My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 114

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EP23 – Sing A Star (4)


Su-yeon passed the preliminaries, but it was still only the first round. There is still a second preliminary round to advance to the finals.

However, there is nothing for Suyeon to do in the second preliminary round. No, not only Suyeon, but all the contestants have nothing to do in the second preliminary round.

This is because the judges make their selection in the second preliminary round. The judges are not just judges.

Judge and mentor.

In other words, in the second preliminary round, the judges select the participants they like as mentees. If you are not selected by the mentors, you will be eliminated.

You may be wondering if it makes sense to be eliminated just because you passed the on-site audition and the first preliminary round but were not selected by the judges, but what can you do?

These are the rules of Sing A Star.

Clearly, Sing A Star is a successful program. For an audition program, the average viewership rating exceeded 17%, which is rare, and the last finals broadcast live exceeded 20%.

In addition, the number of views on iTunes has exceeded tens of millions, and the songs of the contestants who advanced to the finals have dominated the charts for over half a year.

But that doesn’t mean everything about Sing A Star is perfect or only praised. Rather, there were more harsh criticisms regarding the progress.

And the main reason for receiving such harsh criticism is the casting auditions, which are the second preliminary round and the first and second final rounds. I barely made it to the first preliminary round, but I heard opinions that it made sense for me to be eliminated just because I wasn’t selected by the mentors, and I even heard that they didn’t know what the production team was thinking when it came to the casting auditions, which were the first and second final rounds.

In fact, Sing A Star, which was aired until the second round of the finals, received so much criticism that the main producer even put his head down and posted an apology.

Well, in the episodes that followed, the contestants showed such outstanding performances that public opinion reversed, and in Season 2, the parts that were criticized were made up for.

And the reason I told Suyeon to relax was because of the first final round, the casting audition. In the second preliminary round, the number of mentees selected by mentors is not set.

If there are at least 12 people, you can select everyone you like. But there are too many people. The first and second round of casting auditions are used to determine that.

In casting auditions, participants are divided according to the number of ‘passes’ they received from their mentors. Teams that received 1 to 3 points, and teams that received 4 to 5 points.

After forming a team like that, you compete against teams under other mentors. So, the teams that received 1 to 3 are the teams that received 1 to 3, and the teams that received 4 to 5 are the teams that received 4 to 5.

So, after leaving only those who received excellent grades, those people are sent to the second round of the finals and the survivors are placed together again.

So, after reducing the number of participants to 12 per team, the third round of finals will be held in earnest. From then on, you will receive mentoring from mentors and be able to perform on your own stage.

However, because the rules are like that, there were quite a few people who advanced to the third round whose level was lower than those who failed in the first and second rounds.

If you think about it, it’s natural. 4-5 is almost an all-pass, which means he has shown a lot and his skills are clear. On the other hand, those who received 1 to 3 points indicate that they are lacking something.

However, when they were grouped together instead of mixed, there was a difference in level between those who received 1-3 passes and those who received 4-5 passes, and those who received 1-3 passes were able to advance relatively more easily. I threw it away.

That’s why Sing A Star got criticized.

Even thinking about it now, it’s ridiculous. What kind of idiot came up with the idea of ​​grouping people who received 4 or 5 passes together and dropping them?

Of course, if you count the number of people, there are more people who received 1 to 3 passes, but the difference in level is still very clear.

Well, it’s not like I’m going to abuse that and tell Suyeon to only get 3 passes. Because the rules are strange, they are strange.

“I’m sure Goyo and Taeyoung won’t fall, right?”

Considering the level of skill, it is ridiculous, but considering the rules of the first and second finals, it is not impossible at all. If Im Ha-in or Oh Su-jeong are selected, there is a possibility that Goyo or Tae-young will also be eliminated.

Anyway, it’s a shitty rule.

Well, Suyeon is a little more important to me than those two. I scratch my head and look at my notes. First of all, I decided on the team Suyeon should go to, that is, the mentor she should follow.

In the case of a participant who has been selected twice, he or she can choose. And if you are Sooyeon, you will be chosen by at least two people.

To Jeong Yoon, who is famous as an emotional singer, and Jin Se-hee, who is the best vocalist. In Su-yeon’s case, she wanted to go to Jin Se-hee, but I strongly recommended Jeong-yoon.

Of course, there are many reasons for that. First of all, in the case of Jeong-yoon, compared to Jin Se-hee, he is relatively free.

We respect and support what mentees want to do. In particular, when it comes to self-composed songs, I rarely touch them. Rather, I believe in you and push you.

So even if I produce, I won’t say anything. On the other hand, Jin Se-hee hates that kind of thing. You have to do it yourself from start to finish.

If you choose Jin Se-hee, you may just give her a song and not be able to help the rest. And Jin Se-hee is definitely a good singer, but she is not a good teacher.

Since he is a singer who only had outstanding talent in the first place, he is not good at teaching others. She actually ended up being one of the worst rated mentors after Sing A Star aired.

Who is the other one? Who is it? Lim Ho-jun was the mentor who was eliminated for the second time after suffering from cool-sickness and criticizing his team harshly.

Well, Sooyeon, I decided to go to Jeongyeon so I can help her. Where do Go Yona and Taeyoung go?

I think Goyo will go to Jun, and Taeyoung will go to Lee Myungsoo. I look at my cell phone. The second round of preliminaries filming will be in full swing right now.

There is no room for me to step forward until the second round of the budget and the first and second rounds of the finals.

Rather, it could become a problem if you step forward.

So all I can do is wait.

§ § §

Suyeon Yoon took a deep breath and looked straight ahead. As Ha-jun Yoon said, Su-yeon Yoon was chosen by two people. This also applies to Jeongyeon and Jin Sehee that Hajun Yoon mentioned.

‘How did you expect this?’

The surprisingly accurate prediction gives me goosebumps. It’s not just you. The prediction that Kim Tae-young would join Lee Myung-soo’s team and that Han Go-yo would go to Jun were also accurate.

I wonder if this is truly seeing the future. But that doesn’t make sense. That’s just one thing.

The point is that Ha-jun Yoon accurately identified the people who served as mentors. If it were anyone else, it would be impossible, but if it’s Hajun Yoon, it’s not impossible at all.

Hajun Yoon is that kind of person. He is the kind of person who can understand the tendencies of singers and judges by looking at existing stages even before performing a single performance.

‘As expected, my brother.’

Suyeon Yoon smiled proudly. A person like that is my brother. I heard it’s really reassuring.

“Contestant Sooyeon Yoon, please make your choice.”

At that time, Jinsu, who was the main MC, spoke loudly into the microphone. At that sound, Su-yeon Yoon opened her mouth and said, “Ah.”

Wow, I’ve been thinking too long.

Suyeon Yoon thought for a moment and then opened her mouth.

“I will join Mentor Jeongyeon’s team.”

In my heart, I want to choose Jin Se-hee, but considering what Ha-jun Yoon said, I absolutely have to join Jeong-yeon. Without Hajun Yoon’s help, it would be impossible for him to win.

Jin Se-hee’s expression crumpled at Yoon Soo-yeon’s words, and she smiled brightly. And Sooyeon Yoon took her steps and headed towards the chair placed behind Jeongyeon.

“Thank you for choosing me.”

“I am truly grateful.”

“Then please take care of me.”


We haven’t exchanged a few words yet, but I think he’s a really nice person. More than anything else, I have to say that his expression is very kind.

She looks at people with the same expression her brother looks at her, an expression filled with affection. It’s also warm. Soo-yeon Yoon, who joined her Jeongyeon team, sat down in her chair and looked around her.

Currently, there are 19 participants selected by Jeongyeon. It may seem like a lot when you hear it like this, but actually, compared to other teams, it’s not that much.


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In other teams, there are teams with over 30 people. Additionally, if you look at the participants selected by Jeongyeon, most of them are team members who received 1 to 3 passes.

There are at most 4 team members who received 4-5? Considering that other teams have about 10 people, the number is small enough to make a noticeable difference.

But that doesn’t mean Jeongyeon chose someone based on simple sympathy. The participants selected by Jeongyeon are all people with their own unique characteristics.

Jeongyeon is selecting people who have strong unique characteristics even if their singing skills are a bit lacking. Is this really why oppa was so sure that Jeongyeon would choose him?


“Ah yes.”

Someone speaks to Sooyeon Yoon, who is sitting on a chair and looking around. A very husky voice. Yun Soo-yeon nods her head at that unique voice.

“You look very young. How old are you?”

“I’m 17.”

“Wow, then a high school girl?”

“yes yes.”

“IM jealous.”

The woman who said that smiled bitterly. I’m jealous of high school girls. She looks like something dangerous. Plus, there doesn’t seem to be much of an age difference.

“How old are you?”

“I’m 25 years old.”


Yun Su-yeon opened her eyes wide as if she was surprised by the woman’s answer. She’s 25? I thought she was about 19 or 20 at most.

After that, Su-yeon Yoon had many conversations with the participant. How much did she talk like that? Finally, the second preliminary round, where the mentors were selected, came to an end.

And at the same time, many contestants who were not selected came out of the studio. Suyeon Yoon, who was looking at that scene, swallowed her saliva. For some reason, my appetite was very bitter.

In the end, a total of 21 participants were selected by Jeongyun.

This is the smallest number among the 5 mentors.

“Next is the first round. In the case of the first round, the number of people will be reduced. Only 12 people remain on a team and the others are eliminated. To that end, we ask that mentors form a team of at least 3 and up to 5 people.”

And the participants looked surprised at the words of main MC Jinsu. Wasn’t this the end? Falling again? So there are only 12 people left?

At least the Jeongyun team participants heaved a sigh of relief. There are 21 participants selected by Jeongyoon. At most, only 9 people will be eliminated.

On the other hand, the other participants are in an uproar. There is news that at most 20 to 15 people will be eliminated. However, the mentors seemed to already know what was going on, so they looked calm and began to form teams.

Of course, Yoon Soo-yeon’s team was decided. Soo-yeon Yoon received 1 to 3 passes, so the team members who received 1 to 3 passes were determined.

“Oh, hello.”

Su-yeon Yoon, whose team members were decided, bowed her head and greeted the team members. But for some reason, the greeting is not returned. She raised her head at a cold reaction and looked at the other people’s expressions.

Everyone doesn’t look that happy. If you think about it, it’s natural. Now I don’t know how many of these people will fall.

“Please tell the team members what songs they will sing. Self-composed songs are fine, and cover songs are also fine. If you would like help arranging it, I will help you, so please contact me without hesitation.”

The team members nod their heads at Jeongyoon’s words. That’s how today’s filming ended. First, Sooyeon Yoon received the numbers of the other three team members, saved them on her cell phone, and created her own chat room.

Of course, there is a next filming, but it’s better to decide on a song in advance. After finishing her filming, Sooyeon Yoon was about to return to her house when her familiar face approached her.

“You joined Teacher Jeongyeon’s team.”

A man’s voice that somehow feels frivolous. The owner of the voice was none other than Taeyoung Kim. At Taeyoung Kim’s words, Suyeon Yoon nodded and said.

“Ah yes.”

I’m not that close with Taeyoung Kim, but we’ve talked a few times. Moreover, since he is her brother’s friend, there is no need to distance himself from Yoon Soo-yeon’s position.

“Hmm, but there are 3 passes?”

Taeyoung Kim speaks in a surprised voice.

To those words, Sooyeon Yoon responded with a bitter smile.

“It just so happened to be like that.”

“It’s different than I expected. “I thought you would definitely pass.”


“You’ll pass by the third round, right? “I have high expectations for you.”

To be more precise, I have high expectations for Yoon Ha-jun and Yoon Su-yeon’s songs. As Yoon Soo-yeon and Kim Tae-young are talking, another person joins in.

“Is that what Hajun said?”

It was Hangoyo. Yoon Soo-yeon blinks at Han Go-yo’s sudden words. Then Goyo Han stretched out his hand and pointed to the pass sign that Suyeon Yoon was wearing around her neck.

Oh, you mean 3 passes?

“Yeah, whatever. Yes.”


Han Go-yo frowns at Yoon Soo-yeon’s words. Goyo Han knows Suyeon Yoon’s skills. And if she is Sooyeon Yoon’s skill, there is no way she would ever get 3 passes.

That means I hid my singing skills. Why? If you look at the fact that Hajun ordered it, there must be some reason.

Because Hajun Yoon never asks you to do anything that is useless. Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, and Yoon Su-yeon are gathered together and talking, but for some reason, the attention of those around them is unusual.

That’s because Goyo Han and Taeyoung Kim are among the few who passed the All Pass and were also selected by all five mentors.

They are already being called strong candidates for the championship and are being kept in check. Those kids are now talking to 3Pass and keeping them in check.

‘Is there something to him too?’

People around look at Yoon Soo-yeon. Whether she knew it or not, Sooyeon Yoon was smiling brightly. She herself doesn’t like these 3 passes.

But now that too is over.

From the next stage, you can sing with all your might.

“Do not worry. “Because the victory is mine.”

Sooyeon Yoon said that with an excited expression.

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