My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 83

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Episode 83: Dream in the game becomes reality

23. Why did my brother come out from there (4)

“That’s stupid.”

Duke Francis also stayed last and said something while looking at the trembling candidate camp.

Contrary to his expression of understanding, his tone was full of ridicule.

He was also someone who had tried to harm Ivril in the past, but that was before the contest started and he had not been officially appointed as a candidate.

Once a candidate for sainthood is decided and the contest begins, the church has no choice but to take an active role.

If so, shouldn’t we have kept in mind that the mirror of truth may appear?

The duke could not understand how such a person could be in this position, claiming to be a powerful person.

“Prime Minister Trino Aust of the Republic of Prius and Miss Miel Aust, candidate for sainthood, please come out now.”

The candidate was a member of the Republic of Prius, whose national situation was not good due to the war with the Brigham Empire.

“Are you not coming out? “Then I can assume that you two are the criminals, right?”

Miel Aust ranked 6th in the list of saint candidates, closely following the leading group.

Even though such a person was identified as the culprit, no one sympathized with him and came forward.

That’s because he thought it wouldn’t be a topic worth mentioning here if it weren’t for the support of the powerful nation of the Prius Republic and its 800 million people.

It’s not true if you’re elegant, and it’s not true if you’re benevolent.

However, most people thought that Miel Aust’s ranking was incomprehensible because she did not have outstanding divine power like Ivril and Esther, and her father was a model corrupt politician.

“no. We are not.”

But as it turns out, I’m not even stupid.

Therefore, instead of sympathizing with their claims of innocence, everyone just shook their heads.

“This is your final warning. “Hurry and stand in front of the mirror of truth.”

“I, I am.”

“You don’t like it? “It can’t be helped.”

The saint, paladin, and Adrian, who were extremely tense, sighed and took their hands off their weapons.

Unlike Duke Francis, Chancellor August was a person who had nothing left to do except politics.

“From now on, these two people are under arrest for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Miss Ivril Barnett, a candidate for sainthood!”

With the saint’s declaration, the two were captured by the Holy Knights.

It was an ending that was no different from a farce, so much so that it embarrassed the church leadership, including Adrian and the saint, and people around the world who were watching the contest.

* * *

“What an unexpected benefit.”

Duke Francis said as he approached me with an unsatisfied expression on his face.

“okay. Congratulations. “The government of the Prius Republic will be greatly shaken by this.”

Attempting to commit murder during the contest for sainthood was undoubtedly an act of apostasy.

Since Prime Minister August and his daughter participated in the saintess contest on behalf of the Republic, it was difficult to avoid criticism from the public.

Even though the Prius Republic had a different political system from other countries, its belief in the Sepia Church was no different.

“Surprising. “I thought you wouldn’t like it?”

“What I hate is the Duke, not the Brigham Empire. “There are very few wizards who would dislike the Brigham Empire.”

“is it?”

There is no need to go into detail about why I dislike him.

The obvious cause was him.

He said with a smile that somehow seemed pleasant.

“I think the same thing. I don’t hate the Kingdom of Reinharts either, but you are just very annoying.”

As the Duke of the Brigham Empire, this was probably the first time I had seen someone run at me as fearlessly as I did.

It was natural for him to be displeased.

But it doesn’t matter.

The gap between us will never be bridged anyway.

With those last words, he turned his back and left the main hall where the constellation was placed.


“See you again.”

For some reason, Princess Francis Evelyn gave me a finger kiss.


Why is he like that?

When I looked at Arcia next to me, she spoke with an extremely serious expression.

“Isn’t that a declaration of war?”


“It just looks like they’re going to fight.”

Arcia sometimes says strange things.

As a homunculus, he has childish thoughts, perhaps because he is only one year old.

“Can Ms. Ivril participate in the contest right away?”

At that time, the saint asked me when I approached her.

Fortunately, because Ivril was under the influence of drugs, she did not remember the kidnapping process exactly.

Even the fact that they tried to kill him.

Thanks to this, Ivril’s psychological damage was minimal.

‘The lord saved you, right? Then it’s done.’

And because of the kidnapping incident, their trust in me increased even more, so if it was my order now, it seemed like they would jump into the fire, thinking, ‘There must be a reason.’

“No problem.”

“Thank goodness.”

She patted her chest and asked for my understanding.


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“We have no choice but to deal with the culprit. “Please understand.”

“Anyway, the Prime Minister of the Republic is too big a figure for me to do anything about. Instead, please punish me thoroughly.”

“of course.”

This incident is an unexpected benefit for the Brigham Empire, which is at war with the Prius Republic, but it will also serve as an opportunity for the people I know.

To the revolutionary army of the Republic.

Because what they need to do right now is to increase distrust in the corrupt government.

* * *

[Prime Minister Aust’s apostasy that ignited public sentiment that was aggravated by the war.]

[The government tried to block information by controlling the media, but the information began to spread quickly through online diaries (SNS).]

[Are you sick of media play that turns people into fools? Within the Prius Republic, a large number of small media companies using online diaries appeared, and the number of independent media users increased explosively.]

[Rich corporations and politicians are keeping their mouths shut while forcing citizens to donate to the war effort.]

[It is rumored that Louis Fairmont, Archduke Lucas’ co-star, burned hundreds of millions in one day with girls at a bar in the capital. Isn’t this an act of apostasy by the person who forced the people to donate?]

[The emergence of activists against corruption.]

I once again felt the immense power of the Sepia Church.

The people, who had not reacted as if their brains were melting to media play no matter what kind of corrupt behavior politicians had committed, reacted violently to what happened in the saintess contest.

It seems that it is not for nothing that religious beliefs are said to be more frightening than political beliefs.

“It looks like the revolutionary troops are doing well.”

This incident is being closely linked to corruption in the government, politicians, and corporations.

This was very organized and meticulous.

Activists began to awaken the public who had become insensitive to corruption, and their efforts led to the spread of the protest movement.

Of course, it was still difficult to see them as the majority in the entire country.

However, a crack appeared in an otherwise invisible place, and the revolutionary army had to take advantage of this momentum if it wanted to change the country.

Isn’t it so terrible that a democratic country is ignored by a feudal country?

I was a passionate supporter of the revolutionary army of the Prius Republic.

“What do you find so enjoyable to watch?”

“See you, Your Majesty.”

I was sitting in the living room watching the news on the terminal when I heard a heavy voice, so I quickly got up and lowered my head.

“It’s been a while, Marquis Lawrence.”

“I was rude the other day.”

“It’s done. “It’s already happened.”

When I raised my head, what caught my eye was none other than King Kalitz van Reinharts, the king of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

In addition, Crown Prince Michael and 2nd Prince Luke, who were dividing the kingdom’s power, were on either side of him.

After greeting the king and the two princes, I sat side by side with the three of them.

Next to me, the vice-owner of Lawrence Magic Tower, which was created by merging five companies, including Magic Tower, Artifact Manufacturing Company, Steel Company, and Military Supplier, which he acquired when he became a lord, was sitting with a nervous look on his face.

Previously, the market capitalization of the five companies combined was only 5 trillion won, but as I transformed into a military-type magic tower where I reign as the owner of the magic tower, the market capitalization has almost doubled.

They say there is a bubble in the market, but that will now be a thing of the past.

“So what’s going on?”

“The reason I requested a meeting with Your Majesty today is to obtain permission for this matter.”

I handed him the holographic document.

Then, a neatly organized plan appeared before my eyes for everyone to see.

[Lawrence Magic Tower Vanguard Force Equipment Production and Distribution Plan]


And the king and the two princes looked surprised when they saw that.

The second prince in particular was very surprised, and his expression asked why this was not discussed in advance.

But I nodded my head with an apologetic expression, asking for his understanding.

Honestly, if I submitted this plan to a guy who shows that he doesn’t like me even though we’re on the same side, there’s no way he would approve it.

For your information, I gave a little hint to the crown prince.

However, it seems that they could not have predicted that work would start so quickly.

“If you see the plan being presented like this, you can assume that the product has already been completed, right?”

As if he couldn’t ignore the political mess, King Reinharts immediately got his emotions under control, looked at the plan I handed him, and asked that question.

I immediately took out the Vanguard equipment from subspace.

It was a prototype force equipment created by the project team according to my blueprint.

“It looks pretty comfortable. “It’s plausible.”

In Vanguard’s force equipment, the force sword is no different from a regular sword, but the force armor takes the form of a breastplate when in standby mode.

However, when it is fully armed, it becomes a design that covers the entire body, like an iron suit from an Earth superhero movie.

Here, the technological prowess of each magic tower is revealed.

In the fully armed state, almost all magic tower equipment has a similar form, but the volume of the breastplate in standby mode must be small to make it easier for knights to infiltrate enemy lines or carry out secret activities.

In that respect, the equipment I took out was very compact.

Only the chest and back were covered with metal, and the sides and shoulders were bare.

That is why the king responded positively, saying it was plausible.

“The problem must be performance.”

“Could you please lend me one of your knights for a moment?”

At my request, the king waved his hand and summoned a guard knight.

Since he was listening to our entire conversation, he immediately put on the Force Armor I gave him.

The process was quite brief, so it was revealed that a lot of thought was put into the convenience of the drivers.

“Then I will arm myself.”

The King nodded at the words of the Royal Guard Knight, and soon the metal starting from his chest covered his entire body, along with the unique glow of the Force Armor.


It worked without problem.

Not only that, the design became quite nice after wearing it.

“It symbolizes a black mark.”

“you’re right.”

It has a design that embodies the black mark of a superhero movie and is equipped with a force transducer that emits blue light on the chest, so to people on Earth, it will look like a mixture of Black X-Man and Eye X-Man.

But what about hybrids? It’s okay if it’s cool.

The 2nd Prince and the King showed great interest in the Force Armor, as if they liked the sleek curved design.

“How is it moving?”

[It’s pretty comfortable. The internal UI for communication, navigation functions, clairvoyance, etc. is also simple.]

“What does the output look like?”

[It seems to be almost similar to the 2nd generation model of the Royal Magic Tower that was issued. I don’t think you’ll notice much of a difference. The output of the force converter also feels stable.]

“That’s it, just turn it off.”


Next, when the guard knight disarmed the equipment, the king honestly asked his thoughts.

“I was surprised. If I were to purchase POS equipment myself, I would prefer this model if it were the same price. “It was a little more flexible and easier to move even when on standby.”

After all, the evaluation of someone who has directly experienced anything is accurate.

I nodded with satisfaction, and the King honestly expressed his surprise, asking if that was that much.

“The performance of the first prototype of POS equipment is this high. How is that possible?”

In response to the king’s question, I used the all-purpose cheat key.

“Because my teacher is the Duke of Riverdale.”

“Do you have some knowledge of the Riverdale Magic Tower?”

“That’s right. Olivia, the Duke of Riverdale, won’t like it if she finds out.”

The Riverdale Magic Tower is one of the largest magic towers in the world.

From civilian flying cars to military force equipment and sky fortresses.

It is a place where there is nothing that cannot be made.

The King nodded, saying he was satisfied, and then lost in thought.

I looked at the prototype and looked at the second prince, who seemed to be greedy, and said this.

“Probably, when mass production begins, the performance will be slightly lower than that of the prototype. So you could say it’s a very special product.”

“is it?”

“So, I would like to present this product to the treasure of the kingdom and Auror Master, Prince Luke. Will you take it?”

You’re pouting like a child again for no reason.

In order to relieve some of the anger that would come back later, I quickly oiled him up and gave him the force equipment.

“haha! I won’t refuse! “I really liked the wild design!”

The second prince laughed heartily at my words, as if he had never shown his displeasure, and quickly grabbed his force equipment.

Next, the king asked me.

“Are you saying mass-produced products will have poor performance?”

“Yes, I think the products currently being produced at the Royal Magic Tower will show lower performance of about 5%.”

I don’t know what he’s worried about.

Suddenly, I became concerned that if I sold high-performance force equipment, the Royal Magic Tower’s dominant position in the market would be shaken.

In that respect, a 5% performance difference would not be a bad compromise.

“price is?”

“Since the performance is poor, it should be a little cheaper. “I plan to sell it cheaply because of its poor performance.”

Selling regular force equipment 5% cheaper than the market price just because its performance is 5% lower?

This is a story that doesn’t even work.

The defense weapons market is one where large sums of money are spent to improve performance by 1-2% or to improve convenience slightly.

The King judged that if performance dropped by 5%, he would have to sell it 10% cheaper to appeal to customers.

“Then, if you promise to keep the price within 5% of the Royal Magic Tower’s Force equipment, I will accept your request and allow the sale of Force equipment.”

I let out a low laugh on the inside, but on the outside I looked down with a devastated expression.

This gave Marquis Lawrence a source of money.


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