My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 115

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EP23 – Sing A Star (5)


“iced coffee.”

Suyeon Yoon, who was looking at her cell phone, lets out a deep sigh. She then frowned, frowned, and pressed her own eyebrows with her fingers.

‘If you keep doing this, you’ll become like your brother.’

Su-yeon Yoon sighs again, remembering the wrinkles between her brother’s eyebrows. In the past, I didn’t know why my brother frowned so much, but now I think I understand why.

It was all because of human relationships.

“Why are you sighing like that?”

“Ah, brother.”

At that time, Ha-jun Yoon spoke to Soo-yeon Yoon with a puzzled expression, wondering when she had come. Hearing that voice, Sooyeon Yoon looked at Hajun Yoon with a happy expression, like a puppy meeting its owner.

And then he immediately started complaining.

“I feel like I’m going to die of frustration because of my fellow group members! Even when I asked if he had written his own song, there was no answer, and if he was going to do a cover song, I asked him how about this, but there was no answer! Either everyone just posts an emoticon, or they just say it’s a bit…! So, if you ask me if there is a song I want to sing or a song I can’t sing, I say, once I decide, I will sing that one! “All three of you are like this!”

Ha-jun Yoon smiled bitterly at the screams of Soo-yeon Yoon, who was experiencing the pain of group work for the first time. Well, it was just a rough guess, but I never thought it would go as expected.

“So do you have a song you want to sing?”

“I don’t know. “Because I don’t know how other people will sing.”


The casting auditions, the first and second finals, are all joint missions. Form a team and compete against another mentor’s team. And if you lose, at least one participant must be eliminated.

It is up to the mentor to determine how many people are eliminated from the joint team. Since there is more than one person, any number of people can be eliminated. Anyway, all you have to do is make sure there are only 12 people left on your team when the second casting audition is over.

That’s why you have to think carefully. If the contestants who received passes of 3 or less are dropped in order to leave as many participants as possible who received passes of 4 or more, a disaster may occur where less than 12 people are left when the second round of auditions are over.

In fact, there are mentors who did something like that and recovered from it. Anyway, this is a showdown. If you win, you don’t have to fall.

However, when the team members show up like that, Yoon Soo-yeon can’t help but feel frustrated.

“You plan to sing with all your might in the finals, right?”

“of course. “They will never let you see it.”

“That’s right.”

Ha-Jun Yoon, who was thinking about something, told Su-Yeon Yoon to wait a moment and then headed to his room. He then took a USB from his room and handed it to Suyeon Yoon.

“what is this? sing?”

“Yes, it’s a song. When is your first meeting?”

“tomorrow. “Everyone decided to gather at Mentor Jeongyoon’s studio.”

“If you have a meeting there and still can’t decide on a song, let me hear this. “How about this?”

And there is a high probability that the song will not be decided.

“Is this a song your brother wrote?”

Suyeon Yoon asks with sparkling eyes. Hajun Yoon nods his head to that question. Then, Suyeon Yoon’s expression brightens.

“If it’s a song written by my brother, no matter what!”

“Well, it’s unlikely to be unconditional, but I think there’s a high chance that they will like it. “The people selected by Jeongyoon are basically hipsters.”


“Jeongyoon basically likes people with their own characteristics and unique sensibilities. And those people are most likely hipsters.”

Yoon Soo-yeon blinks at Yoon Ha-jun’s explanation. Hmm, you said that you definitely won’t fail last time, and you also said that you will definitely take Jeongyoon in the second preliminary round, even if other people don’t know.

Strangely, Ha-jun Yoon knows Jeong-yoon well.

“Oppa, were you a fan of mentor Jeongyoon?”

“Because I’m a fan.”

Hajun Yoon smiles bitterly. Because I’m a fan. I don’t think so. Because Ha-jun Yoon didn’t like Jeong-yoon’s vocals very much.

“That’s not true, I just did some research.”

Nevertheless, the reason why Ha-jun Yoon knows Jeong-yoon well is because Jeong-yoon was Ha-jun Yoon’s second president.

House music. This is the company that Jeong Yoon founded after Singer Star ended, and the second company that Ha-Jun Yoon worked for. Of course, Hajun Yoon’s vocals have nothing special.

Although he sings well, he is an average vocalist with no charm. Nevertheless, the reason why Jeongyoon brought Hajun Yoon was because of the songs Hajun Yoon composed.

Hajun Yoon, who did not receive a positive response after singing a song written by someone else at his first company, began composing songs in earnest, and after receiving songs from the CM, he composed all of his own songs.

And Jeongyoon, who heard the song he composed, said he liked the song and brought Hajun Yoon. However, contrary to Jeongyun’s thoughts, Hajun Yoon did not give the song to others.

When I think about it now, I feel really sorry. A guy with no charm or good grades insisted on being a singer and ended up wasting money.

‘I should take this opportunity to repay you.’

However, Jeongyoon did not give up on Hajun Yoon. Rather, Hajun Yoon helped me a lot in composing the song. In fact, since his reincarnation, he has been using them to eat.

Anyway, because of that, Ha-Jun Yoon knows well about the people selected by Jeong-Yoon. At that time, many of the people who signed a contract with Jeongyoon and came to the company were from Sing A Star.

“Well, if you can’t decide, let me know. “The reaction will be okay.”

“Okay, thanks! “Oppa is the best!”

Yoon Ha-jun smiled at Yoon Soo-yeon’s words. But soon he erased that smile and clenched his fists. It’s the best. Yes, Suyeon still has to remain the best.

“Then work hard.”

“Where are you going?”

“I have to make a song. “It’s just the beginning.”

“Oh, yes!”

Su-yeon Yoon just smiled brightly when she was told that she would write her own song. She doesn’t know anything, because to her, Yoon Ha-jun was always the best.

Yoon Soo-yeon doesn’t know how hard Yoon Ha-jun works to maintain that reputation as the best.

§ § §

“That song is a bit much.”

“Anything is fine with me.”

“Oh, it’s not bad.”

Indeed, as Hajun Yoon said, even though they met in person and had a meeting, their opinions could not be narrowed down. No, let alone not narrowing it down, it doesn’t even start.

Even though Soo-yeon Yoon keeps asking questions like what songs do you like, what songs do you dislike, and what are these songs like, there is no way that progress can be made because everyone is giving vague answers.


Sooyeon Yoon really wanted to overturn the table right now. She would have raised her voice if she weren’t her youngest.


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It’s so frustrating. No, what kind of people are so uninterested? I don’t think you understand right now, but this is survival?

If you lose, one person has to be eliminated. I’m sure I won’t fall. Are you thinking like that? “Whoa,” Sooyeon Yoon sighs.

If it weren’t for the camera, it would have happened after I just said let’s take care of it. However, the entire meeting is being filmed with a camera.

There is even a writer and a producer. Let’s calm down. calm down. Nothing good will come of making a fuss here. And I even signed a contract with MM Entertainment.

If my image gets damaged, it’s my loss. Sooyeon Yoon puts her hand in her pocket. And with a smile on her face, she takes her hand out of her pocket and says:

“Then how about this song?”

After saying that, Sooyeon Yoon connected the USB stick she took out of her pocket to her laptop. She then played the song on the USB.

The other three team members look at the laptop as a melody begins to flow from the laptop. And Sooyeon Yoon began to listen to her song with concentration.

Yun Su-yeon has never heard this song that Ha-jun Yoon prepared for her. It was just because Ha-Jun Yoon took care of it, she just trusted her and brought it.

The melody starts with the guitar. To be more precise, the song progresses with just one guitar. But for some reason, I feel like something is going down.

Then a snoring sound is heard. A humming sound is added, and the voice of Hajun Yoon, who recorded the guide, is added. Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression brightens as she hears Yoon Ha-jun’s song after a long time.

It’s been a long time since my brother even recorded a guide like this. At first, they recorded guides a few times, but these days they don’t record guides at all.

And soon, the guitar’s note gradually rose and became brighter, and the notes of other instruments, bass, guitar, and keyboard were added.

At the same time, the music becomes more intense overall. The expressions of people listening to the song change. People who seemed uninterested until just now start to become interested.

-Something is eating me away.

Not even interested.

I live it every day.

Eventually, everyone exclaimed in admiration at Ha-Jun Yoon’s voice during the highlight section. The overall atmosphere of the song is mysterious.

Should I call it Irish pop? Obviously, it is not a specific genre, but it has a strong unique atmosphere. Yes, it’s the kind of music that goes very well with Sooyeon Yoon’s voice.

This song was created by Ha-Jun Yoon for Su-Yeon Yoon’s group song. If you can’t decide on a song, you can sing it.

And of course, what Ha-jun Yoon cared most about was making sure that Soo-yeon Yoon suited this song better than anyone else. A song that suits Yoon Soo-yeon well even though other people like it.

Other people don’t matter. Because they are strangers. Whether they are eliminated or not, it doesn’t matter to Ha-jun Yoon. Because what Yoon Ha-jun wants is for Yoon Soo-yeon to win.

Soon the song ended and Sooyeon Yoon looked at the others and asked.

“How do you like this song?”

“Hmm, I like it. The atmosphere is good too. “I think it’s good for everyone to sing together.”

“I’m okay with this too.”

“But is this song an existing song? “It’s my first time hearing this song.”

“Isn’t this a song written by a foreign band? There is a band in Europe who makes songs like this. “It’s called ‘DCK.’”

“Oh, or is it a Blue Aka song? “I think I’ve heard a song like this among Blue AKA’s songs.”

Su-yeon Yoon looked dumbfounded at the sight of the group members talking about whatever they wanted. Should we think that being open like this is a good thing?

Still, it’s better than making a sullen expression and not saying anything. But I don’t like it when they keep giving me different band names.

Suyeon Yoon said while taking a sip of coffee.

“This is a song my brother wrote.”


“It’s a song my brother made. “Then let’s do this song, shall we?”

“Hmm, yes. what. great.”

The group members looked embarrassed when they heard that my brother made it, but then nodded. I’m curious about the oppa who wrote the song, but I like the song itself.

That’s how the song was decided.

§ § §

Now that the song has been decided, all that’s left is practice. And fortunately, the practice took place under the guidance of Jeong Yun. Ironically, Suyeon Yoon’s team was the first to have a song decided, so they were able to start practicing before other teams.

“So you’re saying it’s going to be this song?”


Soo-yeon Yoon answered Jeong-yoon’s question as a representative. Before we knew it, Sooyeon Yoon had become the representative of this team. Well, since the other group members didn’t say anything, it was a natural result.

“Hmm, the song is good. “Is this a song written by Sooyeon?”

“no. “I didn’t make it, it’s a song my brother made.”


Jeongyoon looked surprised at Sooyeon Yoon’s answer. No, it was just lip service, but was it really a self-composed song?

Of course, it is said that the song was written by Yoon Su-yeon’s older brother, not Yoon Soo-yeon, but still, he can make a song of this quality. Jeongyoon looked genuinely surprised.

“I guess your brother is a composer?”

“yes that’s right.”

“Oh oh. Your skills are good. “I think he must be a very famous composer.”

“Aha, well. yes. “It’s famous.”

I’m not saying this because he’s her older brother, but Ha-jun Yoon is really famous. Not only is he the youngest producer, but he also gained recognition in his own way by appearing on Star Kingdom.

“Did you break up the parts before starting practice?”

“yes. “We decided to sing the highlight together, and she divided it into parts she was confident in.”

“Then let’s sing a song first.”

The group members nod their heads at Jeongyoon’s words. Then, after taking a seat and playing the MR, the song begins. The first one starts with the man who appears to be the least powerful among the group members.

A melody composed of guitar and humming. He pulls off the gloomy, gloomy, and powerless part quite well. Jeongyoon nods her head as the song continues.

Although the participants’ singing skills are certainly good, I am more impressed by the singing. The melody, which is not that difficult but has a mysterious feel, makes the participants singing the song seem like they have something there.

‘It goes well with my unique sensibilities.’

The people Jeongyoon chose from the beginning were all people with unique sensibilities. The tone, the crying singing style, etc. And this song maximizes those emotions.

It’s as if the song was created in anticipation of the contestants. And finally, it’s Yun Soo-yeon’s turn. Sooyeon Yoon holds her microphone and comes slightly forward.

Jeongyoon’s eyes sparkle at that sight. Although Su-yeon Yoon only has three passes, she is one of the contestants that Jeong-yoon coveted the most.

The mysterious voice reminiscent of dawn and the immersion that captivates people’s emotions were what Jeongyoon thought of as a rational singer.

However, I am a little worried about my singing ability. There is no strength in the voice. There are also parts where the pronunciation is a bit muffled. Well, considering my age, that level is just right.

The moment Jeongyoon is thinking that, Suyeon Yoon slowly opens her mouth. She gave it her all, unlike any other time she had sung before.

As if denying the songs that had satisfied me so far.


-What kind of thing did it seep into?

Who you are.

Without knowing.


And Jeongyoon looked embarrassed at Yoon Soo-yeon’s song. No, it’s not just Jeongyoon. Everyone around me looked surprised.

Did Yoon Soo-yeon sing like that? No, no. Suyeon Yoon’s voice wasn’t that loud. Her voice was small. Her pronunciation is not that great.

And more than anything, the song didn’t have that much power. However, it is not just about power. Sooyeon Yoon’s unique mysterious voice and immersion remain.

Whether or not she knew that people were surprised, Sooyeon Yoon continued to sing with all her might. Okay, this is it. The feeling of pouring everything into yourself.

Even if I sing just one song, I sing it with all of myself. I don’t know how much I wanted to sing like this. Suyeon Yoon did not control herself.

The voice becomes louder and louder. The practice room is full. In the meantime, I feel the ‘loneliness’ that this song contains, sympathize with it, and pour out my emotions.

And people looked at Yoon Su-yeon blankly when she heard her song.

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