My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 90

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Episode 90: A chance in a game turns into reality

24. Holy sword or lightsaber (5)

Due to Adrian’s SNS bomb, the government of the Republic of Prius was greatly shaken.

Moreover, the announcement by the Republic of Prius that it would impose economic sanctions on the Kingdom of Reinharts out of spite was an even bigger deal.

[Bringham Empire: The Prius Republic’s economic sanctions against the Reinharts Kingdom are unacceptable. We will actively provide support to protect the Kingdom of Reinharts.]

[Croisen Empire: Do you dare to touch the Defteron Continent as a pseudo-state? We will not sit idly by and watch this happen.]

[Reinharts Kingdom: It feels like dealing with a child. How about the republic government show some sense?]

[Kingdom of Lucias: We will not sit idly by and watch the difficulties faced by our ally, the Kingdom of Reinharts. If the Republic of Prius seeks to impose economic sanctions, the Kingdom of Lucias will respond strongly in cooperation with its allies.]

[Chase Kingdom: The Republic of Prius is inciting conflict between continents. Don’t you know too much about the topic?]

[Walter Kingdom: Why are they trying to blame their mistakes on other forces and countries? There is nothing wrong with Marquis Lawrence’s remarks and actions.]

When the video of the conversation between Adrian and State Affairs Commission Chairman García Walter was released, this was no longer just a problem between the Kingdom of Reinharts and the Republic of Prius.

First, when it became known that Adrian’s refusal to accept Chairman Garcia’s request was for the sake of the Brigham Empire’s victory, the Brigham Imperial Family provided strong support.

In addition, the allies of the Kingdom of Reinharts released statements one after another.

Even the Croisen Empire, which normally had a bad relationship with the Kingdom of Reinharts, but hated the republic even more, joined in, and like a chain reaction, all countries on the Defteron continent except the Holy Land joined in a statement criticizing the republic.

Thanks to this, the pattern of Defderon Continent VS Tetarton Continent (Prius Republic) was created.

The problem was that the Continent of Defderon was a large continent densely populated with powerful nations and had 11 countries, but the Continent of Tetarton was a small continent with only the Prius Republic.

The reason this situation occurred was because of Adrian’s remark.

[You may be mistaken, but this is the Defteron Continent. Why do I think the Brigham Empire would do something to lose? I support the Brigham Empire, which belongs to the same continent, in this war.]

By cleverly mentioning the Tefteron Continent, he elicited a positive response from countries belonging to the same continent.

Thanks to this, the announcement of economic sanctions by the Republic of Prius became the worst handshake, and a situation unfolded where counter sanctions were imposed.

As a result, the government of the republic was shaken and the power of the revolutionary army increased significantly.

“I’m scared, I’m scared.”

Princess Sia Lin of the Kingdom of Roberto, who had been watching the war of words between Adrian and State Affairs Commission Chairman Garcia, swallowed dryly as she saw what was happening.

Although I had seen Adrian’s existence several times in the media and on TV, the first time I encountered him in person was at the celebration banquet announcing the start of the saintess contest.

He fearlessly started a war of words on the spot, as if making fun of Duke Isaac Francis of the Brigham Empire.

Even though Adrian is the marquis of the powerful Kingdom of Reinharts, he is not a new noble.

Moreover, the opponent was one of the three great dukes of the Brigham Empire.

The shock that Princess Xia Lin received was very great.

To the extent that it is literally a culture shock, it is not an understatement.

However, the current situation is more than the shock I received then, not less.

‘The Brigham Empire and the powerful nations of the Defteron Continent are surrounding one person, Adrian, and are pouring out harsh criticism towards the Republic of Prius.’

The Republic of Prius was the loser in the north, where the countries of the Triton continent suffered the most.

A country like that had mistakenly attacked one Adrian and was pulverizing him to dust.

“princess? “What are you looking at that makes you scared?”

The private palace of Princess Xia Lin of the Kingdom of Roberto.

The princess’s personal maid approached closely and asked.

It was unthinkable in other countries for a maid to ask a question to the princess without first asking for permission.

However, Princess Xia Lin answered calmly, as if she was used to it.

“The Marquis of Lawrence. “He’s only one year older than me, but he’s shaking up the world.”

“Ah, that handsome western nobleman? “You definitely see it a lot in the news these days.”

Many people felt vicarious satisfaction or relief when they saw Adrian’s actions, but the biggest emotion Princess Xia Lin felt when she saw him was a sense of relative deprivation.

In addition to the national power of his country, he was born with tremendous magical talent and not only became an archmage at the age of 20, but also made tens of trillions of dollars by investing in stocks.

I could only admire the fact that he even acted freely without worrying about what others thought and had excellent political sense that made such actions possible.

He was a man who had so much, unlike himself, who had nothing left except his status as a princess.

“Someone like that should be our princess’s spouse.”

“what!? “He already has a fiancé!”

“Well, that’s what it says. Why are you overreacting so much? Ah, perhaps.”

“stop. “Just add one word.”

“Yes, sorry.”

However, feeling a sense of relative deprivation means acknowledging one’s differences, and to put it another way, it means that one is close to an idol.

Even though the world was in chaos due to Adrian, Princess Xia Lin was more concerned about him than the international situation.

[Declaration of surrender of the Prius Republic? We decided to lift economic sanctions against the Kingdom of Reinharts… … .]

[However, the Kingdom of Reinharts said it was not afraid of economic sanctions and strongly protested the omission of an important apology.]

Looking at this situation, I wondered how Adrian himself would feel.

Will it be exhilarating?

Or would it be okay since it was a situation of your own design?

Princess Xia Lin reflected on Adrian’s greatness.

But her reaction didn’t last long.

“I just received a call from the Holy Land. “The second competition will be held simultaneously with two participants each.”

“okay? Then a confrontational structure will be created. Considering the third and final contest, it will be an important appeal point. “Do you know who you’re doing it with?”

Her subordinate, who was also her secretary and staff member for the Saint Contest, brought news from the Holy Land.

“My name is Miss Ivril Barnett.”

And when the name of the person with whom she could be directly compared was mentioned, Princess Xia Lin was speechless.

“Oh no, of course.”

“I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Obviously she made a big splash in the first round, and she has a lot of fans, but before she entered this contest, she was a very average commoner. “As far as I know, she has no talent to show off other than the divine magic she hastily learned.”

“I know. “But her patron is Marquis Adrian Lawrence.”

“yes? Why is that… … .”

“Wouldn’t a person of that caliber make no preparations?”


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In the past, the secretary would have tilted her head, wondering if she was thinking too highly of him, but thanks to the current situation, no one looked down on Adrian.

As Princess Xia Lin, she was faced with the opponent she least wanted to face.

Although the second game was not about winning or losing, it was more like an appeal time to the believers, but I couldn’t help but feel nervous because the opponent was the opponent.

‘I have to become a saint. To become even a little bit stronger for this country.’

But you can’t just be intimidated.

In any case, it was a mountain that must be overcome if one wanted to become a saint.

As time passed, the day of the contest arrived.

* * *

“hello. “Please take care of me today.”

The second competition lasts at least a few tens of minutes or at most no more than two hours.

Although it may seem like a solemn opportunity to showcase each person’s talents, it was difficult to continue for several hours.

The second competition was held at an outdoor performance hall in the sanctuary, where two stages were set up with dozens of cameras at the center.

Both sides had tents pitched to cover the stage like a play, but Princess Xia Lin of the opposing camp, who was competing today, peeked her face out through the curtain, looked around, spotted me, and ran over to say hello.

“Please be gentle with us.”

“That’s what I’m telling you. Honestly, when I look at what’s going on these days, I’m scared of the Marquis.”

“Hey, it’s scary. Don’t make it difficult for me. “Even though he looks like this, he’s very nice to people he likes.”

“You mean I like that?”


He’s a cute character who makes you feel nostalgic for Korea, so how could you not like him?

Once she covered her face with her ample sleeves, I was finally able to take a closer look at her clothes.

“You’re dressed like a dancer.”

“Yes, today’s concept is dance and magic.”

“I’m still very interested in the magic of the Triton continent. “I think today will be a fun contest.”

She nodded at my encouragement and returned to her stage.

It seems like it would be better to tell a story rather than just show off one’s abilities.

To be honest, we had similar thoughts.

“Okay then, the contest will start in three minutes from now. “I ask the officials and the two candidates to prepare.”

The camera starts rolling with the contest host shouting.

The stage assigned to Ivril today is not bad.

The surroundings were quiet, and the stage was quite large.

However, since the opponent is not good, I have no choice but to be nervous.

Even though Princess Xia Lin was not a great shaman, the unique atmosphere of the East was enough to attract the attention of people in the West.


As time passed, the cue sign came and the curtains covering the two stages fell.

And the characteristics of the two stages were revealed.

I first looked at the performance of my competitor, Princess Xia Lin.

Then, leaving behind the roof tiles and ornate monochrome buildings, a space appeared with lanterns floating here and there, giving off a dreamlike atmosphere.

In addition, Princess Xia Lin began dancing with a band that played oriental instruments.

Unlike the West, it is a dance that emphasizes the softness of lines and has a similar feel to the Korean salpuri.

Next, she used magic by conjuring a spell in the air.

“Northwest Mengya White Tiger.”


Then, a pure white tiger in the style of an oriental painting danced with her, leaving black lines that looked as if they had been roughly painted with a brush.

‘That’s witchcraft.’

The fighting power of the white tiger she called was at best Circle 4 level.

However, its splendor was no less than that of any great magic.

Thanks to this, exclamations of exclamation came from all over.

If it ended like this, it was clear that her performance in the second round would also be quite good.

However, those who were admiring Princess Xia Lin’s performance turned their heads and saw Ivril’s performance, and everyone was speechless.

“Oh, welcome! “It’s a Ford convenience store!”

There was a convenience store installed next to the fancy stage.

I walked up the stage with a triumphant expression and supported Ivril.

I was perplexed here and there, asking if it was okay for sponsors to come to the saintess contest.


When I said that as I placed two chocolates on the counter, everyone involved looked puzzled.


Everil smiled at my actions and said as she scanned the barcode.

“It’s 5,000 routes.”

Ivril is from a commoner background and has no experience of any kind except for her part-time job at a convenience store.

For her, a convenience store was opened at the competition venue.


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