My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 102

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EP20 – Time to take a short break. (3)


Although it was soon to be a school trip, the atmosphere in the practical music department was not very bright. Because there is a very important exam before that. The final exam and the first semester major exam are very important exams.

“What are you going to submit for this major exam?”

“I’m going to submit the song I made.”

I yawn leisurely as I respond to Taeyoung Kim’s words. Since she decided to take it easy until the school trip, she didn’t even prepare a song for her major exam.

Because there are a lot of songs that have already been made. All you have to do is submit the song with the highest level of completion. So, among the songs I’ve made, which one is the most complete?

Of course, it is a song called 『To Live』 that I gave to Suyeon this time. To be honest, I think that being able to “live” is enough to receive a scholarship.

What would teachers say if I submitted a pre-made song? Did other kids get evaluated on their major exam based on the songs they sang at the event?

“And you?”

“Well, I’m majoring in vocals. To call anything. “I always sing at work anyway.”

“Yes, yes.”

I answer leisurely and lie down on the desk. Wow, is it because I’ve been sleeping well at night lately? I can’t sleep, this. However, I have already come too far to study for final exams.

And I decided to take a break, but studying is a bit like that.

“But what are you doing these days?”


“No, I’m taking a break from making songs these days. “It’s hard to imagine you just resting and not making songs.”

I snorted in bewilderment at the sight of Taeyoung Kim speaking in a very serious voice while furrowing her brows. No, is that really that serious?

“Well, it’s not much different from other kids. “Watch a movie, read a book, and listen to some other songs.”

So, it is a new hobby and study. Well, studying isn’t that big of a deal. I just watched music videos and studied music video directing.

Like the last time I made a song for Kim Han-ol, I studied scenes while watching movies or dramas. It’s like that.

And actually, this is studying. I’m just enjoying dramas and movies I’ve never seen before. Is studying just a side note?

“Hmm. “You were a normal person too.”

“Then I am a person. “Is it a song-making machine?”

“I thought so.”

Seeing Kim Tae-young saying that with a smiling face, I smiled and kicked Kim Tae-young’s calf.

“evil!! “Why are you kicking and fucking with me!”

“Behave well.”

Actually, I just did it because something bothered me.

§ § §

“The level of these first graders is a bit disappointing.”

“That’s right.”

Teacher Kim Jin-gyu quickly responded to Department Head Lee Sang-gyu’s words. That’s not to flatter me, it’s because I really think that way.

In fact, other teachers are nodding their heads in agreement with Lee Sang-gyu and Kim Jin-gyu’s opinions. There was only one teacher who did not agree with that opinion.

It’s only Ha Hyo-joo.

“I don’t think the level of these first graders is that low. However, what should I say? “Last year’s first-year students, and this year’s second-year students, had a particularly high standard, so the threshold has risen and it feels relatively disappointing.”

“Hmm, that’s definitely true too.”

Lee Sang-gyu nods at Ha Hyo-joo’s words. Certainly, after hearing those words, it seems like that. Compared to the 2nd grade, it’s lacking, but compared to the 3rd grade, it doesn’t feel like it’s much lacking?

“And I think Jinhoo and Suyeon, the top first-year students, are also great. In particular, in the case of Soo-yeon, she has good synergy with her older brother, Ha-jun, and her own talent is great, so I think she will be able to overcome Goyo someday.”

“I like 『To Live』 sung by student Suyeon. The siblings have good synergy with each other. Additionally, they said I did very well on this major exam.”

“Of course, I agree with that opinion, but it is difficult to agree with the opinion that Suyeon can overcome silence. Don’t you remember this Goyo major exam? “The silence is already complete.”

“That’s because Goyo started singing first. “I think Sooyeon will be able to achieve that level with time.”

“Hmm, Teacher Ha Hyo-joo is definitely a composition major, but she also knows vocals well.”

The teachers continue their childish fight and express their opinions. Who is more talented and who have more expectations? Such a childish argument.


Seeing that, Lee Sang-gyu let out a deep sigh. Really. How old are you all and why do you still act so childishly?

“Well, in the end, there are first-year students who have decent vocal talent compared to second-year students, but they are a bit lacking in composition compared to second-year students.”

At that time, Kim Jin-gyu neatly summarized the dispute so far. The teachers nod their heads at those words. This time, Ha Hyo-joo couldn’t really refute it.

No, it is accurate to say that since Ha Hyo-joo is majoring in composition, she cannot refute it. There is a person named Yoon Soo-yeon who can be compared to the monster Han Go-yo in terms of vocals, but there is no such person in composition.

The reality is that even if you exclude Ha-Jun Yoon, who is in a great position in the composition world, there is no student as good as Seong-Hoon Kang, who is in second place.

‘Actually, Seonghoon also has talents beyond the standard.’

In the category of popular music, Kang Seong-hoon has great talent. Yoon Ha-jun is just so great that even Kang Seong-hoon, who has such great talent, can become an overwhelming second place.

“So now it’s Hajun’s turn.”

“That’s right.”

“Indeed, I have high expectations about what kind of song we will make this time.”

“Because he’s that student Hajun. Teacher Hyoju. “Have you not heard anything?”

Ha Hyo-joo shook her head at the sight of the teachers looking excited, as if they had just had a fight or as if they were meeting their first love.

Well, it’s not because the teachers are pathetic.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything special this time. “I guess I’ve been very busy since signing a contract with the company.”

“That’s something that can’t be helped.”

In particular, it’s because I haven’t heard anything from Ha-jun Yoon. He used to tell me a little bit about the song he was going to submit for his major exam.

Is this the heart of a teacher looking at a student leaving his embrace? I don’t want to feel this way toward a student who hasn’t even graduated yet.

“Then why don’t you just listen to it yourself?”

Haha, Lee Sang-gyu said with a smile. No matter what anyone says, the person who is most looking forward to Ha-jun Yoon’s performance here right now is Lee Sang-gyu.

Soon, a student taking a major exam entered the exam room. The teachers fell silent at that sight. You can talk about this and that only during recess, but you can’t do that in front of students.

And finally it was Yoon Ha-jun’s turn. Lee Sang-gyu smiled brightly at the sight of Ha-jun Yoon, who was dressed neatly and with hair as neat as his clothes.

“It’s been a while, student Hajun.”

It was obvious to everyone that they were giving him special treatment, but no teacher said anything about it. Because they also have similar feelings as Lee Sang-gyu.


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“I’m looking forward to what song Hajun brought today.”

“Oh, thank you.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon presented the work summary he had brought with him in advance. And the faces of the teachers who received it were distorted with disappointment.

This is because a very familiar song title was written in the work summary that Ha-Jun Yoon handed out. 『To live』. No, is this really that song?

“Ho, is this another song with the same title?”

“no. “It’s the same song.”

As soon as Hajun Yoon finished speaking, the disappointment on the teachers’ faces deepened. In particular, in the case of Lee Sang-gyu, he was so disappointed that he had a vain expression on his face, as if he had lost his country.

“······First, let’s listen to the performance.”


Ha-jun Yoon, perhaps aware of Lee Sang-gyu’s feelings, smiled brightly and picked up the guitar.

§ § §

“It’s over!!”

After finishing my major exam, I was waiting for the other kids in the practice room for a while when Taeyoung Kim opened the door and shouted loudly. She says with a bewildered expression on her face.

“Who would think that I am a person who studied really hard?”

“No, I think I should say something like this after the exam is over. Did you do better on the test than that?”

“I don’t think the reaction itself is bad.”


“There was something strange about the teachers’ expressions. Should I say it looks like a disappointed expression?”

Kim Tae-young looks at me as if asking what I mean. She looks at it and shrugs her shoulders. I don’t even know what this means.

No, the song itself definitely received very good reviews. I received a lot of compliments and well-meaning comments. But why didn’t the teachers’ facial expressions look good?

“So where did Han Goyo go? “He took the test before me.”

“A little snack shop. “More than that, is it okay if you don’t go to work today?”

“You don’t have to go out for exams or anything like that.”

It’s okay, it’s okay. Seeing Taeyoung Kim say that, I hum and hum. There’s no way her life as a trainee could be so leisurely that she takes care of every situation like that.

It must be because of Kim Tae-young, right?

“Let’s set a schedule sooner than that. It may be your last school trip, but you shouldn’t leave any regrets. “Let’s set the youth on fire by planning a perfect route that doesn’t waste any time.”

“So what should I ride first? “The first time is definitely a gyro drop.”

Taeyoung Kim nodded at my words as if it was okay. She then took out the map of Neverland where she got it from and spread it out on the floor.

“The gyroscope drop is this way, so we can use that as a starting point and make a big turn like this.”

“Where did you get the map?”

“One of the trainees lives in Yongin, so I asked for it.”

This guy is serious about the school trip. Well, okay. If you’re going to have fun, it’s better to play properly. As we agreed with Taeyoung Kim and talked about various things, we opened the door to the practice room and silence came in.

“Oh, Hango. Welcome back. “Come quickly and tell me where you want to go.”

“Where do you want to go?”

“huh. Because I have to decide on a route. And do you want to ride the chain train too? “It’s the representative body of Neverland.”

“He said he wanted to go on a dragon dive too. “Take one of the two.”

“No, how can I ride only one of them?? “The vertical drop dragon dive and the fastest chain train have different charms.”

“I don’t think the waiting time for both of them will be extremely long.”

“That’s true! “If both of them don’t hit, it’s a loss?”

While I was arguing with Taeyoung Kim about the rides, Goyo Han came to my side and looked at the map intently.

Then he let out a short exclamation as if he had discovered something, then pointed somewhere with his finger and spoke to me.

“I want to go here.”

“Animal Belly?”

The place that Goyo pointed to was a zoo where you could see animals called Animal Valley. Hmm, Animal Belli. Did you say it was the largest zoo in Korea?

“Hey, wouldn’t it be nice to go to Neverland and see the zoo?”

“······I want to go.”

Han Go-yo looked regretful at Kim Tae-young’s words. I think Taeyoung doesn’t like going to the zoo. After thinking for a moment, she speaks to the two.

“Then do you want to tear up for a while?”


“You said you wanted to ride the chain train. But the waiting line for that will take two hours, so in the meantime, you can just go see Animal Valley for some quiet time.”

“Hmm, it’s a bit hard to get to that point and get torn apart, but it’s only once…”

Kim Tae-young is conflicted about whether she likes the fact that she can ride the chain train, even though she doesn’t like it being torn apart. Meanwhile, Goyo looked at me and asked carefully.

“Then where are you going?”


I like Chain Train and Animal Valley. While I was wondering what to do, Goyo stretched out his hand and pulled the hem of my undergarment.

Then, with a worried look on his face, he opened and closed his mouth repeatedly and spoke to me in a very low voice, so low that I couldn’t hear it unless I was right next to him.

“…Can’t you come with me?”

“Where? “Animal Valley?”

“Yes. “It’s a bit awkward to go there alone.”

If you think about it, that’s true too. After taking one look at Taeyoung Kim, she nods her head willingly. Yes, it’s much better to go there and see the animals with Goyo than to ride the rides with the guys.

It’s a bit disappointing that there isn’t an aquarium.

Land animals also have their own charm.

“Okay, then.”



When I nodded, Goyo’s face turned bright red, and soon his face turned red. What, are you already imagining animals? I didn’t know that Goyo liked animals so much.

Well, he went to see the aquarium alone on his last school trip, right? I would love it so much that I could go all the way to Jeju Island and see the aquarium by myself.

“good. Then, you and Goyo will watch Animal Valley, and I will ride the chain train by myself and then join you. And it would be perfect to go to the ghost house, have dinner, and watch the stage.”

“Okay, then.”

“I’m fine too.”

I nod my head at Taeyoung Kim’s neat organization. And Goyo nodded along with me. In the meantime, Goyo’s ears were still red.

§ § §

“I’m jealous of Neverland~~!! “I want to go to Neverland too!!”

When I returned home, Suyeon was struggling on the sofa and screaming. Ugh, what is a grown woman doing on the sofa?

“You can go to Neverland with friends.”

“That’s right, but it’s the worst place for our school trip.”

“why? “Where do first graders go?”


Su-yeon answers in an extremely angry voice. Uh huh, Busan. Still, the worst was avoided. I thought it was at least Jiri Mountain.

“I heard you went to Jeju Island last year?”


“But why are we in Busan?”

Suyeon says, sticking out her plump lower lip. I guess I really don’t like it a lot. Well, other students go to Japan and my brother goes to Neverland, but he might not like it if he goes to Busan.

“But it’s not Jiri Mountain.”

“Jiri Mountain?”

“huh. “I have never been there and only heard about it through rumors, but they say that if you go to Jiri Mountain, you will spend two out of three days and two nights hiking.”

Suyeon’s expression turns thoughtful at my words. Suyeon usually finds it difficult to go to school. There is no way that Sooyeon could be good at mountain climbing.

“But Busan is a great city, so have fun.”

“okay. instead!”


“When you come, buy me a gift.”


“They said they were doing a doll collaboration at Neverland’s own shop this time.”

While saying that, Suyeon showed off her favorite doll, Biseon. A huge doll that boasts a whopping weight of 7kg. Are you collaborating on something like that in Neverland?

“It’s a limited edition, so you have to buy it.”

“OK got it.”


“Okay, promise.”

After making a promise with Suyeon, we talked about various things about the school trip. Perhaps because it is my first high school field trip, I feel very excited.

I want to do this and I want to do that too. What else should I prepare? Su-yeon, who was very excited, was sternly told not to drink alcohol no matter what.

It’s good to enjoy a one-time school trip, but as an older brother, I can’t allow drinking at that age.

So Sooyeon stays up all night in anticipation and I rest leisurely. Before I knew it, the day of the school trip arrived.

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