My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 1

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I wanted to become a singer.

There was no great reason there.

I just liked listening to songs and mistakenly thought I had a talent for singing.

Yes, mistaken.

I had no talent for singing.

Still, when I was young, I sang quite well. At the school festival, when he sang, he was praised by people and even received an award.

But that was all. Even an ordinary person can sing well. My talent was at that level. There was no talent beyond that.

Nevertheless, I did not give up my dream of becoming a singer. No, I couldn’t do it. Up until now, I had pursued becoming a singer, but I felt like I would have nothing left if I gave up on my dream, so I couldn’t give up.

Still, you managed to debut and release an album. It’s just that he was buried without a word. Still, my challenge did not stop. I continued to dream of becoming a singer.

If I didn’t have money to live on, I borrowed money from my mom and younger brother. She borrowed money saying nonsense, saying that she would pay it all back when she succeeded someday.

In response to my story, my mother and younger brother silently gave me money. I knew that the money was for my younger brother’s tuition. I already knew that I was sucking up the blood of my family.

That’s why I couldn’t give up even more. Then her mother passed away. She was overworked. Her breathing caught in her throat. Now all I have left is my song and my brother.

I foolishly clung to the song even more. Even though I already knew I couldn’t succeed, I couldn’t admit it. I truly thought that I would succeed someday, that I would succeed and repay my younger brother for his hard work.

The person who made me realize the reality was none other than my younger brother. My younger brother, who always smiled and supported me, cried in front of me for the first time.

However, I did not complain or swear.

All I could do was quietly shed tears and whisper quietly.

“······I had my own dream too.”

After leaving one word, my younger brother disappeared.

After that, my younger brother did not appear in front of me.

So I lost everything.

My life is a failed life.

He sucked up the suffering of his family and was stubborn.

And as a result, I had nothing left.

My mother’s life, my younger brother’s life, and my life. I ruined everything. I lived with regrets every day. If I were given another chance, I wouldn’t have lived a life like this.

“Son. Aren’t you staying up too late just because it’s vacation?”


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