My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 108

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EP21 – mm Entertainment’s 4th artist. (5)


There are often days like that.

The stomach is empty, as if there is nothing in it, but it does not feel lacking. A day where my body feels light overall.

A day that is commonly said to be in good condition. Coincidentally, the sky was clear and not cloudy. And on days like these, good things are bound to happen.

For example, hearing a song you like on the street. For example, the straw attached to the chocolate milk you often drink falls off cleanly, or you cross the crosswalk without waiting.

Those little things that are really good. But those events lead to something big. Yeah, for example.

A nice person or something.


Goyo Han stops and lets out a short exclamation. With your mouth open very small. The other person must have heard that voice and turned his head to look in this direction.

In an instant, their eyes meet and their expressions change.

From a drowsy expression to a happy expression. Then, he approaches Hangoyo and speaks in a welcoming voice.

“long time no see.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Are you practicing well?”


Goyo Han nods his head. Then the person laughs. Han Goyo also smiled very slightly at that laugh. This trivial conversation feels so welcome.

Of course, we contact each other through KakaoTalk every day, but sharing our voices directly through KakaoTalk is completely different. Actually, I want to call you every day. But expressing it is not easy for Goyo.

“Are you here to see Sileum and her concert?”


Han Go-yo shakes her head in response to the question of her opponent, Ha-jun Yoon. His hair flutters with him. Goyo Han continues speaking while arranging her hair.

“It’s just a coincidence.”


“huh. “It came by chance.”

Really by accident.

My cell phone alarm rang earlier than usual, and because of that, I had some time left, so I tried doing makeup, which I’ve been interested in lately, and it turned out prettier than I expected.

And again by chance.

Yesterday, I received a call from Seo Chae-rim that there was a Sileum department concert today, and I remembered that Yoon Soo-yeon would be representing the first-year students at the Sileum department concert.

Then by chance.

A few favorite clothes caught my eye and after putting them on, I went outside. However, I put on my makeup and put on my favorite clothes, but I felt bad about staying in the neighborhood, so I went out for a long walk and found a familiar park. I was happy to go in and look around.

Yes, the meeting here was all just a coincidence. I never did anything like looking for a specific person or just wandering around the concert venue.

“Okay, whatever. “Maybe so.”

“Are you going to watch Suyeon’s performance?”

“huh. Um, would you like to watch it together?”

At that suggestion, Hangoyo looks at her cell phone. The time was also 1:40. There are only 20 minutes left until the stage. Really.

“Yes, because the time was free and the stage was about to start.”

What a coincidence. This is truly amazing. With that in mind, Goyo Han entered the concert hall with Hajun Yoon and sat down.

After that, I look at Hajun Yoon and ask.

“But is it okay if I stay here?”


“No, I thought I needed to be next to my brother to direct the stage.”

In response to Goyo Han’s question, Hajun Yoon let out a deep sigh. Yes, stage direction. He really wanted to do that. No matter how much you think about it, it’s a waste.

If you apply the stage direction you think of to the song now, it will be a really, really good performance. It’s such a shame that I couldn’t use it.

But it cannot be helped.

“Well, you’ll know when you see it.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon kept his mouth shut. Yes, you will know when you see it. Why is he here? He doesn’t say anything.

And how fast Yoon Soo-yeon is growing.

You will find out everything.

At those words, Han Goyo’s expression changes. The expression changed from a leisurely, happy expression to a slightly serious one. Soon after, the music and concert began.

“What time is your younger brother’s performance?”


As expected, I am lucky today. After the MC on stage makes a brief introduction, Sooyeon Yoon comes up on stage for the first performance.

Seo Chae-rim, who was sitting in the audience, saw Soo-yeon Yoon on stage, shaking the arm of Seo Hoon, the CEO next to her, and said.

“CEO. There, there. It’s him. Yoon Ha-jun’s younger brother. “I am the person whose voice I heard on the cloud the other day.”

“It’s not even a company, so I call you uncle instead of CEO.”

While answering Seo Chae-rim’s words, Seo Hoon looked at the stage with sharp eyes. He is Yoon Ha-jun’s younger brother and the main character whose voice was heard on the cloud.

It may be interesting. Moreover, he was recommended by none other than his niece, Seo Chae-rim. Hajun Yoon, Goyo Han. Considering the level of people my nephew has recommended so far, it is clear that that student must also have outstanding talent.

Seohoon adjusts his posture and sits down. And at the same time, the stage started. The lights turn off and a song plays. Seo Chae-rim frowned at that sight.

‘There’s nothing on stage?’

Considering Hajun Yoon’s style, there must be some stage direction. Let alone directing, the lights are not even on. Well, even if you don’t turn on the lights, it’s so bright that it doesn’t really matter.

Still, it feels a bit awkward considering the stage prepared by Ha-jun Yoon. They are also wearing school uniforms. Did Ha Jun not direct this time?

No, there’s no way that idiot would do that.

The moment Seo Chae-rim thought that,

-What will happen today?

Sooyeon Yoon opens her mouth. At the same time, Seo Chae-rim’s thoughts stop. Seo Chae-rim is not the only one. Seo Hoon’s expression hardened and Han Goyo frowned.

It’s different from when I heard it at a freshman concert less than two months ago. The song has no power and the voice is weak. Instead, his expression got much better.

Should I say that his expression is alive? It’s very natural. It’s like Han Go-yo, who has an expressionless expression on stage, naturally changes her expression on stage.

Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression changes naturally. It’s not just the facial expression that changes. My feelings deepened. Just like her Hangoyo stage last year, she draws people into her emotions.


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The song that Sooyeon Yoon is singing right now is a very bright and cheerful song. A song that expresses loveliness, excitement and anticipation about what to do today and what will happen.

The audience falls in love with Yoon Soo-yeon’s song. She feels the brightness, cheerfulness, and excitement that Yoon Soo-yeon feels. My heart is pounding. I feel better.

It even brings a smile to your lips. Hajun Yoon sighed as he saw the audience’s reaction. lost. Of course, I wanted that kind of growth, but I never expected it to grow so quickly and to that level.

Soo-yeon Yoon’s endless talent makes one even feel fear. Han Go-yo, who was next to Yoon Ha-jun, looked at Yoon Soo-yeon with a stern expression.

I expected it to grow quickly, but it was too fast. Not too long ago, it was somewhere below and out of sight, but now it has come this far.

If this continues, you will really get caught. I don’t have time to stay like this. It shouldn’t be like this. Han Go-yo, who was listening to the song, stood up from her seat.

“Are you going?”

Ha-Jun Yoon asks as he sees Han Go-yo’s appearance.

Han Goyo nodded to that question.


As expected, I am lucky today. If I hadn’t happened to see that stage, I would have been complacent. He must not have been aware of that being approaching him at high speed.

“See you later.”

“Yes, at Singer Star.”

Singer Star is faster than the Summer Festival, the first event of the second year. In response, Hangoyo nodded his head and left the park, heading towards MM Entertainment.

And Seo Hoon, the CEO of MM Entertainment, said to Seo Chae-rim while watching Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance from the audience.

“He said he was thinking of signing a contract with our company, right?”

“yes. And they say they’re planning to appear on Singer Star.”

“Hmm,” Seohoon snorts. His older brother, Yoon Ha-jun, and his younger sister, Yoon Soo-yeon, are truly unbelievably talented.

Are those siblings playing cheats or something?

“I regret putting everything on Han Go-yo.”

This does not mean that there is a lack of silence. If you think about it right now, it is true that Hangoyo is superior. However, if you think about the future, it is not a bad idea to push Yoon Soo-yeon to some extent.

Moreover, according to Seo Chae-rim, Yoon Ha-jun plans to make songs only for Yoon Soo-yeon at Singer Star. When I think about it, I feel even more sorry for her.

“So I told you. “How about pushing together?”


Seohoon let out a groan. But the water has already been spilled. You can’t turn back time. Sooyeon Yoon continues to sing.

And as the song progressed, Seo Hoon’s sadness grew. The good news is that it wasn’t lost to another company.

Your older brother, Hajun Yoon, also signed a contract with MM Entertainment, and you are also seriously thinking about joining MM Entertainment.

If not, Seo Hoon would have shed bloody tears of sorrow. That’s because the eyes of the officials looking at the stage right now are unusual.

Obviously, he must have rushed to somehow sign a contract with Sooyeon Yoon. No, in fact, they will rush in the moment the stage ends.


I’m glad I signed a contract with Ha-Jun Yoon.

No, are you glad you heard Seo Chae-rim’s words?

If you think about it, Hajun Yoon, Goyodo Han, and Suyeon Yoon were all recommended by Seo Chae-rim. Soon, Soo-yeon Yoon’s performance ended, and soon after, Seo-hoon got up from his seat.

“why? “Would you like to run to Suyeon?”

“no. “I’m going to go back to work and make some preparations for tomorrow.”

“Don’t you even watch my performance?”

Seo Chae-rim giggled and asked in a mischievous voice.

Seohoon answered that question with a cynical smile.

“Do you want me to look at it?”

“No way, it can’t be like that.”

“I thought so.”

In the first place, Seo Chae-rim did not want Seo Hoon to watch her performance. There is only one reason why Seo Hoon was brought here. I just want people to realize the value of Sooyeon Yoon.

“Then I’ll talk to Suyeon and Hajun. “Let’s meet tomorrow.”

“I’ll be waiting with the contract in hand.”

After saying that, Seo Hoon left the concert venue. Actually, I would like to see other students’ performances as well. However, Yoon Soo-yeon is worth more than those stages.

Seo Chae-rim sighed as she watched Seo Hoon leaving the concert hall at a fast pace. It seems like she somehow turned out well.

“It’s a shame.”

In my heart, I want to walk next to you. I want to go to the company together and start working right away. But he is still a student. In addition, I have to stand on stage at a Sileum and concert.

Well, unlike others, it is a stage that no one has any expectations about. Seo Chae-rim took out her cell phone, sent a KakaoTalk message to Ha-jun Yoon, and then stood up.

[Seo Chae-rim senior]

-The CEO told me to come to the company tomorrow with Soo-yeon.

Hajun Yoon checked the KakaoTalk message and nodded. Well, anyway, the result was successful. The fact that Seo Chae-rim said this means that Seo Hoon liked Yoon Soo-yeon.

Well, after seeing that performance, there’s no way Sooyeon wouldn’t be greedy. If you listen to what the officials are saying right now, they are having conversations about who they are, whether it was last year or this year that first-year students are no joke, and that they need to contact them right away.

Suyeon’s value has also increased, and now she will be signing a contract. It’s a happy ending for everyone. No, no. There is one person who is not happy.

“iced coffee.”

Looking at Ha Hyo-joo’s expression of wanting to cry, Yoon Ha-jun let out a sigh and cleared his throat. No, honestly, doesn’t this feel a bit unfair to me?

What did I do? I did my best. Yes, I did my best to not stand out on stage as much as possible. They were dressed in school uniforms, only basic makeup was used, and they didn’t even use lighting.

What else should I do here?

After Ha-jun Yoon apologized to Hyo-joo Ha in his heart once again, he stood up. I really want to see Seo Chae-rim’s performance and other people’s performances as well.

There is no time for that.

I also have to prepare for the Hamu concert. Han Go-yo is not the only one who feels a sense of crisis as Yoon Soo-yeon grows at an unbelievable pace.

Hajun Yoon did nothing on this stage. He just made up the song. The rest was all done by Yoon Su-yeon on her own.

Even when watching rehearsals, I didn’t even interfere. He really left everything to Yoon Soo-yeon. However, Sooyeon Yoon elicited such a reaction.

If you can’t keep up with that growth rate, you will be nothing but a sucker for Sooyeon’s blood. Yes, just like in my past life.

‘I can’t do that.’

Living like a parasite once is enough. Ha-jun Yoon thought about many things and headed to the stage to pick up Soo-yeon Yoon.

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