My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 11

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EP3 – Among Geniuses (3)


When people think of a genius singer, many things come to mind. He is good at raising high notes, good at conveying lyrics, excellent singing ability, good voice, and good appeal.

There are many more.

So what talent does Sooyeon Yoon have?

Are your fundamentals solid?

This is a bit ambiguous.

Compared to the students at Seolwon Arts High School, Sooyeon Yoon’s basic skills are lacking. In the first place, she never learned to sing properly, so it’s only natural.

Lyric delivery ability? That’s excellent. However, he is not yet at the level of a genius. Are you good at raising high notes? This is again ambiguous. To begin with, Sooyeon Yoon’s voice is not one that suits high notes well.

In Ha-Jun Yoon’s opinion, Soo-Yeon Yoon’s talents are voice and appeal. Normally, he has an ordinary voice, but when he sings, it can’t be that special.

If I had to use an analogy, it would be like a rainy morning.

A voice with a moist early morning sensibility.

He sings with a powerful voice, and when you listen to it, you feel like your emotions are being controlled. She sings as Yun Soo-yeon closes her eyes.

-Let’s go on a trip.

Throwing everything away,

Let’s run far away.


Su-yeon Yoon expressed her admiration while singing. How should I express this? The more she sings, the more it feels like it sticks to her mouth.

Basically, I feel comfortable singing as if it were my own song.

This is the first time I’ve felt this way while singing.

And Suyeon Yoon’s feelings were accurate.

The song that Sooyeon Yoon is singing now, Runaway, is a song just for Suyeon Yoon. Originally, Runaway wasn’t a song with this kind of feeling.

It is a song filled with soggy emotions, lamenting one’s lack of talent and wanting to run away from the harsh reality. Ha-jun Yoon changed it all for Su-yeon Yoon.

It is a free song that suits Yoon Soo-yeon.

-Turn off your complicated daily life for a moment.

Let’s leave the crowded city.

The soggy melody was changed to be a little brighter and refreshing. Instead, the tempo was slowed down a bit to maximize Yoon Soo-yeon’s charm. As a result, it was reborn as a very groovy song.

Ha-jun Yoon saw Su-yeon Yoon singing.

This song is atonement.

For my younger brother who gave up his dream because of me and was having a hard time.


It’s not just this song. There are still many songs that Ha-Jun Yoon wrote for Su-Yeon Yoon. And I will continue to make songs for Yoon Soo-yeon in the future.

Yoon Soo-yeon’s lost youth, dreams, and laughter.

And many other things.

Until you get it all back.

That must be the reason why I, who used to be a piece of trash, was given another chance.

§ § §

“I had a nice time today?”

On my way back after finishing all the recording.

I ask Suyeon.

“Yes, so so so much! It was so much fun!”

Suyeon excitedly nods her head to my question.

I smile at that sight.

I am proud that you are so happy.

“Can I record with you again?”

Suyeon asks carefully.

This time I nodded.

“of course.”

We will continue to work together in the future. In order to work with the genius Sooyeon, I have to keep busy composing music in the future.

At least, I want to continue to be by Sooyeon’s side until she becomes the top, or rather, until she gets on track.

“But what about the song we recorded today?”

“First of all, I’m thinking of uploading it to the cloud.”


“It’s a free song streaming site. A site where anyone can upload songs.”


Even if it is free, it cannot be looked upon lightly. Because the cloud is one of the best sites in the world. In fact, there are quite a few singers who debuted through the cloud.

“So are you uploading it right away?”

“No, there are many shortcomings for that.”

“Not enough? Of course, I’m still a bit lacking.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

He lightly pats Suyeon’s head, who has a sullen expression, and says. Then Soo-yeon waves her hand as if telling him not to do it.

“Then what do you mean it’s lacking?”

“There’s still mixing and mastering work left.”

“Mixing? Mastering?”

“Well, it’s easy to think of mixing as balancing and adding various sounds. And mastering is the process of adjusting the volume of a song and increasing the level.”

Explain as easily as possible.

I guess I’ll have to give Suyeon some composition lessons later.

“So when you’re done with that work, are you uploading the song to the cloud?”


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“Yes why?”

“I was surprised, embarrassed, and excited to hear other people listen to the songs I sang.”

While saying that, Sooyeon twisted her hair. I know that feeling well. Because I was like that when I first released the music.

“What if people say swear words or something like that? The song is good, but the singer isn’t that good. What if people say malicious comments like that?”

“It’s okay. That won’t happen.”

I don’t know if it’s the other way around.

Suyeon’s talent is definitely top class.

I can guarantee that, having experienced geniuses.

Of course, there are still some shortcomings, but those shortcomings can be supplemented. And someday, that name will be known to the world.

“I want to stand on stage with my brother someday.”

At that time, Suyeon spoke.

At those words, he suddenly stops.


Seeing me like that, Sooyeon called my name. Perhaps because it was a dark alley, I couldn’t see Suyeon’s face. I tried to smile.

“Yeah, I hope so.”

For some reason, my voice trembled.

§ § §

“Did you stay up last night?”

monday. As I sat down and dozed off, Taeyoung Kim spoke to me. He yawns loudly and then nods his head.

“Uh, I was doing some work.”

“What work?”

“Mixing and mastering.”

I ended up staying up all night working on Runaway, the song I wrote with Suyeon. Still, thanks to working on Saturday and Sunday with less sleep, the song was almost finished.

“Oh, what? Did you even record it?”


“Did you call me?”

“No, I didn’t sing it, my brother did.”

Taeyoung Kim blinks at my words.

“Did you have a younger brother?”

“One younger sister.”

“Is your younger brother aspiring to be a singer too?”

Instead of answering, I nod my head.

Wow, I’m so sleepy I’m out of my mind.

“Now that I think about it, weren’t you originally a vocal major?”

“I took the test with that and came in.”

“But why did you change your major to composition? You could choose composition as your minor.”

Originally, it was not possible to select a minor at Seolwon Arts High School.

However, you can only choose a minor in Silgeum.

Therefore, most vocal majors choose composition as a minor.

“There is a reason for that.”

But for me that is impossible. There isn’t enough time to do just one, so how do you do both? For a less talented guy like me to beat a genius, he has to make choices and focus.

“Does your younger brother sing well?”


But why is he so obsessed with his younger brother? I answer like that and look at Taeyoung. Then she gave Taeyoung an expression that said he was in trouble.


“Huh? Oh, no. I was just curious how well your sister sings.”

“Why are you curious about that?”

This is absurd. Is this kid even interested in Suyeon?

“There is something like that. Oh, can you tell me the song you worked on later?”

“That’s not difficult.”

I already wanted to get some feedback from others, and it worked out well. Of course, I was planning on telling it to Won Seong-min this Saturday, but the more feedback the better.

Also, who is Taeyoung Kim? He is an incredibly talented person who has achieved top class performance as a piano player and has also achieved great success as a singer. I would like to ask for feedback from that guy.

“So, are you going to go to the practice room after today?”

“I have to go.”

“Then let’s meet after major classes.”

Nod your head. Oh, by the way, I see I’m taking a major class today. Seolwon Arts High School’s major classes consist of 50-minute 1:1 lessons after school.

Lesson teachers are made up of external instructors, and it is very important to find a lesson teacher that suits you.

However, since new students do not know which teacher is good, they first take classes from all teachers and then apply for and take classes from the teacher who suits them best.

“Who are you taking classes from today?”

In response to Taeyoung’s question, he takes out the timetable.

Hmm, so the person in charge of today’s major class…

“Ha Hyo-ju? This is my first time hearing that name.”

There are many famous instructors at Seolwon Arts High School. Current singers and producers that you can recognize just by hearing their names. Of course, students want to take classes from such teachers.

“Well, there are five major teachers. I guess I can get it from a good person.”

I mumbled and put in the timetable.

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