My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 113

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EP23 – Sing A Star (3)


The day after Suyeon passed the on-site audition, I headed to school. Now that I have passed the phone audition and on-site audition, the next step is the preliminaries.

Preliminary round of singing in front of judges, mentors, and other contestants. And if you pass the preliminaries, the actual Sing A star filming begins.

However, this does not mean that the finals will start immediately, but it does mean that your face will definitely appear on TV. We also film on-site auditions and preliminaries, but we don’t know if they will come out or not.

However, if you pass the preliminaries, you will receive a self-introduction and a separate interview, so it will definitely appear on iTube and TV. And at the same time, it is the beginning of full-fledged ‘survival’.

“I don’t remember everything either.”

Tsk, I lick my lips and look at the note. I’m trying to remember at least the participants who advance to the finals and the bracket, but I can’t remember.

Is it fortunate that you remember the song sung by Oh Soo-jeong and Im Ha-in? Well, from my perspective, it was a program from 11 years ago. It’s natural that I can’t remember everything.

“What are you thinking?”

“A serious consideration on how to make Suyeon win at Singer Star.”

“That’s luck, right? They say it’s survival from the Singer Star finals? They say they just line them up and drop them. “Then shouldn’t we hope that the match goes well?”

“Well, that’s true.”

How can that matchup be controlled? Of course, perfect control is impossible, but there is at least a way to avoid the unfortunate events that occur with Im Ha-in, Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, and Oh Su-jeong from the beginning.

That’s why I asked Suyeon to relax and sing.

“More than that, what are you going to do?”


“Summer festival, dude. “It’s not long now.”

“Well, you can just sing the song I asked for.”

“What about stage direction or something like that?”

Hearing Taeyoung Kim’s words, he hums and snorts.

After that, he looks at Taeyoung and says.

“Are you saying I’m crazy and showing you the bottom line? “I’ll just sing cleanly.”

“A shameful bastard.”

“I said I was going to call you with less effort.”

Taeyoung Kim looks like she was caught by what I said. As expected, that was my intention. However, I am not disappointed. In a way, this is natural.

Singer Star is a survival program. So everyone is an enemy. This means that Kim Tae-young and Han Go-yo will fight each other on stage someday.

So, in order to hide their strength, those two will sing with some effortlessness at the summer festival. That’s what I expected from the beginning.

“It’s good to relax, but let’s do it with our conscience. “If I don’t get a scholarship because of that, then your title song and everything else will be gone.”

“Don’t worry about that.”

I’m more worried when you say it with a smile.

§ § §

“Thank you for your effort!”

“Yes, good job.”

The PD and writers who helped Singer Star exchange greetings. The audition, which lasted for a month, has finally come to an end.

“There were really a lot of people, right?”

“I know. “It was much more than I expected.”

More than 1 million people participated in the Singer Star phone audition. Of course, this number is possible because we conducted a simple phone audition, but 1 million people is by no means a small number.

And among them, about 500,000 people passed the on-site audition. Even thinking about it now, the number is truly dizzying.

“If it goes well this time, won’t there be over 2 million people next time?”

“Maybe so.”

I seriously thought that way. Just auditioning on-site was no joke. On-site auditions were held in each region in Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, Jeonju, and Gwangju, and more than 300,000 people participated in the on-site auditions in Seoul and Busan alone.

We tried to reduce and shorten the number during the on-site audition, but in the end, only 50,000 people passed the preliminaries. As a result, it takes another two weeks just for the preliminaries.

“If this continues, it will become the best program our station has ever seen.”

“If you think about the number of audition participants, it is already the best program ever.”

In addition, the number of production crews involved in the program is at an all-time high. “Whoa,” Jin Il-man, a sub-producer, sighed.

“So, is there anyone that catches your eye?”

“You know. First of all, there are quite a few people who can be used for entertainment or broadcasting purposes. And there must be thousands of people who stand out for the song? “Checking this is also work.”

“There are so many people who sing well.”

“That’s right. Additionally, people who are pushed by entertainment companies are also a problem. “Those people need to be captured on screen anyway.”

“Don’t worry too much. “Does it make sense for a broadcasting station to look after an entertainment company?”

That’s what I said, but you can’t really ignore it. Of course, no matter how large an entertainment company is, it cannot abuse broadcasting stations.

But as a human being, I have a sense of sense. And above all, it is impossible to completely ignore cases such as companies that have directly helped or invested.

And one of them is MM Entertainment.

“There is only one contestant that MM Entertainment is pushing, right?”

“Yes, that girl.”

“Well, at that level, it’s worth giving a push.”

As Jin Il-man said that, he remembered the trainee from MM Entertainment whom he had seen at the last on-site audition. Did he say his name was Hango Yo?

And the female writer nodded at Jin Il-man’s words.

“Even if you don’t push in mm, wouldn’t you be a contender for the championship?”

“Of course he’s a favorite to win. Plus, the visuals are good. “It will be very popular.”

“There are definitely a lot of good people at MM Entertainment, unlike a new company. “The high school producer from Star Kingdom where we filmed last time is also from mm, and the girl the producer said he liked is also from mm.”

“Did I say that?”

“Yes, the third day? “That girl who the producer said had a healing voice.”


Jin Il-man let out an exclamation without realizing it. Hearing that story reminds me of something. Although I don’t remember the face in detail, I do remember the song.

“The tone was very unique. But it will be difficult for him to win. Should I say that I lack some strength? Still, with that level of tone, I think I can perform until the finals.”

“Anyway, we are checking the key people in advance. “We are also editing and removing the footage that the assistant directors filmed during on-site auditions.”


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“Everyone is having a hard time.”

“What are you talking about? “The PD needs to suffer as well.”

Jin Il-man was in tears at the author’s words. I don’t even remember when I last went home. Of course, it’s always like that when you first start a new program, but this time it’s a bit too long.


Jin Il-man sighed and took a sip of his coffee.

§ § §

The Summer Festival, an event for second graders, was held. A stage performed by second graders called the Golden Riders. Indeed, how great a talent does one have to be called a golden rider?

The first year students think like that and look forward to the second year students’ performances. And the second graders perfectly met the expectations of the first graders.

I’m not just talking about Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, Kang Seong-hoon, and Yoon Ha-jun, who are the core of the second graders. Except for them, other 2nd graders also showed much better performances compared to the 1st graders.

It was inevitable because those second graders were compared to those four throughout the semester when they were freshmen and saw their performances.

It is natural that they were influenced, and compared to other grades, the amount of practice is overwhelmingly high. As a result, it is natural that the average skill level increases.

In addition, the performance of those four people, who are said to be the core of the Golden Horsemen, is almost speechless. To put it simply, it is not the student’s level.

Especially Hango.

All of the first graders who heard the song sung by Hangoyo were shocked except for Suyeon Yoon. From the time I entered school, Hangoyo was amazing. I heard people say that Hangoyo was really ridiculous, but I never thought it would be that bad.

And Jin So-hyang. The performance of Jin So-hyang, the youngest member of the current top idol group Hwayangyeonhwa, who received a lot of cheers for her solo performance of “Rough” at this Hamu concert, was not easy.

No, in terms of simple dancing and charisma, it was no exaggeration to say that Jin So-hyang’s performance was the best among the second graders’ performances.

And when it comes to charisma on stage, Kim Tae-young is no joke. And Jeong Jin-hoo, who saw Kim Tae-young’s performance, was shocked again. Although she lost to Yoon Soo-yeon and Yoon Ha-jun, Jeong Jin-hu still firmly believed that she was the best male vocalist.

However, Kim Tae-young’s performance completely refuted Jeong Jin-hu’s thoughts. Of course, if you just look at singing ability, Jinhoo Jeong may be better.

However, there is no comparison in their ability to dominate the stage. Taeyoung Kim’s stage was reminiscent of a concert hall. And Hajun Yoon’s stage.

During the song written by Ha-jun Yoon and sung by Tae-young Kim, there were even audience members standing up and cheering. But those first graders didn’t know yet.

The fact that Kim Tae-young, Han Go-yo, and Yoon Ha-jun are not truly giving their best right now. The only ones who noticed it were a few second graders and Suyeon Yoon.

“The second graders are really amazing.”

“I thought it was childish, the Golden Horseman and all, but there’s a reason it’s called that.”

“I know.”

“Wow, Senior Hangoyo, this is really ridiculous. Soooooooo AWESOME.”

“What about senior Jin So-hyang?”

“Actually, if you think about it, isn’t Hajun Yoon the most ridiculous? “How is that possible?”

“I heard that the stage that Yoon Ha-jun and Han Goyo performed together was such a legendary stage. Do you want to show me later? “They said they would show me things they filmed at festivals or something like that.”

Immediately after the summer festival ended, first-year students who left the small performance hall talked. Obviously, they are seniors who are only one year older than you.

For some reason, my heart is pounding as if I am watching a singer’s concert. Will they be able to perform on a stage like that after a year? No, no matter how much I think about it, I don’t think that’s the case.

The average is just different.

At a time when everyone was thinking such things, there was only one student who had a dissatisfied expression on his face, and that was Issein.

‘Senior, you don’t sing.’

Obviously, the stages were outstanding and amazing. Comparing yourself to yourself is so overwhelming that you feel ashamed of the comparison. In particular, from the perspective of Lee Se-in, an idol trainee, there was a lot to watch and learn from her senior Jin So-hyang’s stage.

However, I didn’t like Hajun Yoon’s performance. Because the Yoon Ha-jun that Lee Se-in remembers was the singing Yoon Ha-jun.

Ha-jun Yoon always has a dissatisfied expression on his face, ignores others, has no doubt that he is a genius, and is crazy about singing, singing and practicing more passionately than anyone else on such topics.

I can’t imagine Hajun Yoon just making songs right now. That’s why there are complaints. Issein thought that she would ask Ha-Jun Yoon later when she met him.

But that thought stopped being a thought. To prepare for being a singer, Ha-Jun Yoon became difficult to find at school.

In addition, the school also accommodated students appearing on Singer Star. So, they openly took us out of class and allowed us to practice.

Of course, Ha-Jun Yoon actively took advantage of it. Of course, Ha-Jun Yoon did not participate directly, but the fact that Ha-Jun Yoon’s younger sister, Su-Yeon Yoon, was participating and that Ha-Jun Yoon would produce Soo-Yeon Yoon was already a story that no one knew among teachers.

So, the privileges that Ha-Jun Yoon is receiving now are the privileges that he can receive because he is Ha-Jun Yoon. He may be the best output at Seolwon Arts High School, and he is a privilege to receive because Ha-Jun Yoon has shown outstanding talent and efforts to match his achievements, earning a scholarship.

There were no students who were dissatisfied with it. While the students were preparing with the convenience of the school, the filming for the Singer Star preliminaries began.

This time, the preliminary round, which took place over two weeks, was overwhelmingly difficult compared to the phone auditions and on-site auditions I had seen so far.

First of all, the most difficult thing is waiting on site. Even if we divide 50,000 people by 12, at least 4,000 people watch the preliminaries per day.

In addition, all of the more than 4,000 people have to be evaluated and filmed, so the waiting time is bound to increase indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Taeyoung Kim and Goyo Han passed the preliminary round with very good scores. The process for passing the preliminaries is simple. When a participant sings a song, the judges and mentors make their own judgment and give them a pass.

If you are accepted by even one person, you pass, and if you are not accepted by even one person, you are eliminated. And Kim Tae-young and Han Go-yo advanced with all passes, receiving all five passes.

In that situation, it was Yun Su-yeon’s turn. Before entering, Sooyeon Yoon sighs. Seeing that, Ha-jun Yoon patted Soo-yeon Yoon on the shoulder.

“Don’t be nervous. “If you sing as usual, you will pass 100%.”

“Are you saying that I should sing with all my strength like usual?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Is it really that good?”

Is it really okay to give it your all? Isn’t that ignoring the judges too much? Even though I have such thoughts, when I see my brother’s smiling face as if it’s okay, I end up thinking that yes, it will be okay.

Ugh, it shouldn’t be like this. With that thought in mind, Sooyeon Yoon stands up.

“Then I’ll come back.”

“Go and pass.”

Yoon Soo-yeon nods her head at the sound of Yoon Ha-jun’s voice coming from behind her. She then takes the center stage and bows to her judges.

The five people selected as judges and mentors for Sing A Star are all people with very illustrious careers. A person who worked as the best composer, a singer who is still called the best, a representative of a large entertainment company, an emotional singer who has been recognized around the world, and even the best producer in Korea.

As she stands in front of them, strength goes into Yoon Su-yeon’s body. Of course, you can’t help but feel nervous. Besides the judges, there are over 4,000 people watching them.

After giving a brief self-introduction to the judges, Sooyeon Yoon immediately started singing. She closes her eyes for a moment. It’s time for her to say goodbye to the tension that is now eating away at her own body.

-Turn off your complicated daily life for a moment.

Let’s leave the crowded city.

The song that Sooyeon Yoon chose to sing in this preliminaries was 『Runaway』. To be more precise, it is a song recommended by Hajun Yoon.

It’s a good song to relax and maximize your emotions like you do now. When Suyeon first sang 『Runaway』, she had many shortcomings, so she thought about that and arranged it, and because of that, it is a pretty good song to sing now.

When Suyeon Yoon started singing, the judges let out a short exclamation. First of all, the tone is more excellent than anything else. And the conveyance of emotions is also excellent.

Should I say that he knows how to attract people to his songs? First and foremost, Jeongyoon, who works as an emotional singer, approves her. And the next one was Jin Se-hee, who is said to be the best vocalist.

Two passing lights go up. At this point, Suyeon Yoon’s acceptance was already confirmed. But for some reason, Hajun Yoon’s expression when he saw that didn’t look very good.

‘Maximum 3. ‘No more than that.’

Rather, he had a very troubled expression. In the first place, for Yoon Ha-jun, Yoon Soo-yeon’s acceptance was very natural. The problem is not passing, but the number of votes.

You should never receive more than 4. It starts to get difficult from the moment you get 4. In the worst case scenario, you may be eliminated right away in the first round of the finals.

That’s why I told Sooyeon Yoon to relax and sing. She had 100 seconds to sing in the preliminaries. And now there are 40 seconds left.

The numbers written on the screen in the center fall quickly. please please. Hajun Yoon hoped that he would no longer pass.

And 99 seconds. With one second left, Jun, who works as a producer, pressed the pass button. Hajun Yoon saw this and opened his eyes wide, and heaved a sigh of relief the moment the number reached 0.

‘Is there three?’

thank god. Three is no problem. Because there is no difference between 1 and 2 if there are 3. After the song ends, the judges praise Sooyeon Yoon’s song.

But that doesn’t mean everyone praises it. In the case of Lee Myung-soo, the CEO of a large entertainment company, and Lim Ho-jun, who is said to be the best composer, they gave feedback that this was lacking and needed to be corrected.

In particular, in the case of Lim Ho-jun, he spoke very harshly, and Ha-jun Yoon frowned at the harsh words. I knew that person didn’t have a very good personality, but hearing my younger brother give that kind of evaluation made me feel a little sad.

‘Should I flip it over?’

No, hold on. Anyway, that evaluation will be overturned the moment the finals begin. After Sooyeon Yoon bowed her head after receiving her certificate of passing, she approached Hajun Yoon while hearing applause.

“I passed.”

Yoon Soo-yeon’s voice has no strength. She doesn’t seem to be in a very good mood as expected. Hajun Yoon said with a wry smile in that voice.

“great job.”


“Well, I know you’re dissatisfied right now. are you okay. “I will release you as soon as the finals start.”


“Once the finals start, you can sing at full power.”


Yoon Ha-jun nods his head at Yoon Soo-yeon’s words. Then Yoon Soo-yeon’s eyes changed. She looked at Lim Ho-jun, who had just criticized her, with strangely sharp eyes, and then she said:

“Just wait and see. “I’ll show you.”

Now your assessment is wrong.

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