My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 109

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EP22 – I’ll sit down with you. (One).


“What is it?!”

Two days after the Sileumwa concert. That’s exactly what Jin So-hyang said when I met her after a long time for the Hamu concert.


“No, what happened to your face?”


“Have you ever looked in the mirror?”

I look at it in the mirror every time I wash. But is it that serious? There was no particular problem when I looked in the mirror in the morning. With that thought in mind, I look at my face through my cell phone camera.

And then he frowns. Her face had a suspiciously slanted look to it. The dark circles have darkened and the corners of the eyes are full of water.

For some reason, Sooyeon asked me if I was sick, but was this the reason?

“It’s no big deal. “I just couldn’t sleep for a bit.”

“Is it because it’s hot? Or because you’re working?”

“the latter.”

“You can’t do that. “Even if you work, you still have to sleep.”

Well, it’s a correct opinion, but I can’t believe I heard something like that from Jin So-hyang. That’s a bit weird. Among the people I know, the person who sleeps the least is Jin So-hyang.

Hwayangyeonhwa, who has become a top idol with this album, has a very busy schedule. Since I travel abroad very often and have to travel around for events, my time to sleep is limited.

Last time I heard you said that the maximum amount of sleep you can sleep in at the dorm is 2-3 hours? It is said that he spends the rest of the time sleeping in his car or temporarily renting a hotel from his agency and sleeping there.

Hmm, if you think about that, is Jin So-hyang’s total sleeping time longer? Well, I also tend to take a nap in between breaks.

“But what on earth are you so busy doing? For the Hamu concert, all you have to do is stage direction. Um, because of the summer concert?”

“No, not that.”

Oh, come to think of it, Jin So-hyang doesn’t know anything about singer stars. Well, there are only 5 days of school attendance in the first semester.

While drinking the Americano I bought to wake up, I briefly explain Singer Star to Jin So-hyang. And Jin So-hyang, who heard the explanation, said with a surprised expression.

“Sooyeon, Goyo, and Taeyoung?”


“It’s a set of sophomore all-stars.”

“Sooyeon is a first year student. Anyway, I want Sooyeon to win there. But that’s not easy.”

“Yes. “Taeyoung is not easy, so what about Goyo?”

I shake my head at Sohyang’s words. Of course, Taeyoung and Goyo are also difficult opponents. And Lim Ha-in and Oh Soo-jung, the original winners of Singer Star, are very formidable opponents.

But the reason I am having a hard time right now is not their fault. To begin with, I’m not thinking about them right now.

There is only one reason why I am having a hard time right now. It’s because of my younger sister, Yoon Soo-yeon. Close her eyes. Her fists clenched. Will I be able to not hold Suyeon back until Singer Star ends?

I don’t ask for much. Just until it’s over. Just until you win. I don’t want to hold you back. I knew right away that one day I would catch Soo-yeon’s ankle.

I was mentally prepared enough.

But still, this is too fast.

“But don’t overdo it. “You can’t overdo it.”

I smile wryly at those words. How nice it would be if you didn’t have to overdo it. While thinking about that, I shake my head. I can’t complain to Jin So-hyang now.

What I am doing now is not something I unilaterally help with, but something I do for money. This is something that must be done thoroughly.

“I’m fine, so let’s get to work first.”

“Ah yes.”

Jin So-hyang nods her head at my words.

At the same time, his expression changed.

§ § §

Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun immediately headed to the concert hall where the Hamu concert was held. Hamu concerts are always held at the same place, so it wasn’t that difficult to find the concert hall.

Arriving at the concert venue, Ha-jun Yoon looked around the stage and nodded. Then he took out the notebook he always carried with him, looked at it and said:

“Have you seen all of Hamu’s previous concert performances?”

“yes? “All of the previous Hamu concert stages?”


Hajun Yoon nods. Jin So-hyang looked surprised at that sight. This is the 7th Hamu concert. And since I watch it for over 3 hours each time, does that mean I watched all 21 hours?

“If you look at the solo concert stages there, they usually use screens a lot.”

“That’s the most convenient way.”

A large screen attached to the back of the stage is the easiest and most reliable way to produce. After playing various videos or patterns and combining them with lighting, it creates a pretty good atmosphere.

But that alone is not enough.

“So I’m thinking of covering all the screens this time.”


“I don’t use screens. “I’m just going to put a red pattern on it and not pay attention to it.”


“It’s nothing special. Screen directing ultimately has its limits. Well, it would be a different story if we used this and that on stage in conjunction with the screen, but it would be difficult to do that at a Hamu concert.”

“That’s right.”

There are a total of 4 stages for the Hamu concert. All of these stages are connected, but that doesn’t mean you can use all four stages.

There are at most two stages that can be used. The remaining two areas cannot be invaded because after the performance is over, someone else must perform the performance.

Therefore, it is okay to use various props on stage, but it is also difficult to install things such as a TV or tent that connects to the screen.

After everyone else’s performance, I have to perform here again. You should only use props that can be cleaned up in at least a minute or two.

“If that’s difficult, it’s better to have something unique.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“We should use Hwayangyeonhwa members.”

Members? Jin So-hyang blinks. Well, are you planning to block the screen by building a pyramid with your sisters? The screen is a bit big for that. Ha-jun Yoon hands out the notebook he is holding to Jin So-hyang, who is having a somewhat wild imagination.


And Jin So-hyang looks surprised when she sees that. There were stage concepts drawn by Hajun Yoon. Hwayangyeonhwa members wearing black hoods.


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And the members are holding a large flag. The patterns drawn on the flag are the Hwayangyeonhwa logo and the logos of previously released albums.

“Anyway, all Hwayangyeonhwa members have to appear at the end of the 『Rough』 stage.”

“Yes. And then we naturally move on to 『Windfall』 and 『UH-UH.』.”

“So, let’s introduce the members from the beginning. So, you perform first by tearing your clothes, and when the song ends and the 『windfall』 melody comes on, you dance alone, and then the members pass the flag to the back dancers and step forward, tearing their clothes and joining in. how is it?”

As Yoon Ha-jun explains, Jin So-hyang closes her eyes and imagines the stage. In the meantime, a wind blower or a bouquet of flowers. Then the members tear off their clothes and join the side to begin the performance.

“······Are you okay?”

No, it’s not okay, it’s quite good.

If that’s the case, the reaction from fans will be good.

“Of course, for this to happen, the back dancers and members have to work hard.”

“Anyway, the back dancers are going to dance together, so it’s okay because they keep matching up. Can members just stand and join?”

“yes. “Like a wall.”

“Then it’s okay.”

Considering the sisters’ personalities, they will definitely find it incredibly fun and say they really want to do it. Ha-Jun Yoon took back the notebook he had shown to So-Hyang Jin and continued speaking while drawing a picture with her pencil.

“『Windfall』 and other stages were decided to be directed by someone else, not me, right?”


“Then leave the rest to him. “Can we just do this in the beginning?”

“That much is possible. The concept is similar to the 『windfall』 stage.”


That’s it. After saying that, Hajun Yoon put the note into his bag. He has received initial permission from stage owner Jin So-hyang, so now he has to talk to the company.

In the end, when it comes to setting up the stage, you have to get help from the company and the organizers of the Hamu concert. Hajun Yoon and Sohyang Jin went straight to ROC Entertainment and talked.

And Kwon Soo-young, who appeared directly in the story, nodded and gave the OK sign. Unsurprisingly, Ha-jun Yoon looked a bit surprised because he didn’t know that the president, Soo-young Kwon, would come out in person.

Usually, for concert productions like this, other concert directors (lighting, sound, stage direction) are outsourced, and there are people who only communicate with those people.

But I never thought the president would come out in person.

“You really care about Hwayangyeonhwa.”

From that look, Ha-jun Yoon could tell how much Soo-young Kwon thought about Hwayangyeonhwa. Well, I said I invested all the money I earned in my career as a composer.

Kwon Soo-young smiles bitterly at Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

“Because he is my child. It’s natural. I was also curious about what kind of style Hajun Yoon had as a stage director, not just Hajun Yoon as a producer. I had high expectations because I liked the last 『Rough』. As expected, there is a reason why our Sohyang said she would work with Hajun.”

Hajun Yoon blinked at those words and then looked at Jin Sohyang. what? Didn’t you say that Sooyoung Kwon first talked about hiring you?

“Ah ah ah ah ah. that’s right. Mr. Hajun. We should also talk about our costumes. costume! It’s still stable! I have a costume in mind. Would you like to see it? It worked out great! “There’s even a costume shop near here!”

Jin So-hyang looks embarrassed, her face turns red and she waves her hands. Kwon Soo-young hums at that sight and lets out a humming sound. The corners of her eyes turn sharp.

Surely not?

No matter how much Kwon Soo-young cares about the members of Hwayangyeonhwa, he does not allow them to ‘love’ each other. Because I know very well how fatal dating is for idols.

So, the contract actually states that dating is prohibited. Moreover, Jin So-hyang is still young. Now 18 years old. The period of activity is quite long, but that is only because they debuted when they were young.

“Oh, that’s right.”

Hajun Yoon nods and stands up. Then, he told Kwon Soo-young that he would go out and left the conference room first, and the moment Jin So-hyang was about to leave after Yoon Ha-jun.



Kwon Soo-young called Jin So-hyang.

At that call, Jin So-hyang looks at Kwon Soo-young.

“Friends are okay, but…”

“i know.”

Before Kwon Soo-young had even finished speaking, Jin So-hyang answered. know. What is Sooyoung Kwon talking about? What is he worried about? I know everything.

“I know. are you okay. “We are friends after all.”

“It’s okay if you know.”

“Then I will come back.”

Jin So-hyang says that and leaves the conference room. Kwon Soo-young sighed at that sight. Jin Sohyang did not show her face in the end.

‘I hope the worst doesn’t happen.’

For that to happen, it would be too much of a waste of Ha-Jun Yoon’s abundant talent. At the time when Kwon Soo-young was thinking that, Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun were talking about various things.

“What do you think would be a good outfit?”

“The 『Rough』 stage has a slightly sticky feel, so the red color is okay.”

“Last time, I wore a shirt and a skirt.”

“yes. So, should I try wearing a dress this time? “Windfall’s stage costume was also a dress.”


“Then a red dress?”

“Like that cloth-thin, fluttery kind?”

Hajun Yoon nods. Jin So-hyang also thought about it for a moment and sent a KakaoTalk message to the coordinator in charge of costumes. I wonder if this type of clothing is even possible.

The stage is not something you can decorate alone. In order to perform on stage, you need the help of many people and many meetings.

Even if you request clothes like this now, you won’t be able to wear them right away. You need to talk separately with other members, other stage directors, coordinators, and the president.

Therefore, we need to create as many plans as possible and share stories. So Ha-jun Yoon and So-hyang Jin really talked a lot.

The choreography of 『Rough』, the flag, and this are approved, so we talk about props, costumes, and coordination, and talk to the directors of the concert organizers about lighting and such.

“Are you okay?”

Also, Jin So-hyang asks worriedly when she sees Ha-jun Yoon preparing for the stage while saving time for sleep. Hajun Yoon nodded to that question.

“are you okay. “I need to make sure I do this.”

That is correct. Now Hajun Yoon is working as a professional for money. He should never work half-heartedly. Because each and every one of these things becomes Hajun Yoon’s career.


“Not that one. The other side. “Aside from this job, I continue to work on songs during my free time.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t affect you.”

“No, I’m not saying anything. I just feel like I’m going to collapse. Are you taking nutritional supplements? Sap or something like that? Taking care of your body is something a professional should do.”

If you fall down like that, you’re in trouble. If you can’t take care of your body and overwork yourself and collapse before the stage, everything will be in vain.

Hajun Yoon closes his mouth at those words. Falling down is not scary. Something else is scarier than that. For example, he is left alone.

“······I want to run next to you as long as possible.”


Jin So-hyang asks Ha-jun Yoon’s somewhat unexpected words. Running, what? At those words, Ha-Jun Yoon continued to speak to So-Hyang Jin with a nervous expression on his face.

“Suyeon is a bigger girl than I thought. So, one day, I will end up holding Sooyeon back. I think that can’t be helped. But I want to push that time back as much as possible. At least until the end of Singer Star, she wants to run by Sooyeon’s side until she establishes herself as a singer. That’s why she tries so hard. Because I’m scared. “I’m afraid that I will be left alone and Suyeon will run away.”

Suyeon is not the only one. The same goes for Goyo and Taeyoung. Although we are only now running together, the difference in talent is clear. At some point, the gap will widen, and the gap will not narrow.

And in the end, you will end up alone.

It’s definitely a moment that will come someday, but I’m afraid of it.

“I don’t want to be left alone. “I don’t even want to sit down.”

Jin So-hyang looks surprised at Yoon Ha-jun’s honest words, which she is hearing for the first time. I didn’t know. The fact that he is a person who can say such weak things, and the fact that he is so afraid of something.

Jin So-hyang has never seen Yoon Soo-yeon perform on stage. That’s why we don’t know how great a talent Yoon Soo-yeon has. But I can’t believe Hajun Yoon would say something like that. Is that how amazing Yoon Soo-yeon is? Jin So-hyang, who was thinking such things, immediately made a sad expression.

The expression Hajun Yoon is making is familiar. This is none other than himself when he first worked with Ha-Jun Yoon. He was afraid of being ridiculed as he stood on stage with Goyo Han, who had overwhelming talent.

And at that time, because I didn’t want to be pitied or leave regrets, it was that person who comforted me because I was afraid that my own performance, which I worked hard for, would be compared to Goyo.

He held my hand warmly and spoke in a sweet but powerful voice. Looking at himself with his characteristic languid eyes. He affirmed and comforted me.

And that moment is one that Jin So-hyang can never forget. Of course. Because this is the moment when Jin So-hyang was reborn as a singer and an idol.

After that, whenever something scary happened, whenever I performed a new stage, whenever I felt scared or scared, I always thought about that time and contacted Ha-Jun Yoon.

therefore. This time it’s your turn to say it. But how? After thinking for a moment, Jin So-hyang stretched out her hand and grabbed Yoon Ha-jun’s hand.

Just like Ha-jun Yoon held her hand. lightly. But with kindness. Hands bigger than yourself. Even if you hold on to it with both hands, hold on to the remaining hand before speaking.

“You are not alone.”


“For me. He’s not that great of a person. I’m not talented enough to be recognized like Ha Jun. So I think it’s impossible to understand Ha-jun’s feelings and comfort him.”

Although it has achieved the status of a top idol, this is the power of Hwayangyeonhwa. It’s not your own strength. If Jin So-hyang had debuted alone instead of Hwayangyeonhwa, it would have been impossible to receive this kind of love.

Jin So-hyang is a more ordinary person than you might think. On the other hand, not Hajun Yoon. He achieved that position on his own, without anyone’s help.

Even if an ordinary person tried to comfort such an amazing person, it wouldn’t make much sense. So, Jin So-hyang does not contain words of comfort.


“Still, I can be there for you when Ha-jun is having a hard time. If you think you’re alone, I’ll be by your side. If you sit down, I will sit down next to you too. I can’t comfort you or anything, but that much is possible. All you have to do is rest for a while and run again.”

Just accept him as he is.

Yoon Ha-jun closes his mouth at Jin So-hyang’s words. Rest and run again? Towards them? But can that close the talent gap?

“And what if it stops again?”

“Please stop for a moment. Because I will follow you diligently. Slowly but steadily. I will steadily follow Ha-jun and catch up on foot. You don’t have to wait for me. Because there is no talent great enough to catch up with Ha Jun. Still, I will continue to follow in Ha-jun’s footsteps. “I will never leave you alone.”

Jin So-hyang sat next to Yoon Ha-jun, holding his hand. She has a curved back that is bigger than hers. She doesn’t want to see that look. But she can’t say it.

Forcing someone to straighten their back and run just because they don’t want to see it is so cruel. And that’s not your job.

Those are the people in front or next to you.

That’s what Han Go-yo, Yoon Su-yeon, or Kim Tae-young will do.

You, who are always behind them, can always look at their backs and stand next to them when they stop.

“Because I will always be behind Ha-jun.”

Hajun Yoon looked at Sohyang Jin. Jin So-hyang was smiling. She brightly says that she doesn’t even know how embarrassing she said.

Hajun Yoon bows his head at that sight. Same as last time and this time too. It really helps me a lot. Of course, hearing those words doesn’t mean the situation will change right now.

The difference in talent is clear, and you have to run desperately. But at least it is comforting. It’s comforting. The mind that has been pushed to the steep cliff can rest for a while.

And that alone helps a lot.

“thank you.”

“What. “As friends, it’s natural.”

Yes, as a friend, it is natural. He is one of Jin So-hyang’s few friends. Thinking so, Jin Sohyang suppressed other thoughts.

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