My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 112

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EP23 – Sing A Star (2)


There was a sound of something rattling coming from the living room.

The sound momentarily breaks my concentration. At the same time, I feel like something is missing. Should I eat some candy? I reach out and try to eat the candy, but there is nothing to grab.

Have you already eaten it all? I whetted my appetite after looking at the empty candy bag. I can’t help it. I’m out of energy drinks, so I’ll have to go out and get some.

I grab my wallet, get up, and leave the room. At the same time, my eyes met my mother who was eating bread in the living room.

“Aren’t you sleeping?”

“Yeah, no. Because I’m hungry. “Who is that son?”

“I woke up early and was working.”

“Did you wake up because of mom?”

I shake my head. In fact, she hadn’t been sleeping since before, so she didn’t wake up because of her mother. Her mother let out a sigh of relief, as if she was glad to hear my words.

“I’m glad it wasn’t. So where are you going?”

“I’m out of candy, so I’m going to go to the convenience store. “Can I get you something?”

“Well, are you going to drink anything then?”

“yes. “I’ll be back.”

After saying goodbye, I leave the house. Even though it is late at night, it is still hot outside. It’s warm and sticky. The convenience store isn’t far from my house, but walking all the way there made me sweat.

At convenience stores, we purchase various items, including candy, bread, energy drinks, and milk. And the moment I left the convenience store again, my cell phone rang.



It’s a familiar voice. Jin So-hyang’s voice. I can’t believe he’s making a phone call rather than KakaoTalk. She answers by stopping her steps for a moment and then starting to walk again.

“Is something wrong?”

-No, not that. The money has been deposited, so please check your account.

“Ahhh. “I guess that’s why.”

-I sent a message from the company, but they said they didn’t confirm it. Also, you are not receiving any communication from me. I guess you’re busy?

The voice contained the slightest grumbling. But that doesn’t mean there’s only grumbling. Rather, the grumbling is weak and instead full of worry.

-Don’t overdo it.

“I’ll try.”

-That’s something you only say when you work hard. That’s not what you should say when someone tells you to rest. So are you working again now?

“No, just take a short walk.”

-Ah, it worked. I’m also taking a walk.

The tone of voice rises.

From calm low notes to excited high notes.

After that, I walk down the street at night, chatting with Jin So-hyang. Normally she should have arrived home a long time ago, but she decided to go back a little bit.

-I have to go in now.

“Yes, me too.”

-Then do your work in moderation. Don’t overdo it. Also, please check KakaoTalk at least once a day.

“Yes, yes.”

-Just give a rough answer. But, well, it can’t be helped. take care.

I hang up the phone and look at the sky. Perhaps because it is Seoul, there are no stars to be seen. That’s a shame. When I hung up the phone and returned home, I saw my mother sitting blankly at the living room table.

“Aren’t you sleeping?”

“I was waiting because my son said he would bring drinks. “Well, did you at least take a walk?”

“Yeah, whatever. “I do both.”

While answering that question, he takes out a drink and sighs, “Ah.” The drinks are lukewarm. Did I walk outside too long?

“What should I do? “The drinks are too lukewarm.”

“are you okay. “It’s hard to drink cold things these days.”

Saying that, Mom holds out her hand. She puts her drink in his hand. Then her mother smiled at her.

“Thank you, son.”

“······What a great thing.”

Mom looks at me with kind eyes. That gaze silenced her. It’s that gaze. My mom always looked at me like that.

A gaze that trusts me tenderly, without any suspicion. In my past life, those stares were so painful. It was painful. I wanted to run away.

But in the end it couldn’t be done. Because my mom looked at me like that until the very end. So, every time I feel those gazes, my heart feels heavy for some reason.

“Because I know my son works hard.”


“Don’t push yourself too hard. “If you’re tired, take a little rest.”


“Then Mom, I’ll sleep first.”

Suddenly, the chair is pushed back. I was very careful in case Sooyeon woke up. She looks at the scene and speaks to her mother.



“I want to show it to people. “What a great mother and son.”

Mom laughs at my words. She then comes up to me and gives me a light kiss on the cheek, then looks at me as if she is happy and says.

“I won’t show you, but only you know. What a great mother and son. “I know everything.”

Instead of answering, nod your head. Mom’s scent and eyes all embrace me warmly. Is it because of the song I’m making now?

Or maybe it’s because it’s late at night. Somehow, I become more emotional than usual. Soon after, my mother went into the room, and I, who was left alone, stayed in the living room for a while and then went into the room.


Then I put the candy in my mouth and look at my laptop. All the songs I make now are about me. Of course, there are also songs about mothers.

It is different from 『Address unknown』 that I made for my first major exam. It’s heavier than that and much more honest. It’s not a song I started making in this life, but similar to a song I made in my previous life.

Gloomy and heavy emotions. But the second half is different. But that doesn’t mean that all the songs I’m making while preparing for Singer Star are like that.


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I start making songs again.

§ § §


Soo-yeon Yoon looked at her older brother, Ha-jun Yoon, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room and working with a dissatisfied expression on his face. What can I say, her brother’s attitude has been strange for some time now.

Should I say that I am cold to myself? Should I say I am not interested? That doesn’t mean I’ve gone back to singing in the past, but my attitude is definitely different compared to a while ago.

Why are you like that? Are you really tired of me? Or are you disappointed with my song? If you listen to what my brother says, I don’t think that’s true.

Or is it something else? Plus, my brother doesn’t sing to me anymore.

In the past, even if it wasn’t completed, I would listen to the song and ask for their opinion. I don’t do that anymore. And more than anything, my brother’s expression is a bit strange.

A crying expression. A look of pain. I’m having a hard time making a song. But it doesn’t seem like he’s forcing it.

‘I don’t know.’

My brother doesn’t understand. Well, if you think about it, Ha-Jun Yoon wasn’t really a person you could understand. Should I say that he is not good at expressing his feelings to others?

Or else.

‘Are you trying to express it through a song?’

Like 『To live』. Are you thinking of expressing your entire story through song? If that’s the case, I can roughly understand it. Because that song was more emotional than any song Ha-Jun Yoon had ever made.

Yoon Soo-yeon, who was thinking like that, calls out Yoon Ha-jun.

“So, brother.”


“What about on-site auditions?”


Ha-Jun Yoon stops his hand when he hears the words “on-site audition.” The day of the on-site audition is the first day of school. Of course, Yoon Ha-jun, who does not audition, has to go to school.


“Let’s talk about it at school, okay?”

Hajun Yoon has no intention of going to school. He plans to make an excuse to skip work or something else. And if he makes an excuse for the Singer star, he’ll be able to fall for it somewhat easily.

In fact, a notice has been sent to the practical music department of Seolwon Arts High School. The announcement said that all students participating in Singer Star will be processed for field trips if they submit a schedule indicating their participation.

This means that there are many students in the practical music department at Seolwon Arts High School who participated in Singer Star. And that is a welcome story from the perspective of Seolwon Arts High School.

If their student receives a positive response or even wins, it will promote the school. So, there was a condition that we had to wear school uniform until the preliminaries.

“Isn’t there a summer festival right after school starts?”


Summer Festival. Second year students’ first event stage. For Ha-jun Yoon, who is aiming for a scholarship, this is a stage that cannot be missed.

No, not just Hajun Yoon, but any student of Seolwon Arts High School’s Department of Practical Arts should never miss the event. Hajun Yoon yawned loudly and then continued.

“are you okay. The song is ready and the stage is ready. “You can just ask a friend.”

Hajun Yoon plans to use a song he worked on with Hanwool Kim at this event. The person who will sing is Taeyoung Kim. I already talked to Taeyoung.

“Focus on the audition rather than that. “Never forget what I said.”

“Are you telling me to relax and sing until the finals?”


Yoon Soo-yeon pouted her lips at Yoon Ha-jun’s words. She’s singing like that because her brother told her to, but why on earth does she have to do it like that?

Suyeon Yoon didn’t understand at all.

If you just sing with all your might, you’ll get better reviews, right? I don’t want to lose my strength and be ignored.

Could it be that your brother is still dissatisfied with his singing skills? Does he still think he can’t properly tune out those emotions?

‘If that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do about it.’

Really. I have no idea what my brother is thinking.

§ § §

It is the first day of school at Seolwon Arts High School and also the third day of the Singer Star on-site audition. Instead of going to school, Ha-jun Yoon headed to the studio where the on-site audition was held with Su-yeon.

“Wow, there are so many people.”

Arriving at the studio where the on-site audition was held, Sooyeon Yoon looked around the studio with a surprised expression. There was a long line at the studio with no end in sight.

“This means 1/14.”

Hajun Yoon also looked quite surprised. In his last life, Ha-Jun Yoon did not participate in Singer Star. Instead, he just watched it on TV.

So I don’t know how many people participated in the preliminaries. But when I actually checked, there were actually a lot of people who were joking.

The on-site audition lasts for 14 days, and of course, participants are divided into 14-day groups. And yet, there are so many.

“Can we win?”

Suyeon Yoon muttered in a very nervous voice. Since she decided to participate, Sooyeon Yoon’s goal is of course to win. But she never thought there would be this many.

“What did the company say?”

“I just contacted Chaerim to take a good look at it.”

Sooyeon Yoon is currently under MM Entertainment. After performing at a concert with Silum, she immediately signed a contract with her mother.

Of course, I got a call from the company before I auditioned. Well, it wasn’t a great story. Sooyeon Yoon and Hajun Yoon join the line and wait.

Still, the line shortened quickly. The only problem is that it’s too hot, but that’s okay. There’s nothing we can do because everyone’s conditions are the same.

“Did anyone, that older sister or Taeyoung oppa, pass?”

“Goyo passed the audition on the last day, and Taeyoung passed on the first day.”

“Hmm, I see.”

It is the company’s consideration that Goyo is seen on the last day of the audition. The company has already chosen to promote quiet and is reaping many benefits.

Well, even if you don’t receive any benefits, you will probably pass the preliminaries with ease.

“Whoa, I’m nervous for no reason.”

“Don’t be nervous. “There’s no need to do this already.”


Suyeon Yoon nodded and adjusted her mind. Stay calm. I will definitely pass. And while Sooyeon Yoon was doing that, Hajun Yoon looked around her.

I was wondering if there was someone I knew. There are people wearing Seolwon Arts High School uniforms throughout the line, but they are not the people Ha-jun Yoon is looking for.

The people Hajun Yoon is looking for now are the finalists. Among them, people who get good grades. Hajun Yoon, who was looking around like that, spied behind him and stopped his gaze at one place.


He frowns and looks at the details. And soon, our eyes met that person. It was a very short time, but the moment our eyes met, Hajun Yoon was certain.

It’s him.

Lim Ha-in.

The winner of this year’s Singer Star and the person who receives the best reviews. The person who becomes the best singer among the audition program winners.

A person who has both talent and star quality. Excluding Goyo and Taeyoung, he is probably the person who will be the strongest rival.

No, maybe he could become a stronger rival than Goyo or Taeyoung. That person didn’t win Singer Star in which so many people participate for no reason.

“It’s my turn soon.”


The long line shortens in an instant. Soo-yeon Yoon approached her host, took out her cell phone, showed her acceptance letter, and showed her ID card – student ID.

After checking the number and receiving confirmation of passing, Suyeon Yoon walks forward. The audition takes place inside a tent. Before entering the tent, Sooyeon Yoon looked behind her and looked at Hajun Yoon, who was left behind her.

“Then I’ll come back.”

“huh. “Come back.”

Hajun Yoon didn’t even cheer. As if there was no need to cheer at this level. Suyeon Yoon laughs at that attitude. Somehow, I don’t feel sad.

However, the thought that my brother believes in me like that makes me smile. In that state, Yoon Soo-yeon enters the tent.

There were three people in the tent. From what I heard, they were writers and producers from the broadcasting station. I don’t know who is who. No, no.

There is one familiar person sitting there. Producer Jin Il-man, who directed Star Kingdom. He was sitting in the center. Seeing his appearance, Yoon Soo-yeon slightly lowers her head.

“You are Suyeon Yoon, right?”


“Then let’s start the audition right away. The audition method is the same as a phone audition. “You can sing any song you want for one minute without accompaniment.”

It seems that PD Jin Il-man did not recognize Yoon Soo-yeon. But she didn’t mind Suyeon Yoon. She nods and straightens her back.

And in that state, I started singing. At the same time, the eyes of writers and producers grow bigger. She was genuinely surprised by her song sung by Yun Soo-yeon.

They have listened to more than 100 people sing so far. Naturally, my ears complained of fatigue and my body felt exhausted. But now, unlike the songs of other participants, Suyeon Yoon’s song is healing their ears and body.

Of course, it doesn’t really heal.

It felt that way.

My ears, which were complaining of fatigue, become more comfortable, and my mindset becomes lighter. So PD Jin Il-man and the writers kept listening to Yoon Soo-yeon’s song without even realizing it.

Originally, a participant like this would have passed in 20 seconds. I was so absorbed in the song that I ended up listening to it for over a minute.

“Oh, you can stop that.”

Producer Jin Il-man was the first to come to his senses and stopped Soo-yeon Yoon. However, a deep regret remained on her face.

And it wasn’t just PD Jin Il-man. The writers next to him also looked disappointed. I wanted to hear a little more.

Su-yeon Yoon stops singing and looks at Il-man Jin and the writers. The three talked lightly. No, actually, there is nothing to call it a story.


“me too.”

“me too.”

Because this was the whole story. If you have that level of skill, there is nothing more to look at. Producer Jin Il-man spoke to Yoon Soo-yeon, who was looking nervous.

“I passed. The second round is a studio audition where you will sing in front of mentors and judges. Of course, there are also camera shots. “I will contact you by phone later with more details.”

“all right!”

“Then let’s go out.”

Suyeon Yoon bowed her head and left the tent.

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