My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 110

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EP22 – I’ll sit down with you. (2).


“Oh, I’m crazy. it’s crazy!!”

Jin So-hyang, who was lying on the bed reading a novel on her cell phone, suddenly screams. Then he stamped her foot and kicked the innocent blanket away.

If anyone sees this, they’ll whisper that you’re crazy. However, Jin So-hyang is in better shape than ever. And that’s exactly the problem. If I had gone crazy, I would have felt at least at peace.

Because he was so fine, I kept thinking about the conversation I had with Ha-Jun Yoon. And every time that happened, Jin So-hyang screamed and kicked the blanket.

It was really crazy.

You’re crazy, Jin So-hyang.

What on earth were you thinking when you said that? Slowly but steadily. Are you consistently walking behind me? Are you saying I’ll be behind you forever?

Are you really out of your mind? No, I would have said that because I was out of my mind. There’s no way anyone in their right mind could say something like that.

Ah, really, with what face should I look at Ha-jun now? Even when I’m eating, reading a novel, or doing something like this, I think of that time and I feel like I’m dying of embarrassment.

“What are you doing?”

Then, a familiar voice is heard. Jin Sohyang was startled by that voice and stood up. Then she looked towards where the voice came from with a puzzled expression.

I don’t know when I got there, but Harin was sitting on the chair next to the bed and looking at Jin Sohyang.

“Why is your sister in my room?”

“I heard a scream and thought there had been an accident, so I came.”

“·····Well, then did I see everything?”


Jin So-hyang looks relieved at Harin’s words.

But with the next words, the expression changed to astonishment.

“All I saw was him struggling in pain. “What, did you come up with some dark history?”

“Uh, yes. Well, it’s similar.”

Although it is questionable whether what happened yesterday can be called ‘history’. Hearing Jin Sohyang’s words, Harin hummed and made a snorting sound and looked at Jin Sohyang’s cell phone.

There, the web novel app that Jin So-hyang enjoys these days was turned on. Did you say that Sohyang is reading romance novels these days? I don’t know what fun it is for Harin, who has broken off relations with books.

Jin So-hyang is immersed in romance novels these days. I’m so addicted to it that I look at my phone every time I have a break, and I even re-read novels I’ve already read over and over again.

Since when did that start?

If she remembers correctly, it must have been after Sohyang’s favorite singer stopped uploading songs to the cloud. At that time, she felt sad as if she had suffered a broken heart.

However, I soon found a new hobby and became energetic again. That in itself is a good thing. For Harin, Sohyang is not just the youngest member of the group, but her beloved younger sibling.

However, the problem is that it is a romance novel. Is it because the boss asked me today if Sohyang is dating?

It means something meaningful.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”


When Jin So-hyang asked about Harin continuing to look at her phone and face, Harin shook her head. There was something vaguely predictable, but Harin didn’t bother to say it.

People think that Jin So-hyang is pure and knows nothing, but in Harin’s opinion, Jin So-hyang has a more professional attitude than anyone else.

Never do anything that you think will be a nuisance to the team or that the company tells you not to do. Using respectful language with friends of the same age and going to school on days off are all actions based on that.

Because of that, I will not be dating during my activities. Well, you never know when the contract ends, but that’s not something you should worry about.


“Just practice hard for the stage.”

“I guess so.”

In response to Jin So-hyang’s answer, Harin gets up from her chair.

Then he looked at Jin So-hyang and spoke in a friendly voice.

“If anything good happens, please tell me. “Because you are always on your side.”

Contract, boss, etc. For Harin, the happiness of her beloved younger sister, Sohyang, is more important.

§ § §

Contrary to Jin So-hyang’s worries, Ha-jun Yoon was the same as usual.

I didn’t really pay attention to it, nor did I pay any attention to Jin So-hyang. We just talk about work and make songs as usual.

Seeing that, Jin So-hyang felt a sense of relief, but at the same time, she also felt a bit of disappointment. No, but isn’t it a bit weird that I said such an embarrassing thing and there was no response?

Am I that unattractive? Or do you really only think of me as a friend? No, of course, it would be easier if you thought of me as a friend right now.

‘Oh, I don’t know.’

I don’t know about love, but this is Jin So-hyang’s first time having feelings for someone of the opposite sex. Moreover, Jin So-hyang’s position makes it impossible for her to openly express her affection for her.

As a result, thoughts only become more complicated. However, nothing could change or be done by thinking about it, so in the end, Jin So-hyang gave up on thinking.

What’s important now is the Hamu concert stage.

Let’s just focus on that.

“Coordinator will bring the clothes for you, so I think you can decide there. And what happened to the stage direction and props like flags?”

“I decided to prepare by talking with the directing team and the president.”

“I guess that’s enough.”

“yes. And you’re still practicing the choreography, right?”

“Okay, how would you like to see it?”

Ha-jun Yoon nodded to Jin So-hyang’s question. I don’t have any knowledge of choreography, so watching it doesn’t change anything, but I can look at the movement lines and things like that and apply them to directing.

“Good for you. “Hannah already wanted to meet Ha-jun.”

If it were Hanna, she would be in charge of choreography. Although I have never talked to her directly, she is someone who helped me a lot every time I worked with Jin So-hyang.

Hajun Yoon nodded and moved to the practice room with Jin Sohyang. After briefly saying hello to Hanna there, Ha-jun Yoon asks So-hyang Jin.

“What about the other members?”

“Oh, everyone has their own schedule.”

“You don’t have one?”

“I’m staying from dinner too!”

Jin So-hyang quickly responded to Ha-jun Yoon’s voice, which seemed to sound pitiful. That’s not to say I’m pretentious, I really have a schedule starting in the evening.

The follow-up song promotions for Hwayangyeonhwa are now slowly coming to an end. Of course, we are still a candidate for first place, but we have already fallen a lot in the rankings on the music charts and have been active for a very long time.


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However, it only stops working on music programs. Entertainment and events must continue to run. Still, the schedule itself will be greatly reduced.

“First of all, we will be practicing, so please watch.”


After Hajun Yoon nods, he sits down. After seeing Yoon Ha-jun’s appearance, Jin So-hyang stood in front of the mirror and took a deep breath.

Then, I started practicing dancing to the song that started playing. Hajun Yoon smiled as he saw that. You can tell just by looking at the dance. How hard did Jin So-hyang practice?

He dances in harmony with the back dancers to the song he composed. She was quite impressed by the sight of Jin Sohyang and the back dancers moving as if they were one body.

“how is it?”

Soon after Jin So-hyang finished dancing, she rushed over to Ha-jun Yoon and asked him a question. Hajun Yoon ponders the question for a moment and then nods his head.

“are you okay.”

“thank god.”

“So are you going to continue practicing the choreography today?”

“You should continue to do this until your evening schedule.”

“good. Then I will have to go make other preparations.”

“Tsk,” Hajun Yoon stands up from his seat. Even though she felt regretful at that sight, Jin So-hyang nodded. I would like to ask you to look at it a little more, but I don’t have enough time.

There are 4 days left until the Hamu concert. Time is really tight to prepare the flag and put everything together. Knowing this, Jin So-hyang does not act foolishly.

Instead, he just smiles and says to Hajun Yoon.

“See you later.”

“okay. “When it’s over, think about where you want to go.”

He looked surprised for a moment at Ha-Jun Yoon’s next words, then smiled brightly. He remembered. I thought he was alone, foolishly excited.


Jin So-hyang answered with a lively voice.

§ § §

Since there is not much time left until the Hamu concert, it is difficult to make changes. So, when Ha-Jun Yoon first started, he made a really picky and specific order, and as a result, the items he wanted were prepared.

A flag to hold and a black hoodie to tear off. And even the outfit Jin So-hyang wears on stage. Hajun Yoon, who prepared them all, explained the stage to the members of Hwayangyeonhwa.

After that, it was just practice every day, and practice again. To practice for the Hamu concert, Hwayangyeonhwa did not have a schedule for three days, and instead worked together every day to prepare for the stage.

Watching the Hwayangyeonhwa stage, Yoon Ha-jun continued to prepare so that he could be of some help. He talks with the coordinators, prepares his props, conveys his opinions to the stage team, and prepares a video to be shown on the screen. He then talked with the lighting director and decided on the lighting sequence and colors.

And on the day of the Hamu concert. Hajun Yoon arrived at the concert venue early in the morning and talked about various things while watching Hwayangyeonhwa’s rehearsal stage.

There are a total of three rehearsals for the Hamu concert. Dry rehearsals are held in a natural state without makeup or costumes, and camera rehearsals are held to adjust the camera to the singer’s movements.

Finally, after completing the stage costumes and makeup, there was a run-through rehearsal that was conducted exactly like the actual broadcast. After attending all of the rehearsals, Ha-jun Yoon also participated in the technical rehearsal to confirm the lighting and direction he had requested.

At the same time, if there was anything to change or something to talk about, Ha-jun Yoon immediately conveyed his requests to the members of Hwayangyeonhwa.

And Hwayangyeonhwa nodded to that request and modified its route. Then he looked somewhat surprised. Although I heard some stories about Ha-jun Yoon from Jin So-hyang and the boss.

I never knew I could be so good at stage directing. He said he was only 18 years old. You know how to produce and even direct on stage. Plus, he knows how much he knows, better than the members of Hwayangyeonhwa.

To the extent that anyone would think that he was a singer who had been active for a really long time.

“Then where will you see this performance?”

“Wouldn’t you like to see it from below?”

“In the audience?”

Yoon Ha-jun nods his head at Jin So-hyang’s words. Jin So-hyang looks at Yoon Ha-jun as if she is dissatisfied with the answer. She doesn’t like the fact that Ha-jun Yoon is watching from the audience.

Then he glanced at the side of the stage. A place where managers and company officials wait and watch the stage. Yeah, wouldn’t it be okay there?

Anyway, Mr. Hajun has signed a contract with our company and is looking after us. Jin So-hyang, who decided that, told her opinion to the manager she was accompanying, and the manager nodded.

It’s not that difficult. And it’s important to look good to Ha-jun Yoon. The fact that CEO Kwon Soo-young likes Yoon Ha-jun very much is news that no company employee would know.

Moreover, Hajun Yoon has a bright future. He made his debut as a producer at a young age and became quite popular by appearing on TV. He is already doing this at the age of only 18, so I have no idea how great he will be in the future.

Maintaining a good relationship with such a person is very important in the management industry. One of the most important tasks of a manager’s job is building relationships.

“Take a look here.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Hajun Yoon smiled and nodded at the words of the manager who made a quick decision. And look at the stage from the side of the stage. To be honest, I’m a little nervous.

I’ve had a few stage directing experiences while producing, but this is my first time doing stage directing like this. Of course, I did arrange it, but it’s embarrassing to even call it an arrangement.

In addition, this concert is broadcast live on TV and is watched by many people. It’s not even a personal concert, but a group concert with other singers.

Of course, the audience is also huge.


Hajun Yoon takes a deep breath. The manager laughs at that sight. Even if he is perfect and a genius, is he still a high school student? Hajun Yoon’s hands are shaking slightly.

“You seem nervous.”

“Yeah, whatever. “There aren’t many experiences like this.”

“it’s okay. The stage prepared by Ha Jun is great. And the members, including Sohyang, also practiced a lot.”

“That too.”

“Then it’s important to believe in that.”

Trusting is also important. That is correct. You can’t do this without faith. Really, can you do that? Won’t you make mistakes? Because when people have doubts, they tend to become picky.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”


The manager snorted at Hajun Yoon’s answer. Then he looked at Hajun Yoon. This is surprising again. I thought he wouldn’t be shy because he’s a genius and all, but he’s much more gentle than I thought.

“Somehow, I think I understand why the boss cares about Ha-jun.”


The director smiled instead of answering. It’s hard to find a type like Ha-Jun Yoon in this industry. In particular, the more talented you are, the stronger your confidence and self-esteem become.

“Ah, here we go.”

At that time, the stage of Hwayangyeonhwa began. At those words, Hajun Yoon looked at the stage. At the center of the stage was Jin So-hyang. Back dancers stand as if surrounding Jin So-hyang, and behind her are the members of Hwayangyeonhwa, their faces covered with black hoods and flags.

The start is satisfactory. Soon, the song starts playing and Jin So-hyang, wearing a large stingray-shaped T-shirt, moves on stage.

Start cheerfully. The original, unarranged song 『Rough』. Then, the mood of the song changes. The lighting changes and becomes sticky. A song from the video that was arranged and boasts over 10 million views on iTunes.

The audience is amazed at the change. At the same time, the back dancers grabbed Jin So-hyang’s clothes from both sides and pulled them with all their might. Then a red dress and a surrounding red line appeared.


There was so much cheering that it was deafening. Hajun Yoon smiled at that sound. The response is better than expected.

After that, Jin So-hyang performed the stage faithfully. Under the flashing lights, making facial expressions and exuding decadence. As if I had become a different person.

It is emitting light.

“As expected, the singer looks good under the lights.”

Hajun Yoon says while looking at that. As expected, the singer is under the lights. I shine the brightest when I’m standing on stage. The manager also nods his head at those words.

“For that, everyone is doing their best.”

Jin So-hyang’s stage is coming to an end. Other members holding the flag in the back pass the flag to the back dancers. Then she approaches Jin So-hyang, stands next to her, and takes off the clothes she is wearing.

Loud cheers were heard once again. Hajun Yoon continued to look at that image. He himself came off the stage. He probably won’t be on stage anymore.

But as expected, the stage is good. That’s why Ha-Jun Yoon plans to put Soo-Yeon Yoon on that stage. “Whoa,” Hajun Yoon sighed.

Finally next week.

The singer star audition begins.

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