My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 84

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Episode 84: Dream in the game becomes reality

23. Why did my brother come out from there (5)

[Marquis Adrian Lawrence receives permission to manufacture and distribute Vanguard Force equipment from the royal family!]

[With this, the fourth Vanguard Maker is created in the Kingdom of Reinharts!]

[Currently, there are only three places producing Vanguard Force equipment: the Royal Magic Tower, the Duke of Anaheim, and the Duke of Hines.]

[A new marquess who entered the market for producing force equipment, which was the exclusive property of the royal family and the second dukedom.]

[The Marquis Lawrence’s territory, which was evaluated as lacking in infrastructure, is rapidly turning into a military production base.]

[Lawrence Matap was launched by merging five companies: Kalt Steel, Leella Steel, Zenith Artifact, Konya Matap, and Patnik Horsepower. Stock prices soar on news of Vanguard equipment production. Consecutive record high price limits.]

[The market capitalization of Lawrence Magic Tower, which was evaluated as being bubbly with a value of 10 trillion, doubled in one week. Considering that the market capitalization of domestic magic towers that produce force equipment is at least 50 trillion won, there is still a high potential for growth.]

As expected, after the meeting with the king, I heard some harsh words from the second prince.

He asked me why I didn’t report this important matter to him and said he didn’t know what I was thinking.

Still, he wasn’t that aggressive, perhaps because he was bribed.

As he continued to protest, I said that I had no choice but to hide it for security reasons until it was completed, and that when it was completed, I became anxious and came to the king right away.

And when I apologized for not being careful, the second prince stopped pushing me.

As Vanguard equipment was produced in-house, my importance within his camp was bound to increase.

I probably thought that there was nothing good about blushing.

In the end, after a final warning to behave well from now on, the second prince withdrew, and from then on, everything went smoothly without anything blocking the way.

‘Now it’s too much to belittle him as a new marquis anymore.’

Among the Marquis, I am the only one who produces Vanguard equipment.

Even in the political world, voices warning about the rise of a new powerful figure are growing louder.

It is said that the kingdom’s politics are divided into the Crown Prince faction and the Second Prince faction, but if you dig deeper, there are minor forces within each faction.

They had to keep me in check when he suddenly started attacking me, but he grew too quickly to keep me in check, and he was making a name for himself as a rabid dog whose neck could be bitten off if handled incorrectly, so no one could attack him easily.

Currently, the number one among the two prince faction nobles is Prince Luke’s maternal family, the Duke of Anaheim.

And while the kingdom’s greatest swordsman, the Marquis Vincent, and the head of the Noble Audit Office, the marquis Hammington, were similarly mentioned for the second-in-command position, my name was also mentioned quite a bit with the permission to produce Vanguard equipment.

On the contrary, among the nobles of the Second Prince faction, there were quite a few people who made a fuss about me, saying that I was a noble who was compatible with the two.

The vague title of new marquis no longer suits him.

I am a marquis-ranked nobleman of the Kingdom of Reinharts, and was considered the person who would one day become the third duke of the kingdom.

“Public attention is turning to the Marquis Lawrence and the Lawrence Magic Tower every day. “What do you think of this, Marquis?”

“I am just grateful. “We will meet your expectations by producing products that meet this great interest.”

“It’s good to see your confidence. “Could you please introduce me to ‘Panther 1.0’, the exclusive equipment for Lawrence Magic Tower’s Vanguard?”

Currently, I am being interviewed by ‘Daily Reinharts’, the largest news channel in our kingdom, to promote Lawrence Mateap’s Vanguard equipment.

Right now, I was showing my face to the public through a live broadcast, and I don’t know if it was because I was on stage or because I was used to broadcasting, but I wasn’t too nervous and continued the conversation leisurely.

At the host’s request, I clapped my hands ‘clap clap’ as if calling a waiter to introduce the Vanguard equipment ‘Panther 1.0’ produced by Lawrence Magicap.

Then, it was my soulmate Arsia who appeared from behind the stage.

As the issue was important, the article, which was nationally recognized and beautiful, was used as a model.

“oh… … . Haha, Count Klein’s surprise appearance.”

The atmosphere of the news brightened with the appearance of Arsia.

It’s hard to say anything, but Arsia and I’s appearance is on par with that of any celebrity, so the images we see on screen are quite picturesque.

“Panther 1.0 guarantees excellent portability. Therefore, it is good for use when secretly infiltrating enemy lines, and even when working while wearing it, there is less fatigue for the drivers.”

At the same time, I took out the Force Armor from the Force equipment on display on one side and put it on her.

“It is a breastplate that only protects the chest and back, but the sides are completely empty, making it very easy to wear. And the breastplate itself is small and thin.”

“Oh, it certainly is.”

“And in this state, when fully armed, it will look like this.”

Following my instructions, Arcia infused the equipment with aura, and soon the breastplate became an armored suit that covered the entire body.

As the king was surprised and the weapon with such an elegant design that even the second prince showed his greed was revealed, exclamations of exclamation came from all over.

“The gloves basically have a matte coating that does not reflect light, and various colors can be applied upon request. And you can also add partial design.”

“Oh, it’s somewhat stylish, unlike a weapon.”

“Until then, it was a very dull weapon. “I think it would be pretty cool to include designs and colors that represent each family.”

The host nodded at my words.

But the important thing is not the design.

On the battlefield, design is not a positive factor in terms of combat power.

“Because this is our first time making force equipment, the output is somewhat lower at 95.5% compared to the Royal Magic Tower’s latest force equipment.”

“For Lawrence Magic Tower, it is a first-generation product, so isn’t that enough?”

“But on the battlefield, 1-2% of output can determine survival or failure, so it cannot be ignored.”

“You’re honest.”

“So I focused on combat convenience to make up for the lack of output.”

When I looked at Arcia, she immediately started stretching.

But after stretching, I did a back tumble, bending my body like a gymnast.

The Force Armor responded to the woman’s unique flexibility.

“Huh, isn’t it made of metal? “What makes it so flexible?”

“This can be said to be the core technology that will cover the shortfall in output. By wearing this ‘Panther 1.0’, a knight can reproduce more than 90% of his sword skills. Vanguards who have experienced combat will know this. Force Armor is ultimately just armor, and it greatly reduces athletic ability. “As motor skills decline, attack patterns become monotonous.”

It doesn’t matter if the output drops.

Panther 1.0 will still be in sufficient demand.

It’s just this flexibility.

When demonstrating it in front of the King, the engineer said that it was very comfortable to wear.

Then the king needed to listen to his story.

In actual combat, the output of Vanguard Force equipment is very important, but mobility is just as important.

Mobility is not just about rushing quickly on a hoverboard, but also includes the ability to dodge at a moment’s notice.


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“For long-distance combat capabilities, high output is the best. I admit this. However, in close-range combat, output is not everything.”

At the same time, I disclosed one piece of data.

Since this was an issue that had been discussed with the production team in advance, the video was played on one side of the news desk.

The video featured a battle between Vanguards, one wearing the latest Force equipment purchased from the Royal Magic Tower, and the other wearing Panther 1.0.

To start with the results, there were three long-distance battles fought, and the Vanguard wearing the Magic Tower’s equipment won all three times.

However, in close combat, Panther 1.0, who had flashy movements based on excellent athletic ability, fought three times and won all three times.

What I wanted to advertise was clear.

“In other words, Panther 1.0 is equipment made for close-range combat?”

“The output is just a little lower, but there is no problem with long-distance attacks. However, the key is that it outperforms other equipment at close range.”

Force equipment specialized for close range combat.

It was an item that had no choice but to be chosen by a unit that mainly performed surprise attacks and assaults.

I wondered if there would be a demand for it because wars these days involve long-distance combat, but I wasn’t too worried.

There are already 4 vanguard production companies in our kingdom, including my magic tower.

What was needed to penetrate the existing market was a unique feature.

“Perhaps because the Marquis is a young researcher, the equipment he created is also unique.”

“Yes? Plus, the price is reasonable.”

“I think it would be very expensive for this performance due to its unique splendor?”

As mentioned earlier, Panther 1.0 is slightly inferior to the existing product in terms of simple output.

Nevertheless, the host responded that the performance was very excellent.

This is the general public’s comprehensive evaluation of Fencer 1.0.

“We plan to sell it at a 4-5% discount compared to the existing force equipment distributed in the market.”

“Oh oh! Well, that’s good news for consumers.”

If the King were to watch this broadcast, wouldn’t he put his hand on his forehead and say he made a mistake?

The news broadcast ended successfully with a positive response from the host, exclamations coming from all over the place, and Arcia’s demonstration of swordsmanship while wearing force equipment.

“Go, Your Excellency!”

And the response came faster and more immediately than expected.

“Inquiries about purchasing Panther 1.0 are continuing! “As many as 300 reservations came in in just one day!”

Does 300GB seem too small to use the word ‘as much’?

No, absolutely not.

That’s because the price of one set of Vanguard’s force equipment, which had become the basic unit of war, was a whopping 50 billion won.

As the success of Panther 1.0 was highlighted in the media, Lawrence Magic Tower’s stock price exploded once again, and equipment became available for purchase after a waiting period of several months.

Despite its popularity, I did not raise the price and became a complete ecosystem disruptor.

* * *

The first contest to elect a saint lasts for a month.

One person was eliminated after being branded an apostate, and two people were caught for playing the media clumsily, so there are currently 12 proper candidates for sainthood left, but the top five were so exceptional that it was widely said that one of them would become a saint.

The person currently achieving the best results in the first contest is Grace, a high elf.

The theme of the contest was mercenary activity, but she was really devoted to mercenary work, and in just one week, she and her party members all improved from B-level to A-level mercenaries.

Next is Ivril, who is showing outstanding performance thanks to the protection of magic swordsmen and outstanding divine power, and Esther, sponsored by Olivia Duke of Riverdale, and Evelyn, daughter of Duke Francis, follow with similar achievements.

However, as mentioned earlier, the top five are currently receiving the public’s attention.

The last one was someone who had not been receiving much attention but had recently begun to gain prominence, and she was ‘Sia Lin’, the princess of the powerful kingdom of Leberto in the East (Triton Continent).

Even though it was far below our Reinharts Kingdom as a powerhouse in the East, the Reberto Kingdom could not just be ignored because it received continental support as it claimed to be the loser on the Triton Continent where small nations gathered.

So I was keeping a close eye on her, but I never thought that she would attack me like this.

This is all because of the Prius Republic.

If the candidate had been humiliatingly eliminated, he would have quietly been crushed, but as he actively supported Princess Xia Lin, saying that he would support the friendly continent of Triton, the four-way match turned into an unexpected five-way match.

Well, it seemed like the republic government had no choice.

The Republic was currently in turmoil both internally and externally, so it needed something to divert its attention.

But I think that would be useless.

The Republic will inevitably sink, whether because of the Revolutionary Army or the Brigham Empire, and when that happens, Princess Xia Lin will fall like a kite with a broken string.

‘In fact, regardless of performance, Everil is overwhelmingly popular.’

After the kidnapping incident, sympathy was focused on Ivril, who was already very popular, and although she gained popularity with the public, she had almost no enemies.

The viewer ratings are also double that of High Elf Grace, who ranks second.

A saint was not chosen just because she was popular in the first round, but Everil was doing well, so there was nothing to worry about.

Thanks to this, I have become mentally more relaxed these days and am able to pay attention to various things.

There were no problems with the territory, the Magic Tower was doing well, and there was nothing to worry about with Everil, so I was able to gradually increase the play time of the game.

The level is still in the 220s, but it is steadily moving forward.

For the first time in a while, I am able to relieve my tension and spend each day to the fullest… … .

“Please wait here for a moment.”

As the meeting with a special person was decided today, the tension had to be raised for a long time.

The leader of the secret group Blue Moon.


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