My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 96

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Episode 96: Dream in the game becomes reality

25. Put on a pair (5)

Adrian and Arsia appear.

However, Louis Fairmont, who did not know who they were, could not help but express doubts.

“Da, what are you?”

But one thing was clear to me.

The point was that they were not welcome guests.

The stern expressions of the officials in the underground bunker situation room and the incomprehensible look in Adrian’s eyes, a mixture of hostility and sympathy, directed at him.

Above all, it was easy to recognize just by looking at the verbal abuse that I had never heard before.

Adrian grinned and answered Louis’ question.

“Marquis Adrian Lawrence, and she is my fiancée, Count Arsia Klein.”

At the friendly self-introduction, Lewis immediately reacted by asking who it was, but then his eyes widened.

It was the same name as the name of a cocky person who has become more famous than the actor himself.

“The one who fucked us?”

“that’s right. And he was the one who planned everything you went through to get here.”


As Louis continued to react stupidly, perhaps because he didn’t understand or because he didn’t want to understand, a man who was hiding behind the back of his father, President of the Republic, Cartro Fairmont, pointing a dagger at him, peeked out his face.

“He’s my friend, by the way.”

“Israel Oscar!”

“This is the Israeli Oscar Prius. “Who can freely take away the name that is the foundation of this country?”

A family whose last name is ‘Prius’, the name of the Republic.

There is only one such family.

Because it was the name of the royal family that led the country when the Republic of Prius was a kingdom.

This is a foolish family that created a republican system and abdicated the throne for the sake of their beloved people.

“You damn bastard! Are you now planning to revive feudalism!?”

“I don’t think so? “I am proud of the republican system that our ancestors left behind.”

The Prius family has recently disappeared.

And as soon as the family disappeared, the activities of the revolutionary army began to intensify, and speculation that the Prius family was behind them was recently gaining ground.

They were a family that had a sufficient cause, wealth if wealth, manpower if it were manpower, connections if it meant connections, and they were a family that had too much, just not the throne.

But looking at what was happening now, I could see that that guess was correct.

“You were the leader of the rebel army?”

“Are you acting like you figured out something great when everyone around you noticed?”


As Louis reacted with anger, the Vanguards brought here to protect him surrounded the three intruders.

In the case of Adrian, he is currently the most famous archmage, and there was no one who did not know that Israel was also an archmage.

Since Arcia, the Aura Master, is there, the enemies who broke into the underground bunker are two Archmages and one Aura Master.

‘Shall we attack? ‘Do you think it’s worth a try?’

Lewis bit his lip and pondered.

Except for the situation where the president was held hostage, the power difference was not as disadvantageous as one might think.

That’s because in this bunker’s situation room, President Catro’s close associates and archmages, ‘Director Zergar Magic’ and ‘Director Panmel, Defense Research Institute’ were located.

And after making a decision, Lewis glanced at the friendly archmages, Zerga and Panmel.

It was a gesture to attack when a signal was given.

However, the two archmages who were the core forces who received his signal fiercely shook their heads and expressed their refusal.

They are probably worried about the president’s safety.

In response, Lewis glared at the two people as if they were going to kill them and threatened them with his eyes.

“Your eyes are hot, hot.”

But Israel snorted and snapped his fingers as if he was reading the whole thing.

Then, the door to the living area connected to the underground bunker situation room opened and three people entered.

With their appearance, Vanguards who thought they were worthy of fighting against enemies like Lewis lost their will to fight.

The reason is that the momentum felt by those three people was qualitatively different from that of the Auror Expert.

“There are only four Auror Masters… … .”

As many as four Auror Masters were gathered in the same space, including Arcia and the three mobile strike leaders who were close associates of the Revolutionary Army Commander Israel.

“Are Masters the only combat power? “Don’t forget the archmage.”

Adrian said that while pointing his finger at Israel and himself, but in Lewis’s eyes, it only seemed like he was joking.

Now that the power that should have been prevented from the outside has been brought in, this fight is as good as over.

“Why did you allow these guys to invade!?”

In this situation, Louis asked his father, President Catro, as if he were annoyed.

President Catro kept his mouth shut, and Adrian mockingly spoke on his behalf.

“I didn’t really break in, I just came in under the guidance of your father.”

“What is that?”

“Are you curious about that since it wouldn’t be surprising if your throat was cut right now?”

“… … .”

Lewis belatedly realized that now was not the time to raise his voice, so he followed his father and closed his mouth.

Seeing him like that, Adrian took a step closer to him and asked.

“Would you like me to tell you if I’m curious?”

Lewis rolled his eyes, but nodded with an exasperated look on his face, probably thinking it would be better to take a little more time.

“It started when I had a meeting with your father.”

And Adrian recalled the past and explained the route of the invasion.


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* * *

“I never thought I would face it like this. “Marquis Adrian Lawrence, who is causing a stir in Rondel these days?”

The office of the President of the Prius Republic.

When I came face to face with President Fairmont with the cart, I calmly shrugged my shoulders.

It wasn’t difficult to meet him.

Because I had so many means of interest to him.

For example, the title of investment genius earned in the process of laundering Archduke Lucas’ funds was the same, and if they accepted their last request even now, they could have put the brakes on the revolutionary activities that were causing trouble for the Prius Republic government.

Above all, isn’t there behind the scenes a global intelligence agency called Blue Moon, which surpasses the Republic’s Intelligence Department?

If I lend even a portion of Blue Moon’s power to the dictator, he will gain wings, so I had many useful cards for him.

“I never thought I would find this place on my own.”

Being the president of the Prius Republic can be said to be in a similar position to the emperor of the Croesian Empire, the enemy of our Kingdom of Reinharts.

However, even when dealing with such a person, I acted proudly without being intimidated.

I am not from this country.

There was no need to be servile just to look good.

On the contrary, if I went too low-key, the other person might get suspicious, so I held my head high.

“You are rude to the Marquis. The person in front of you is the President of the Grand Prius Republic.”

“I can only think of disrespect towards Mr. President as a challenge to our republic.”

Thanks to this, General Raminus, the President’s confidant and Auror Master, and Magic Director Zerga showed their discomfort, but I calmly said, “What should I do?”

“I am a person who visited today to conduct business with the President as an individual, regardless of my homeland, the Kingdom of Reinharts. Rather, what is rude is your attitude of putting pressure on a large target.”

What an arrogant statement.

However, that statement meant that the deal I was about to make was not that light and that the President had no choice but to be satisfied.

Of course, General Raminus and the head of the Gerga Magic Center were upset, but President Catro, the dictator of the Republic, showed interest.

“Wow, that’s really interesting what the deal is. “I hope it’s a deal I like, as I took the time to pay for the Marquis, with whom I don’t have a good relationship.”

“I guess so.”

In doing so, I opened a subspace.

Then the two took a fighting stance, but I snorted and asked why they were overreacting so much and placed two items on the table.

“Isn’t it a force core?”

It was a force conversion device, aka force core, which can be said to be the core equipment of vanguard equipment and sky fortress.

Although the two looked similar, they were subtly different, and I managed to break the first seal on both of them.

The core cannot be disassembled carelessly as it is the concentration of the technology of each magic tower.

However, the fact that I was able to unseal the two pieces of equipment with numerous passwords without difficulty means that I manufactured both.

“One is the Force Core of Panther 1.0 made at my own Lawrence Magic Tower, and the other is the Force Core of the Vanguard equipment used by the Revolutionary Army here.”


Only General Raminus, the knight, tilted his head at my words, and the expressions of President Catro and Magic Director Zerga were filled with bewilderment.

“What does this mean?”

“Are you sure that the rebel army’s core was really created with the Marquis’ technology?”

“Not long ago, the now deceased Chairman of the State Council, Garcia, came to me and asked me to report that the rebel core was created by stealing my technology. I didn’t feel the need to lie and ignored it. But it turns out it was true.”


This was an incident that could overturn the past solicitation scandal.

In the end, the Prius Republic’s argument is right and I am wrong.

In addition, it meant that the revolutionary army that was shaking the public sentiment of the people of the Prius Republic was a real group of thieves, so if this fact was made public, the prestige of the revolutionary army was bound to be greatly weakened.

“Oh, then you will issue a statement condemning the revolutionary army, right?”

“Of course you should. “I don’t need to show mercy to the thief who stole my things.”

This was certainly a huge benefit, but it only cleared the way for me to be accused of my own mistakes.

It’s probably far from the benefit the president thought it would be.

“Then wouldn’t it be a priority to apologize to our President?”

“What meaning does a verbal apology have?”

“So you’re saying you can’t apologize?”

“Listen to what people say until the end.”

I offered the President a carrot.

“I would like to give you two gifts as an apology.”

“What if you say it’s a gift?”

The president also seemed to be uninterested in my apology and expressed interest in the word “gift.”

“Both are information.”

However, I narrowed my eyes at the word information, and the President picked up the paper document I had placed on the table, looked at its contents, and his eyes widened.

“Is this true?”

“The Republic also has an intelligence department, right? “I think that if we investigate the companies through them, we will be able to determine whether this information is real.”

The first materials I handed over were materials from two companies.

This is the confidential data of a company whose stock price will soon skyrocket.

“What is the rate of return?”

“You can look at it as small as 2 times, and as much as 10 times. The recommended transaction limit is about KRW 3 trillion for the first company and KRW 5 trillion for the second company.”

The information was that if you invest a total of 8 trillion, you can earn from 16 trillion to a maximum of 80 trillion.

It was information about money that the dictator was very fond of.

“Hey, can I check it first? “Is the technology of these companies really in the verification stage?”

“I hope the Republic’s intelligence department is excellent. “So as not to waste too much time.”

“It won’t take long.”

Soon he ordered his subordinates to investigate the information.

Since it is classified, it will not be easy to access, but it will not be difficult for the Prius Republic’s intelligence department to catch the thread.

And after about two hours, the president’s complexion brightened, as if he had received the report he wanted.

“Why don’t you use this information yourself?”

“I will use it too. So I hope you don’t go over the pie I specified.”

“Haha, I see.”

Of course, it’s all a lie.

It was a data created through Blue Moon by scraping together information on companies that seemed like they were really big hits.

The fact that it appears to be a hit no matter who listens to it means that it is not yet a hit.

Even if it seems like it will succeed, the possibility is not certain.

However, if a person with a trustworthy status and reputation like me fanned the flames from the side, trust was bound to increase significantly.

In other words, the president of the Republic of Prius is currently being scammed.

“Now that I think about it, you said there were two presents, right? “Is this really all the information from these two companies?”

“No, the information about those two companies is the first gift.”

Then I handed over a second gift.

It was a map.

“What is this?”

“It is the headquarters of a rebel group that calls itself a revolutionary army.”

“yes? No, how do I do this!?”

“The source is not important.”

He nodded obediently because he had already experienced that my information power was extraordinary.

And with eyes full of madness, I made a threatening request to the President.

“I want to believe that you will eliminate the thieves who stole my technology. Would you please do so?”

“Sure. “These are criminal organizations that we cannot ignore.”

The understanding was consistent.

“Can we explore the place first?”

“You are very cautious, aren’t you? “Do whatever is comfortable for you.”

“It will take some time before we can identify the rebel headquarters and subdue it. “How about we wait and have some refreshments together?”

My treatment has completely changed.

The president, who is said to be on a par with the emperor of the Croesian Empire, smiled at me with an extremely friendly expression.

So I faced him face to face for several more hours, and this time, less than 30 minutes later, news came that the Revolutionary Army headquarters had been confirmed.

“That’s amazing. “This is a big help.”

Now there is no need to doubt me.

After confirming all the information, he looked at me as if I were a lover.

“What. “It is a matter of honor for me as well.”

“Honor is important to nobles.”

And we were exchanging various kind words together.

An incident occurred.


“W-what!? what’s the matter!?”

“dismissal! It’s a surprise attack! “A large Vanguard force is attacking the city as if it were under siege!”

“Holy shit! “Could it be in the Brigham Empire!?”

“Let’s evacuate to the underground bunker first!”

“Ah, I understand.”

I said as if I was slightly embarrassed at the sight of the presidential palace in chaos.

“Can you please lift the restrictions on spatial movement?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.”

“Then you’re telling me to run away on my own? Breaking through the siege of the Brigham Empire?”

In response to my sharp question, President Catro and his henchmen responded that they were in trouble.

Just now, he was looking at me with goosebumps as if he was looking at a lover, and now he couldn’t pretend not to notice me.

“I can’t help it. Let’s avoid it together. “There are several evacuation routes from the underground bunker to the outside.”

General Raminus responded by asking whether there was a need to bring Arcia and I, who had strong military power, into the same space, but as president, there was nothing we could do about it.

Because I have become a valuable connection to him that cannot be abandoned.

In addition, if you add General Raminus, Director of the Zerga Magic Center, and Director Panmel of the Defense Research Institute and the Vanguards who will rush here at any moment, he would have thought that there was no need to worry because his escort strength was superior.


In that way, I was able to easily enter the underground bunker with the President’s guidance.

* * *

I let out a low laugh as I looked at Louis Fairmont, who had listened to the past story with a dumbfounded expression.

“Once we got into the bunker, it was very easy. General Nathan and his subordinates, who had been recruited by Marshal Ansen in advance, caused internal strife in the presidential palace, splitting the guards, and took advantage of the confusion to take the president hostage and invite his friends.”

During the long-winded occupation of the underground bunker, President Catro and his two henchmen, the Archmages, lowered their heads as if they were embarrassed, and Lewis blushed as if he was about to explode.

“Don’t be in so much pain. “Because you are a very precious person.”

At my words, Lewis looked like he was wondering what that meant.

“It’s a gift to the Brigham Empire to end the war.”


And as Commander Israel approached in return for me, Louis Fairmont slowly backed away while swearing.

“But before that… … .”

“W-what is it?”

“Let’s take a few hits. “You spoke out too much because you were the president’s son.”

But it’s all futile.

Where can he run to when he is already like a hostage?

-puck! puck!


President Cartro Fairmont, who acted as if he owned the world, and Louis Fairmont, a fake actor.

Their downfall was decided.


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