My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 101

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EP20 – Time to take a short break. (2)


“Oh, by the way, it’s already school trip season.”

Jin So-hyang lay on the bed, looked at the ceiling, and spoke to the person on the other end of the phone. It’s a school trip… I’m jealous. When was the last school trip I went on?

Was it when I was in elementary school? Since then, Jin So-hyang has no memory of the school trip. Trainee, debut group, and debut. From then on, she had to do daily activities during field trip season.

-Are you not able to go this year?

“I guess so, right? “We are currently working on the follow-up song.”

-It’s a shame.

“Iknow, right. Oh, Hajun, are you going to perform on this school trip as well?”

-No, Taeyoung tried to persuade me to do it, but I didn’t have time to prepare for it, so I passed this time.

Jin So-hyang smiled as she heard Ha-jun Yoon’s languid voice over the phone. Pass this time.

“That’s a good thing.”


“It’s just that the number of times I can’t see the stage prepared by Ha Jun is decreasing. You didn’t even get to see your younger brother’s performance at the festival or this event. “To be honest, I was very curious.”

Does the first semester end after a school trip? In the end, I didn’t go to school for less than a week this first semester. Of course, that means he was very busy…

Still, I still feel regret.

Not being able to go to school,

And I couldn’t go on a school trip.

“Ah, I also want to go on a school field trip and have fun.”

-Well, I can’t help it.

“Yes. Well, it can’t be helped.”

Jin So-hyang speaks as if muttering. There was deep regret in that voice. “Hmm,” comes a voice from the other end of the phone that sounds like Ha-jun Yoon is thinking for a moment.

Hajun Yoon then speaks in a light voice.

-If you feel so sad, would you like to go out and play together later? Well, it’s not a school trip, so I can’t go on a 2-day, 1-night trip. Wouldn’t it be nice to cool off for a while?


Jin So-hyang stood up and responded in a surprised voice to Ha-jun Yoon’s light suggestion. Uh, so you asked me to go out with you right now, right?

-Well, if you don’t like it, don’t.

“No, I don’t like it. are you okay. I.”

-Then, shall we go out and hang out together after the Hamu concert?

“Yes, yes. “You can adjust your schedule.”

-Then let’s set a schedule later. I need to sleep now.

“yes! good night!”

-you also.

With those words, the phone hung up. Jin So-hyang’s lips twitched as she looked at the cell phone that had hung up. Why is this like this? I’m not good at managing my facial expressions.


In the end, Jin So-hyang couldn’t bear it anymore and burst out laughing like an idiot. My heart is beating so fast it feels like it will explode. Her face heats up and her cheeks feel warm.

Why is everything like this? Is it because you’re excited about playing with your friends after a long time? Well, I guess so? When I think about it, it’s been a long time since I played outside with my friends.

Ah, what should I wear then? Do you have anything to wear? Should I order some new clothes? Jin Sohyang got up from her bed, turned over her closet, and frowned as if she didn’t like it.

In the past, like when I ate alone with Ha-Jun, if I asked my sisters, they would coordinate it for me. I don’t like that.

If you do that, they will definitely follow you or make fun of you. That can’t be possible. So this time, you have to do everything on your own, starting with coordination.

After thinking for a moment, Jin So-hyang picked up her cell phone and accessed the editing shop website. Yes, money is earned to be used in times like this.

Jin So-hyang began online shopping with a more cautious expression than ever.

§ § §

“No, let’s go on a school trip to Neverland.”

“So you don’t like it?”

Taeyoung Kim frowns at my question. Then she smiled brightly and gave her thumbs up.

“You’re very welcome. A water park on the first day and Neverland on the second day. “It’s the best.”

“But can you go on a school trip? “Isn’t the company saying something?”

“The company told me to practice, but I said no. “This may be our last school trip, so how can we give up on this?”

“Amazing, you too.”

Of course, should I say Kim Tae-young? How can someone who has only been a trainee for less than half a year can so confidently ignore the company’s words?

If it were other kids, they would have been fired as trainees right away. Should I say this is a good thing? Or should I say I have no thoughts.

“So, are you going to move together this time?”

“Oh, and there are three of us until silence.”

“Hmm. That’s okay. But it’s a water park. Would Goyo want to participate?”


“For some reason, the quiet image is not that kind of image.”

“I have a rash guard or something like that, so what’s the problem?”

At my words, Taeyoung Kim let out a short sigh, saying, “Ah.” Anyway, he seems like a feisty child. Well, aside from that, I don’t really feel like playing in the water either.

It’s good to look at the water or see aquatic life, but playing in the water is not so good.

“So, are you really not going to go on stage this time?”

“huh. “I won’t do it.”

“why? “You can get a festival stage ticket this time too.”

“I may not be able to participate in the festival itself, so how can I use the stage rights?”

The month in which the school festival is held is October. At that time, it was the time when filming for Singer Star was in full swing. It is unclear whether he will be able to go to school, let alone participate in the festival.

“And this time, I’m going to get some rest too.”

“You’re taking a break? you?”

Taeyoung Kim looks surprised at my words. What is that expression? Is it really that surprising that I’m resting? Hmm, now that I think about it, I haven’t had a proper rest since I entered Seolwon Arts High School.


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“Once Singer Star starts, there will be no time to rest.”

Just because it’s me doesn’t mean I don’t rest when I need to. There are times when I take a break to cool off. Well, I’ve never had a break for as long as this time.

“That’s right. You’ll probably get a lot busier after Singer Star. “You, me, your brother, and Goyo.”


Well, of course, if you are eliminated from the preliminaries or do not advance to the finals, you will not be as busy as you are now. Taeyoung Kim is not considering such a possibility.

And that goes for me too. We all know the skills of the Singer Star contestants. It is unlikely that Suyeon, Goyo, or Taeyoung will be buried among such participants.

I don’t know if I make a mistake or go limp on stage. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no possibility for those three people to do that. So ‘almost’ that’s it.

Well, that doesn’t mean that the singer star contestants’ skills are ridiculous. In particular, the skills of winner Lim Ha-in and runner-up Oh Soo-jeong are no joke.

Even compared to those three, there is nothing lacking.

No, maybe it’s even better.

“So I’m thinking of getting some rest this time.”

“Good idea. Let’s not think too much and have fun on the school trip. Because youth only comes once. huh. “I also do some hunting with my sisters…”

“Oh, get out.”

Anyway, I can’t say anything good about this kid.

§ § §

“all right.”

Goyo Han said that and looked at the contract in his hand. His aunt’s autograph was written on it along with his own autograph.

Yes, my aunt eventually gave permission. As she looks at it, she feels a tingling sensation for some reason and her heart feels like it hurts.

“Congratulations on becoming part of the company.”

Seo Hoon, CEO of MM Entertainment, smiles with a kind smile. I nod my head once again at that sight. Still, my aunt said nothing.

“I signed a contract. Would you like to take a look at the company?”

“Oh, no. are you okay. “I’m going home today.”

Normally, I would have said I would take a look at the company, but with my aunt next to me, that would be difficult. Seo Hoon nodded at Han Goyo’s words.

“Yes, then you can come anytime from now on.”


······Still, I have a new place to stay. That fact alone somehow made Goyo Han feel reassured. School, and the company here, MM Entertainment.

A place where it’s okay to be yourself even if it’s not home. And there is that person in these two places. He is the person who makes him most comfortable.

“Then I’ll go.”

Han Go-yo’s aunt, Jeon Soo-bin, stands up. Seeing that, Hangoyo also quickly got up from his seat and followed his aunt towards the house.

Jeon Soo-bin didn’t say anything. She just makes an expression that clearly shows her complicated feelings. Yes. Her sister’s daughter. And the child who stole my daughter’s dreams.

Jeon Soo-bin also knows very well that it is not Goyo’s fault. Yes, I know. But I just can’t enjoy the silence like I used to.

Because I keep thinking about it. If he hadn’t brought Goyo, his daughter wouldn’t have gone astray like that. That kind of thinking.

Soon after, Soobin Jeon and Goyo Han arrived home. Jeon Soo-bin, who was watching Goyo trying to enter the room with him, cautiously opened her mouth.

“······Do your best as a trainee.”

Goyo Han’s steps as she entered the room stop at her aunt’s unexpected words. Work hard. Something my aunt used to say out of her habit. When was the last time you heard those words?

“···Yes I will.”

Hearing those longing words, Goyo nodded without even looking back. Yes, I will work hard. Just as I have worked hard so far, I will continue to work hard.

Because I only have this song. After answering that, Goyo enters the room. And then closed the door. Looking at the tightly closed door, Jeon Soo-bin let out a sigh.

The human mind is a difficult thing. You can’t even control your own mind, and you hurt others. That wound remains as a scar and continues to torment that person.

It would be better if I could leave this house and live freely on my own. Will silence be okay? Without looking at me and her husband, without hearing those words from my daughter. Wouldn’t it be possible to live happily?

But it won’t be easy as long as my sister is there. Her older sister and Goyo’s biological mother. As long as you are tied up with that person, it will be difficult for you to live freely.

Because he is the kind of person who even uses his family like his own property. Using his own younger brother like a prop. He is the kind of person who even gave birth to his daughter, whom he gave birth to because he needed her, and named her crying to tell her to be quiet because it was noisy.

If only someone could support the silence. If only you could stay by her side to keep her from falling apart. That would be really nice. Jeon Soo-bin herself knows that this is hypocrisy.

The thing that broke the silence and the thing that made you isolated in this house were yourself and your family. However, even if it was hypocrisy, that was Jeon Soo-bin’s honest feelings.

Meanwhile, the door to the room was tightly closed.

Inside, Goyo Han was looking at the contract.

Still, it doesn’t feel real. The fact that she signed a contract with an entertainment company allowed her to make her debut. And the fact that I will soon be appearing on an audition program.

It all doesn’t feel real.

This is something that could not even have been imagined a long time ago, or even just a year ago. At that time, it was too much for Goyo to just maintain top grades so that he could remain in school, let alone debut.

He was so busy living each day that he had no time to worry about the future, but now he is preparing for the future. Above all, in that future…

Goyo smiled. happy. happy. I want to convey this feeling to someone. But at the same time, I’m afraid that it’s okay to pass this along and that they might find it annoying.

At that time, Goyo’s cell phone rang. A short ringing sound. Who is it? Is this Chae-rim’s sister? Or a company? With that in mind, I check the message on my cell phone.

[Hajun Yoon]

[I heard you didn’t come to school today because you had to go to work? Did you know that this school trip is to Neverland? The three of us are going to move around with Taeyoung. Are there any rides you want to ride?]


And after confirming the contact, a short exclamation came out of Goyo’s mouth. Really. This person is disgusting. Always, when he thinks like this, he appears like a ghost.

“It’s a school trip.”

It reminds me of last year’s school trip. The endless emerald sea. The tip of my nose was so sore that it felt like I was going to cry, and even the chocolate milk I held in my hand.

Already, a year has passed since then.

-Anything is fine.

[Hajun Yoon]

[ok. Then, let’s start with the free drop.]

-Except for that.

[Hajun Yoon]

[No, nothing is good.]

Han Go-yo burst out laughing as he saw the bear emoticon pounding the floor as if he was angry. After receiving that chocolate milk, I somehow became more honest in front of this person.

Goyo Han thought for a moment after reading the text message and then carefully responded.

-If you buy me chocolate milk, I’ll give it to you.

After replying like that, Goyo Han bowed his head. You wouldn’t think it was childish, right? While thinking about that, I sigh.

‘Was I ever this foolish?’

Until now, Goyo Han has never wished for something first. However, when I talk to Hajun Yoon, things I want arise.

[Hajun Yoon]

[No softening]

Goyo Han thought about the reply that arrived soon after, and then sent another reply. After that, Goyo Han continued to talk to Hajun Yoon.

[Hajun Yoon]

[In the end, a contract was signed. congratulations.]

[Hajun Yoon]

[Singer Star has no intention of watching it.]

[Hajun Yoon]

[I don’t know about next year. Wouldn’t it be possible to work with you by then? Because you have to make your debut album too. I have to make that.]

There was some really important stuff in that conversation, but there was also some really nothing. But somehow, I like those little conversations. Should I say that my heart becomes full?

[Hajun Yoon]

[Let’s meet and talk about the rest tomorrow.]

And to that last reply, Goyo quickly responded.

-huh. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Yes, I see him tomorrow. No, not just tomorrow, but also in the future. The moment I realized that, Goyo’s heart started beating faster than usual.

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