My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 91

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Episode 91: A chance in a game turns into reality

24. Holy sword or lightsaber (6)

When I held out the terminal, the actual price of the chocolate was calculated and money was taken out of my account.

We asked Count Ford, the owner of Ford Distribution, to make us a temporary franchise, and at this moment, the stage is not just a convenience store with a pattern, but a convenience store that is actually doing business.

I got off the stage after accepting the chocolate that Everil had carefully placed in a paper bag.

Then I pointed to the convenience store and said to the people who were looking at me with puzzled expressions.

“Instead of that, how about just buying something one at a time? “It would be a rare experience to enter the store where a candidate for sainthood works as a customer.”

At my suggestion, people’s eyes turned to Ivril, a convenience store part-timer waiting for the next customer.

And as Eric Jones of the Wind Catcher staff, who followed me, started walking, several officials cheering for Ivril noticed and went on stage.

“welcome. “It’s a Ford convenience store.”

They looked around and did as I said, picking up items one by one and standing in front of the cash register.

Ivril welcomed them with a warm smile and showed a neat way of calculating the items.

Since there was a part-time job at a convenience store, there was no hesitation no matter how many people there were, and the neat behavior that seemed to have a sense of elegance and the bright atmosphere that made those who saw it feel good was enough to make me want to pay double the part-time salary if I were the boss.

“It’s truly an ideal part-time job.”

People looked at me, the person who planned this, as if I was a strange person because of the bizarre performance of the contest, which contrasted with Princess Xia Lin, who was showing an extremely glamorous performance next to me.

However, after she worked part-time and served more than 10 customers, her absurd reaction disappeared and she began to think that this was not such a bad thing.

“This seems good in the sense that a candidate for sainthood can present a familiar image for someone in a sacred position. “Everyone knows that she was a commoner and was far from special until recently.”

“That’s right, you can’t create a specialty that doesn’t exist. “It may be less flashy than elemental magic or magic, but isn’t making those who look at us smile also a type of talent?”

“Looking at how skillfully you handle things, it seems like you’ve been working at the convenience store for quite a long time.”

“I heard that he worked for about a year and a half, but because of difficult family circumstances, he started working as soon as he was old enough to work part-time.”

This is the reaction I was hoping for.

It emphasizes that she was a familiar being, no different from most commoners who were viewers.

As someone said, you can’t create talent that doesn’t exist.

I tried to explain that point in a cheerful way.

Well, actually, this idea came from the head of Eric Jones of the staff, not me.

“It’s 2,500 routes.”

“It’s 12,000 routes.”

“welcome. “It’s a Ford convenience store.”

However, as the scene continued for 5 and 10 minutes, the reactions of those who were favorable changed little by little.

“But do you plan to keep showing me your part-time job at a convenience store?”

“There’s nothing special about it except that the part-time worker is Candidate Everil, so viewers will soon get sick of it.”

Of course, I did some stocking and cleaning in the meantime, but that was just the convenience store part-time job we all know.

Therefore, the reaction of those involved in the Saint Women’s Contest was not wrong.

Everything requires momentum and determination.

If there is no incident, there is bound to be no ups and downs.

But couldn’t we, who had simulated it several times, not figured out the problem they were realizing?

‘Of course I know.’

After sufficiently appealing to familiarity.

The stage will change.

Because what I wanted was a variety show, not a documentary.

-Go go go go!


A terrifying noise echoed from above, and a large explosion occurred in front of Ivril’s convenience store.

The paladins in charge of security flinched at him, but because they had been informed of something in advance, they did not easily intervene.

However, some officials who were not informed of this situation reacted realistically by shouting in embarrassment, and soon the surrounding area became noisy.

But that only lasted a moment.

This is because a person walked out through the smoke generated by the explosion.

“Count Klein?”

“Oh, be careful not to overlap audio like this.”

The character was none other than Arsia.

She was wearing a black version of Lawrence Magic Tower’s Fencer 1.0 Vanguard equipment that fit well, and behind her back, small bat wings and a cute arrow tail swayed noisily with her movements.

Anyone could see that she was disguised as someone, and Ivril kindly shouted at Arcia.

“It’s the devil! Everyone run away!”

With an awkward fume, Everil followed the manual and evacuated the customers through the emergency exit of the convenience store.

And Arcia said as she approached the convenience store.

“I’ll take all the snacks there!”

In fact, it was the appearance of a devil robbing a convenience store that was not much different from his usual behavior.

People who were puzzled by this reacted as one, asking, ‘What is this?’

“You can’t do that!”

Ivril took out the white stick that was hanging on her waist like a decoration to fight off the devil who was robbing the convenience store.

“Stop talking nonsense and give it to me!”

But then.

An auror blade was created above the sword that Arcia had drawn, and the production crew’s complexions turned pale as it appeared to mix with the Force.

“Um, that’s staged too, right?”

The cameraman asked, turning the angle to me without realizing it.

I answered his question with a friendly smile.

“Is it true?”



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The cameraman belatedly realized his mistake and filmed Arsia, who had drawn the Aurorblate with a force sword, and Ivril, who was fighting back while holding a white stick in her hand.

There were mixed reactions of concern here and there, wondering if it was too dangerous for Ivril.

However, the production crew remained silent as the situation continued.


This is because a pure white Saint Blade was formed on the stick that Ivril was holding in her hand, along with a line that seemed to have been heard somewhere.

Several Paladins gaped as they recognized that it was a master-level Saint Blade.

And as if to prove that it was real, Arsia’s Auror Blade and Ivril’s Saint Blade collided.


Then, there was an impact sound and fragments of the auror flew everywhere, but it had no effect on the surroundings.

I was responding with 7th circle defensive magic.

Arcia and Ivril danced the sword dance as planned.

When Auror Blade and Saint Blade collided, spectacular effects occurred, and people responded that they could not tell whether this was a stage for a contest or a scene of war.

“Tsk! “On the subject of part-time work at a convenience store!”

As time passed, Arcia was thrown down the stage with the set line.

Toward Arcia, Ivril raised the Saint Blade high and shouted the finishing line.


“W-what is it?”


At the same time, powerful pure white energy was radiated.

-Go go go go go!

“Uh huh? Ugh!”

Arcia blocked Ivril’s attack with her Auror Blade, but she was soon unable to withstand it and flew away like a home run ball along with the explosion.

“We’ll see!”

This is while shouting the villain’s set lines.

[The convenience store was saved from the devil’s hands thanks to Ivril Barnett’s performance.]

And then a pre-recorded narration came from the sky.

Thanks to this, people’s reactions at this moment were consistent.

“what’s this?”

They filmed it because it was their job, but they looked like they didn’t know the genre of the video they were filming.

Thanks to the passionate performances of Ivril and Arsia, the stage ended safely.

However, even though the contest was over, the camera did not turn off and the angle was pointed at me again.

“Wasn’t there some twists and turns and the stage was fun?”

The camera director answered my question.

“It was fun, but what kind of story is this?”

“It’s the story of Everil protecting a convenience store from the devil.”

“… … .”

I told the camera director, who was speechless, one thing.

“For your information, the one Everil used is a real holy sword.”


* * *

[The Saints’ Contest Committee decided to deduct points from Candidate Ivril Barnett’s second contest because it could not be viewed as entirely her own efforts… … .]

[Ivril Barnett, a saintly candidate, and her sponsor, Marquis Adrian Lawrence, are frustrated by the news of the deduction of points.]

[It was a little unexpected, but it was great fun. Viewers continued to respond favorably to candidate Everil Barnett’s contest concept, which was like a show.]

[Although it was deducted, the viewership rating was by far the highest. The viewership rating is much higher than that of Grace High Eleven, which ranked second in the viewership ratings of the second contest.]

[Holy sword Excalibur? Miss Ivril Barnett’s holy sword used in the second contest became a hot topic after it was revealed to be in the personal possession of the Marquis Lawrence.]

[Princess Xia Lin falls down after being embarrassed by the unconventional performance of the neighboring stage. However, the image is so cute that many people make it into a GIF and keep it… … .]

– Hahaha that’s so funny! Was the contest to elect a saint this much fun?

–It seems even more so because the young Marquis Lawrence participated as a sponsor.

–You can’t beat a real idea.

-You should be sad when a candidate you support gets points deducted, but why is it so funny?

–The sight of the Marquis of Lawrence being scolded by the saint is also funny.

–Where on earth did you get the holy sword lol?

–Really lol

-Our Arsia unnie’s passionate performance stood out!

–This is the first time I realized that Vanguard officers can look cute.

–Was that a Vanguard weapon?

–ㅇㅇ This is equipment called Panther 1.0 produced at Marquis Adrian Lawrence’s Magic Tower.

–Oh, that’s cool?

This contest was half a success and half a failure.

Failure meant that points were deducted from the contest, and success meant that Ivril’s performance, which had no special skills, attracted the biggest attention.

Now, viewers have shown a high level of favor towards Everil, to the point where even the deduction of points has become a hot topic.

[Convenience store owner meeting: Candidate Ivril’s work was a model of part-time work.]

In addition, now that she has taken an intimate image as planned, I don’t think interest in her will cool down anytime soon.

Anyway, the second competition ended and the intermediate results were announced in the Holy Land.

Perhaps as a result of the point deduction, or because the only talent Everil showed was her ability to work part-time, her ranking seemed to be somewhat pushed back.

1st place was Grace Highelven, 2nd place was Evelyn Francis, 3rd place was Xia Lin, and 4th place was Judy Esther.

The grades from 1st to 4th are predictable.

However, I couldn’t help but feel bitter about the fact that Ivril ranked 6th instead of 5th.

Of course, the second contest was overwhelmingly unfavorable to Ivril from the beginning, so it can be said that she did well to this extent.

Moreover, didn’t Everil take an overwhelming first place in viewership ratings and public interest?

There was no need to be discouraged by this.

‘Now all that’s left is the third and final competition.’

The third and final round of the saintess contest will be held.

And the third contest was scheduled to take place a week later.

“This is embarrassing.”

But an unexpected incident occurred.

So, the Holy Land is considering putting the third contest on hold.

“The Prius Republic achieved a great victory.”

In the war between the Brigham Empire and the Prius Republic, an unexpected event occurred in which the Republic won a major victory over the Empire.

“You stupid bastards.”

I placed my palm on my forehead and cursed the republic.

It is natural to risk your life to win a war, but the opponent was the Brigham Empire.

“The main force is moving from the Brigham Empire.”

That victory was the worst handshake that would escalate the scale of the war and stain the entire Republic of Prius with blood.

For this reason, postponement of the final round of the Saint Contest is being considered to allow for continental expansion.


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