My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 117

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EP23 – Sing A Star (7)


“······What is it, him?”

Seo Chae-rim mutters in a surprised voice next to her. Hajun Yoon smiled bitterly at that voice. Seo Chae-rim’s surprise now was not a positive one, but a negative one.

That’s because the level of Im Ha-in singing now was very miserable. It is true that when it comes to simple singing ability, it is definitely very outstanding.

But for some reason, the singing and the melody don’t go together. Should I say that we play separately? Even Im Ha-in, who is singing, has an expression on his face that says he is bored to death.

Seeing that, Seo Chae-rim laughs as if she is shocked. A kid like that got an all-pass? What happened to everyone’s eyes?

I wonder if it will be understandable even if I get 1 pass. No, whatever. Her singing ability is good, though. I can’t even concentrate on the stage. No emotions. I don’t feel any excitement.

Seo Chae-rim was not the only one who had such thoughts. Except for Myung-soo Lee, who picked Im Ha-in, the expressions on the faces of the other four mentors were extremely cold.

But that doesn’t mean that Lee Myung-soo’s expression is good. Lee Myung-soo was letting out a deep sigh, with an expression on his face that said, “I did it too.”

On the other hand, Hajun Yoon let out an exclamation as if he realized something. Oh yeah. Now I realize. Im Ha-in, that person was similar to Taeyoung.

I’m not talking about skill or stardom.

I am referring to the similar atmosphere that Ha-Jun Yoon is talking about and his unique personality that rides momentum. He has a unique personality where he dominates the stage by showing off his strengths when he is excited, but when he is not interested, he shows the basement beneath the floor.

It is no exaggeration to say that the reason Lim Ha-in was able to win with an overwhelming score was thanks to Lee Myung-soo, who quickly understood her personality and laid the foundation for her.

‘It’s a pain in the ass.’

In addition, Im Ha-in is a style that is influenced by the better the opponent’s skill. Why isn’t there someone like that? People who are influenced by others and show that their skills exceed their own.

Should I say it’s weak, weak, strong?

You can see that style just by looking at the finals, where she defeated Oh Soo-jeong with an overwhelming score, but the stage Oh Soo-jeong performed in the finals was by no means a stage that would receive a single-digit number of votes.

In terms of the level of the stage, it was the most outstanding stage that Oh Soo-jeong has ever performed. It’s just that Im Ha-in’s stage was outstanding.

I still remember Lim Ha-in running around like a crazy person with a big smile on his face. That was a truly shocking performance.

It’s not for nothing that Im Ha-in’s stage is considered the best stage by a singer star of all time. The problem is that because of my personality and style, I wasn’t very successful as a singer.

This is in contrast to Oh Soo-jeong, who only came in second place but was very successful as a singer. Well, anyway, every time she appeared on an audition program like this, she performed on a legendary stage and earned a lot of money, so wouldn’t it be okay?

I think I was satisfied with myself.

While Ha-jun Yoon was thinking that, Ha-in Lim’s performance ended. Im Ha-in comes down from the stage. Soon after, the other team’s stage began and the results came out.

The result was, of course, a defeat for Im Ha-in’s team. Naturally, it was Im Ha-in who received the most harsh criticism. However, it was not Im Ha-in but other group members who were eliminated.

The other group members look aggrieved and angry. And Im Ha-in’s face hardened.

It is certainly true that Im Ha-in is the type of person who enjoys the atmosphere, but that does not mean he is a trash person who only cares about his own feelings and does not care about other people’s feelings.

Rather, Im Ha-in is very sensitive to other people’s feelings. Im Ha-in gritted his teeth at the fact that he was the only one to survive while other group members fell because of him.

Looking at Im Ha-in like that, Ha-jun Yoon let out a sigh.

‘It’s really difficult.’

Im Ha-in is the type of player you most dislike in the finals. His showmanship, which he was born with, cannot be compared to stage directing, which is just an imitation.

However, we cannot demand showmanship from Yoon Soo-yeon. Considering that, the biggest threat right now is none other than Im Ha-in.

It would be nice if Im Ha-in left.

It wouldn’t be easy to do that, right? Also, winning Sing A Star, which Lim Ha-in lost, is also a bit weird. It’s kind of like breaking into an empty house.

While I was thinking that, Myungsoo Lee’s team’s stage came to an end. The next stage was that of Jin Se-hee’s mentor team, to which Han Go-yo belongs.

Looking at that, Hajun Yoon frowned slightly. This is something he thought about after seeing the performances of other mentor teams he had seen so far, but the difference in level between the participants is so stark.

Even watching the performances of people who are expected to advance to the finals, and who Ha-jun Yoon vaguely remembers, he is not satisfied.

However, that does not mean that their skills are inferior. It’s just that the level difference is so serious. Right now, you can tell just by looking at Han Goyo who is singing on stage right now.

Hangoyo is not singing with all her might right now. He is singing with some effort. Nevertheless, the difference in level is clear.

‘How much has he grown?’

Currently, Hangoyo’s singing skills are at the same level as those seen on stage at the first freshman concert. So, it was the level where Ha-Jun Yoon was overwhelmed and So-Hyang Jin felt a wall.

But that’s the level where Hangoyo has lost his strength. If Hangoyo were to give it their all, there’s no telling what level it would be.

Hangoyo’s stage ends. Mentors give high praise. At the same time, the participants’ facial expressions change. Astonishment, or check. But not everyone is like that.

Some of the participants laughed as if it was fun, or others accepted it as if it was funny. The stage continues.

After Jin Se-hee’s mentor team’s stage, Lim Ho-jun’s mentor team’s stage. The person who shined the most on that stage was, of course, Kim Tae-young.

Although he has many flaws in his personality and is very rude when speaking, Lim Ho-jun is one of the best composers in Korea. So much so that he stands shoulder to shoulder with that CM.

And Lim Ho-jun personally arranged the song of the group that Kim Tae-young belongs to. Of course, the level of arrangement was not easy, and at the same time, it was enough to bring out Kim Tae-young’s unique style.

Kim Tae-young is excited by Lim Ho-jun’s consideration for making her the main character on the already exciting stage. Im Ha-in is interested in Kim Tae-young’s performance.

I think he’s interested because he has the same style as me. And after the Lim Ho-jun team’s stage ended, the Jeong-yoon team’s stage finally began.

Since Jeongyoon selected the fewest people, he has the smallest team and the fewest people he can eliminate. So even if she has poor skills, she can advance to the second round if she is lucky.

Additionally, Jeongyoon is a very kind and kind person. Unlike other mentors, he cannot just give up. The participants feel envious of Jeong-yoon, who tries to accommodate as many participants as possible.

But that’s it. They are the ones to feel envious. There is no sense of crisis or check on Team Jeongyoon’s performance on stage.

And it’s worth it. Because the kids chosen by Jeongyoon are people who ‘have charm’ rather than ‘sing well’. Naturally, the average singing ability itself is bound to be lower compared to other teams.

Except for Jeongyoon, the other mentors look relaxed. You are now looking down on Jeongyoon’s team. Seeing that, Sooyeon Yoon stuck out her pouting lips.

I don’t like it. I don’t like the look on his face that looks down on the participants, mentors, and the team that includes him.

More than anything, I really hate Lim Ho-jun, who doesn’t even care. Soon it was the turn of the group that Suyeon Yoon was in. Sooyeon Yoon gets up from her seat and heads to the center of the stage.

Participants Go-yo Han and Tae-young Kim, Ha-jun Yoon and Chae-rim Seo in the audience, and finally mentor Jeong Yoon were looking on with expectant expressions.

In other words, except for those five people, everyone else has no expectations. But Suyeon Yoon did not give in.

‘Rather good.’

Because there is nothing more effective in breaking prejudice than giving a twist. Suyeon Yoon takes a deep breath. Straighten her back. She then lifted her head up.

The song begins. Guitar and nasal sounds. An extremely depressing melody. And the participants begin to sing to that melody.

“It’s really dark.”

“It’s Hajun’s song, right?”

“I guess so.”

Han Go-yo and Kim Tae-young talk while listening to the song. As expected, I was expecting it, but I never thought Hajun Yoon would make a song.

‘As expected, it was a good decision to choose Lim Ho-jun.’

The reason Kim Tae-young chose Lim Ho-jun is because of that. You can’t win on this stage simply by singing well. You have to sing a good song.

And Kim Tae-young judged that Lim Ho-jun was the only person who could make a song as good as Yoon Ha-jun. That’s why I joined his team.


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“The song is good.”

“Is this song written by a composer belonging to Mr. Jeongyoon’s division? “Solu?”

“No, I don’t think so. “He writes brighter songs.”

“So a new composer?”

Mentors also share stories about songs. Because the song was that unique. Should I say that it has a strong underground sensibility?

It has its own unique sensibility. While the participants and mentors were listening to the song, it was Suyeon Yoon’s turn to sing.

The part that Sooyeon Yoon will sing is where the style of the song changes. The part where other instruments are added and it becomes a little more intense. Of course, it is a part that starts with a high note at the beginning, and it is a part that suits Soo-yeon Yoon better than anyone else.

It is also a part that Ha-Jun Yoon created with Su-Yeon Yoon in mind.

-What kind of thing did it seep into?

Who you are.

Without knowing.

When Suyeon Yoon’s song begins, people’s expressions change. Admiration, or astonishment. Whether or not she knew the reaction of those people, Sooyeon Yoon looked directly at her and continued to sing her song.

This song, written by Ha-Jun Yoon, is a song that criticizes oneself for living life as it goes without knowing one’s own identity. And that was Yoon Soo-yeon’s specialty.

Before she started singing, Suyeon Yoon always lived like that. She doesn’t say what she wants to do, she thinks she should just buy it and not be a nuisance, and that’s how she lived.

Yoon Soo-yeon becomes immersed while recalling her past, which was less than two years ago. Her emotions are deeply evident. She is confused and sad about why she lives like this and whether she can live like this.

And people are moved by the emotions that Soo-yeon Yoon sings with immersion. Everyone is overcome with emotion.

On the other hand, Hajun Yoon was smiling a very small smile. He said that Yoon Soo-yeon, who was singing, was great. This song was written by Ha-jun Yoon while thinking about Soo-yeon Yoon from his previous life.

Instead of saying what he wanted to do, he just silently helped himself like a fool. Then, in the end, he cried and exploded his emotions.

A song I wrote while thinking about my stupidly kind little brother.

Hajun Yoon covered his mouth with his hands. Making a song like this doesn’t mean I’m apologizing to my younger brother in my past life.

Because I can’t meet that younger brother anymore. So this is closer to his self-satisfaction. He sings a song to his younger brother, whom he cannot reach even if he sings it.

And now it is Yoon Soo-yeon who is singing that song. Ha-jun Yoon’s hands tremble as he sees Soo-yeon Yoon singing while making various facial expressions, as if she were acting.

‘I’m doing well.’

And they support us with all their might. I’m doing well. Do it like that. I want to show others the talent I couldn’t show because of my stupid brother.

What a great person Suyeon Yoon is, and what great talent she has. She says I know her better than anyone else.

Hajun Yoon cheers you on in your heart. Soon after, Sooyeon Yoon’s part ended and the choir part began. All four team members sing.

-Can I live like this?

People are amazed at that sight. I’m not just impressed by his singing skills. The song is so good. I really like the emotion that the song has.

Additionally, the song and the participants fit together very well. What kind of composer made this song? Lim Ho-jun frowned.

Soon after, the song of the team that Suyeon Yoon belonged to ended. At the same time, Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression changes. She smiled as if she looked bored and depressed yesterday.

Then he looked at Hajun Yoon in the audience. I did a good job. I ask with my mouth without making a sound. To that question, Hajun Yoon nodded his head.

At that answer, Suyeon Yoon laughed like an idiot. After all, she likes it best when she gets compliments from her brother. On the other hand, Hajun Yoon clenched his fist lightly.

Ha-Jun Yoon plans to shake off all of his past in this Sing A Star. The past of his past life that he had never created and could not tell others about.

The frustration, regret, and regret I felt at that time.

I’m turning all of that into a song.

To say goodbye to the past and move on to the future? No, no. It’s not like that. This is to embrace the past and move forward into the future.

I don’t say goodbye to the past.

Because that’s what he did.

You have to carry it with you for the rest of your life.

“It’s hard.”

Hajun Yoon mutters to himself. The task is not easy. it’s tough. Emotions are eating away at themselves. But Hajun Yoon does not give in.

Because Yoon Soo-yeon showed that her choice was not wrong. Suyeon Yoon is still smiling. Hajun Yoon also smiled at that sight.

But that smile was powerless.

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