My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 88

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Episode 88: Dream in the game becomes reality

24. Holy sword or lightsaber (3)

García Valen, Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Prius.

Naturally, as a member of the Fairmont side of President Cart, he is a public official whose tendencies are not much different from other politicians in the Republic.

He is a close friend of Prime Minister August, who was recently deposed as an excuse for the rise of the revolutionary army. While the Prime Minister is like the President’s Chief of Staff and Vice President who exerts influence over the entire administration, the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission is in charge of the State Affairs Commission, which determines national administrative policy. .

Excluding the president, he is one of the top three people who make up the Prius Republic government along with the prime minister and the chairman of the National Defense Commission, so he can be said to be the most powerful person in the republic.

Although he has no title, he is a duke of the empire, so I was surprised that he used Princess Xia Lin as bait to ask to meet me.

‘That’s because the Prius Republic government has so many things to criticize.’

The same goes for the fake actor Louis Fairmont, who not only supports the Revolutionary Army of the Republic knowingly or unknowingly.

Last time, they even helped Lady Michelle Otis and Count Acres escape by accessing Louis Fairmont’s fake network, which they believed to be real, and copying the data.

That’s why I didn’t want to get involved with the republic government.

I honestly expressed my unwillingness as I held Chairman Garcia’s hand as he shook it.

“I was looking forward to a date with the beautiful Princess Xia, but an unexpected interruption appeared.”

“Haha, is that so?”

Chairman Garcia’s eyebrows twitched at that, but he wasn’t scared at all.

Although the Prius Republic belongs to a group of countries that are described as the world’s four great powers or four great empires, it is not the Brigham Empire.

Our Kingdom of Reinharts is a powerful nation following closely behind the Empire.

It is a country so powerful that it regularly fights against the Croesian Empire as its enemy.

There was no reason to be discouraged even when faced with a duke of the Croesian Empire, and no matter how much he held the status of a duke, there was absolutely no need to have difficulty holding a public office with a fixed term of office.

I was also a powerful person who could not be bowed down to.

“I think it was a choice to take a secret approach, but I think it caused discomfort. “I formally apologize.”

Princess Xia Lin was taken aback by my sharp reaction, but looked surprised when her sponsor, the Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Prius, who has enormous influence on the continent of Triton, immediately lowered his head.

The Kingdom of Roberto, to which she belongs, is called the loser of the Triton continent.

However, if the loser of the six countries on the Triton continent moves to our Defteron continent, we will end up as a mere country competing for last place.

The six countries on the Triton continent all have large populations, but their national power is mediocre, and some countries do not have their own vanguard and sky fortress production facilities, so they rely on imports.

Perhaps if the six countries of the Triton Continent join forces, wouldn’t it be a little better than our Kingdom of Reinharts?

Maybe that’s why she seemed to keep an eye on the powerful people of the powerful Republic of Prius.

‘I just came here to express my regrets.’

If there was something to put pressure on me, I wouldn’t have shown myself like that.

After roughly inferring the purpose from the appearance of State Affairs Commission Chairman Garcia, I secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

“You are so busy with the war against the Brigham Empire these days, why are you looking for me?”

When I asked him a question as I brought the wine that was served as an aperitif to my mouth, he smiled like a snarky serpent and then changed his words for a moment.

“How about having a conversation slowly while eating? “There is still plenty of time.”

Promising to eat with Princess Xia Lin means setting aside at least three hours.

That’s why they say they have a lot of time without even asking my opinion.

Now that I couldn’t get up from my seat just because I didn’t like him, I nodded with an expression that there was nothing I could do.

After a while, the appetizers were served.

The dish was made with crab meat mixed with vegetables and served with a cool, acidic broth made from fermented pickled vegetables.


I had to look surprised as I took the dish to my mouth without thinking about it, because the food of Roberto’s Kingdom, which is not very famous on the Defteron continent, had a very strong Korean feel.

The crab meat seasoned with salt, garlic, and sesame oil was the same, and the aged pickled vegetable broth was very similar to dongchimi.

“This is true. “It’s so delicious.”

Even the chili paste-based stewed fish, the porridge made with clams and rice that came next, the boiled meat wrapped in pickled vegetables, and other dishes, I was busy savoring the taste of my hometown that I found in another world.

And when the main dishes, which were 99% synchronized with braised ribs and crab, came out, I couldn’t help but let out an exclamation.


At that, Princess Xia Lin covered her mouth with her wide sleeves and burst into laughter, and only then did I come to my senses belatedly and see State Council Chairman Garcia with a blank expression on his face.

Princess Xia Lin’s clothes, which bear an uncanny resemblance to the hanbok of the Goryeo Dynasty, were very familiar to me, and I had no idea that even the food was Korean.

Thanks to this, I forgot for a moment the existence of Chairman Garcia.

“sorry. The food from Roberto’s Kingdom, which I tried for the first time, suited my mouth so well… … .”

“Haha, it’s okay. “It just feels good as an inviter.”

For all that, he had an expression like, ‘What is this guy?’

I said as I placed ribs and crab sauce on Arsia’s plate one by one.

“Now, wouldn’t it be okay to hear why this place was prepared? “If I miss the timing, I’ll just focus on eating again.”

Princess Sia Lin was just laughing, as if she was so happy to see me truly enjoying my country’s food, but came to her senses when Chairman Garcia cleared his throat, and looked at him.

“In fact, something very bad is happening to our republic.”

“I guess so. “We are at war with the Brigham Empire.”

“No, it’s more of a domestic issue than that.”

He sounds full.

In a situation where it is not enough to prioritize the Brigham Empire, what domestic problem could be worse than that?

“Actually, we have been having trouble for some time now due to the activities of an anti-government group that has declared itself a revolutionary army.”

Is the revolutionary army that threatens their status a bigger problem for them than the Brigham Empire that threatens the country?

I nodded as if I was listening, but my facial expression wasn’t very good.

“Surprisingly, this anti-government group is producing its own Vanguard equipment?”

What, judging by the atmosphere, I thought this wasn’t a place to interrogate me, but was I mistaken?

“However, I found out that that equipment has quite a bit in common with the core of Panther 1.0, which is being newly produced at Lawrence Magic Tower these days.”

“What you mean is that you took apart our magic tower’s force equipment.”

“sorry. However, I believe this is something that intelligence groups around the world may have done knowingly or unknowingly.”

Actually, this is nothing new.


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If a new weapon comes out in another country, our country’s intelligence service will do the same thing.

“It’s a pity, but although there may be some similarities between the Revolutionary Army’s equipment and our Magic Tower’s equipment, they are not the same item.”

However, the most important part of the Force Core is that it is encrypted and cannot be disassembled without the magic tower’s special equipment.

This encryption program was created by Archduke Lucas, and even decades later, it has not been possible to arbitrarily disassemble it without equipment created by inputting specific values ​​from each magic tower.

Although they may have somehow discovered similarities in appearance, they may not have been able to properly identify the most core technology layer of the core.

“I didn’t come here because I was particularly suspicious of Marquis Lawrence.”

Instead of interrogating me, he agreed and walked out.

As expected, they did not approach me because they knew I had sold technology to the revolutionary army.

“But you can make a good argument, right?”

“A claim?”

“They stole Marquis Laurence’s technology.”

They were not looking for the source of the Vanguard equipment that the Revolutionary Army had begun producing.

He had come to get a card to put the revolutionary army in trouble.

“In other words, you want me to report that a group called the Revolutionary Army of the Republic stole my technology?”

“That’s right. Our Republic is now at war with the Brigham Empire. But that immoral organization is shaking the crisis-ridden republic from within.”

It seems that these people, who have a lot of scum, feel a great sense of crisis against the revolutionary army that is rising up and inciting the people.

So, in order to trample on the cause of the revolutionary army that championed justice, they are trying to frame them.

What they want is a scandal.

A scandal aimed at breaking the people’s trust in the revolutionary army.

‘This is so… … .’

On the cruel side, they are a very intelligent people.

“If I listen to what you say, what will happen to me?”

“haha! I plan to pay a reasonable price. In the name of the Republic Army, we will introduce 1,000 Force equipment from Lawrence Magic Tower. “And that’s 10% more expensive than the regular selling price.”

“That’s a really tempting offer.”

He seems to think I’ve already gotten over it.

In fact, the intention to purchase 1,000 Vanguards at 10% higher than the regular selling price meant that they would simply give the price of 100 units.

This was an obvious bribe.

But I don’t think they will give it to me obediently.

Since they pay more, they will definitely want a rebate.

Of course, since this is a transaction involving interests, the rebate requirement will be very low, but since rebates are such a natural thing for them, I think the rate will be low, but not non-existent.

‘Is the average rebate usually 5% of the payment amount? Then they will ask for 2-3% from me.’

When a large transaction worth more than 50 trillion won was proposed to a noble family that was not a royal family, even though it bore the title of the same kingdom, Princess Xia Lin’s expression showed surprise and embarrassment.

“What do you think, princess?”


Princess Sia Lin, who had not expected me to suddenly ask a question while talking about the transaction with State Affairs Commission Chairman Garcia, tilted her head with a puzzled expression.

“Princess, do you think I should accept this offer?”

And she was left speechless by repeated questions.

“I wonder if it is right to inflict damage on the revolutionary army for the sake of the politicians of the Republic of Prius.”

She probably knows how the people of the Republic of Prius live.

And why did the revolutionary army appear?

At the question as if testing her, she looked at me intently, then looked as if she was worried, and shook her head with a small sigh.

“I don’t think this is a matter I can dare to interfere with.”


Princess Xia Lin avoided answering.

I smiled at him, and State Affairs Commission Chairman Garcia frowned.

She avoided answering.

However, the fact that he avoided answering can be interpreted as a sign that he views this transaction in a negative light.

Because wasn’t the government of the Prius Republic her strong supporter?

It was a natural situation to take his side.

“However, as a representative of the country, I support the choice of the Prius Republic government.”

However, she eventually expressed her intention to support the republican government, and State Affairs Commission Chairman García’s expression softened.

‘That’s a pretty skillful finish.’

Although she discussed the country’s position and took the side of the Republic, she did not express her personal opinion until the end.

It was bittersweet to see her like that, reflecting the image of her hometown on Earth, where she had lived without worrying about the opinions of powerful countries around her, but my evaluation of Princess Xia Lin soared even more within me.

“Of course you will accept my offer, right?”

State Affairs Commission Chairman Garcia looks as if there is no need to say any more.

As I stared at him, I nodded and smiled.

But the answer that followed was different from his expectations.

“What is so natural?”


“I will decline that offer.”


“What is that!?”

He expressed excitement uncharacteristic of a politician at the unexpected rejection.

As he slammed the table, the juices from the food splattered everywhere.

However, I snapped my fingers at the right time to form a barrier, so my clothes didn’t get dirty.

“You’ll have to convince me properly.”

Are they going to threaten me if I don’t convince them?

I chuckled and pointed to his chair with my finger.

Then he was forced to sit on the chair by magic, and his face became even redder.

“You must be mistaken, but this is the Defteron Continent.”

“What does it mean?”

“Why do I think the Brigham Empire would do something to lose? I support the Brigham Empire, which belongs to the same continent, in this war. “It means that there is no reason to solve problems within the Republic of Prius that will give the Brigham Empire an advantage in the war.”

When he revealed the simple reason, his complexion quickly faded and a look of embarrassment appeared on his face.

And as if he was angry at some point, he continued speaking softly to persuade me.

“Isn’t that a story between different countries anyway? “Marquis Laurence, wouldn’t it be better to think about your own benefit?”

“In the long run, being looked down upon by the Brigham Empire seems to be a bigger loss.”

Could it be that you didn’t think they would tackle you like this?

The all-purpose shield Brigham Empire eventually left him speechless.

I leisurely took a bite of the ribs and washed it down with wine.

“And shouldn’t the government solve domestic problems on its own? If the public listens to impure groups, there must be a good reason. “I think it will be easily resolved if we step forward and resolve it.”

“… … .”

It’s a straightforward theory, but if that were possible, something like this wouldn’t have been planned.

Corruption was inseparable from the current republican government.

“Hey, are you going?”

Prime Minister Garcia, who greeted me so triumphantly, stood up and left the restaurant without looking back.

“You are a rude person.”

He even separated his companion, Princess Xia Lin.

When I said that to Princess Xia Lin, she smiled awkwardly.

“Why don’t we just enjoy this by ourselves, without the distractions?”

She looked like she was debating whether she should get up from her seat to follow her sponsor, but then she accepted my suggestion as if she had no choice, perhaps because she thought it was rude to get up first while leaving an invited guest at her seat.

It was only after Chairman Garcia disappeared that we were finally able to enjoy our meal in peace.

* * *

And that evening.

I posted a post on my online diary (SNS).

[I made an appointment to meet with Princess Sia Lin today, but the Republic’s State Council Chairman Garcia suddenly appeared.]

#Request for false claims #This is a conspiracy #Bringham Empire is scary

My footless post spread all over the world through a whopping 20 million followers.

Of course, the Republic of Prius was in an uproar, and the royal family of our Kingdom of Reinharts was also in an uproar.


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