My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 103

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EP20 – Time to take a short break. (4)


“Remember that water is dangerous. No matter what happens, do not take off the life jacket you are wearing. Although it is not a school, act with pride as a student of Seolwon Arts High School. then.”

Park Jong-seo, who had said that far, took a deep breath. The students gulped and swallowed their saliva at the sight. Seeing the students like that, Park Jong-seo cast a sharp look in his eyes and spoke in a loud voice.

“Have fun until meeting time!”


As soon as Park Jong-seo finished speaking, the applied music students at Seolwon Arts High School ran out to the water park, cheering. Park Jong-seo smiled happily at that sight.

The destination of this school trip with Sileum is Neverland, the best amusement park in Korea. On the first day, we played at the water park in the morning and watched the parade at night. On the second day, we have free time at the amusement park in the morning, and in the evening, we enjoy a talent show, so to speak, on stage.

Although it is a fairly short itinerary of 3 days and 2 nights, Neverland is still the most popular field trip destination for students. And the same applies to students of the Sil-eum department.

Sileum students were really enjoying the water park to the best of their ability. Some students float leisurely like jellyfish in the lazy river, while others fly in the wave pool.

And while some students enjoyed being hit by water falling from above, there were also students screaming while riding a ride that quickly fell down.

Everyone is playing in their own way. And at the center of it all was Kim Tae-young. Taeyoung Kim was enjoying the water park to the best of her ability, as if something big would happen if she didn’t play.

You can go down a long slide, splash into the water, or fly away in the wave pool in the high waves. And unlike Taeyoung Kim, there were students who were relaxed.

“Your physical strength is also good.”

“Because that’s the only advantage.”

It was none other than Hajun Yoon and Goyo Han. The two were leisurely going around the youth pool on a tube. You can go on slides and other rides if you want, but neither of you are the type of person who enjoys them.

And above all, I have to be busy and have fun tomorrow too. I plan to take it easy today. Hajun Yoon hums his song while enjoying the cool water of the lazy river.

Hearing the humming song, Hangoyo asked with an expression full of interest.

“Is that song you wrote for Singer Star?”

“Yeah, well. yes.”

“How many songs have you prepared now?”

“If it’s preparation rather than completion, roughly 15 songs?”

There are 15 songs. Of course, not all of those songs were completed, but they are still songs written by Ha-Jun Youn. Plus, the vocalist is Suyeon Yoon. You can never look down on it.

“When Singer Star starts, will I be competing against you for the first time?”

“It’s not the first time. “It was like that at the last Sileumwa concert.”

“······What about that? It’s hard to say that we faced each other.”

It is true that he helped Jin So-hyang at the time, but that does not mean he tried to overcome Goyo. No, really. He shouted that he was overthrown, but he didn’t mean it?

In fact, I told Sohyang to have her own stage rather than defeat silence. He also said not to be conscious of silence.

Well, there was talk of underdogs and giant killings, but that meant getting out of yourself. Because it wasn’t meant to overcome silence.

While Hajun Yoon was making excuses in his mind, Goyo Han said with a small smile.

“I know.”

“yes? “I thought you would know.”

“huh. “I know because it’s me.”

Goyo Han affirms Hajun Yoon’s words. Yes, I know that to be true because it is me and no one else. But regardless of that, it is also true that I was annoyed by something at the time.

I still don’t know the reason for that irritation.

“So you can beat me?”

Goyo Han asks a question. Hajun Yoon looks at Goyo Han at that question. Han Goyo’s expression was extremely serious. He asked whether he was confident that he could beat him, and it was neither a confident question nor an attempt to provoke him.

Indeed, Han Goyo is purely asking. So, can you beat yourself? Ha-Jun Yoon’s expression also turns serious as he looks infinitely serious.

It’s just funny to see because the subject is lying on a tube in a swimsuit and has a serious expression on his face. Still, Hajun Yoon calculated the odds with a very serious expression.

Soon after finishing the calculation, Hajun Yoon speaks.

“Roughly 60%?”

“The odds of winning are lower than I thought.”

“Because I have no idea about your current skills.”

Goyo Han’s current skills are unknown. In the past, it was thought that further growth was impossible. As time goes by, he comes out with something that gets more and more amazing as time goes by.

Outstanding talent, and effort that matches that talent. Plus, the attitude toward singing. Those three things are making Hangoyo grow by leaps and bounds.

‘If I keep doing this, won’t I become the best female singer in Korea?’

It’s not a joke, it’s a serious thought. Therefore, the win rate is expected to be approximately 60%. 50 for Suyeon, and 10 for the song I made.

“Are you confident?”

This time, Hajun Yoon asks Goyo Han a question. In response to that question, Goyo Han put his finger on the tube and squished it lightly.

The pressed part is dented for a moment, but then returns to its original shape. Goyo Han, who was looking at that scene, spoke cautiously.

“doesn’t exist.”



Hajun Yoon’s eyes widened at the unexpected and refreshing declaration of defeat. No, it’s not just anyone else, it’s Goyo Han who says that?

Goyo Han is very proud of her singing. No, he thinks of it like his life, not just pride. He said that he had nothing but singing and that he should not fall short of others. He seriously believed so.

However, Han Go-yo says that she is not confident.


Hajun Yoon asked if something was going on. Han Go-yo put her hand into the lazy river as Yoon Ha-jun looked at her with a worried look.

cold. Cool. Conversely, the part above the tube is hot because of the sun. Yes, it’s all because of the sun. The reason my face is hot right now and the reason my heart is hot.

It’s all because of that hot sun. So what I’m saying now is all the sun’s fault. It’s because of the heat. Goyo Han said to Hajun Yoon.

“I’m not confident I can win against you. “I don’t have the confidence to win without you.”

After saying that, Han Goyo came down from the tube and entered the water. Hoping that my heart, which was beating so crazy fast, would cool down just a little from the cold water.

I left myself in the water for a while.

§ § §

It was the night of the first day of the school trip.

The highlight of the first night was none other than the parade. A colorful parade where colorfully dressed people pass by, sing exciting songs and set off firecrackers.

“······But why are we watching from here!”

A bench near the accommodation overlooking the parade route. Taeyoung Kim, who was watching the parade from afar, screamed.


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At that sound, Goyo Han, who was drinking chocolate milk, wondering where she brought it from, spoke.

“There are too many people over there.”

“That’s right, and it’s loud.”

“Are you hikikomori? It’s a parade, so of course there are a lot of people! No, this was an amusement park before the parade in the first place!”

“That’s why it’s noisy.”

“How did you do it at the water park!”

After drinking water, I respond to Taeyoung Kim’s words.

“I was on the lazy river the whole time.”

“that’s right.”

Goyo nods his head. Well, there was an incident where Goyo suddenly left the tube and fell into the water. But then he got yelled at by a security guard.

Anyway, Goyo and I spent most of our time at the water park on the lazy river. Leisurely. Taeyoung Kim said with a puzzled expression on my face.

“No, I said it was hard to see you at the water park, but you were still on the lazy river?”


“What kind of jellyfish are you??”

“Because we are a brain faction, not a body faction like you.”

“I got better grades on the final exam.”

Huh, I clear my throat at Kim Taeyoung’s words. That’s right. Well, anyway, I feel once again that Taeyoung really has good physical strength.

Even though he ran around the water park for 6 hours, he didn’t show any signs of fatigue. Playing in the water must be much harder than playing anywhere else.

Well, I guess that’s why there’s so much talk.

“You are looking down on youth too much. The one-time summer of being 18? Summer at this age will never come again. So tomorrow I will show you what youth is!”

Is that something coming out of the mouth of a current high school student? What kind of 90s animation protagonist are you? What kind of youth is youth? Don’t pack something that you just want to have fun with.

The moment I was about to say that, a huge firework went up into the sky. Soon after, fireworks explode, lighting up the dark night sky with beautiful fireworks.


Looking at that figure, Goyo mutters. dark night. Han Goyo’s face is dyed in various colors by the fireworks that decorate the sky.

“I know.”

Looking at that face, I mutter this time.

“Ah, the fireworks are so noisy.”

Meanwhile, Taeyoung Kim is muttering. Damn, you’re such a romanticless bastard. I can’t believe that a guy who also played the piano lacks sensitivity like that.

“Your voice is louder.”

In the end, Goyo, who could not bear it anymore, spoke out a word to Taeyoung. Taeyoung screams at those words. Hearing Taeyoung’s words, Goyo sighs and says something.

I look at that and smile.

Well, it’s still a pretty good memory.


And the next morning.

The three of us met early in the morning and began to wander around the amusement park diligently. The first ride I rode was the Gyro Drop, as I had decided beforehand.

It is a ride that goes up quickly and then falls straight down. Even though I don’t like a lot of rides, this is my favorite ride and I like it because it gives me a cool feeling.

“I want to try bungee jumping later.”

I mutter as I come down from the gyro drop. Meanwhile, Goyo was secretly laughing as if the gyro drop was fun. And Taeyoung…

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, ah, what?”

“Your legs are loose.”

He points to Taeyoung’s trembling legs. How dare you do the dog leg dance? Kim Tae-young spoke as if nothing had happened to my words.

“I’m fine. Just, what should I say? “I don’t like rides that just fall like this.”

“Well, do you have a fear of heights?”

“Uh, just a little bit?”

“No, some guy with a fear of heights wants to ride a roller coaster.”

He asks with an expression of bewilderment at Taeyoung Kim’s words. Then Kim Tae-young cleared his throat and said, “Hmm.”

“I told you. Just a little bit. It’s not that serious. It’s just that ordinary people get scared when they go up and look down! And above all else, isn’t that kind of nice? I’m scared, but should I say that riding it and enjoying it gives me goosebumps? That feeling of torturing yourself. Should I say it’s kind of dizzying? Should I say it gives me goosebumps? And when it passes the threshold, it feels like pleasure.”

With those words, I slowly move away from Taeyoung.

That bastard, was he feeling something like that?

“Anyway, let’s go quickly. “I want to ride other things too.”

Taeyoung Kim seems to have stopped shaking her legs and starts walking ahead. And at that sight, Goyo and I looked at each other, then smiled and nodded.

After that, I enjoyed about 4 more rides. When I got hungry, I bought churros and other food as snacks or drinks.

“It would be too time consuming to buy lunch here. “Because the line is long.”

“That can’t be helped.”

“Then you guys go to Animel Valley. I’m going to ride the chain train. And I’ll call you as soon as it’s over, so don’t put your phone on silent mode.”

“Yes, yes.”

And then, as promised, I parted ways with Taeyoung. Taeyoung stood in an endless line to ride the chain train, and Goyo and I went straight to where Animel Valley was.

“Wow, it’s really big.”

“I know.”

When we arrived at Animel Valley, Goyo and I exclaimed in admiration. indeed. They say it’s the largest zoo in Korea, and it’s really huge.

“Which animal would you like to see first?”

And, as expected from being the largest zoo, Animal Valley had many different animals. There are places where you can see lions and tigers, and there are also places where you can see chimpanzees or giraffes.

There are even places where you can see snakes or birds. After hearing my words, Goyo looked at the map, thought about it for a moment, and then said that he had made a decision.

“Let’s go see the pandas.”

“Panda is good.”

Also, looking at the explanation, it says that a cub was brought in not long ago. Baby panda. It’s cute just thinking about it. So we go to see the pandas with Goyo.


Soon after arriving at the place where the panda was, Goyo looked at the panda and exhaled admiration. And I also nodded at those words.

Just watching the young panda wriggle around was very cute. At the same time, I feel sad that I can’t touch that panda.

Well, I know it can’t be helped.

Aside from that, it’s a shame that it’s disappointing.

“In the old days, you could even experience touching animals.”


“Yes, but then they said it was gone because it wasn’t good for animals.”

“It would be a shame.”

“Hmm. “I don’t really regret it.”

Goyo shakes his head at my words. Then he carefully leaned his arm on the railing and said with a faint look on his face.

“Because animals are living things too. You don’t like it when strangers touch you. I don’t like that. Well, I don’t know if it’s a cat that follows me.”

“Do you like cats?”

This time he nods. It’s a cat. Now that I think about it, Sooyeon also talked about cats before. After talking like that, we move to where the other animals are.

And while looking at those animals, Goyo had a bright expression on his face. She’s been friends with Goyo for about a year and a half, and this is the first time she’s seen her expression.

I look at Goyo’s face, smiling brightly like Suyeon, without a single worry. Even Goyo could make an expression like that.

While looking around, Taeyoung gets a call. It looks like she came down on a chain train. I said to Goyo as I picked up the phone where Taeyoung was calling.

“I have to go soon.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Goyo nodded at my words with a regretful expression.

§ § §

“I hate it.”

I sigh at the heavy feeling on my back. Really. When I come here on a school trip, I see a lot of really unexpected things.

“Would you like some water?”

A worried voice comes from next to me. At the sound of that voice, I feel the person holding my clothes from behind shake his head.

“Gwae, it’s okay.”

“Then why did you ask to come in here?”

In the end, I couldn’t bear it anymore and asked Taeyoung who was behind me. Where we are now is Ghost Town. So, it is a commonly known haunted house.

Taeyoung said he really wanted to go, so I came in, but why is Ji the most scared? Taeyoung, shaking and holding on to my clothes as he moves, answers carefully.

“Well, it’s still very famous. “I put a lot of care into making it this time, and it’s so scary that I faint!”

“Yes, you look so scared that you faint.”

While we were talking like that, something suddenly passed by. Something translucent. Oh, is that CG? Regardless of Taeyoung’s fear, the quality is definitely good.


As I think about that, my feet suddenly sink. What is this, is it a sponge? At the same time, a terrible scream is heard from behind.

AC, that scream is scarier than a ghost. In the end, we had no choice but to stop midway at Ghost Town. If Taeyoung Kim faints like this, it would be a big problem.

And that was the last time I could enjoy the amusement park. There are 40 minutes left to meet at the accommodation. It’s a very difficult time to enjoy other rides.

“I have some time left, what do you want to do? Should we go to a cafe? Or should I just go back to my dorm?”

Taeyoung Kim asks if she is still scared even though she came out. She ponders the question for a moment and then remembers her promise to Soo-yeon.

“No, let’s go to the souvenir shop instead. “My younger brother asked me something.”

“okay. OK.”

Oh, I’m glad I remembered it because I had some time left. I almost forgot. If I did that, I would have been beaten with a beating. I sigh with relief and enter the souvenir shop.

Certainly, as Sooyeon said, the souvenir shop was selling various souvenirs related to Biseon. Hmm, those dolls are so popular that they do collaborations.

It’s hard to understand, but let’s admit it. Because taste is important. As I was walking around the souvenir shop looking for the doll that Suyeon had requested, I saw Goyo stopping in front of one of the dolls.

The doll that Goyo was looking at was Biseon’s doll playing the guitar. Do you want to buy it? Goyo, who was looking at it with a serious expression, soon passed it by with a regretful expression.


While looking at the scene, he finds the doll that Suyeon mentioned. After purchasing that and one more doll, I leave the souvenir shop.

“You didn’t buy anything?”

“Yeah, I don’t think I need to buy much.”

Goyo nods his head at my words and says. On the other hand, Taeyoung and I had various envelopes in our hands.

I said I bought it because of Soo-yeon’s request, but Tae-young said, “What is this?” Taeyoung smiles awkwardly at my gaze and speaks as if making an excuse.

“No, whatever. “I feel like my room is a bit bleak these days.”

I didn’t say anything in particular. After finishing shopping, I return to my accommodation. Then, after dinner, we moved to the large hall.

Enjoy the stage there. The judge this time is a part-time worker at an amusement park. So, men and women in their early 20s.

I guess it’s because I’m old. Or maybe it’s because they are people who work part-time at an amusement park. The reaction was very good. The judges’ reactions are good, so of course the performers are also excited to perform.

“It definitely puts my mind at ease to see it.”

When I participated, I couldn’t enjoy the performance because I was worried about my performance, but since I didn’t participate at all, I was able to enjoy the performance.

Of course, this is also important. When you are not a participant, you only see things when you enjoy the stage as a pure audience member.

Soon all the stages ended. The winner of this stage was none other than Kang Seong-hoon. Well, it was a song worthy of winning.

“Why didn’t you come out?”

Kang Seong-hoon, who won, came to me and asked as if he didn’t understand. In response to that question, I relaxed and stretched.

“I wanted to rest a bit this time.”

“······My goal is to get better grades than you in the events you participate in.”

I’ve felt this before, but Kang Seong-hoon strangely wants to beat me. Well, do you think they are rivals? I’d be honored if you thought so.

In my past life, the gap was so big that we couldn’t even be opponents.


“I don’t plan on losing since I have a scholarship on the line.”

“So I will win somehow.”

Kang Seong-hoon, who said that, walks away. Really, he’s a strange guy. Anyway, all these geniuses are astray.

With that in mind, I leave the hall. Now that the remaining free time before bed is over, the school trip ends. I took the envelope I had prepared in advance and went to find silence.

“Do you want to drink chocolate milk outside and talk?”


Goyo nods his head at my suggestion. Soon after leaving the hotel, we bought two chocolate milks at a convenience store and went to sit on a bench outside.

“it was fun.”

At the same time, silence speaks. There was a faint smile on Goyo’s face. Seeing that makes me smile too.

When I first met him, he had a face that looked like it would break at any moment. My expression has improved. If this continues, will the silence never disappear?

“me too.”

“So what did you call me to talk about?”

“Oh, it’s nothing special, I just wanted to give you this.”

Saying that, he handed Goyo the bag he had purchased at the souvenir shop earlier. After receiving it, Goyo blinked, carefully opened the envelope, and immediately made a surprised expression.

“Are you giving this to me?”



“That’s right.”

Goyo carefully takes it out of the bag. What I gave to Goyo was none other than the doll of Biseon playing the guitar that Goyo was looking at earlier.

Goyo took it out, thought about it for a moment, and then hugged it as if it was precious. I put my strength on her arm and squeezed it. Then he looked at me and said:

“thank you.”

“Thank you.”

I chuckle at those words. Anyone who sees it will think you gave me a really great gift. I carefully raise my head and look at the sky.

I can see fireworks exploding in the distance as if there is another parade going on. He looks at it and says to Goyo.

“You know we’re rivals now that the vacation is over, right?”


Goyo nods his head. To be more precise, when Singer Star starts, Goyo and I become rivals. Because there is only one winner of Singer Star.

And no matter what anyone says, I plan to make Suyeon the winner.

“You said you weren’t confident you could beat me. “I have no intention of paying attention just because I heard that.”


“But I have no intention of asking you to look at it.”

Silence looks at me at my words. Silence’s eyes twinkle. She laughs at that. I know roughly what feelings Goyo has for me.

Not sure yet, though. Anyway, I don’t want to take advantage of those feelings. Well, if I were a participant, I could ask you to take a look.

Because the participant is not me, but Suyeon.

“So do your best to the best of your ability.”

Even if Sooyeon ends up falling, I still want to see her. A stage of sincere silence. And only by overcoming that silence will Suyeon’s win become worthwhile.

Goyo pondered my words for a moment and then spoke in a playful voice.

“Didn’t I tell you?”


“I don’t like Sooyeon very much.”

Silence rises from his seat.

Still holding in his arms the doll I gave him as a gift.

He looks at me and says.

“And I’m not nice enough to look after someone I don’t even like.”

don’t answer By the way, Sooyeon and Goyo are the same. Why do we not like each other so much? The pride of geniuses. Well, is that something like that?

Is it because I’m not a genius that I don’t understand?

As I was thinking that, Goyo continued to speak.

“I also plan to use this opportunity to show it to everyone.”

“What, Hangoyo is the best?”

He answers jokingly. But no answer comes back. A short silence passes between the two. The quiet eyes looking at me sparkle even more. The wind blows Goyo’s hair.

“The person who can best express the song you made is me, not anyone else.”

With just a little bit of shame.

Give strength to the hand holding the doll,

Stillness speaks to me.

The sound of insects singing can be heard from afar.

I turned my head to the song that announced the beginning of summer.

“Okay, show me.”

Before we knew it, the second summer had begun.

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