My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 89

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Episode 89: Dream in the game becomes reality

24. Holy sword or lightsaber (4)

It is natural that the Republic of Prius is in an uproar due to the conspiracy solicitation scandal of State Affairs Commission Chairman García Valen, but why is the royal family of the Kingdom of Reinharts in an uproar?

The reason is simple.

The Prius Republic government, out of spite for my actions, has declared economic sanctions.

“The Marquis of Lawrence has a careless side that doesn’t think back! Because of this, we have caused damage to the kingdom, so we must clearly distinguish responsibility for this matter!”

Thanks to this, I was now called to a place that was called a countermeasures meeting and a hearing, and was being scolded by high-ranking nobles.

The venue was a noble conference hall, the host was the King, and there were 31 high-ranking nobles of earldom or higher, the crown prince, two princes, and other princes and princesses who are rarely seen at official gatherings.

The King and the 2nd Prince look at me with expressions of boredom, and the Crown Prince is seen turning his head frequently and suppressing laughter as he wonders what is so good about it.

Other princes and princesses did not seem to be very interested in politics, perhaps because they were pushed out of the competition for the throne.

“If you ignore this situation, Marquis Lawrence will definitely make the same mistake! “I think it is my duty as an elder and a member of an aristocratic society to teach him right from wrong through discipline!”

By the way, was it Marquis Ali Trenton?

I’ve never really had any enemies, but I don’t know why I’m being so bitter about it.

He was the second-highest wizard after Duke Hines, and belonged to the same Second Prince faction as me.

Is he really trying to make me repent as a senior?

Or is his position within the force starting to lose to me, and is it his intention to win and crush him?

I didn’t know for sure, but I could see that the 2nd prince was silent and several nobles in the 2nd prince’s faction were nodding their heads in agreement.


“Your Majesty the King!”

“Uh-huh! “You’re deaf.”

The King, who was seated at the head of the table, responded to the Marquis of Trenton’s strong argument by saying that it was difficult.

It looks like he’s worried that he may have accidentally messed with a crazy dog ​​and it may go on a rampage.

Moreover, I may be from an ordinary noble family, but am I not the hottest noble in the kingdom and a rising power figure?

Margrave Otis, who had been listening in silence to the story, raised his hand and attracted people’s attention.

“Say Margrave Otis.”

The King quickly passed the baton, and Margrave Otis, who had walked the battlefield with me during the previous war, came to my aid.

“The Republic of Prius and our kingdom do not have much trade volume anyway. In fact, it is less than the neighboring Kingdom of Jordi. Even if such countries decide to impose sanctions, the damage does not seem to be significant. “You can just ignore it, but aren’t you making it a big deal for no reason?”

“The Republic of Prius has deep ties to the continent of Triton. It will definitely attract them. Margrave Otis probably doesn’t know how many weapons and artifacts our kingdom is delivering to the Triton continent, right?”

“That’s true, but they are the ones who went to war with the Brigham Empire externally and were surprised internally by the revolutionary army’s offensive, so they came to ask Marquis Lawrence for a favor. Do you think the continent of Triton would want to pretend to be with us by believing in such a chaotic republic?”

Rather, the crown prince’s nobles seemed to agree with Margrave Otis’ argument.

This is why I don’t know who’s on whose side.

“Margrave Otis, you have a short-term perspective and an optimistic mindset. Looking at the current situation, the Republic will not be destroyed by war anyway, and when the war ends, the revolutionary army that took advantage of the chaos will be sorted out. Even the countries on the Triton continent would not know that fact. “There is a good possibility of participation.”

“Then shouldn’t we just go and discuss disciplinary action then? What is our Kingdom of Reinharts lacking that we need to be so frightened by threats from pseudo-states like the Republic? “If they take over the continent of Triton, all we have to do is unite with our allies.”

There are all sorts of things going on, such as the Republic being a pseudo-state and the world being led by feudalism.

This is all a perception created by corrupt republican politicians.

Thank you for taking my side, but Margrave Otis’ words made me feel bitter.

In the fierce battle between Margrave Otis and the Marquis of Trenton, the expressions on the faces of people with different thoughts changed in different ways.

And then.



An unexpected person raised his hand.

All the nobles, including the king, reacted incredulously, and even I was surprised.

“Say Count Klein.”

That had to be the case because the person who raised her hand was none other than Arcia.

“Aren’t you a shy person?”

“Is that so? “I thought you were dumb.”

“This will be the first time I hear your voice.”

“Even though he is reticent, he seems to want to protect his fiancé.”

There were whispers coming from all over the place.

No matter how high-ranking nobles they were, they were also ordinary people.

‘what? This discriminatory gaze.’

However, I frowned when I felt that the atmosphere around me and the people’s gaze were strangely different from mine.

There were many people who looked at me with negative emotions, but the gazes of those who looked at Arcia were all filled with goodwill.

Is it because most high-ranking nobles are men?

But I soon understood their reactions.

“She could pick up any guy. “She is very good at protecting a man who is like a ticking time bomb.”

It was a backlash caused by my image.

I twitched my eyebrows, but when Arcia, who had been given the right to speak by the King, opened her mouth, I concentrated on what she was trying to say.

“I don’t really understand, but… … . “What did Marquis Lawrence do wrong?”

Her question was so fundamental that it left everyone dumbfounded.

The Marquis of Trenton, who had been pushing me just now, said with a fatherly smile.

“Because the Marquis carelessly revealed the secrets of the Republic government to the world.”

“But I didn’t lie, I just told the truth as it is.”

“That’s why it’s a problem. Didn’t that put the republic government in a difficult situation?”

“Then isn’t it their fault for doing something problematic after the truth came to light, and not our Marquis Lawrence’s fault?”

“that… … .”

It was an honest question like a child’s, but it was so clear on facts that it made the Marquis of Trenton, a seasoned politician, hesitate.

‘Arsia has grown.’


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I let out an exclamation to myself.

And Arcia’s remarks drew an unexpected response.

“Of course it is.”

It was the king.

He nodded and thought there was no problem with Arcia’s remarks.

Then, embarrassment appeared on the faces of the people who were trying to discipline me, led by the Marquis of Trenton.

“Your Majesty. “No matter how dishonest a transaction is, it is against morality to expose it and put the other party in trouble.”

“That’s the story of when we agreed to a dishonest deal.”

“… … .”

“If the Marquis of Trenton has his money stolen, and I tell him who stole your money, will I be held responsible for causing trouble for the thief?”

“Your Majesty, that is too much of a comparison.”

It’s definitely excessive, but it’s not a wrong analogy.

In this case, the Republic government is the thief, I am the informant, and the people are the victims.

Arcia, who shares the same way of thinking as me, tilted her head, saying she didn’t know what was wrong, and the Marquis of Trenton shook his head, saying it was difficult.

But then.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Count Klein is right, and Margrave Otis is also right.”

The second prince, who had just been watching the family fight between his clan, joined in with his characteristic boisterous laugh.

“The writings of the Marquis of Lawrence caused trouble for the government of the Republic, but that was only because they were guilty of their own crimes. It may be a personal protest, but national sanctions are an excessive measure of anger. And as Margrave Otis said, we are not weak enough to have to worry about sanctions from republican thugs.”

Did you keep silent knowing that?

I sighed inwardly.

And was it displeasing for the second prince to step forward and play captain?

The crown prince stole his words.

“therefore… … .”

“I don’t see any need to hold the Marquis of Lawrence accountable. If the Republic looks down on our kingdom and imposes sanctions, we can confront it head on and cooperate with our allies. “Let us first issue a statement criticizing the Republic’s choice.”

The second prince gritted his teeth and glared at the crown prince, but the king was relieved, saying it was fortunate that opinions had been unanimous.

It was all thanks to Arcia’s remarks that this reaction arose.

I am glad that I have grown so much to know how to take the lead in speaking up.

“But can I ask you one question?”


This time too, an unexpected person took the floor at a meeting that had a close impact.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the King’s left, and they could see Princess Diana raising her hand.

Princess Diana was the King’s fourth child, first daughter, and third in line to the throne.

Of course, the gap between 3rd and 2nd place is too large to be a match, but she is a woman who was once called the royal treasure.

She looked straight at me and asked.

“What do you believe that makes you so relaxed while talking about disciplinary action?”

When I was asked this unexpected question, people looked at me with a lot of antipathy, as expected.

I scratched the back of my head and made an embarrassed expression, but then shrugged my shoulders.

“I have some information just in case.”


I uploaded a video saying it would be better to see it in person rather than explain it.

There was a scene of a meal with Princess Xia Lin the day before yesterday.

[I will reject that offer.]


[What is that!? You will have to convince me properly.]

[You may be mistaken, but this is the Defteron Continent.]

[What does it mean?]

[Why do I think the Brigham Empire would do something to lose? I support the Brigham Empire, which belongs to the same continent, in this war. This means that there is no reason to solve problems within the Republic of Prius that will give the Brigham Empire an advantage in the war.]

[After all, isn’t that a story between foreign countries? Marquis Lawrence, wouldn’t it be better to think about your own benefit?]

[In the long run, being looked down on by the Brigham Empire seems to be a bigger loss. And shouldn’t domestic problems be solved by the government on its own? If the public listens to impure groups, there must be a good reason. I think it will be easily resolved if you step forward and resolve it.]

Soon, the conference room was in a state of commotion as the image of the conversation with State Affairs Commission Chairman Garcia Valen was revealed.


In it, the crown prince was the only one laughing.

You shouldn’t show that you like me too much, but what if the second prince notices?

“Is this what ‘I’m scared of the Brigham Empire’ meant as a hashtag in an online diary post?”

Although he usually spoke in a more respectful manner, he was a prince who spoke comfortably in a crowded conference room.

It was natural since he and I belonged to opposing forces.

“That’s right.”

“You are truly thorough. If this video is released, the Brigham Empire will have no choice but to intervene. “Those who value face have no choice but to protect you who have suffered losses for themselves.”

With just one video, the Brigham Empire was on my side.

Of course, it’s the end if they don’t pay attention, but considering their imperial tendencies, I believe they won’t.

“Are you saying that the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission goes around without recording or preparing for recording?”

“I guess I did, but I guess I broke through it. “The opponent is an archmage.”

“If such data is available, it will be disclosed in advance. “We just argued for no reason.”

“I heard you have a really strange personality.”

When I posted on social media, I only described what demands Chairman Garcia had made, and did not necessarily post the conversations that took place during the process.

That’s because I expected this kind of reaction and was curious about who would say what.

As a result, the distinction between Fi and Fierce within me became clearer.

However, I feel like my image among nobles has worsened due to this incident.

It seems like he can’t shake the feeling that he was playing a trick on me.

But regardless, I, who was at my own pace, looked at the Marquis of Trenton and each of the nobles who had been on his side and pushed for my discipline, and made a gesture with my finger that I wanted to remember them clearly.

The people who were targeted broke into a cold sweat, as if they had never made an impression.


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