My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 10

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EP3 – Among Geniuses (2)


When people think of composing, they think of randomly creating songs. However, composing requires a lot of advance preparation.

And first graders mainly learn them. Full-scale composition classes begin in the second semester, and in the first semester, students take various classes with other majors to solidify their basics.

Sight-singing, listening, music theory, ensemble, music history, and even performance. Composition classes are held only once a week. That was disappointing. Starting from the 2nd semester, it increases to 2 times, and from the 2nd year, it increases further.

Still, that doesn’t mean those classes aren’t helpful at all. Especially playing the piano. Piano performance is a continuous class taught from first to third grade.

Since piano playing was also included in the exam, this was all I could say. In that respect, Kim Tae-young had a huge advantage. There is probably no high school student in our school, or indeed in Korea, who plays the piano better than Taeyoung Kim.

Watching Taeyoung Kim’s fingers move brilliantly on the keyboard, I am amazed. What kind of person’s fingers move so freely?

And I’m not the only one who’s amazed. Students and even teachers are amazed. Soon after he finished playing, he got up and sat next to me.

A small applause is heard from somewhere. Either way, Taeyoung Kim was lightly loosening her wrists.

“Does your wrist hurt at all?”

Taeyoung Kim shakes her head.

“It’s like a habit. Pianists need to take good care of their wrists. And compared to the piano I usually play, the keys on the digital keyboard feel like feathers, so it’s not that hard.”

This time I nod. After that, several piano players followed. Everyone had decent playing skills. Soon it was my turn.

Sit down and play the piano. Still, perhaps thanks to taking lessons from Won Seong-min, I managed to reach a decent level. Yes, it’s average, but where is it?

In the past, I wasn’t even average.

“You’re better than I thought.”

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“I’m serious.”

When I return from playing the piano, I give a cursory answer to Taeyoung Kim, who welcomes me, and sit down. Then he looks at the other students.

At that time, Taeyoung Kim spoke up.

“What are you going to do with your club activities? Are you going to do it?”

“I don’t know. What about you?”

“I do it if you do it. I don’t do it if you don’t do it.”

Taeyoung Kim’s words gave me goosebumps for a moment.

Does this guy even care about me?

Why are you following me?

He shook his head and rested his chin.

Club, club. I have never participated in any club activities in my past life. It is a choice, not a necessity. You don’t have to. However, there are too many benefits to be gained through clubs for that to be the case.

I’m not talking about extra points or connections. Of course, that is important, but there is a greater benefit than that: the stage.

To be more precise, a stage on which one can stand during a festival. Seolwon Arts High School’s festival is very colorful. This is inevitable because entertainment agency officials come to each festival and do casting.

In fact, it is the same as a group audition. In the end, Sileum pursues popular music. To make a living, you have to become a singer. As such, students prepare very thoroughly for the festival.

Are there people who pay more attention to festivals than exams? The problem is that it is very difficult to get on stage individually at festivals.

First of all, you must participate as a class once. That comes first. There are 11 classes per grade, and a total of 3 grades, so a whopping 33 stages have been set.

As a result, the number of individual stages is limited.

Of course, everyone wants a personal stage, so the competition rate is enormous.

You can’t climb if you want to.

Clubs exist for such people. Clubs that work hard are given the opportunity to go on stage. So most students join clubs.

This is to get on stage at least once more and impress the promoters. Hmm, stage. It’s a stage. Think about the stage for a moment.

I used to want to climb like that. Not now. However, I am greedy for something else.

stage direction.

The kind of producing I want is not just composing music. I want to do everything myself, including composing, arranging, and even directing for the stage if possible. For Suyeon’s sake.

“Let’s see if we find out.”

§ § §

These days, Suyeon Yoon is happy every day.

There are several reasons.

First, I had a specific dream.

In the past, I just vaguely thought, “I wish I could become a singer.” But that vague dream was turning into something concrete.

It’s all thanks to Hajun Yoon’s help.

Second, her brother cares about her. In the past, Ha-Jun Yoon didn’t talk to Su-Yeon Yoon very much. He sang every day so he didn’t pay any attention to it.

But now, we talk about trivial things about our daily lives, and even joke and joke around. That alone made Suyeon Yoon very satisfied.

And last.

Make a recording.

It was something I had only dreamed of. Every time I sing at karaoke, I just imagine wanting to record it. But that dream became reality.

This is all thanks to Hajun Yoon.


Ha-Jun Yoon, who was walking in front, spoke to Su-Yeon Yoon. Shabby and dirty appearance. If she had come alone, she wouldn’t have gone in.

“Let’s go in.”


Sooyeon Yoon carefully followed Hajun Yoon. Hajun Yoon looked very familiar. Ha-jun Yoon went down to the basement and opened the thick iron door and greeted Won Seong-min warmly.

“It’s been a long time, senior.”

“Yes, it’s been a while.”

In response to Ha-jun Yoon’s greeting, Seong-min Won also greeted Ha-jun Yoon warmly.

Then he looked at Yun Su-yeon, who came with Yoon Ha-jun, and spoke carefully.

“Well, is that the younger brother you mentioned last time?”


“Hello, my name is Seongmin Won.”

“Ah! Hello! My name is Suyeon Yoon! Please take care of me!”


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Without realizing it, Sooyeon Yoon bent her waist to 90 degrees. With his unruly beard, unkempt hair, and tall stature, Won Seong-min was a very difficult person to approach.

“It’s 2 hours today, right?”

“No. Today is three hours.”

After saying that, Ha-jun Yoon took out the money he had brought with him and gave it to Seong-min Won. As this is Yoon Soo-yeon’s first recording, it lasted an hour longer than usual.

It took a toll on my wallet, but I could do that much for Sooyeon. Ha-Jun Yoon enters the studio he often used with Su-Yeon Yoon.

This time, I don’t forget to close the door and set up the equipment. And Ha-Jun Yoon, who connected the USB he brought with him, looked at Su-Yeon Yoon and said.

“Have you heard the song I gave you?”


Before recording, Ha-Jun Yoon gave Su-Yeon Yoon a file to listen to the song he had composed. It’s natural that you need to know the song in order to record it.

“What about the lyrics?”

“I memorized everything!”

Suyeon Yoon smiled brightly. Sooyeon Yoon listened to her file that Hajun Yoon handed her hundreds or thousands of times. It is a song that Ha-jun Yoon created just for himself, and at the same time, it is a song that he recorded as a guide for himself.

Out of consideration for my brother’s sincerity, I have to memorize everything. In addition, Soo-yeon Yoon originally liked Ha-jun Yoon’s songs. To be more precise, she liked Ha-Jun Yoon’s voice.

Long ago, when Suyeon Yoon had just entered elementary school, her father passed away and things became difficult at home. Her mother, who was a full-time housewife, had to start working, and Sooyeon Yoon had to go to school or stay at home.

Su-yeon Yoon didn’t like that. She hated the silence of her quiet home. She couldn’t even sleep. The person who took care of Yoon Soo-yeon was none other than Yoon Ha-jun.

Ha-jun Yoon quit the academy for a while and took care of Soo-yeon Yoon. And she even sang her song for Suyeon Yoon, who couldn’t sleep well.

Hajun Yoon’s voice, who sang every night, was so warm and cozy. I felt relieved when I heard Hajun Yoon’s song. And he wanted to sing like that too.

The reason why Yoon Soo-yeon dreamed of becoming a singer was because of Yoon Ha-jun.

“Then do you want to call me right away?”


Soo-yeon Yoon, who responded to Ha-jun Yoon’s words, let out a deep breath. Although it was a little bit, I was nervous. But the excitement was greater than the tension.

Sooyeon Yoon wears a headset. A headset larger than Soo-yeon Yoon’s head falls down. Hajun Yoon adjusted the headset so it wouldn’t fall off.

After adjusting the height of the microphone, he sat down next to me. Immediately afterwards, the computer is operated to play the melody. Then, familiar music began to flow from the headset that Sooyeon Yoon was wearing.

Small, very small.

Suyeon Yoon exhales.

And he opened his mouth at exactly the right time.

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