My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 79

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Episode 79: Dream in the game becomes reality

22. Monster subjugation battle (4)

In Rondel, in addition to heterogeneous races, there are various races such as whites, blacks, and yellows, just like the Europeans, Africans, and Asians on Earth.

Among the four major continents of Rondel, the Defteron Continent, which is larger than the other three continents combined, is home to the Kingdom of Reinharts, the Bringham Empire, the Croisen Empire, and the Holy Land of Everhill, and the main races are white and black. .

There are 11 countries in Defteron, and the Holy Land is an exception as it is a space where all races stay without discrimination. Of the remaining 10 countries, 7 were white countries and 3 were black countries.

However, the places that boasted a large economy, military, and population, such as the Brigham Empire, Croisen Empire, Reinharts Kingdom, and Lucias Kingdom, were all white countries.

This is not simply because blacks are inferior to whites and thus fall behind in power.

In the first place, it can be said that their athletic ability, aura, and sense of mana are superior to white people.

Blacks are concentrated in the so-called three southern states: Walter, Paulo, and Ise.

However, the problem was that these three countries, which share the same culture, were very closed countries.

They considered blood ties important and did not recognize mixed race, and incestuous marriages within the fourth degree of consanguinity were rampant.

Is that why?

Their fertility was significantly lower than that of other races, and their population was decreasing.

To solve this problem, the royal families of the three southern countries are making efforts to accept other ethnicities.

However, it is not easy because the people’s rejection of other ethnic groups is severe.

And in the first place, there were not many free people who would go to the three southern countries with closed cultures of different races and languages.

Thanks to this, black people are building walls from other ethnic groups and living in their own world.

“Nice to meet you. “This is Kobe Bentley.”

The reason why I am suddenly giving lengthy explanations about race is simple.

This is because I encountered a black person for the first time after entering Rondel.

It’s not just black people either.

I immediately encountered a very rare being of mixed blood, black and dwarf.

“Oh, I’m sorry. “I am Adrian Lawrence of the Kingdom of Reinharts.”

He was the engineer of the sacred artifact introduced by Archbishop Fred.

According to Archbishop Fred, he is said to be one of the top three engineers in the world.

I’ve seen dwarves here and there, but this is my first time seeing a black dwarf.

You shouldn’t judge people based on their skin color or race, but I couldn’t help but feel curious.

“I watched it a lot on broadcast and online news. How amazing. “I never thought I would see such a famous person.”

It seems I am not the only one who feels curious about others.

He looked at me carefully, as if observing.

And he said something that was hard to ignore.

“Marquis Lawrence’s robe is not easy to analyze. “It seems like you have a great treasure.”

I wondered why he was looking at me so intently, but he seemed to be very interested in my equipment.

The robe he mentioned was a treasure left behind by Archduke Lucas.

So I had no choice but to react as if I was troubled by his actions.

“Oh, I’m sorry. “The technician’s inquisitive spirit makes it impossible not to observe new equipment when he sees it.”

I had to shrug my shoulders as he scratched the back of his head and apologized with a sly smile.

[Coby Bentley / Master Engineer]

Race: Half Dwarf

Age: 98

Affiliation: Highly qualified technician of the Sepia Order

Talent: Technical ability (highest), communication ability (high), intellectual ability (medium)

Characteristics: Equipment Appraisal / Learning New Technology

Relationship: Interested/Neutral

Status: Favorable/Interested

Looking at his abilities, there is no doubt that he is a person.

I gave Coby, who was full of anticipation, the broken relic, ‘Elyos Sword Handle’.


But do you know the value of that item?

As soon as he received the item, Kobe swallowed his breath.

“I am guessing that it is the handle of a sword imbued with ancient holy magic. Is this correct?”

“Yes, that’s right. “You guessed it right.”

After all, he knew what it was.

I told Kobe what I wanted.

“I want to make this usable.”

“This is quite possible. “I have seen similar items deep within the religious order, and compared to those, this one is almost in its original condition.”

The senior engineer’s positive answer brought a pleasant smile to my face.

“But can I cover the blade with mithril? “I guess it’s hard to find Orichalcon.”

Orichalcon is produced in the sacred city of Everhill, but only about 500g is produced per year.

The reason is that Orichalcon does not come out of a mine, but rather comes in liquid form in the Holy Grail placed in the cathedral of the Holy Land.

When holy water is poured into the liquid form of Orichalcon, it hardens pure white, and that is the metal form of Orichalcon that people know.

That’s why the price of Orichalcon is astronomical.

Because it is recognized as a sacred material, it is used as a material for the crowns of emperors and kings of each country.

To make a blade from orichalcon, you would need at least 1 kg, and although it was expensive, it was difficult to obtain it due to fierce bidding competition.

Therefore, it was impossible right now to cover the blade with orihalcon.

Coby blinked at my question, then waved his hand with a low laugh.

“You don’t need a blade.”



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“This is a finished product in itself.”

When I tilted my head as if I didn’t understand, he grabbed the handle with both hands as if he were doing a kendo and swung it in the air.

Of course, nothing happened to the broken relic.

But my eyes widened at his next words.

“A sword that defeats demons. A sword that cuts through the darkness. There are many nicknames, but I think this is the most famous name. “It is the ‘Holy Sword.’”


The appearance of a holy sword out of nowhere.

I had to look dumbfounded.

“Although they have different shapes and functions, there are surprisingly many items called holy swords. There are only three holy swords currently in the church’s possession. “It is said that there are six holy swords in the world, so this would be the seventh holy sword.”

“What do you mean you don’t need a blade?”

He pointed to the red jewel hanging at the top of the sword handle.

“If this sword becomes intact, a sword made of sacred light will be created from this sacred bloodstone.”

“Like a magic sword?”

There is a magic sword that is very popular among nobles.

A 5-circle fire sword or energy sword is carved into the artifact and used like a lightsaber in the movie.

“It’s on a different level from something that’s just too pretentious. According to the literature I read, this type of holy sword blade is comparable to an auror blade and has even greater power against demons. Moreover, it is a highly versatile item that can convert all energy into a blade regardless of magic power, auror power, divine power, or elemental power.”

“her… … .”

Why would such a great thing be owned by a local owner?

“If I had not had the opportunity to see the literature related to the holy relics with the grace of His Majesty the Great Saint, I would have passed over it without noticing it. There is a high possibility that even your three subordinates do not know its purpose. So, it is understandable that it is circulated among the general public as just a lump of Orichalcon.”

Actually, I was able to understand what Kobe said, as it was my first time discovering something that wasn’t accurately marked even with a magnifying glass.

‘Is this what it means to pick up money even if you fall down?’

A short club that I thought would be perfect for tapping on the shoulder was the treasure of treasures.

“Ma, how much would this be worth if it were in fully operational condition?”

In response to my question, Kobe laughed and asked, “Why am I asking such a question?”

“Even if you can’t, you can still live in a big city. Honestly, it’s hard to put a price on it.”

This is how I would feel when I found out that the ashtray I used at home was made of Goryeo celadon.

I literally won a huge lottery.

‘Does this feel like heaven is helping me?’

I clenched my fists and internally cheered.

I can’t see any part of the vagina in this saintly contest.

Thanks to Coby, I was rapidly developing an affinity for the black people of the three southern countries and the dwarves of the Allied State of Elysia, whom I had never seen in person.

“Then can we start repairs right away?”

“First of all, I think we need a Holy Bloodstone and some new tools.”

Although Holy Blood Stone is a precious gem, it is not comparable to Orichalcum.

I shared one of my accounts with him, telling him to use it as much as he wanted.

“Wow, there are too many?”

“Please think of it as labor cost including the cost of materials. Instead, if you succeed in repairing it, I will give you twice this amount.”

“Well, then I won’t refuse. “It is an item of great value.”


It’s unlikely that a technician certified by the Church of Christ will run out with an object, but just in case, I cast a tracking spell on the covey and the hilt of the holy sword.

Of course, since the object was an object, he understood my actions.

“Give me one week. “I will do my best to fix it for my honor as an engineer.”

“i look forward to.”

Coby, the craftsman of the shrine, took the items handed to me and headed to his workshop.

“Hehehe, hehehe.”

Left alone, I let out a low laugh as I thought about what would happen after the holy sword was completed.

A holy sword with a compact design.

If I could form an Aura Blade level blade with magical power, wouldn’t it be okay for me to just step in and play as a magic swordsman?

Or, it might be good to connect it to a magic staff and use it like a spear.

How long was the happiness circuit running like that?


Arsia’s urgent voice echoed in my head like telepathy.

These days, she has been taking separate actions from me, and when she thinks of the mission I gave her, her urgent voice is enough to make her expression harden.

“what’s the matter.”

The mission I gave Arcia was to secretly escort Ivril.

They did not reveal themselves, maintained a certain distance, and did not intervene unless there was a real emergency.

But she urgently came looking for me?

Since she wouldn’t say something like that just because she wanted to go to the bathroom, I could only assume that something had happened to Ivril.

[Miss Ivril has been kidnapped.]


[The enemy appeared before I had time to intervene, defeated the party members, and kidnapped Miss Ivril through space travel.]

“What about Lord Lopez?”

The party members I added to Ivril were all members of Youngjaewon.

Among them, Lopez was a key person who was with me from the beginning of the Youngjae Center.

[Sir Lopez is in critical condition. The other three were also seriously injured, but the most seriously injured was Sir Lopez.]

That’s a good thing.

If you don’t die, you’ll be able to save it somehow.


“No, if you couldn’t stop it, it means you rushed at it with great determination, so there’s nothing you can do about it.”

[I did the first coordinate tracking. The location is the Ansilon territory of the Kingdom of Walther.]

The Kingdom of Walther is one of the three southern countries that can be said to be the hometown of Coby, whom we met earlier.

However, the Kingdom of Walter is nothing more than a transit point for criminals.

It must have passed through there and moved to another place.

“Arsia, call me your coordinates now and I’ll go there.”

[All right.]

I had taken some precautions just in case, but if I was late, my actions would be removed by the enemies, so I needed to react quickly.

I went straight to Arcia.

Soon the scenery changed and what caught my eye was a filming site in chaos.

It seems that Ivril’s kidnapping scene was broadcast live around the world.

Isn’t this a truly bold crime?

I felt very strong hostility from an invisible enemy.


“Roh, Your Excellency Marquis Lawrence!”

People’s eyes were on me, and among them, I approached Arcia, who was stamping her feet.


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