My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 76

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Episode 76: Dream in the game becomes reality

22. Monster subjugation battle (1)

[Duke Isaac Francis / Grand Master]

Race: Human

Age: 55

Affiliation: Lord of the Duchy of Francis, Brigham Empire

Talents: Physical ability (best), Auror (best), learning ability (best), command ability (medium), administrative ability (medium), political power (medium)

Characteristics: Increased destructive power, breaking through the front line, boosting ally morale

Relationship: borderline/hostile

Status: Confused / Questioned

Incredible abilities.

A person who is not inferior to Arcia, who is the highest standard in identifying talent.

However, such a being looked very embarrassed in front of me and expressed caution and hostility.

Is it because the target of ‘Duke Francis’, the Grand Master of the Greatbringham Empire, who shows such emotion is a young nobleman who is only 20 years old?

The sponsors of various nationalities who had just looked me up and down as if evaluating me widened their eyes and looked surprised.

“He sent me a gift. “What a great gift.”

“… … .”

And without fear, I approached Duke Francis and started an argument.

Still, isn’t it hard to deal with someone without feelings when he’s the one who tried to kill me?

But despite my actions, he couldn’t say anything.

The reaction I expected.

It seems that Gregory and Auguste made a good fuss.

“I heard there was a big accident at the estate not long ago, right? The sky fortress crashed out of nowhere and the industrial district was blown away… … .”

“What do you want to say?”

“I just feel sad. Did the Sky Fortress crew suddenly lose their minds?”

“You… … .”

The facial expression expressed sadness as if conveying consolation, but the tone of voice was not like that at all.

As I was laughing, I noticed a woman standing blankly next to Duke Francis with an expression of not understanding the situation, and said hello.

“You are Princess Evelyn Francis.”

“nice to meet you.”

“Please be gentle with our Miss Ivril during the competition.”

“I saw it.”

An atmosphere not much different from that of Duke Francis.

Looking through the magnifying glass, she was indeed a person full of a sense of authority and the idea of ​​being a chosen people.

Her face was pretty, but the corners of her eyes were raised, reminding me of a cat.

I shrugged my shoulders and said the last thing that would get on Duke Francis’ nerves.

“Now that I think about it, I decided to meet Sir Gregory and Sir Auguste again, do you know?”


“Ah, you’ve completely lost touch with those two. Now that it has nothing to do with His Highness the Duke, I don’t think you need to worry about it.”

I let out a deep, mocking laugh and politely waved goodbye to the duke.

“You seem to be in a bad mood in many ways, so I’ll just leave. See you again.”

And with a friendly smile on my face, I looked Evelyn Francis up and down with cold eyes.

Is it because of the first reaction I received after being born as a princess of the Brigham Empire?

She looked shocked, and without hesitation, I turned my back and left the place with my group.

It seems like he made an effort to hide his emotions in the end, but Duke Francis’ flushed face clearly showed that he was angry.

“If Duke Francis is the king of the Brigham Empire, he, he, he… … Is that correct?”

However, there was one person who was more surprised and embarrassed by my sudden behavior than anyone else: Everil, a girl who had worked part-time at a convenience store not long ago.

I guess it was a big shock to see myself approaching a person who only seemed to be found in a textbook and arguing with him.

“W-my lord, it’s bigger than I thought…” … .”

Ivril was so shocked that she lost her ability to speak.

“I don’t know the exact context, but the atmosphere around is not bad.”

Eric Jones said, patting Everil on the back and glancing around.

Indeed, as he said, I am now not a new nobleman who has suddenly become a successful person, but a magnate who can compete with Duke Francis and gain the upper hand.

Everyone seems confused, wondering how something like that is possible.

“I saw a very interesting scene.”

And as if to put a cherry on top of this situation, Olivia Riverdale, the highest noblewoman in the Kingdom of Lucias and the owner of one of the top ten companies in the world, approached me and smiled.

She, who has several archmages, has the ability to eat a duke or a marquis even if brought to the Brigham Empire.

Therefore, there was nothing to bow down to because her country was not an empire.

In fact, the Kingdom of Lucias alone, along with the Kingdom of Reinharts, was a great kingdom that succeeded the four great empires, and was not a country that could be ignored.

“I was already looking. “The Duke of Riverdale.”

Since she was one of my few allies, my actions toward her were naturally full of goodwill.

Today, the two archmages who were always dragging me around were nowhere to be seen.

Is Magic Tower busy?

“Instead of just being the Duke of Riverdale, call me Sister Olivia. “I will also call you Priest Adrian.”

“Haha, I understand.”

And she introduced the candidate for sainthood she was pushing.

“Nice to meet you. Your Excellency the Marquis. “My name is Judy Esther, the sepia servant you gave me.”

This time, it was ‘Judy Esther’ who would form a temporary alliance with Ivril.


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Unlike other candidates who were sponsored by high-ranking nobles and wore fancy party clothes, she was dressed as a priest.

However, since it was a ceremonial priest’s attire, it had a certain degree of splendor and style, so it was not unsightly.

The reason she was the only one wearing a priest’s uniform was because, unlike the others, she was an official priest who had already entered the church.

After becoming a trainee priest without any special treatment, he became the youngest lay priest three years ago, and had already accumulated many achievements on the front line and was about to be promoted to first-class priest.

Personally, I think he was Ivril’s biggest rival.

[Talent: Holy Power (Best)]

[Characteristic: Great Saint]

As expected, her talent was the same as Ivril’s, with the highest level of divine power.

However, unlike Ivril’s characteristics of ‘saint’s qualities’, she had the characteristics of a ‘great saint’ that made her somewhat tilt her head.

The characteristic is like a kind of passive skill that the person in question has, and it was definitely an unusual title, but I couldn’t tell what level it was compared to a saint.

‘I’m sure it’s not a trait higher than that of a saint.’

In any case, like Ivril, she can be seen as someone who was born to become a priest.

Therefore, I was quite surprised as he greeted me with a light heart.

“A difficult guy was caught in the first contest. Is there any problem with Priest Adrian?”

“Ah, that’s what you mean. Yes, I think it will be okay. “We also have the right personnel.”

As expected, our topic was the topic of the first contest, which didn’t seem bad to me.

This is the theme of the first contest.

“It’s a mercenary activity centered on subjugating monsters… … .”

The candidate’s mercenary activities.

The idea is to become a priest who fights alongside mercenaries on the front lines.

However, the number of party members must be 5, including yourself, and your companions must include 2 Auror user-level swordsmen and 2 wizards of Circle 3 or lower.

Additionally, all abilities other than divine power are sealed for sainthood candidates.

In any case, this test was to check one’s qualifications as a priest and one’s ability to respond quickly to unexpected situations, not to show off one’s fighting skills.

“It doesn’t look bad for Ms. Esther, who is already at the level of a first-class priest.”

“That’s right. Even if you can’t do it, you will be able to use at least one sacred magic better than the other candidates.”

But despite all that, he seemed to have a lot to worry about.

“But the problem is who will be Ms. Esther’s colleague.”

Personnel selection?

I could have just mobilized the family’s regular wizard or regular knight, but I didn’t understand what the problem was.

Auror users and 3rd circle wizards are probably prevalent in the castle.

“Let alone knights, there are no wizards with actual combat experience.”

“ah… … .”

I am a very unique case, and there is a strong perception that modern wizards are researchers rather than combat personnel.

Therefore, it was difficult to use a wizard who had grown up under a lord or magic tower as a combat wizard.

“Now that I think about it, that’s true.”

From the lords’ perspective, aren’t monsters something that can be wiped out by mobilizing a few Vanguards?

Combat mages were rarer than expected.

“Wouldn’t it be okay to bring it from the mercenary world?”

“It’s better than nothing. “It’s also uneasy to leave your back to a mercenary who is driven by money.”

That is correct.

The manipulations of other candidates’ sponsors would continue, so it was inevitable that mercenaries could not be trusted.

“If the number of wizards had not been forcibly allocated, it would have all been made up of knights… … .”

“In the end, we have to improvise a combat mage.”

In that sense, I am not in a bad situation.

Not only are there talented people in the gifted academy, but as I rose to stardom through the broadcast of the battle with the Auror Master last time, there were a lot of people who wanted to become combat wizards who came to me and said they wanted to become my students.

“Or would you like me to lend you some manpower?”

“Will you do that?”

Now I see why he said something weak in front of me, and it seems like that was his purpose.

She must know that hopeful combat mages have gathered under me.

“I will find two 3rd circle combat mages with good skills and personality and send them to you.”

“Haha, this is the original alliance, but I feel like I’m the only one benefiting?”

“It’s not like that. Just seeing us laughing and talking to each other like this puts a lot of pressure on other candidates.”

Isn’t this an alliance between Judy Esther, who ranked second in the candidate rankings, and Ivril Barnett, who ranked fourth?

The alliance between me, who has a sinister mind that makes it impossible to know what others are thinking, and Olivia, who looks at it with pride, will make your head complicated.

“It seems like you two are in a different world. i look forward to. “Mr. Everil.”

“Yes, thank you. Esther.”

While sponsors Olivia and I exchanged opinions about the first contest, Ivril and Esther exchanged greetings, and Eric Jones also exchanged greetings with Esther’s entourage.

At the social gathering that started like that, Arcia didn’t know what to do, so she suddenly stretched out her hand towards Olivia’s attendant.

Olivia’s attendant, the leader of the Duke of Riverdale’s knights, realized that she was asking for a handshake, and took her small hand in his, blushing.

Arcia was not only the Aura Master that knights dream of, but she was extremely beautiful today, so she was a very burdensome being to him.

“Well, it’s a random question.”

“What is it?”

“In the mercenary activities of this contest, the magic swordsman will be counted as one person.”

“A magic swordsman?”

Olivia’s eyes widened at my unexpected question.

Unlike the saint candidate who was required to use only sacred magic, the party members had no restrictions except for equipment.

Isn’t there enough room to dig into this?

* * *

The next day after the event.

The first contest began immediately.

“Could you please give me the list of mercenary parties that will participate in the first contest?”

“Here it is.”

[1st contest participation list]

Representative: Candidate Evelil Barnett

Prosecutor 1: Bruno Usher (Auror user / Circle 2)

Prosecutor 2: Andrew Dillon (Auror user / Circle 1)

Wizard 1: Allen Lopez (Circle 3 / Auror user)

Wizard 2: Hayden Jackson (Circle 3 / Mana User)

Among the participants in the first contest, the priest in charge of Everil tilted his head when he saw the member information she gave him.

“It seems like the information about the realm is a mixture of wizards and swordsmen?”

“Yes, our patron, Marquis Laurence, said that these people were all people who had taken a wrong path that did not suit their talents.”

“What do you mean?”

“These are people who became magic swordsmen against their will… … .”

“yes? “A magic swordsman?”

Where did they get the existence of such a strange position?

The priest in charge of Ivril pointed his forehead, saying that he was now in charge of managing a person who was scoring goals.

“I think I need to report it first. Please wait a moment.”

And after a while, the story was relayed to the saint, and she burst into laughter upon hearing the story.

“He’s a really interesting person.”

“How should I handle it?”

“What can I do? It’s our fault for not specifying that hybrids are not allowed. Just let it go.”

“But the controversy over equity… … .”

“But we can’t change the rules now. Finding loopholes in the rules is also evaluated as part of one’s ability.”

The reason the saintess accepted this so clearly was largely due to the fact that she gained favor with Adrian through her last meeting.

Thanks to this, the first contest went according to Adrian’s plan.


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