My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 85

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Episode 85: A chance in a game turns into reality

23. Why did my brother come out from there (6)

The place where we agreed to meet the leader of Blue Moon was an unexpected place.

This is because it was Rasht, a trading city in the northeast of the Croesian Empire.

The reason Rasht was surprising was that it was a large city adjacent to our Kingdom of Reinharts, and it was also quite close to Viscount Lawrence, which could be called my hometown.

Who would have thought that Blue Moon’s home base would be right around the corner?

‘Is Blue Moon based on the Croesian Empire?’

The place where Ivril was rescued last time was also a place with a delicate national border called ‘airspace’ located between the Croisen Empire and Dragon Land.

However, since the place I was invited to this time was also located in the Croisen Empire, I couldn’t help but be suspicious.

If so, it’s a little bit difficult.

Because the Croesen Empire was a hostile country with no possibility of improving relations with our Kingdom of Reinharts.

‘No. There is no guarantee that this is headquarters. ‘Because they may have simply chosen one of the bases that is close to our Kingdom of Reinharts.’

I shook my head.

There was still too little information available to identify the enemy based on guesswork.

Only by meeting the leader of Blue Moon will you be able to understand their situation.

Since you can infer a lie based on the emotional state indicated on the Mangyeong, your understanding of them will inevitably increase as the conversation continues.

‘The issues I need to confirm today are the size of Blue Moon, the purpose of its activities, and the possibility of an alliance.’

What I currently lack is the existence of an intelligence organization.

Although they already had an intelligence organization, they were having difficulty gathering information from overseas since it had only been in operation for less than three months.

And in fact, I am not very satisfied with my activities not only overseas but also domestically.

Although it was rapidly gaining popularity, there was a lack of talent in the underworld in many ways.

So, it would be perfect if we could borrow their talent or receive information through a partnership with Blue Moon.

“You made a precious person wait. Forgive me for being late. “I am ‘George Basin,’ the leader of Blue Moon.”

And after a while.

The man who identified himself as the head of Blue Moon, Gregory, and Auguste entered the reception room where I was waiting.

“no. The refreshments were great and the waiting time was quite enjoyable. right?”

“It doesn’t taste bad.”

In response to my question, Arcia, who had been freed from Ivril’s protection for a long time and was present, nodded.

“Haha, that’s a good thing.”

I looked closely at the man in front of me.

His body size was around 190 cm, and his well-maintained, muscular body reminded me of a knight.

Although his external features resembled those of a Caucasian, his skin tone was dark and his hair was dark brown, making him look like a person of the Hispanic origin of Earth.

This is a typical characteristic of the Croesian Empire people.

For reference, although they were part of the same country until the country was destroyed by the Dragon Tribe, the race of our Kingdom of Reinharts was closer to Eastern European rather than Hispanic.

Well, it’s not that there is only one ethnic group in one country, but is it because of these completely different ethnic characteristics?

Even though they had roots in the same country in the past, there was absolutely no sense of kinship between the people of the Croisen Empire and the people of the Reinharts Kingdom.

[Baron George Bason / Auror Expert]

Race: Human

Age: 49

Affiliation: Croesen Empire, Baison Barony (camouflage) / Blue Moon Chief

Talents: Learning ability (high), administrative ability (high), command ability (high), political ability (high), physical ability (medium), auror (medium)

Traits: Excellent acting, stealth

And while looking through his information, something was strange.

Would it be ambiguous compared to what I thought would be so excellent?

No, it was clear that he was an outstanding person as he had four different grades, but compared to the abilities of the people who stood with him, he couldn’t help but seem to be lacking something.

Then I finished looking at the rest of his information.

Relationship: Favor/Alliance

Status: Interested/Nervous

I couldn’t help but express doubt beyond surprise.

‘When did you get such a favorable reaction from seeing it? And the relationship is an alliance?’

Is it because I furrow my brows and look suspicious?

Gregory and Auguste were extremely nervous and took a combat readiness stance in case of emergency.

However, George Basin, the head of Blue Moon, spoke firmly to those two people.

“You two are out. “You don’t need an escort, so don’t try to eavesdrop and just completely back out.”

“yes? but… … .”

Their leader was not a fighting type of person.

If you are an Auror expert, you will be treated well wherever you go, but in front of me, the 7th Circle Archmage, and Arcia, the Auror Master, I was just like an ordinary person.

Moreover, my reaction to the leader was not very good, so even though it was an order, the two of them could not easily leave the place.

“Uh huh.”

However, due to George Basin’s determination, the two eventually had to leave the room despite their unwillingness.

I didn’t feel like they were popular.

I expressed my doubts.

“Who are you?”

It’s not a philosophical question.

I was really just curious about his identity.

Looking at the information displayed on the Mankyung, it appears that he is the head of the Blue Moon, a low-ranking noble of the Croisen Empire whose identity is hidden, but the feeling that that is not all resonates strongly in my mind.

He who was sitting across from me got up from his seat and came closer to my question.

His combat power was negligible, but considering the existence of the artifact, a person’s military power is not everything.


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So Arcia put her hand on the sword and prepared for just what happens.

“It’s an honor to meet you.”

However, his subsequent actions were beyond what Arsia and I expected.

He immediately knelt down in front of me and fell flat on the floor as if he was bowing to a king.

“W-what is it?”

I was embarrassed, so I jumped up, grabbed Arcia’s hand, and walked backwards.

This kind of nonsensical action aroused more alertness than an unexpected attack.

And at his next words, I burst out as if struck by lightning.

“The great wizard, the one who followed the footsteps of Manuel Lucas.”

“… … .”

what? this person.

At the same time, my head became cold, and my murderous intent boiled up and subsided dozens of times a second.

Was it because I was speechless and just stared down at him?

His emotions changed from nervous to fearful.

I walked over to my original seat, sat down, and gathered my thoughts.

If it becomes known that I am the talented actor who succeeded Manuel Lucas, the world will go into an uproar.

Right now, the Brigham Empire and the Prius Republic are fighting a war over the fake plan I created.

But even though you know this, you just lie down and tremble like this without any thought of taking advantage of your weakness?

There is only one thing that can be inferred from this situation.

“You were related to Archduke Lucas.”

“That’s right. “The previous owner of our Blue Moon was Archduke Lucas.”

Did that really happen?

My head understood, but my heart refused to understand his existence.

My feelings of death often boiled over, as I thought I had to kill him for the sake of the secret guard.

“I knew very well that this event was not simply created for the sake of a partnership between Blue Moon and the Marquis of Lawrence. “Can you explain in detail what the situation is?”

Give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you.

George Basin, the head of Blue Moon, raised his head, took something out of his pocket and placed it on the table.

It was a cube-shaped metal device, a high-performance terminal often used by nobles in their offices.

When he touched the upper part of the metal with his finger, the coat of arms of the Archduke Lucas with the meaningful English word WHY came to mind.

And then a person appeared as a hologram.

[This is my first time seeing you like this.]

“Master Chester?”

[Hello, Adrian.]

The very familiar appearance of Grandpa Hoho.

He was none other than Chester, an artificial personality created by replicating the memories of Archduke Lucas and an agency manager.

‘Why is your brother coming out of there?’

Of course, I had to look dumbfounded.

“Oh, wait… … .”

Then, I noticed something and asked, just in case.

“Could it be that this is also part of the plan?”

In response, Chester smiled awkwardly with an expression of embarrassment.

[Yes, that’s right.]

Looking at Chester’s expression, I can roughly understand what’s going on.

[Blue Moon was to be a reward for clearing stage 8 of the Giyeon Quest.]

Reward for clearing stage 8.

This means that the legacy left behind by Archduke Manuel Lucas included not only material things but also power.

“But we ended up making unexpected contact in advance.”

[you’re right. This is clearly my mistake.]

I heard that the head of Blue Moon, who heard about Gregory and Auguste’s assassination of Ivril, went into an uproar and ordered everyone involved to not harm me.

Even then, I didn’t understand why the leader did that, but it makes sense if you say that Chester was managing Blue Moon.

[Five years ago, as Adrian embarked on the final route to acquiring talent, various arrangements resumed. And it included a blue moon.]

Five years ago, it was not long after Chronicle Online was launched.

I realized that Giyeon was hidden in Chronicle Online, and I searched while leveling up as a scout character. I think it was around that time that I first found traces of Archduke Lucas in a dungeon called Ancient Ruins.

[We woke up the sleeping Blue Moon and began external activities to expand their influence. Thanks to this, the organization is now stable. However, as a result, I contacted Adrian ahead of schedule, and the choice for efficiency turned out to be a mistake.]

“Then who is this George Bason?”

[This is my representative and the manager of Blue Moon.]

Unlike the material reward and the homunculus Arsia, there is something uneasy about the fact that there is a human as a reward.

Is it really trustworthy?

“You don’t have to worry. “My life is in the hands of Adrian and Chester.”

“What does that mean?”

[There is a ban. It’s also a gold item woven with Archduke Lucas’ 9th circle magic. Because of this, he cannot reveal the secret about Giyeon.]

I expressed my relief but also let out a deep sigh.

I learned that Blue Moon is a trustworthy organization as one of Archduke Lucas’s talents, but if it was a force that would be given as a level 8 reward, it would be useless to contact them at this stage.

If this is going to be like this, what did I ask you to do? … .

Isn’t this something that can just be revealed in the game?

[What can we do about something that has already gone wrong? Although I cannot yet recognize Adrian as the owner of Blue Moon, I will not stop us from forming a cooperative relationship.]

However, I let out an exclamation of surprise at Chester’s continued generosity.

“Oh, is that really true?”

[This happened because of my negligence in management. As an administrator, think of it as compensation for causing harm to users. I am sorry for what happened in the past.]

Even though Blue Moon’s tendency is to guarantee the members’ autonomy, the surprise incident against Ivril would not have occurred if he had given me an order in advance not to contact me.

Actually, it wasn’t a threat at all, but it could definitely be said to be a mistake on his part.

Therefore, there was no need to express his apologies and refuse the compensation he offered.

I grinned and looked down at George Basin, the leader of Blue Moon.

“We are close friends. “Lord Basen.”

I ended up with a really dependable helper.

A highly trustworthy helper who you don’t have to worry about betrayal.

“I will do my best to support Marquis Lawrence.”

Although I can’t completely call it mine yet, George Basin, the head of Blue Moon, was already acting like he was my master.

I came here today with three purposes.

1. Size of Blue Moon

2. Purpose of Blue Moon’s activities

3. Check alliance possibilities

Of these, I have checked numbers 2 and 3, so there is only one left.

This is the scale of the blue moon that will soon be entirely mine.

I asked Chester to elaborate on the scale of blue moons and what they can do.


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