My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 82

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Episode 82: Dream in the game becomes reality

23. Why did my brother come out from there (3)

The Franciscan family, one of the four major ducal families of the Brigham Empire, has a size and power that can be considered a kingdom.

Duke Francis, the owner of such a family, has been focusing on something recently.

“This is unfortunate.”

“Iknow, right. “I never would have thought that rescue would be successful in that situation.”

“Still, nothing changes. “You are the one who becomes a saint.”

“That’s right.”

This is to make Evelyn Francis, the third daughter of the Duke Francis family, a saint.

In any case, the other candidates are not opponents of Duke Francis of the Brigham Empire.

The only thing that was at stake was the elf queen’s granddaughter, but there was no reason for the Duke Francis family to be pushed out of the elf kingdom, which was part of the Elysian Union.

On the surface, the saintess contest says that all candidates are given equal opportunities, but where can there be fairness in a world where social status exists?

Since the denomination is maintained through donations and support anyway, I thought that the background of the candidate could not be ignored.

But it didn’t take long to realize that it was an illusion… .

‘No matter how much of a candidate you are for the Brigham Empire, you will not receive any special treatment. And please do not come to us during the contest without asking us first.’

Not long ago, in a contest, a live broadcast channel was organized for each candidate, but Evelyn was assigned a number that was too vague, so she went directly to the saint and requested a change.

And that’s the answer I got back.

Who in the world could treat Duke Francis so coldly?

No matter how powerful the Sepia Church is, it is the Brigham Empire that provides the largest amount of money to the Sepia Church.

Therefore, Duke Francis, who thought his claim would be accepted, had to express his bewilderment.

And as the contest began and other candidates received more attention than his daughter Evelyn, a sense of crisis began to creep into Duke Francis’ head.

‘I should have killed that bitch then.’

The interest in Grace High Elven, the granddaughter of the elf queen, is understandable.

Anyway, I thought that the beauty of a high elf was enough to attract the public’s attention.

But what I didn’t understand was the public’s support for Ivril, who appeared on the air and was shaking in despair.

At first, he thought that he had support from ignorant commoners, but it was a waste of money, but according to a cardinal who was in contact with him, he could not just ignore it.

‘If the church were to select a saint on its own, it would definitely be Evelyn. However, the one who ultimately selects the saint is Sepia, the creator who watched the contest. It would be great if Evelyn’s dignity drew Sepia’s attention, but the title of a candidate who receives public support cannot be ignored.’

When Duke Francis learned that his daughter was imbued with divine power and that a contest to replace her would soon begin, he thought this was a revelation from God to him.

Unlike ordinary priests who learn their divine power by relying on a religious order, the fact that they are inherently possessed of divine power is a characteristic that cannot be ignored.

However, Duke Francis’ daughter developed such characteristics.

If so, shouldn’t he properly utilize the power he has and the characteristics his daughter has acquired?

That’s why Duke Francis entered the contest, confident that his daughter would win.

However, unlike in the beginning when we were confident, we are now facing difficulties.

‘It can’t go on like this.’

Duke Francis of the Brigham Empire cannot afford to step down like a mere extra, adding to the heat of the contest.

It was necessary to devise means for victory.

Eventually, Duke Francis gave up his complacency and began to rush more actively into the sainthood contest.


“Your Highness, I have received a call from the Ministry of Saints.”


The duke, who had been watching the news about Ivril’s kidnapping while busy or tired, had to express doubts about the unexpected news.

After the contest started, you got a call from the Ministry of Saints, who had never looked for you first?

Isn’t there something that bothers you?

“What is it?”

“Well, you’ll have to listen to the story to find out.”

Currently, the contest is temporarily suspended due to Ivril’s kidnapping.

Thus, the duke received a call from the Ministry of Saints with his daughter.

[His Royal Highness Duke Isaac Francis and Princess Evelyn Francis, please appear at the Ministry of St. Mary’s by 1 p.m.]

“Are you leaving?”

[All candidates have been called as witnesses for this kidnapping incident.]

It feels like instructions are being given completely from above.

Duke Francis was extremely displeased, but he could not ignore it.

If you hesitate for no reason and doubts pour in, you will inevitably be in trouble.

Moreover, Adrian would have exposed his past actions, so if you think about it calmly, it was clear that he would be closer to a suspect among references.

“Tsk, I understand.”

[Then I will be waiting.]

As soon as the contact was cut off, the Duke looked at the time displayed on the terminal.


There were only 30 minutes left until 1pm when I had to show up.

It was Duke Francis who was even more dissatisfied with the current saint.

“Is there a need to go in a hurry?”

“No, let’s go a little faster this time. “It’s for an interrogation, not a party.”

The two quickly headed to the Saint Women’s Department accompanied by several attendants.

“You sure don’t mean to gather them all in one place and interrogate them?”

Then, 14 candidates for sainthood and their 14 sponsors lined up in front of the saint sitting on the throne.

“It feels like welcoming His Majesty the Emperor.”

Duke Francis expressed his discomfort and said something.

Saint Sharon Sylvester shrugged her shoulders and pointed to one side.


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The eyes of the summoned saint candidates and sponsors followed her fingertips, and soon the figure of a goddess holding a metal plate in her arms was seen there.

Most people tilted their heads because they didn’t know what it was, but Duke Francis frowned because it was something he had seen before.

“Are you saying you’re going to use the Mirror of Truth to catch the criminal?”

“That’s right.”

“Mirror of Truth?”

The unexpected appearance of the holy relic caused a stir among the people in line.

“Through the Mirror of Truth, we have already confirmed that the incident that occurred this time, contrary to what some people claimed, was not a fabrication by candidate Ivril Barnett and her sponsor, the Marquis Adrian Lawrence.”

Realistically, the culprit will be inside, so we will check it through the mirror of truth from now on.

Duke Francis reacted with an angry expression.

“The people gathered here now are the highest-ranking nobles, including royal families from each country. “Don’t you think the saint’s actions are excessive?”

Many people agreed with his question as if they were offended.

However, the saintess grinned as if what was the problem.

“Is Duke Francis the culprit?”


“Otherwise, it’s no problem, is it? “Is it difficult to say a word in front of the mirror?”

Duke Francis bit his lip.

And then, the door opened and a group of people rushed in.

They were the Holy Knights of the Holy Land of Everhill, and each and every one of them was a being comparable to an Aura Master.

There were as many as seven such beings, and the one who commanded them was none other than a saint.

If a saint is a priest who uses 8th circle level sacred magic, a saint is a paladin with grandmaster level strength.

Even Grandmaster Duke Francis would not be able to withstand their combined efforts.

However, there was a person with them who was more annoying than the saint and the Holy Knights.

“Marquis Lawrence?”

“hello. “His Royal Highness Duke Francis.”

Aren’t Adrian and his fiancée Arcia, who can be said to be by far the top among the people who most disturb Duke Francis these days, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Holy Knights as if it were a given?

“Maybe the culprit who tried to harm Miss Ivril was the Grandmaster. So I came here to help.”


Of all the people present, he is the only grandmaster.

Adrian’s remarks had Duke Francis in mind as the culprit.

Naturally, the duke’s face turned red and the atmosphere turned ugly, so the saint stopped Adrian.

“Marquis Lawrence, the culprit has not yet been identified. “Be careful what you say.”


As the saint waved her hand, a priest holding the Mirror of Truth in his arms approached.

“Then, one by one, please come forward and prove your innocence before the mirror of truth.”

At the saint’s words, the Daejeon where the constellation was placed became deathly quiet.

However, the silence was broken when people who had been observing the situation came forward.

“We will be the first.”

The first person to approach the Mirror of Truth was ‘Claudia High Elven’, the queen of the Kingdom of Elvenheim, the main axis of the eight kingdoms that make up the Elysian Alliance, and ‘Grace High Elven’, the saintess candidate she supported.

As a person who is called one of the three great ladies of Rondel, along with the empress of the Brigham Empire and the saint, she attracted the attention of the audience just by appearing.

Even a saint could not match the elegance she felt as she swept her silver hair that flowed like silk.

“I, Claudia High Elven, have nothing to do with this kidnapping of a saintess candidate.”

“I, Grace High Elven, have nothing to do with this kidnapping of a saint candidate.”

Following the Elf Queen, even the saint candidate she supported quickly revealed her innocence.

And when I looked at the Mirror of Truth, there was no change, only a wave of blue energy.

“The innocence of the two people has been proven.”

With the saintess’s declaration, the two high elves returned to their seats.

Considering the emergency situation, the two of them had enough strength.

The Elf Queen was a Spirit King Summoner, equivalent to the 8th Circle, and her granddaughter, a saintess candidate, was also a top-level Spirit Summoner, equivalent to the 7th Circle.

“Then let’s move on.”

“We will step forward next time.”

The next candidates to come forward were Olivia the Duke of Riverdale and Judy Esther.

As a result, the two people were also innocent.

“I’m next.”

“We will do the next thing.”

After the two teams came forward, the investigation proceeded very quickly.

In any case, it didn’t seem like the situation could be reversed by opposing the saint’s decision.

“great. “Now there are only two candidate camps left.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Duke Francis, who was holding out until the end.

Not only was he not on good terms with Adrian, but considering how he had just looked at the Mirror of Truth and reacted against it, it seemed unlikely that he was the culprit.

In the end, Duke Francis had no choice but to approach the Mirror of Truth with his daughter.

When Duke Francis stepped forward, tension spread throughout Daejeon.

A battle might break out with him.

Who is he?

He was one of the top five swordsmen in the world and the Duke of Brigham, a great empire.

“I have nothing to do with this kidnapping incident.”

“I also have nothing to do with this kidnapping incident.”

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, the Mirror of Truth remained silent.

And when he snorted with an expression of displeasure and returned to his seat, Adrian clicked his tongue loud enough for everyone to hear.


Duke Francis got angry and said something.

“Click your tongue? Hey, Marquis Lawrence. “Isn’t that revealing too much of your true feelings?”

“Looking at his past actions, isn’t it a natural suspicion?”

“I think your life will be short.”

“I’m younger than the duke’s daughter, do you think so?”

“No, I’m saying this because I think you will die by my hands before you fulfill your mission.”

“quiet! quiet!”

Adrian, who fearlessly stood up to Duke Francis, was amazing, but the sight of the Duke getting upset at his every remark was bound to be refreshing to everyone.

However, now is not the time.

This is because the moment it was revealed that Duke Francis’s camp was not the culprit, everyone’s attention was focused on the final saint candidate and his benefactor.


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