My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 106

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“Let’s try again.”

Ha-Jun Yoon asks for a retake in a voice so friendly that it would shock those who have worked with him until now.

In response to that retake, Soo-yeon Yoon frowns slightly and says.

“So you’re telling me to relax more?”

“huh. “Take out more.”

Yoon Soo-yeon’s brows furrow even more, as if she doesn’t like those words. No, wouldn’t the song be ruined if I lost more power here?

‘As it happens, it happens.’

Even while thinking about that, Sooyeon Yoon adjusts her posture. Anyway, the producer of this recording is Hajun Yoon. Then he himself must follow.

And there’s no way her brother would bully her without any meaning.

-What will happen today?

Recording started again, and Yoon Soo-yeon began singing with as much strength as possible, as requested by Yoon Ha-jun. Hmm, there seems to be something missing.

The sound also seems to be saggy.

Suyeon Yoon pouts her lower lip as if she is dissatisfied. On the other hand, Hajun Yoon’s expression is extremely satisfying. Seeing that, Suyeon Yoon felt confused.

No, why on earth are you satisfied with a song like that? No way, brother, where did something go wrong? Or is this the latest trend these days? Now that I think about it, the weird emo hip-hop that Hangoyo was recording the other day was also a little strange.

Anyway, isn’t this a bit harsh?

“I’m not saying you should simply lose your strength and sing. “In that state, you have to sing while thinking about how you can sing better.”

“How can I sing better in this condition?”

Yoon Ha-jun says this to Yoon Soo-yeon, who is thinking like that. At those words, Yoon Soo-yeon makes a tearful expression. Aren’t you asking too difficult an order?

“Don’t find it difficult. “Remember the thoughts you had while singing at the freshman concert.”

At that time, I thought I was rejecting my brother’s thoughts. Yun Soo-yeon, who was about to say such a thing, shut her mouth. Perhaps that is not what Hajun Yoon is talking about.

What Ha-jun Yoon is saying now is talking about the thoughts he had before, that is, when he was practicing with Ji-yoon Lee. Soo-yeon Yoon closes her mouth.

How to save this song without giving it too much strength.

Think about the story and emotions this song has.

sing it

Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression changes.

And Hajun Yoon smiles at that expression.

“Then let’s start recording right away.”

“Right now?”

“Yes, I have to do two versions of the recording today so I have to do it quickly.”

“Can we record both versions?”

Suyeon Yoon speaks with an uncertain expression. Hajun Yoon is the type of person who is very thorough when recording. He requests endless retakes until he likes it, and the same goes for his younger sister, Yoon Soo-yeon.

However, the voice is just a bit sweet.

It just makes me worry a lot.

That’s why Sooyeon Yoon wasn’t confident. No, he says it often takes more than two days to record one song. How can you record two versions in one day?

“are you okay. “Because today is a temporary recording.”


However, Ha-Jun Yoon relieved Yoon Soo-Yeon of her anxiety with one word. Temporary recording? Guide recording? No, that’s not it. But I guess it’s not an official recording since it has the ‘A’ attached to it.

“Suyeon, I don’t think you’ll be confused by what I’m asking you right now. Why are you making such a request? What do you get from such a request? yes?”

“That’s right.”

Suyeon Yoon nods her head honestly. She said that her brother told her to do it, but she honestly doesn’t understand. What on earth does she gain by singing like this?

“That’s why I’m working to tell the difference directly. There’s no need to make the song perfect. I just need to be able to know what I want. “For now, let’s do it.”

“Um, okay.”

Soo-yeon Yoon nodded, and in response, Ha-jun Yoon smiled and started recording again. And indeed, as Yoon Ha-jun said, Yoon Soo-yeon was able to finish the provisional recording of two songs in just four hours.

Of course, I did quite a few retakes, but where is this? Sooyeon Yoon comes out of the recording booth drinking water with a bright expression.

Then he looked at Hajun Yoon in front of the computer and asked.

“Isn’t the reason Singer Star is the reason you have to sing without losing your strength?”


Is it really sandbag training? A training method that involves carrying a turtle shell on your back? While Soo-yeon Yoon is thinking about this while continuously drinking water, Ha-jun Yoon, who has finished the work, says:

“Well, just listen first.”

And then the song started playing right away. The quality of the recording was not that good. Since mixing and mastering were not done in the first place, the volume of the voice is naturally uneven and the MR and voice are played separately.

Still, I could roughly get a sense of what the atmosphere was like. Yun Soo-yeon listens to her song with concentration. The song that Ha-Jun Yoon played first was a version recorded using Su-Yeon Yoon’s usual singing style.

A song sung with a unique tone, strong vocal cords, and outstanding appeal. Listening to the song, Yun Soo-yeon nods her head.

Yes, this is my song.

Soon after the song ended, Hajun Yoon immediately played the second version. A song that takes away the power of your voice. As soon as the song is played, Sooyeon Yoon’s expression becomes distorted.

No, what is it? this. When you sing, the notes sag because you don’t apply any force. There are even times when I relax so much that even my pronunciation flows.

Did I really sing this song? However, unlike Yoon Soo-yeon, who was in tears, Yoon Ha-jun looked extremely satisfied.

Then he spoke to Suyeon Yoon.

“Suyeon. listen carefully. well. Don’t worry about pronunciation or anything like that. “Just focus on your voice.”

It means that you should concentrate on listening to the voice and not worry about pronunciation. But my brother told me to do it, so let’s do it. Suyeon Yoon even closed her eyes and began to listen to her song with concentration.


Then I started hearing something different from when I listened to the first recording. What should I say about this? Should I call it appeal?

No, that’s not it. I guess I should say that there was more emotion in my singing voice rather than appeal. Of course, there was emotion in the voice in the first recording, but the emotion in this second recording is a little more detailed.

“Did you feel it?”

“for a moment. “Can you listen to both of them one more time?”

“of course.”

Suyeon Yoon listened to the two songs again with her eyes closed, wondering if it was because she had become more sensitive by closing her eyes. And she was sure. It’s not because I close my eyes.


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The second song really has more detailed emotions than the first song. And maybe that’s why. Something makes me more immersed in the song.


Since she didn’t understand at all, Suyeon Yoon asked a question. Why on earth does this difference exist? Obviously, I had the same thoughts when recording.

How can I sing this song better? How can I better express the emotions of this song? They were clearly thinking the same thing as they sang.

“Could it be because of the difference in singing style?”

Does this difference occur because of the less powerful singing method? In response to Soo-yeon Yoon’s question, Ha-jun Yoon chuckles. He’s talking some nonsense.

“No way.”

“Then what is it?”

“Should I say it’s a difference in immersion? Should I say it’s a difference in thinking?”

Hmm, Hajun Yoon strokes his chin, wondering how to explain it. What Ha-Jun Yoon has shown Su-Yeon Yoon now is not a technical technique or vocal technique or anything like that.

Rather, it is closer to a mental thing.

“Should I say it’s because I have a lot to think about? Vocalization, singing ability, technique. If you sing normally, after worrying about all those things, you then worry about your emotions. On the other hand, if you lose all your strength, you won’t be able to think about anything like that. “Emotions are more important.”

This creates a difference in immersion. Actually, it’s not that great of a story. It is natural that the more you pay attention to your feelings about a song, the more immersed the singer becomes.

However, it is easier to understand if you hear it yourself than if it is said a hundred times.

“So, from now on, please pay attention to your emotions as a top priority.”

And if she can immerse herself in those emotions and convey them, Sooyeon Yoon will have a tremendous weapon. Yes, a weapon that can rival that Hangoyo.

Yoon Soo-yeon nodded at Yoon Ha-jun’s words. After all, it’s my brother. It wasn’t that I had no thoughts. I can’t believe I was thinking such a big idea!

“That’s why I’m telling you to relax and sing until the preliminaries.”

“yes. I don’t normally write this in such a quick way, but I don’t have time. And once the preliminaries are over, there will be quite a bit of time left until filming for the finals, so from then on I will sing again as usual.”

“But what if I fail in the preliminaries?”

“are you okay. “Because that will never happen.”

Hajun Yoon speaks firmly. And that firm answer was never meant to comfort Yoon Soo-yeon.

Singer Star mentor and judge. If Yoon Ha-jun knew him, he would take Su-yeon away even if he heard the song sung with that broken pronunciation right now.

Hajun Yoon knows that better than anyone else.


Suyeon Yoon nods. I wonder why I can be so sure, but if Ha-jun Yoon is like that, that’s the case.

“I will try my best.”


§ § §

After realizing why he asked her to sing with all her might, Soo-yeon Yoon started singing and practicing as Ha-jun Yoon requested.

It wasn’t just when I was practicing singing, I practiced humming like that all the time. I literally practice singing almost non-stop every minute.

Of course, teacher Lee Ji-yoon was embarrassed at first, but she understood when Yoon Soo-yeon told her what she had heard from Yoon Ha-jun.

No, he didn’t just understand, but actively helped Sooyeon Yoon practice. Lee Ji-yoon is the teacher of Han Go-yo.

Of course, the teaching time was not that long, but Lee Ji-yoon also knew very well about immersion, which is the biggest advantage of Hangoyo.

That’s why Lee Ji-yoon was able to quickly figure out what Yoon Ha-jun wanted from Yoon Soo-yeon. And as Lee Ji-yoon started helping him practice, Yoon Ha-jun’s plan began to go a little off track.

“Of course, it is important to relax, but there is no need to force yourself to do so. Because that’s what I think about anyway. “Just don’t think about it.”

“You’re telling me not to think about anything when I sing?”

“huh. Lyrics are what people usually say. If you sing a song a lot without even thinking about it, it will become a habit. Instead, think about the emotions this song has and try to immerse yourself in it. “It’s as if I became the main character of this speaker.”

“Like a movie or a drama?”

“that’s right.”

Su-yeon Yoon nods at Ji-yoon Lee’s words. And she started practicing just like that. Singing ability, singing style, technique. She is not conscious of such things at all.

There is only one thing to think about.

The emotions this song has.

I sing while thinking only about that. Immerse yourself in the song. Fall in love Deeper and deeper. Even deeper. And drags other people down there.


Lee Ji-yoon looks amazed at the sight of Yoon Soo-yeon growing at a rapid pace. She thought she knew well that Yun Soo-yeon was talented, but she shows a different side every time.

And at the same time, I got goosebumps about Yoon Ha-jun, who recognized Yoon Soo-yeon’s talent faster than anyone else. It’s not just that she has a talent for singing, but it uncovers Yoon Soo-yeon’s hidden talent.

And that is a huge strength as a producer. Because you can discover talents that even the singer himself doesn’t know about and give him a unique song.

‘If Suyeon and Hajun appear on Singer Star.’

The music industry will be turned upside down. You can be sure. A younger brother with overflowing talent, and an older brother who can push that younger brother’s talent to the limit.

In addition, the younger brother, who has a lot of talent, is not just satisfied with his own talent, but is practicing how to bring out the songs that his older brother creates.

In other words, strictly speaking, the synergy that the siblings can produce has not yet been achieved. If the immersion that Soo-yeon Yoon is practicing now is complete, what kind of stage will it be?

Goosebumps appear on my arms. miss you. I want to see the siblings become accomplished not just as teachers, but as singers who love to sing.



“It’s good to be immersed, but don’t overuse your emotions. “You also need to control your emotions.”

“Uh, emotional control?”

“Would the song sound good if I kept crying from beginning to end? Will it look impressive? Absolutely not. Rather, people will get tired of it quickly. So there have to be times when you suppress your emotions. Being immersed is the same as acting. Where should I apply strength, where should I explode? Think about it.”

Lee Ji-yoon, unable to resist his greed, told me much more than usual. Jiyoon Lee’s teaching style is not originally this style.

Rather, it is a style that makes you sing and feel it alone. But I just can’t stand it. Jiyoon Lee’s desire to see the two of them grow up quickly and become complete made her step forward in earnest.

There is about a month and a half left until Singer Star.

“I’ll teach you not just how to sing well, but how to perform on stage.”

Ji-yoon Lee planned to tell Soo-yeon Yoon everything she could.

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