My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 86

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Episode 86: Dream in the game becomes reality

24. Holy sword or lightsaber (1)

As a reward for the level 8 Giyeon quest that has not been obtained yet, Blue Moon was not just an organization that made a living through contract work.

They had a variety of businesses, which can be broadly classified into four categories.

The first is contract work, including assassination.

The second is an information business that borrows the skills of Chester, an investment bank manager.

The third is lodging and entertainment facilities, such as luxury hotels and resorts chained all over the world, and clubs and casinos operated based there.

And the fourth and final one is shipping and trade.

“Huh, all these brands are owned by Blue Moon?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

No matter what you thought, the scale of the blue moon was beyond imagination.

Instead of Blue Moon, the contracting and information industries were run like different guilds under various names, and their areas of activity covered the entire world.

And I was surprised to hear the names of luxury hotels and resorts that Blue Moon owns.

It was a brand named ‘Pacific’, and it was a dinosaur chain that had grown rapidly over the past few years and had grown in size by merging and merging several hotels and resorts.

In the case of Pacific, although not listed, it had over 4,000 business offices around the world, and the number of rooms in Pacific Hotels alone amounts to over 700,000.

Although it is not the world’s number one brand, it is at least one of the top five brands in the world and its expected market capitalization is expected to reach approximately 50 trillion won.

Even the hotel I used when I stayed in the Holy Land was Pacific, so all I could say was that it was amazing.

“The Pacific Hotel was amazing, but I never imagined that Semin Trading Company and Republic Merchant Marine were also owned by Blue Moon. “I can’t believe you were working so proudly.”

Although it was not at the Pacific Hotel level, the trading company Semin Corporation and the shipping company Republic Merchant Marine were not that small.

Although contracting, information, and lodging and entertainment facilities are the same, shipping and trading are businesses that are considered unexpected.

However, if you think about it closely, it seemed like a business that had good synergy with Blue Moon’s other businesses.

‘It feels like it’s perfect for smuggling or money laundering.’

Please note that these are not honest businessmen.

It is clearly an underworld group that operates around the world. Not only does it have a large hotel chain that provides stable income and can be used as a base, but it also has its own distribution network and a business that can manage it.

Once again, you can’t help but be surprised by its scale.

I think that if you add up the value of all the businesses owned by Blue Moon, it will amount to nearly 100 trillion won.

However, the true value of the blue moon was not simply the market capitalization of the companies held.

“All special members are at the level of Aura Master, Archmage, or top-level elementalist.”

This is because the people who belong to it can be said to be its greatest strength.

“The special unit consists of a total of eight people. “There are 3 assassin-type Aura Masters, 1 regular Aura Master, 2 Archmages, and 2 top-level Elementalists.”

If I achieve the 8th circle, there will be 8 Auror Master level superhumans under me.

This is enough to attack even the Reinharts royal family, which is considered a powerful nation.

It feels like an organization that was created with real intention.

“In addition, we have 1,200 high-ranking knight-level assassins armed with Force daggers, 450 Vanguards, and 5 Sky Fortresses.”

“That’s amazing. They even own an army. Was the Sky Fortress built by Archduke Lucas?”

“no. This is a typical sky fortress manufactured by the Prius Republic. “I acquired it by taking over the three armed mafias of the Republic.”

In the Prius Republic, the mafia even had a sky fortress?

It was surprising that no matter how advanced the political system was, if the politicians who governed it were corrupt, the country could be ruined to that extent.

I think it would be of great help to get them to support the revolutionary army.

“How are you? Are you satisfied with the blue moon?”

“There is no need to say anything. Blue Moon is a priceless organization.”

I answered the question of George Basin, the head of Blue Moon, with a smile.

They belong to an underworld family and have military power that surpasses that of most operative families, so what complaints can there be?

‘As expected of Archduke Lucas, the size of the intelligence group he possesses is no joke.’

I can only be grateful to Archduke Lucas for his meticulousness in preparing such an inseparable group as nobles.

Although it was an alliance stage that wasn’t mine right now, I felt reassured.

“First of all, I think you can help by providing information and dispatching talent as needed. “It’s possible to organize that, right?”

“All right. “Let’s do that.”

That’s how I obtained Blue Moon’s cooperation very easily.

I couldn’t help but feel good that such a great organization was the next level of compensation.

At that time, Chester appeared as a hologram and held out his hand to me.

[The ticket has arrived.]

And then such a message appeared on my terminal.

I looked at Chester with an expression asking what this was.

[This is a membership that allows access to all accommodations owned by Blue Moon. If you present it, you can always use the top floor penthouse without ID verification.]

“Oh, that’s good. thank you.”

Pacific Hotels exist all over the world, so it was quite a useful gift.

And Chester’s eyes turned to Arcia for a moment.



Arcia, who was quietly eating snacks next to me, turned her emerald eyes to Chester.

[No, no.]

But isn’t he trying to say something?

Naturally, I tilted my head, and Chester said goodbye and disappeared, saying that the business was over.


It may be an insignificant action, but the artificial personality does not seem to have done anything meaningless.

So I looked at Arcia, and she shrugged her shoulders, saying she didn’t know what was going on.

I was in a good mood, but then I started to feel puzzled by his meaningless actions.


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‘I guess it doesn’t matter.’

If it was something really important, there was no way I wouldn’t have talked about it.

I thought nothing of it and extended my hand to the leader of Blue Moon.

“See you often.”

“Yes, please take care of me in the future.”

Although it was simply a cooperative relationship, the head of Blue Moon completely acted like he was my boss.

* * *

The first contest for the election of Ivril as a saint was nearing its end.

“Oh, you succeeded?”

I took the item someone gave me in the penthouse of the Pacific Hotel in the Holy Land, took it, and let out an exclamation of admiration.

“It took longer than I expected. Forgive me for being late.”

“no. “I didn’t think that an ancient relic would be easily repaired.”

The person I met at the Pacific Hotel was Coby Bentley, a black half-dwarf and master engineer of the Holy Land, and the item he gave me was the handle of a holy sword made in the Mythical Age that I was entrusted with repairing.

It was an item that had been neatly maintained from the beginning, but in his hands, it became as good as new.

It was an extremely gorgeous club with a teratological sacred magic circle drawn on the unique milky metal body of Orichalcon, and the blood-red sacred stone embedded in the upper part as a point.

But what is important is not the neat appearance.

The question is whether this old relic works properly.

I asked Kobe, clutching it tightly.

“How do I use this?”

“You just need to infuse energy such as aura, magic power, or divine power.”

Very easy to use.

Without a second thought, I poured magical power into the white club.


-Pot! Wow!

A sword body made of light sprouted and a unique noise was made.

‘Star War X?’

It felt similar to the lightsaber from the movie that left me with the famous line ‘I am your father’ when I was young.

“Oh, that’s cool.”

I kept exclaiming in exclamation at the design that stimulated my childish innocence, and even Coby, who had already finished checking the operation, was interested in checking the operation of the relic.

I swung my sword around.

Since this does not have a real sword body, but is a sword made of light, it does not have a sword surface like a normal sword, so no matter which direction it is swung, as long as it touches the light, it cuts the target.

“Wow, the cutting power is amazing?”

“Hey, Marquis! blood! blood!”

I don’t think you should swing this without thinking until you get used to it.

Because I was trying to keep my form and was swinging around for no reason, I ended up cutting myself in the stomach.

“I didn’t even know I was cut.”

“Ahh! A priest!”

Kobe shouts in embarrassment.

I felt like my body was losing all strength and fell to the floor, bleeding profusely.

At that time, Arcia, who was occupying one side of the room, came striding towards me.

Then, wondering how he could do it, he opened my sub-space and took out a special potion made by mixing a drop of elixir with a hi-potion just in case and poured it into my stomach.

Then bubbles appeared in my stomach, and the pain disappeared.

“I almost died.”

When I jumped up from my seat, Coby stumbled and fell on his butt, and Arcia shook her head and took the relic in my hand and placed it in subspace.

“It appears that considerable training is required to use this item.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

But just like last time, how on earth did you open my subspace?

I got up with Arcia’s support with a dazed expression.

“It’s perfect. Thank you for fixing it properly.”

“Are you okay? “You shed a lot of blood.”

“Haha, sure. “You won’t die like this.”

“That’s good, but… … .”

In fact, it was the biggest threat to his life since his reincarnation in Rondel and Anna’s attempted poisoning.

“Here is the promised amount.”

“thank you. If you need my help at any time, please contact me. “It was a great experience repairing the holy sword with my own hands.”

“all right.”

After Coby passed away and I was dragged by Arcia and laid on the bed, I took out the holy sword from subspace and read the information.

[Please name the holy sword.]


However, before I could read the information, a notice like the one above appeared on the screen.

So I mentioned that name without thinking.


[The name Excalibur is given to the nameless holy sword.]

As an Earthling, when it comes to holy swords, it’s definitely Excalibur.

[Holy Sword Excalibur / Relic]

-All types of energy, including auror, magical power, divine power, and spirit power, are embodied in the Holy Blade.

-The Holy Blade is structurally similar to the Auror Blade, but it is imbued with the energy of Perm, so it deals more powerful damage to enemies with the Dark attribute or Immortal attribute.

-Holy Blade can be released by injecting a large amount of energy like force.

-Material: Orichalcon (350g), Holy Bloodstone (32g)

And after reading the information on the holy sword, I looked very satisfied.

Now that I see it, it doesn’t seem to be much different functionally from a force sword, let alone just the shape of the sword.

Moreover, being able to unleash an Auror Blade level blow was a treasure that would make my combat patterns more diverse.

‘Viscount Parma was a generous tree.’

I thought of a self-author who had become a victim of Yeongjijeon and offered a prayer of gratitude.

Now I have to think about how I can use this to my advantage in Ivril’s contest.

* * *

The first round of the month-long saintess contest has come to an end.

I was standing in front of the mercenary guild in the Kingdom of Jordi holding a bouquet of flowers to present to Ivril.

however… … .


It was not easy for the mercenaries to approach Ivril because a skit broke out in them crying and telling her to become a saint.

I made a disgusted expression at the sensitive attitude that the nasty men showed as they captured the girl, and Ivril, the person involved, smiled awkwardly and responded that it was difficult.

“I will work hard!”

“I will support you!”

During the first contest, the only saint candidates who got along well with the other mercenaries were Ivril, our ally Esther, and Princess Xia Lin, a dark horse to the east who has been rapidly rising recently.

These three people did not regret using sacred magic on others.

Apart from Ivril and Esther, who were commoners, the other candidates belonging to noble families did not interact with mercenaries, but the appearance of Princess Xia Lin, who was a member of the royal family and behaved casually, was unexpected.

It may be because of the different cultures, but she did not have the tendency to look down on commoners because of their different social status.

Thanks to this, her personality became known to the public, and by the end of the first round of the contest, she was ranked 4th, beating Princess Francis in terms of the program’s viewer ratings.

Even I, Ivril’s supporter, have my eyes set on Princess Xia Lin, so why should other viewers be so upset?

Well, Princess Francis, who has a steel mentality, didn’t seem to care about that, but seeing the dark horse rise up, it didn’t look like the saintess contest would go by that easily.

“It was a lot of hard work.”

When I handed the flower to Ivril, who was finally free from the mercenaries, she smiled innocently when she received it.

“I hope I can live up to your expectations, my lord.”

“You are doing well enough.”


There are two types of competition for the first saint: ‘official scores’ and ‘unofficial scores.’

First of all, official grades refer to how many achievements you have made while working as a mercenary according to the assignment.

In this section, Arcia took second place thanks to the support of fellow party members, magic swordsmen.

The first place was the high elf Grace, but since she was like a machine that only performed quests with a straight face, it was impossible to win.

Second place in mercenary achievement was Ivril, third place was Princess Evelyn of the Duke Francis family, whose party consisted of the best talents in the empire, fourth place was Judy Esther, and fifth place was Princess Xia Lin.

And unlike the official scores, the unofficial scores that cannot be ignored, although they are not directly evaluated in the contest, were the viewership ratings.

Ivril won an overwhelming first place here, widening the gap from second place with a double score.

Judy Esther ranked second in viewer ratings, High Elf Grace ranked third, Princess Xia Lin ranked fourth, and Princess Evelyn Francis ranked fifth.

It was a very successful start for Ivril, a commoner who had been working part-time at a convenience store until just a few months ago.


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