My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 111

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EP23 – Sing A Star (1)


“Thank you for your hard work today. “I wanted to go to a company dinner together, but it’s a shame.”

-There’s nothing you can do about it because it’s private.

Jin So-hyang smiles as she hears Ha-jun Yoon’s voice on the other end of the phone. What a mess. I’ve felt this before, but the choice of words is somewhat old-fashioned.

It’s also strangely adult-like. Actually, I’m a repeat student, but didn’t I lie about my age? Jin So-hyang, who was thinking about that, smiled cautiously.

Even though it’s summer, I somehow feel good. Is it because it’s night? The wind is very hot to say that.

So is it because you’re drunk? That said, I haven’t had a single drink. Jin Sohyang, who was desperately thinking about the reason, eventually shook her head.

What would you do if you lied to yourself? Let’s stop making excuses. Let’s just admit it honestly. He said he feels good thanks to Ha-Jun Yoon’s voice that he is hearing right now.

Obviously, these days are nothing special. It’s the same summer night. The reason this moment is so precious and special is because of this voice.

“What are you doing?”


“lie. “You were making a song, right?”

The moaning sound returns, as if in trouble. Really. This person is just as dishonest. His fingers braided his hair, which he had put up for the stage.

“So where are you taking me?”

I can’t help it.

I also have no choice but to be honest.

-Where do you want to go?

“Well, the valley. “I was sick of filming at the sea all summer.”

Jin So-hyang thought for a moment and said that.

After hearing those words, Hajun Yoon thought for a moment,

-Okay, then let’s go.

That’s what I said. Jin So-hyang’s expression brightens at the answer. Of course, it’s not like we’re going alone, but it’s still nice to just go to the valley together.

“When shall we go?”

-When is your schedule okay?

“Next major. Activities end this week, so I’ll be on vacation starting next week. Well, even if it’s a vacation, it only lasts about a week.”

-Is it okay if I don’t hang out with the members?

“I heard that my sisters are going on a trip abroad and meeting their parents. And since we live together, there’s no reason to stay together during vacation.”

Of course, there was an older sister who wanted to go on a trip with me. Jin So-hyang refused. Because I want to rest comfortably while on vacation.

-Next week, next week.

Since the singer star auditions were about to start, I was seriously planning on making a song. It’ll be okay for a day or so. And I was planning on taking a day off because of the song I’m currently making.

-How about next Wednesday?


-Then, how about Gapyeong next Wednesday?


-It’s hard to take the subway, so let’s take a taxi.


-See you then.

The phone hangs up. Jin So-hyang looked blankly at her cell phone, which had hung up. It’s definitely a very tiring day. It’s normal to be exhausted after waking up early in the morning and performing all day.

Somehow my body feels so light.

§ § §

“Taxi fares are expensive, after all.”

“I can’t help it.”

Hajun Yoon, who came to Gapyeong by taxi, said that and quenched his appetite. And Jin So-hyang smiled bitterly at Ha-jun Yoon’s words.

Taxi fares are definitely a burden, but it can’t be helped. However, Jin So-hyang, an idol, cannot travel by train.

If you’re trying to save a few bucks and there are rumors of a romantic relationship, you’ll be in trouble in many ways. In the worst case, CEO Sooyoung Kwon may restrict interactions with Hajun Yoon.

I don’t like that.

“But what about the other party members?”

Jin So-hyang asks while putting on sunglasses for disguise. Although we took a taxi here together, I don’t think it’s just the two of us coming to hang out.

I’m sure I’ll meet Taeyoung Kim or Goyo Han here. Chaerim also has potential. Otherwise, you could meet all three of them.

But Hajun Yoon’s reaction is strange. Ha-jun Yoon said to Jin So-hyang with an expression that asked what she meant.

“Where is the other party? Well, do you have someone to bring?”

“yes? Oh, no. “I don’t have one.”

“I don’t have one either.”

At those words, Jin So-hyang blinks her big eyes covered with sunglasses.

“What about Goyo or Taeyoung?”

“Why do they come here? “He must be practicing at work.”

“What about Chae-rim or Su-yeon?”

“Suyeon is at practice, and you are at work.”


So it’s just the two of us here now? The moment she realized it, Jin So-hyang’s face turned red. No, of course she wished they could just hang out together.

It’s kind of embarrassing that it actually happens like that. Uh, what should I do in times like this? In the romance novels and dramas I usually watch, dating is done in a certain way.

“Then how should we get to the valley?”

“Ah yes.”

Jin So-hyang quickly nodded. Yes, if you come to the valley, you have to see the valley first. Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun began climbing the mountain to move to the nearby valley.

Even though it is summer, it is cool in its own way, perhaps because it is in the mountains. Moreover, there are no people around. That alone makes me feel better.

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“Yeah, whatever. I’m used to starving anyway. I’m fine with just one meal. “What about Hajun?”


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“I don’t eat well either. “If it’s okay with you, let’s eat on the way home.”


As we climb the mountain, we share stories. And soon the two arrived at the valley they were aiming for.


Jin So-hyang exclaims in admiration after seeing the valley. The valley was very beautiful. A large tree grows and covers the sky, and green grass fills the floor.

The valley water flowing in the center is transparent and clear. And above all, it is quiet. All you can hear are birds chirping, insects, and water flowing.

No other sounds are heard. I liked it. Jin So-hyang leaves the bag she was carrying and heads to the water. After that, I took off the shoes I was wearing and dipped my bare feet into the valley.


The water was cool. I really liked that. Actually, it would have been nice even if the water had been muggy. Jin So-hyang spoke to Yoon Ha-jun while smiling and lightly moving her feet in the water.

“Hajun, isn’t he coming in?”

“I don’t really like going into the water.”

“why? “Do you have a phobia of water?”

Yoon Ha-jun shakes his head at Jin So-hyang’s words. Then he frowned as if he was a bit troubled, then gently turned his head and said.

“······Because there are bugs in places like this. “I don’t like bugs.”

Jin So-hyang looked dumbfounded for a moment at Ha-jun Yoon’s unexpected words, but then burst into laughter without realizing it. What a bug. No, of course you can be afraid of bugs, but I never thought Hajun Yoon would say something like that.

He was someone who always spoke in an adult manner and acted as if nothing was wrong, so I thought there was nothing he disliked. There are things that person doesn’t like too.

Jin So-hyang kept smiling, perhaps because she was amazed by the newly discovered appearance of Ha-jun Yoon, or because she just felt good about being together. Seeing that, Ha-jun Yoon made a sulky expression for a moment, then went next to Jin So-hyang, took off the sandals he was wearing, and put his feet into the valley.

“Why, I heard you’re scared of bugs.”

“I said no. “I never said I was scared.”

Your voice is stiffer than usual.

Jin So-hyang mischievously asked in that voice.

“I’m angry?”


“You’re angry.”


“Then I’ll do something like that.”

This person also has a childlike appearance. Well, I always hated losing. Then, is there a game or something?

Hajun Yoon plays games. For some reason, I can’t imagine it. But I want to see you someday. And I want to know more things.

What do you like, what is your favorite food, what style of plain clothes do you like, and what kind of song do you like?

There are so many things I don’t know. There are many things I want to know. I want to know everything. If it’s about him. But there is no need to ask that.

There is still plenty of time. Slowly from the beginning. As if he had seeped into himself. You just need to get to know him very naturally.

“Are you doing well at work?”

“Well, roughly.”

Hajun Yoon answers, trying to catch the water with his toes. Yes, the work is going well. I’m desperately trying to do everything I can to avoid being left alone.

“thank you.”

“yes? What?”

Jin So-hyang asks Yoon Ha-jun’s unexpected words. Thank you. He said he didn’t do anything. Hajun Yoon leans his hands on the floor. Then he looked up at the sky and said:

“You told me something before. Make a song about me. “He said to make the song you are most confident in.”

“That happened.”

“Thanks to that, I’m making some pretty good songs.”

Currently, Ha-Jun Yoon is not making songs for Su-Yeon Yoon. Now, Sooyeon Yoon’s skills are not lacking to the point where she can tailor it in that way.

That’s why Ha-Jun Youn is making songs about himself, which he can do best. And as a result, he created songs that he himself thought were pretty good.

However, perhaps because he made songs about himself, he was emotionally drained. Is it because she poured out all her emotions? It’s harder to make songs than usual.

“I’m glad it helped.”

“It’s always helpful.”

Jin So-hyang laughs at Yoon Ha-jun’s words. Then, she carefully reached out to the floor, following Yoon Ha-jun. Hajun Yoon’s fingers, not far away, come into view.

Long, pretty fingers. What kind of man has such pretty fingers? Jin So-hyang, who was looking at it, moved her fingers carefully. gradually. Just little by little. So that Yoon Ha-jun doesn’t notice.

And with a tap, Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun’s fingers touched. That’s all for now. In my heart, I want to hold hands, but This is satisfactory enough.

“It’ll be busy when Singer Star starts, right?”

“Probably so. “I won’t be able to do well in school.”

Now that he can go to school, Yoon Ha-jun can’t go to school. I feel regretful about that fact, but I don’t express it.

“But will you come out during events or something like that?”

“That’s right.”

Still, you will be able to watch it from time to time. If so, that is enough. And most of all, you will be near him when it matters most.

After that, Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun continued to talk about trivial things. Even though she couldn’t see delicious food or pretty clothes, it was still a more enjoyable time than ever for Jin So-hyang these days.

Soon the day was setting, and Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun came down the mountain. Then I took a taxi, ate at a nearby restaurant, and then took another taxi to Seoul.

“That’s too bad.”


“Why are you going back this early?”

“That doesn’t mean you can go to sleep.”

“That’s it, whatever.”

I’m fine. He really is a very knowledgeable person in this area. Soon, the taxi stopped in front of Jin So-hyang’s lodgings.

Jin So-hyang got out of the taxi first and spoke to Yoon Ha-jun.

“I had fun today.”

“Then that’s a relief.”

Jin So-hyang sighs for a moment.

And then he musters up the courage to tell Ha-jun Yoon.

“······Do you want to play like this again later? “It was just the two of us back then.”

“Are you fine.”

Jin So-hyang smiles at Yoon Ha-jun’s words. Like a child laughing silently, laughing. And as he closed the door, he added his words in a low voice.

“Then next time it’ll be a little longer.”

Jin So-hyang closes the taxi door and waves her hand. Seeing that, Hajun Yoon also waved his hand and closed his eyes. Today was a fun day. It was comfortable and mentally healing.

Then it’s time to pour everything into it. Let’s run as hard as we can until we collapse from exhaustion. And if you fall, whatever. As Jin So-hyang said, you can rest for a while and then run again.

When Hajun Yoon opened his eyes again, his eyes changed.

From lazy eyes to sharp eyes.

§ § §

After returning home, Hajun Yoon continued to make songs. He was conserving sleep as usual, saving time to eat, and eating candy.

And I didn’t let anyone hear that song. Sooyeon Yoon keeps asking to hear her sing, but she isn’t there yet. She can’t hear it yet.

Then, before I knew it, auditions for singer stars had begun. She advertises on TV and also promotes heavily on the Internet.

The audition period for Singer Star is two weeks. It may be said to be an excessively short period of time, but this first audition is conducted solely over the phone.

And if you pass the phone audition, you will begin the full-scale on-site audition. This also lasts for two weeks. Once the on-site audition is over, filming begins.

Watching the preliminaries in front of judges, mentors, and cameras.

“You can pass, right?”

Suyeon Yoon asks a question while waiting for the phone audition. Hajun Yoon nodded to that question. The phone audition itself is not that difficult.

No, even if it is difficult, it would be strange to fail at Yoon Su-yeon’s level.

“Can I just sing as soon as I call?”


For a call audition, you just have to press the call button and sing for about a minute the moment you receive a call from the broadcasting station. The genre of the song is free. Just sing a song that you are confident in.

Soon it was time for the phone audition, and Sooyeon Yoon took a deep breath and made a call on her cell phone. A short call continues, and then someone answers the phone.

After confirming that, Sooyeon Yoon immediately started singing. The song she sang by Sooyeon Yoon is 『To Live』, which she sang at the freshman concert.

As Hajun Yoon said, relax. With emotions maximized. How much did he sing like that? Not even 30 seconds had passed before the answer came back.

Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression brightens after hearing the answer. And after confirming a few times, she hung up the phone and spoke to Hajun Yoon with a happy expression.

“I passed! “They let me know the on-site audition date via text message!”

“good job.”

Of course, Ha-jun Yoon said so. At that time, Hajun Yoon’s cell phone rings. Hearing that sound, Hajun Yoon looked at his cell phone.

KakaoTalk messages arrived from two people. One is Han Go-yo and the other is Kim Tae-young. After checking the contents of the KakaoTalk message, Hajun Yoon closed the screen without replying.

“Goyo and Taeyoung both passed.”

And I said that to Yoon Soo-yeon. At those words, Yun Soo-yeon nods her head. Sing A Star, an audition program that may or may not definitely change your life, has begun.

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