My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 94

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Episode 94: Dream in the game becomes reality

25. Put on a pair (3)

People have something called common sense.

However, the standard of common sense is different for each person, and sometimes, from the perspective of the general public, there are people who do things that are incomprehensible, asking, ‘Why do they do that?’

In fact, they also know in their head what is wrong and what is right.

When you simply apply that common sense to yourself, you end up behaving in a way that doesn’t make sense because you’re imposing standards that are more generous than necessary.

‘It’s just me, you’re okay?’

‘Who can’t speak loudly? ‘Pretending to be too nice is also hypocrisy.’

‘I couldn’t help it. ‘If you were in my shoes, you’d understand.’

Most of these people are harsh on other people’s mistakes, but are often particularly generous only to themselves.

In addition, because they have different standards of good and evil from ordinary people, they easily fall prey to crime.

He said he had no choice, and that he did it to survive.

However, no matter what the situation, there can be no impunity for crime.

If we say that people had no choice but to commit crimes because they were poor and their lives were difficult, it would be no different from treating people who make an honest living, no matter how difficult it is, as fools and insulting them.

‘Of course, environmental factors cannot be completely ignored, so they will be taken into account to some extent, but they will by no means absolve you of the crime.’

In that sense, it can be said that it is truly the worst and inexcusable act for a wealthy person or a person with high power to accumulate ill-gotten gains through repeated criminal acts.

The politicians of the Republic of Prius go beyond destroying common sense and show themselves jumping rope with common sense, and there is no need to try to understand their misconduct just because it has crossed the line.

If you look at the Republic of Korea on Earth rather than a fantasy world that you are not immediately familiar with, isn’t there a lot of bizarre behavior by politicians?

So there is no need to understand.

That is their standard of common sense.

“Is this really what President Fairmont Cart did?”

“Yes, if you look later, his son Louis Fairmont’s criminal activities are also recorded.”

“her… … .”

In that sense, it was not difficult to attract the attention of Marshal Ansen, commander of the National Guard, who was a man of extremely common sense.

All they had to do was provide him with data on the numerous corruptions committed by the president and his son.

I handed additional materials to Marshal Ansen, who was beyond angry and dejected.

If the crimes committed by the president and his son were the equivalent of three books, the material I gave them was enough to form a library of those books.

“Not just those two. “Most people who occupy a position in society, such as high-ranking public officials and politicians, commit crimes without any hesitation.”

“… … .”

When I received the data collected through Blue Moon, I couldn’t help but swear.

The corruption of the Prius Republic government and political world was beyond anything one could imagine.

In the difficultly prepared position during the war with the Brigham Empire, Commander Israel, his bodyguards, a female Auror Master who was the leader of the Revolutionary Army’s 3rd Mobile Strike Team, Marshal Ansen, commander of the National Guard, and his trusted confidants were sitting together.

I shared the material with them so they could all see it, and everyone who looked at it was speechless.

“Don’t you know without me having to give you the information? “They just turn their eyes away from the facts and blame it on the fact that they can’t help it because they are soldiers who have to follow orders.”

Marshal Ansen’s henchmen got angry at my question, which seemed like a provocation, but when Marshal Ansen stepped forward and lowered his head, they lowered their heads.

It would be embarrassing.

If you have any common sense, you should be ashamed.

Aren’t they the people of this Republic of Prius and I am an outsider?

Moreover, they are a great nobleman who rules over the people of a feudal state that they criticize as being vague.

If he is not ashamed of this, it means that he is no different from other politicians.

[Relationship: Interested / Neutral]

[State: Anger / Shame]

Fortunately, his condition, as indicated in Mangyeong, was extremely normal.

Israel, the commander of the revolutionary army, stopped me from speaking out loud.

But unlike his actions of restraint, his eyes as he looked at me were full of gratitude.

“Marshal Ansen, you must no longer look away. The war with the Brigham Empire is causing great chaos, but if you think about it differently, there is no better environment to judge the regime than now.”

“hmm… … .”

“Should the country be ruined because of politicians who don’t mind running away at any time?”

“We have not given up on the war yet. “It is an unfavorable situation, but I don’t think we will inevitably lose.”

“So, you are saying that you will win the war, receive Fairmont’s position as a cart again, and continue to watch him deceive the people?”

No matter how old a soldier is, humans are very inflexible.

Seeing Marshal Ansen not taking a step in this direction even though it looked like he was about to come over at any moment, I clicked my tongue and sent a few more photos.

The photo showed a party.

“What is this?”

“This is the situation at the Presidential Palace today. “Louis Fairmont invites celebrities and has a lot of fun with his rich friends.”

“This is crazy… … .”

“The presidential palace security unit that Marshal Ansen requested for support is currently guarding the party venue. “And while he refused to bring in other politicians who would only impose unnecessary security burdens on the presidential palace, he did well with wealthy businessmen.”

Faces that go beyond shame and make you want to hide in a mouse hole.

However, Marshal Ansen reacted not only with embarrassment, but also with surprise.

“I thought the security at the Presidential Palace was tight, but you are collecting the latest information like this. What is your identity?”

There is no one who doesn’t already know that I am the Marquis Adrian Lawrence.

However, the identity he was asking about was not about my identity, but was more fundamental.

I answered calmly, holding hands with the Israeli commander.

“He is a friend of the revolutionary army commander.”

Marshal Ansen looked reluctant at this.

The Israeli commander spoke to Marshal Ansen.

“You can’t forget your priorities. “We must prioritize resolving the situation over his information-gathering route.”



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“I recognize the soldiers’ efforts and motivation, but we cannot defeat the Brigham Empire. Please make your choice with that in mind.”

“You can’t win?”

“Even if a miracle happens and we somehow win this time, will we be able to stop the next unit? And what about the next unit?”

Marshal Ansen, of course, knows this.

It may just be that he didn’t want to leave the Brigham Empire behind and fight between his allies.

However, by forcing a choice on Israel, Marshal Ansen now had to choose between two options.

1. Maintain the status quo.

2. Revolution.

As mentioned earlier, Marshal Ansen is a man of common sense.

You will not be able to completely deny our persuasion based on numerous evidence and data.

“The ambitious word ‘revolution’ really doesn’t suit me, but I can’t help it this time.”

“What do you mean?”

“I will give in to your persuasion. In fact, after seeing this unit of the Brigham Empire, I had no confidence that we could win.”

As he shrugged his shoulders and looked down, I realized that his previous claim that you would never know war until you try it was meant to gauge our reaction.

In fact, he may have needed an opportunity.

And we provided the opportunity.

“But to capture the capital, a major battle is bound to take place. Do you have any other plans?”

The troops currently guarding the Presidential Palace are 2,000 Vanguards and 10 Sky Fortresses.

In addition, the units deployed to defend the capital and prepare for the assassination of key figures were 2,000 Vanguards and 10 Sky Fortresses, so a total of 4,000 Vanguards and 20 Sky Fortresses had to be battled.

Of course, it is very difficult to fight with this many troops and achieve victory in a short period of time.

The longer the battle lasted, the more time it would give the president and politicians to escape, so it was necessary to secure new recruits for them as soon as the battle began.

Israel nodded slightly.

“Hasn’t Marshal Ansen decided to take our hand?”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that Marshal Ansen has a greater presence in the military than one might think.”

As he narrowed his eyes, the Israeli commander explained the operation in an easy-to-understand manner.

“Is that really all it takes?”

“The subject of this revolution should be the citizens, not us. Otherwise, we will never be able to escape from this cycle of corruption.”

In my view, the person who understood democracy best was none other than the Israeli commander from the royal family.

When I nodded and agreed to his plan, Marshal Ansen said that he would form a separate unit just in case, but that he would go along with the plan for now.

‘The revolution has begun.’

So the day of decisive battle to save Rondel’s only democratic republic, the Prius Republic, has arrived.

From now on, the tempo will become faster.

* * *


The Square Hall of the Prius Republic Presidential Palace was in disarray due to the party that took place yesterday.

People were rolling around on the floor with their clothes off, some were lying face down on tables holding bottles of alcohol, and others were sleeping with their faces buried in vomit.

They may have even been hit by a group, so blood was splattered all over the square hall and quite a few people were injured.

How could this be seen as a party for the high class of society?

It was truly a den of mad beasts.

Inside, Louis Fairmont, who had been sleeping sprawled out, surrounded by numerous members of the opposite sex, frowned and woke up unsteadily.

“What, what’s so loud?”

I didn’t wake up because I wanted to.


I had no choice but to wake up because of this loud noise from earlier.

And the second and third generation chaebols who followed Lewis to the party also stood up in frustration.

But it didn’t take long for their expressions to harden… .

“It’s a surprise attack! “It is said that a large Vanguard force has invaded the capital!”

This is because the vanguards of the presidential palace guard crowded into the party and shouted that.


“The exact number of enemies and which unit they are has not yet been revealed, but they are charging into the Presidential Palace, ignoring the Capital Defense Force!”


“S-can’t it be that the Brigham Empire has invaded?”

I knew that the country was at war, but I didn’t think any harm would come to them.

The Brigham Empire, perhaps because of its pride as a large nation, has a tendency to insist on a head-to-head battle when it is not at a disadvantage, and the imperial army was still staying in the western part of the republic, 2,000 kilometers away from the capital.

But there was a surprise attack?

This was an unexpected and unexpected situation, so I had no choice but to panic.

“Hurry and run away!”

The successor to the second-largest company in the Republic’s market capitalization cried out in fear.

But his cries were not heard by Louis Fairmont.

“Presidential Palace Vanguards, protect me! I am the future of the republic! “You must protect me so that the republic can survive!”

He rallied the Vanguard around him as if he didn’t care what happened to others.

“Move to the bunker!”

“What about the others?”

“Tell them to do it themselves!”

What on earth was yesterday’s party for?

However, it was the actor Louis Fairmont that Vanguards had to protect as a top priority, not the naked tycoons at the party.

They formed a defensive line around Lewis and left the party.

“Now, wait! Louis!”

“Lewis Fairmont! What are you doing!”

The cries of the people he had become friends with yesterday echoed behind him, but Lewis paid no attention.


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