My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 97

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Episode 97: Dream in the game becomes reality

25. Put on a pair (6)

“That’s amazing. “I managed to catch these two.”

“It wasn’t as difficult as I thought. “Even though President Katro is good at stabbing other people, he doesn’t seem to have suffered much damage himself.”

“Can you really be that stupid? “Anyone would fall victim to such a shameless tactic.”

As Marshal Ansen shook his head excitedly, the revolutionary army commander Ezriel and his three confidants, the Auror Masters, also showed expressions of agreement.

After all, a high-ranking noble with the rank of Marquis of the kingdom of Reinharts, which is considered a powerful nation, an archmage of the 7th circle who runs a large magic tower, and a famous person who even participates as a sponsor in the saintess contest, who would not fall for it when they are scamming people with plausible information.

“It’s just that the opponent was not good. Isn’t that right, former President Cartro Fairmont?”

Marshal Ansen asked President Fairmont, who was tied up and lying in a corner of the office, facing President Fairmont.

The stunned president slowly regained his gaze when he saw Marshal Ansen’s face, and soon his expression became distorted like that of a demon.

“Hey, Iik! Bastard! How dare you betray me!?”

And the President screamed at Marshal Ansen as if pouring out his anger.

Of course, no matter what, it comes back.


“Are you angry about your situation now? “I’m sorry, but I’ve been angry with you the whole time.”

It was a punch.

Marshal Ansen, who had stuck his fist into the president’s nose, straightened up with a much more relieved expression.

Despite his old age, his fists were so strong that the president fainted while kissing the floor.

Marshal Ansen’s gaze then turned to Louis Fairmont, who was surprisingly restrained with all four limbs intact.

“What do you think? “I thought you hated that guy so much.”

“I already beat him up and treated him.”

“Haha, did you?”

It seems to be well-known within the Republic that Israel, who comes from a royal family, hates Louis so much.

Marshal Ansen burst into laughter as he watched the Israeli commander twirling his fists.

“If it failed, it was treason, but if it succeeded, it was a revolution. What do you plan to do with them?”

Now that the president has been overthrown, the highest authority in this position is Marshal Ansen, but for some reason he asked Israel, the commander of the revolutionary army, about his future plans.

Israel tilted his head and expressed his thoughts.

“Lewis Fairmont must hand over new recruits to the Brigham Empire. He needs to end the war as quickly as possible.”

“What about President Cartro Fairmont?”

“When the people show their will for revolution, a trial must proceed immediately.”


“No matter how much he committed a deadly crime, we are judging the person who was president. Wouldn’t it be the proper end of a republic to bring such a person to court and judge him? Instead, it should go to a public trial with citizen participation, not a regular court.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. “It seems difficult to survive anyway.”

“If you were to list all the crimes he committed, a thousand years in prison would be easy. Since imprisonment for more than 100 years is the death penalty, I think it would be a good idea to hold a public execution as an example. And corrupt politicians and public officials must be quickly caught and brought to justice.”

“The central square of Central City will be dyed blood red.”

If it were Earth, people would point fingers at public executions, calling them barbaric and a violation of human rights, but in this world where feudalism dominates, there is no country that takes issue with public executions.

It was the surest way to demoralize the enemy and control the citizens.

“I think it would be better not to carry out public executions in the future, with President Katro as the last.”


“President Catro’s judgment signals the revival of a true democratic republic and serves as a warning against corruption. “It is not right to carry out a reign of terror with human blood.”

The Israeli commander seemed to think that public executions were part of a reign of terror.

It’s definitely not wrong, so I think it’s not a bad way of thinking.

If the president is removed from office and politicians and high-ranking officials are purged on a large scale, the republic will fall into chaos.

However, this was a pain that the Republic had to go through in order to develop into a better country.

“So who will be the next president, Marshal Ansen or Commander of Israel?”

Naturally, if the current president, politicians, and high-ranking public officials leave in large numbers, a large-scale election will be held to recruit new personnel.

So who will be the next president of the Republic of Prius, breaking the chain of dictatorship that has lasted for 14 years?

Naturally, looking at public sentiment, Israel, the commander of the revolutionary army that led the revolution, and Marshal Ansen, the military’s spiritual leader, had no choice but to be influential.

In response to my joking question, as if celebrating victory, the two people made a ‘hmm’ sound and thought about it.

“How about you, Marquis Lawrence, become president?”

“is it so. Are you naturalizing this country?”

They were two people joking with serious expressions.

“Are you crazy? “It is better to continue playing as a lord than to live as president for only five years.”

“That’s right.”

Because they crossed the line of fire together and led the revolution of the republic, their reaction to me was bound to be favorable.

Marshal Ansen slapped the Israeli commander on the back and said,

“Honestly, it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t greedy. But no matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t seem like an old man like me will be the successor to President Catro. “Commander Izrael, you will make a great leader.”

The highest authority in the current regime is Marshal Ansen himself, so I wondered why he kept asking the Israeli commander about his plans.

As it turns out, Marshal Ansen is planning to push the Israeli commander to become the next president.

“yes? But I come from a royal family. People may protest, saying it is a return to feudalism.”

“After escaping from the embrace of a dictator, it is not very nice to welcome a man from the military as president. And is he from the same royal family? Wasn’t it the Prius royal family that created the republic? Would you like to follow the will of your ancestors and lay the foundation for a republican system? “Please push me hard.”

Since he comes from a royal family, people will have no choice but to look at him with colored glasses, but other than that, I can’t think of any other options.

From what I personally observed, he was a person who had everything from love for his country, character, and political talent.

When I nodded and agreed, Marshal Ansen turned his back on me and said to look at it.

“As the highest authority in the government of the Republic of Prius, I will appoint you as interim Chairman of the State Council. “Let’s get the public’s support through clean cleaning.”

“Now that I see it, is this a bomb trick?”

“You started a revolution, so you have to take responsibility. “You are the one who convinced me.”

“The Marquis Lawrence was also there?”


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“Then why not have him naturalized?”

He keeps making meaningless noises.

I spoke to the Israeli commander.

“It would be perfect if the commander of Israel became president. “It will be easier to receive the promised compensation.”

No one complained about the compensation that was directly mentioned.

It was a natural reaction to take a step this time and it ended up being a big success.

“huh? Are you going?”

“Yes, I have to go. “There is a lot to do.”

Now my work here is done.

The rest is their responsibility.

[Bring out President Fairmont!]

[May the Republic of Prius be glorious tomorrow!]

Not only the President’s office where we were talking now, but the entire palace rang loudly with the cries of citizens.

Anger and expectations coexisted in the voices of citizens, with anger directed at the president’s family and corrupt politicians, and expectations stemming from a vague hope that they would be able to escape long-time poverty.

Even if Israel takes power, it will not be easy.

Citizens who succeed in the revolution will have excessively high expectations for the future, and there will be fights with President Fairmont’s supporters who see only what they want to see and hear only what they want to hear.

But there is nothing to worry about.

Because he was a person with sufficient abilities.

“I have been indebted to you a lot.”

Israel gave me a military salute and expressed his gratitude.

Afterwards, the revolutionary soldiers followed him and saluted.

“It’s burdensome.”

“This level of courtesy is only natural for the Marquis of Lawrence.”

Does he know?

The fact that I was the cause of the war with the Brigham Empire.

Of course, their revolution was able to succeed thanks to the chaos of war, but I could not in good conscience meet their gazes filled with sincere gratitude, so I averted my eyes.

“I also moved for my own benefit.”

“Well, how do you feel? “It is true that I received help.”

“Then, please express that feeling in the reward.”

“Haha, let’s try.”

And I turned my back on them without any regrets.

“Goodbye. See you later.”

“Once things are settled, let’s have a drink.”

Behind me, the farewell words of Marshal Ansen and the commander of the Israeli Revolutionary Army were delivered.

* * *

[A revolution in the Prius Republic that occurred during the war. The fall of President Fairmont, who had reigned like an emperor over the republic for 14 years.]

[The majority of high-ranking public officials and politicians, including the president, were arrested one after another after being found to have committed various crimes. The country falls into chaos due to the political vacuum.]

[Marshal Ansen, the current highest authority in the Republic, appoints Commander of the Revolutionary Army Ezriel as the administrative officer in charge of running state affairs on behalf of President Fairmont until the next presidential election.]

[Israel’s Interim State Affairs Commission Chairman, President Fairmont’s trial order. The trial will be conducted with public participation.]

[A whopping 317 criminal acts were committed by President Fairmont over 14 years. There are likely to be many more criminal acts that are not recorded.]

[President Fairmont sentenced to 1,350 years in prison.]

[President Fairmont’s appeal is dismissed, and the execution decision is made.]

The Prius Republic revolution, which caused an uproar around the world, appeared as a headline in international news every day.

‘You seem to be doing well.’

I nodded as I watched the situation progress seamlessly, from the decision to execute President Fairmont to the arrest of corrupt politicians.

And today, besides the domestic news of the Republic of Prius, there was one more news worth celebrating.

[Emperor Edward of the Brigham Empire. Declaration of end of war with Prius Republic.]

[A declaration of the end of the war suddenly concluded amid overwhelming strategic superiority. Was there any transaction between the two countries?]

It was news that stopped the saintess contest and announced the end of the war between the two great powers that had thrown the world into chaos.

I know more about this than anyone else, and it is said that in order to end the war, the Republic of Prius decided to give Louis Fairmont and the fake Giyeon as gifts and compensate for all the losses suffered by the Brigham Empire due to the crushing defeat.

‘The amount is over 500 trillion won.’

It’s an incredible amount, but it can be seen as a good thing that it ended up that way.

It was cheaper than the destruction of the Republic of Prius, one of the four major powers in the world.

‘I hope we can become an advanced country that spreads the revolution and republicanism that we have just welcomed.’

With this, the incident of great concern was completely concluded.

I can now focus on the saint contest and leveling up the game with peace of mind.

No, it should have been that way… … .

The unhelpful second prince invited me to a hunting competition for the sake of unity, so I ended up engaging in useless socializing.

– A hunting ground exclusively for the royal family of the Kingdom of Reinharts

“Do you think Marquis Lawrence is bored?”

I was sitting in the outdoor seats next to Arcia, just looking at the online news, not paying attention to what the people around us were doing, when a group of people approached me.

Although they were not the mainstream of the Two Princes faction, they were still members of a faction that many high-ranking nobles belonged to.

The person who spoke to me with an ambiguous line that I couldn’t tell whether it was a greeting or a question was Marquis Ali Trenton, who had insisted on my disciplinary action at the previous meeting.

I answered by closing the hologram window where I was watching online news.

“I’m not very interested in hunting.”

“Well, that was sad.”

But where has this man lost his momentum from last time and why is he stuttering like this?

When I asked what was going on, a new nobleman who was the same age as me, 20 years old and had recently inherited the earldom, intervened with his eyes shining brightly.

“I heard a rumor that this Prius Republic took a big step during the fall of President Fairmont. “Is that true?”

Oh, has that already become a rumor?

The Israeli commander of the revolutionary army must have erased my traces in his own way.

Actually, I think there was nothing I could do since there were more than one person who saw me.

I nodded obediently to the question of the new earl, who was one of the few people of my age here.

“Yes, that’s right.”

It may have been in the past, but there is no fault in saying that I helped the revolutionary army now.

Now the revolutionary army was the leadership of the republic.

The new count, whose name I don’t know, asked me what was so good about it and gave an exclamation at my answer.

Unlike him, the other nobles’ complexions turned dark, and it was easy to see why they reacted this way.

“Could it be that you are taking revenge for what happened in the past?”

“If you’re the president of the republic, you’re like the emperor of an empire, right? “He attacked that person just because he didn’t like him?”

“It wasn’t just an attack, it was because they joined hands with the revolutionary army and sent a man of the emperor level of the empire to the guillotine.”

“It’s not something a mere noble can do.”

Because my ears are so good, I could clearly hear their whispering conversation.

‘Ah, this may be what you think of it.’

In addition to the recent SNS incident, the Prius Republic’s declaration of economic sanctions against our kingdom, and the subsequent discussion of my disciplinary action.

It seemed like I had enough ill feelings toward President Cartoon that it was a situation that could have raised such suspicions from people who didn’t know me.

There is no way for them to know why I had to move or the inner circumstances that cannot be revealed.

Thanks to this, I was being treated as the person who helped the revolutionary army to overthrow President Catro just because he attacked me.

And since my past actions and this incident add up… … .

“He’s a really scary person.”

“You must never lose.”

It gained a fearsome reputation that even high-ranking nobles feared.


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